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Disambig icon.png This article is about the ArenaNet show. For for in-game communication, see Chat panel.
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Guild Chat is a livestream hosted by Rubi Bayer with guests from ArenaNet's Guild Wars 2 developer team. It is the successor to ArenaNet's Points of Interest. The show is streamed live on the Guild Wars 2 Twitch channel and archived on the Guild Wars 2 Youtube channel.

Episodes are presented in a talk show format, with the host discussing the episode's primary topic with usually two ArenaNet developer guests. The primary topic usually involves PvE or Living World aspects of the game. The show also covered the Guild Wars 2 gaming community.


# Episode Guests Topics Video link
1 Guild Week part 1 McKenna Berdrow, Dara Potocska, Darren Mason
  • Guild Initiative Headquarters
  • Guild expeditions
  • Updated guild panel
  • New guild missions
2 Guild Week part 2 Jesse Christensen, Dara Potocska, Alina Chadwick YouTube
3 @TwitchCon, The druid, ranger's elite specialization Irenio Calmon-Huang
  • Ranger Elite Specialization
4 @TwitchCon, New to Guild Wars 2 Colin Johanson, Mike Zadorojny
  • Colin and Mike explain base GW2 concepts
    • Free to Play options
    • Level adjustment
    • Styles and options of PvP
    • World Bosses
    • Guild missions
5 Guild Week part 3 Elizabeth Stewart, Matthew Pennebaker, Colin Johanson, Dara Potocska, Alina Chadwick
  • Scribing Profession
  • Guild Hall decorations
  • Guild Hall arenas
6 @TwitchCon, Adventures Mike Zadorojny, Byron Miller
  • Adventures
7 Guild Week part 4 Elizabeth Stewart, Colin Johanson
  • Heart of Thorns content
  • Player Q&A
8 @TwitchCon, Raids Mike Zadorojny, Crystal Reid
  • Introductory Raid Discussion
9 @TwitchCon, Heart of Thorns maps Mike Zadorojny, Byron Miller
  • Heart of Thorns map
  • Gliding and map verticality
10 @TwitchCon, Returning to Guild Wars 2 Mike Zadorojny, Colin Johanson, Anthony
  • TwitchCon
  • Development history
11 @TwitchCon, Making Of the Launch Trailer Leah Hoyer, Lizz YouTube
12 @TwitchCon, Legendary Journey Mike Zadorojny, Colin Johanson
  • Development of Legendary Crafting
13 @TwitchCon, Story Missions Leah Hoyer
  • Challenges of writing story missions
14 @TwitchCon, Voice Acting Leah Hoyer YouTube
15 @TwitchCon, PvP Leagues Josh Davis, Hugh Norfolk, DJ Tech
  • PvP Leagues
16 @TwitchCon, 9/29 Balance Preview Josh Davis, Irenio Calmon-Huang, Phantaram
  • Balancing changes in the next patch
17 @TwitchCon, Masteries Mike Zadorojny, Byron Miller, Crystal Reid YouTube
18 @TwitchCon, WvW Josh Davis, Hugh Norfolk, Colin Johanson
  • Upcoming WvW changes
19 ESL Pro League, legendaries, guild halls & camera changes Josh Davis, Hugh Norfolk
  • Development of Guild Halls
  • Camera changes
  • ESL Pro League
20 Halloween Mike Zadorojny, Casey Anderson, Nathan Johnson
  • Launch of Heart of Thorns
  • Halloween 2015
21 Creatures Ronald Kury, Brian Walter
  • Creature development
22 Upcoming patch Trevor Bennett, Branden Gee, Jon Olson
  • Enhanced Squad UI
23 Raids Leah Hoyer, Bobby Stein, Jason Reynolds, Crystal Reid YouTube
24 PvP Leagues Hugh Norfolk, Jessica Boettiger
  • Pro Leagues and PVP Leagues
25 Wintersday Nellie Hughes, Gaile Gray YouTube
26 Plans for 2016 and Music Colin Johanson, Maclaine Diemer, Lena Chappelle
  • Plans for 2016
  • Behind the scenes on the Heart of Thorns music
27 Balance Preview Karl McLain
  • Overview of profession balance changes in January 26, 2016 update
28 Winter Quarterly Update Preview Joel Helmich, John Corpening, Jon Olson, Hugh Norfolk
