Guild Chat - Episode 53

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Guild Chat - Episode 53

Mounts in Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire™
Rubi Bayer
Roy Cronacher
Paul Schwarzwalder
Matt Lambdin
Joel Helmich
Steven Stadnicki
James Murff
August 31, 2017
Official video

The following is an unofficial, player-written transcript of the episode. The accuracy of this transcription has not been verified by ArenaNet.

The episode of Guild Chat aired on Aug 31, 2017. Host Rubi Bayer interviews the members of the mounts team.

we're introducing mounts for the first
time into Guild Wars 2 each mount has
places that it can get to and no other
mount kin and that just opens out the
possibilities for what we can do with
building workplaces that aren't like
anything players have seen in Guild Wars
aha there's a cut-down surprise welcome
back to kill chat it is Mouse week and I
hope you guys have been enjoying
everything we're going to wrap up the
week for the guild chat where we show
you some of how we made the mounts and a
few things that you haven't seen before
so we will jump right on in with our
first round of David guests let you guys
introduce yourselves
hey I'm Roy cronic I'm Paul sports
Walter I'm Matt Lambton
and what you do for the mounts team I'm
a designer and team lead ferments I'm a
programmer I mostly just tracking down
bugs kind of thing I'm a producer do
more than that yes and thank you Matt
for making sure anything it all gets
done yes that should be your official
title all right so first question and
one that I've seen asked a few times
what made you guys decide to include
mounts now um well mouse has been
something we've thought about for a
really long time but we knew we want to
do them differently and we knew that
would take a lot of time to do it right
okay and this was our first opportunity
to really focus on that and make that
the centerpiece of expansion and her
thorns we spent a lot of time setting up
systems like masteries elite specs
things like that for future of the game
and now we can really expand upon those
systems and play into them like how
mounts play into masteries and basically
gave us the freedom to really make sure
there and agreed to Maps and that we
could do them right well everybody's
kind of loving them so it is it is kind
of a it's a different implementation
than just hey hop on this thing and it's
it's a gigantic speed buff with a fancy
skin I mean yeah um a lot of games just
have now it says like a cosmetic piece
for your character and increases your
movement speed um and kind of it just
feels like your character but running
faster we started and we knew we want to
do something different and really have
really feel like they have a way in the
world as they're moving around all their
movements animations actually feel like
they're part of the world and have it be
a different experience than the
characters so we really started with
that core philosophy of making sure the
movement feels different and like you're
riding this creature on the poster
running around on your character
yeah we've and that was a conversation
that we saw a lot after that first
pretty weekend event the movement of the
Raptors and how much they they it wasn't
just this like light thing that kind of
clumped around the world but it felt
like stopping and starting was a thing
that a creature built like that would do
and like Joel's showing us now so let's
talk a little bit about implementing
that as more than just a movement tool
and integrating that with this
discussion of okay maybe not necessarily
mounted combat but this balance between
not just a movement tool something a
little bit more but not full-on mounted
combat how did you guys how did you guys
come up with the balance that you ended
up with um we actually started
experimenting with mounted combat a bit
just because that's kind of the natural
place people go to you when they think
of like taking mounts a step further but
um when experimenting with it with a
more advanced movement that we have on
mounts it felt kind of clunky with this
weighted movement try a fight on your
mount and we really liked how mounts
fell and wanted to play up that feeling
of movement and exploration in the world
we also found that where you had this
great system for expanding on combat in
the game elite specs which we have more
than this expansion um that you guys saw
last week and we really didn't want to
like overlap two systems and have them
fight for like one is this apex predator
because like one will end up being more
fun or more exciting so we really wanted
to keep them separate and make mounts
more about like movement and exploration
and idea kind of came from heart of
thorns when we had added gliders we
realized players really loved getting
new tools to explore the world and we
were like what if we take that and
make it a whole system and mounts were
really good vessel for that each one
offering a different movement style and
way to explore the world I think
something to add on to that I think the
whole development teams really proud
about how the mounts feel and everybody