  • Preview of other changes in January 26, 2016 update
29 The Shatterer Colin Johanson, Andrew Gray, McKenna Berdrow, Sean Hughes YouTube
30 Creature Feature Brian Walter, Ben Phongluangtham
  • Creatures in Heart of Thorns
31 Bite-Sized Fun, Bells & Missiles Nellie Hughes, Colin Johanson, Drew Cady, Jerry Schroeder
  • Things you can do in 30 minutes or less in Heart of Thorns
  • Making of sounds for the next raid boss
32 PvP League season 2, Pro League Finals and Raid Boss Design Hugh Norfolk, Crystal Reid, Franco Galletta
  • Changes for PVP League Season 2 and Pro League Finals
  • Design of next raid boss
33 Animation Crystal Reid, Jason Reynolds, Matt Tate YouTube
34 Raid Storytelling Crystal Reid, Bobby Stein
  • Storytelling in raids
35 Salvation Pass Story Bobby Stein, Andrew Gray YouTube
36 Live from SXSW Steven Waller, Leah Hoyer, Josh Foreman
  • Panel on Creating Gameplay for a Massive Community at SXSW
37 Super Adventure Chat Josh Foreman YouTube
38 Spring 2016 Update Mike Zadorojny, Byron Miller, McKenna Berdrow, Karl McLain, Tyler Bearce, Benjamin Arnold, Hugh Norfolk
  • Spring 2016 Update
39 Stronghold of the Faithful Jessica Teddy Croft, Jason Reynolds, Drew Cady, Bobby Stein YouTube
40 Summer Content Update Sean Hughes, Benjamin Arnold YouTube
41 Out of the Shadows story Andrew Gray, Benjamin Newell, Ross Beeley, Franco Galletta YouTube
42 The Guild Wars 2 Fourth Anniversary Livestream! Anthony Ordon, Gaile Gray, Mike Zadorojny, Jerry Schroeder, Peter Fries, Drew Cady, Matthew Medina, Jessica Teddy Croft
  • Memorable moments
43 Rising Flames Aaron Roxby, Nellie Hughes, Link Hughes YouTube
44 A Crack in the Ice Anthony Ordon, Alina Chadwick, Keaven Freeman YouTube
45 Baby Aurene Ronald Kury, Ross Beeley, Keaven Freeman
  • Development of baby dragon Aurene
46 The Head of the Snake Kirk Williford, Andrew Gray YouTube
47 Bastion of the Penitent Byron Miller, Crystal Reid, Bobby Stein YouTube
48 Flashpoint Aaron Roxby, Josh Foreman, Link Hughes, Tyler Bearce YouTube
49 World vs World McKenna Berdrow, Kyle Bash
  • June 6 World vs World update, part of
    June 2017 Competitive Feature Pack
50 PvP updates Grant Gertz, Benjamin Phongluangtham,
Cal Cohen, Ray Patrick
  • June 13 Player vs Player update, part of
    June 2017 Competitive Feature Pack
51 Path of Fire™ Elite Specializations Robert Gee, Irenio Calmon-Huang, Link Hughes
  • Development of the PoF Elite Specializations
52 The Guild Wars 2 Fifth Anniversary Bobby Stein, Matthew Medina, Peter Fries, Stephen Hwang, Crystal Reid, Anthony Ordon, Tricia McIntosh, Eve Eschenbacher, Clayton Kisko, Connor Fallon, Elisabeth Cardy, Aaron Roxby
  • Trailers for Guild Wars 2 launch, Super Adventure Box, Bash the Dragon, Heart of Thorns, and Path of Fire
  • Developer anecdotes
  • Arena pets
  • Recording audio for Bash the Dragon and Living World Season 2
53 Mounts in Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire™ Roy Cronacher, Paul Schwarzwalder, Matt Lambdin, Joel Helmich, Steven Stadnicki, James Murff
  • Development of the mounts
54 Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire™ Story and Setting Matthew Medina, Connie Griffith, Stephen Hwang, Hugh Norfolk, Clayton Kisko
  • Story and setting of Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire™
55 The Griffon Roy Cronacher, Josh Diaz, Joel Helmich YouTube
56 Crystal Desert History Bobby Stein, Peter Fries, Stephen Hwang, Justin Fawcett
  • History of the Crystal Desert
57 Daybreak Andrew Gray, Morgan Brown, Erik Fagerstrom, Heather Conover, Kirk Williford
  • Development of the Daybreak story chapter
58 The Hall of Chains Jason Reynolds, Jessica Teddy Croft, Byron Miller, Kriss Watt, Samantha Rogers, Franco Galletta YouTube
59 Path of Fire Story Mike Zadorojny, Tom Abernathy, Connie Griffith, Scott McGough, Bobby Stein, Connor Fallon, Matthew Medina
  • Contests for players
  • Path of Fire story
  • Choya philosophy
60 A Bug in the System Clayton Kisko, Jessica Price, Cameron Rich YouTube
61 Narrative Eve Eschenbacher, Tom Abernathy
  • Fear Not This Night 2018
  • Voicing and translation
  • VO footage
  • Q&A
62 Underwater Combat Karl McLain, Jessica Teddy Croft, Irenio Calmon-Huang
  • Changes to underwater combat
63 Cinematics Chelsey Shuder, Chris Burgess, Jason Byfield YouTube
64 Content Marketing Mike Silbowitz, Regina Buenaobra, Stéphane Lo Presti
  • Wiki
  • Events & Conventions
  • Streams
  • Q&A
65 Long Live the Lich Mike Zadorojny, Keaven Freeman, Peter Fries, Nick Hernandez YouTube
66 Deepstone Fractal Jason Reynolds, Benjamin Arnold, Alex Kain, Peter Larkin YouTube
67 San Diego Comic Con Mike Zadorojny, Heather Conover, Daniel Shemtob
  • Festival of the Four Winds
  • Path of Fire food truck
68 Festival of the Four Winds Joe Kimmes, Brett Nellermoe, Matthew Medina, Alex Kain YouTube
69 The Audio Team Drew Cady, Joseph Clark, Chris Burgess
  • Meeting the Audio Team
70 Cologne Travel Diary Mike Zadorojny, Clayton Kisko, Byron Miller
  • Traveling to Germany
  • GamesCon including fan meetup
  • Haxenhaus fan event
71 Sixth Anniversary Livestream Mike Zadorojny, Alexander Youngblood, Matt Pennebaker, Matthew Medina, Nick Hernandez, Eve Eschenbacher, Tom Abernathy, Alex Kain, Benjamin Arnold, Jessica Teddy Croft, Karl McLain, Maclaine Diemer, Katelyn Isaacson, Alina Chadwick, Clayton Kisko, Linsey Murdock
  • Guild Wars 2 Living World - Celebrating 6 Years of GW2 featurette
  • Trailers for Season 4 episodes 1 to 3 and Path of Fire
  • VO footage
72 The QA Team Nathan Brown, Nick Hernandez, Travis Battig
  • Meeting the QA Team
73 A Star to Guide Us Elisabeth Cardy (as host), Da-Hee Im, Erik Fagerstrom, Samantha Wallschlaeger, Kirk Williford, Lily Yu, Connor Fallon YouTube
74 Mythwright Gambit Alex Kain, Jason Reynolds, Anthony Tran YouTube
75 The Systems Team Jessica Teddy Croft, Karl McLain, Raymond Lukes
  • Extra Life event
  • Meeting the Systems Team
76 Extra Life Highlights
  • Highlights from Extra Life event in 2018
77 That's My Dog! (And My Prize-Winning Racing Beetle) Joe Kimmes, Connor Day, Brett Nellermoe, Nick Hernandez
  • Rollerbeetle Racing development
  • Basenji dog whistle
78 Game Development in 2018 Joel Helmich, Matthew Medina, Mike Zadorojny
  • Development of Guild Wars 2 in 2018
79 All or Nothing Kye Harris, Lily Yu, John Jarynowski, Cameron Rich, Clayton Kisko, Andrew Gray YouTube
80 Siren's Reef Fractal Alex Kain, Tracey West, Travis Battig YouTube
81 Live from Burbank, CA Rubi Bayer, Mike Zadorojny, Tom Abernathy, Eve Eschenbacher, Tommy Callahan, Matthew Mercer, Julie Nathanson
  • Voice acting
  • Guild Wars 2 Friend/Ships 2019
82 The Warclaw Raymond Lukes, Ben Phongluangtham, Alex Kain, Joseph Clark YouTube
83 Fly High, Skyscale Steven Stadnicki, Joel Helmich, Kate Pfeilschiefter YouTube
84 Requiem Steven Stadnicki, Alex Kain, Julia Nardin, Tom Abernathy YouTube
85 War Eternal Alex Kain, Tom Abernathy, Keaven Freeman, Hugh Norfolk, Kent Benson YouTube
86 Skyscale Development Steven Stadnicki, Joel Helmich, Joe Clark, Kate Pfeilschiefter, Brian Walter, Pete Egbers YouTube
87 The Key of Ahdashim Novera King, Peter Larkin, Tracey West YouTube
88 Cinematics Chelsey Shuder, Da-Hee Im, Greg Bekken, Jason Byfield, Chris Burgess, Emilio Pujadas
  • Cinematics
89 Snacking on Stream Clayton Kisko, Patrick Bayles YouTube
90 Happy 7th Anniversary Guild Wars 2 Mike Zadorojny, Connor Fallon, Erik Fagerstrom, Jason Reynolds, Joel Helmich, Aline Callahan, Nick Hernandez, Joe Kimmes, Brett Nellermoe, Cameron Rich, Kirk Williford, Keaven Freeman, Clayton Kisko, Da-Hee Im, Chelsey Shuder, Julia Nardin YouTube
91 Bound by Blood Connor Fallon, Novera King, Kirk Williford, Erik Fagerstrom, Tracey West, Chris Burgess, Jason Byfield, Greg Bekken YouTube
92 Metal Legion Connor Fallon, Novera King, Joseph Clark YouTube
93 Build and Equipment Templates Preview Clayton Kisko, Amy Giannetti
  • Preview of Build Templates and Equipment Templates
94 "Whisper in the Dark" Preview Justin Reilly, Clayton Kisko YouTube
95 “Whisper in the Dark” Story Tom Abernathy, Clayton Kisko, Joseph Clark, Jessica Lewis, Chelsey Shuder, Chris Burgess YouTube
96 “Shadow in the Ice” Preview Nick Hernandez, Lee Bledsoe, Connor Fallon YouTube
97 “Shadow in the Ice” Alex Kain, Cameron Rich, Nick Hernandez, Connor Fallon YouTube
98 Drakkar Cameron Rich, Chris Burgess, Lee Bledsoe YouTube
99 Guild Wars Anniversary Matthew Medina, Andrew Gray, Joe Kimmes
  • 15th anniversary of Guild Wars
  • Early memories of Guild Wars
100 Icebrood Saga Episode 3, No Quarter Kirk Williford, Novera King, Tom Abernathy YouTube
101 Working at Home Kent Benson, Connor Fallon, Alex Kain, Jason Byfield, Meagan Glennon, Nick Hernandez
  • Working from home from the perspective of game devs
102 A New Claw of Jormag Nick Hernandez, Kirk Williford, Bryan Yarrow Facebook
103 Jormag Rising Meagan Glennon, Kirk Williford, Nick Hernandez YouTube
104 Guild Wars 2 Anniversary Livestream Ester Ann Sauter, Joe Kimmes, Kirk Williford, Annie VanderMeer, Nick Hernandez, Cameron Rich, Joel Helmich, Connor Fallon
  • A look back at the past year and what's to come
105 Sunqua Peak Preview Cameron Rich YouTube
106 Sunqua Peak Development Cameron Rich, Lee Bledsoe, Jasmine Serrano, Matthew Burke, Meagan Glennon YouTube
107 The Icebrood Saga: Champions Joe Kimmes, Bobby Stein, Brett Nellermoe
  • Development of Chapter 1: Truce and Chapter 2: Power
108 End of Dragons Elite Specializations Beta Preview Indigo Boock, Cal Cohen YouTube
109 Fishing and Skiffs Nick Hernandez
  • Details and gameplay of fishing and skiffs
110 Elite Specialization Beta 2 Preview Indigo Boock, Cal Cohen YouTube
111 Shing Jea Island Nick Hernandez YouTube
112 Elite Specialization Beta 3 Preview Indigo Boock, Cal Cohen YouTube
113 Echovald Wilds Map Tour Ali Buntemeyer, Morgan Lockhart, Kirk Williford
  • Host Rubi Bayer and guests take a closer look at one of the new explorable zones coming in Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons.
114 Jade Sea Map Tour Connor Fallon, Kirk Williford, Chloë Mills
  • Host Rubi Bayer and developer guests take you on a tour of the new explorable zone.
115 Siege Turtle Preview Nick Hernandez, Cal Cohen
  • Preview of siege turtle gameplay
  • Changes to the elite specializations
116 End of Dragons Gameplay Overview Morgan Lockhart, Kwan Perng, Annie VanderMeer
  • Preview of the legendary weapons variants
  • Introduction of new story characters and more on already introduced story characters,
  • Tour of the new guild hall Isle of Reflection
  • Discussion on the Arborstone revitalization mastery track
117 New Kaineng City Map Tour Indigo Boock, Connor Fallon
  • Host Rubi Bayer and guests previewed the new explorable zone.
118 Jade Tech Mastery Preview Indigo Boock, Benjamin Phongluangtham YouTube
119 Composing the End of Dragons Soundtrack Maclaine Diemer, Drew Cady
  • Composing the End of Dragons soundtrack

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