you pointed out that in the the preview
weekend players were blown away by how
the Raptor felt and I think that players
are going to equally blown away by how
the other three mounts feel and
something that's kind of cool to note is
throughout development we were very
focused on making them feel like
creatures not just a you know a moving
speed on your on your character it feels
like you're on that creature and so that
was kind of like one of the pillars that
we were always working towards when we
were played testing early and even when
we were polishing later and habit it's
kind of like what we were working
towards but not really like a player
facing thing that everyone knew about or
was looking for and having them kind of
like echo that and hear that from
players and go oh my gosh like I think
we really succeeded this because they're
saying that that's how it feels you know
yeah how gratifying was that yeah really
yeah a lot of work which you guys will
hear about later you're from some of our
programmers too I love her work a lot of
work way into like the movement system
and a lot of subtle things that might
not be super apparent to you while
you're riding on the mount but we did a
ton of subtle things to really add up to
the whole experience and we just really
wide mounts to feel good while you're
running around exploring the world like
they should feel good and path of fire
exploring the areas but should also feel
good in the old world as well mmm
and just feel like a toy that you can
use to move around the world experience
it in a different way and a little
distracted watching Springer just
repeatedly German rocket into the Strand
a lot of the little subtle things that
you guys did to make them feel better is
that more of a second segment figure is
that something that you can expand on
now I mean we can talk about it a tiny
bit but I would save it for the second
programming later
yeah like just a high-level like we have
a new movement system you camera system
a lot of things like client-side actions
which we'll get into later but all there
is really the animation system we all
did a lot of things that really
culminated to what mounts are today I
want to talk a little bit about the
engage skills because that and that's
like you said you guys didn't want to
just take over hey we have all of these
great elite specs but the mounts are
literally fighting for this fighting for
the play space but the engage skills
feel like a nice compromise there yeah
so when we were testing out mounts they
initially have engaged skills we found
it a little bit clunky the fact that
like you to run up to a fight on the
mount and just have to dismount and run
up and start fighting and we're like
that's not really a smooth experience to
like transition yeah it was kind of like
abrupt it feels like a break in pacing
so we tried out using engage skills
which are way for the mount to jump into
combat fuel damage set you up for combat
and the player like for the Raptor you
can upgrade that pulls in on amis to
itself when you engage onto them so kind
of pulls in the enemies and sets you up
for a player combat and just mounts to
at the same time so it's a way to say
put yourself an advantage going into a
fight and cleanly transition so that you
can just start fighting immediately and
there's that tail sweep right yeah yeah
each one has a different one they're
pretty cool do we talk about other words
yeah I can probably show off some of
them like the bunny especially is real
good we're gonna run through all of them
here a little bit but do you wanna give
a hint on one of the other ones yeah
like for the Springer
it basically jumps up into the air and
does this cannonball kind of move and
lands and knocks everything down with
its upgrade you'll see it here shortly
you can have to use it after using the
engage skills don't forget even prepare
up into this guy
like you guys just saw we tried to like
find things like that that um added to
experience like originally you could
just use the engage skill um by itself
but then it came up I think and play
test it'd be cool if you could use it
after you use movement-building are
already really high in the air so we're
like sure let's see how it feels and
everyone loved it and it stuck well yeah
look at it so that's kind of your mount
progression there it's part of the mount
progression yes yeah engage um yeah so
with progression we have masteries when
you unlock a mount you unlock its
associated mastery lying with it allows
you access to upgrading the mount and
all sorts of different ways um we kind
of focus on what the mount can already
feel and add on to it like in the demo
experience you guys tried the Raptor and
they don't like to jump like 800
distance which is not the craziest thing
but when you upgrade it actually goes
twice as far after 16 kills wait under
way further than really far most players
have experienced and we kind of kept
that same kind of thought process for
the other mounts as well like Springer
jumps up twice as high stuff like that
please understand I was complaining
about 800 800 was pretty great too yeah
well that's a good sign cuz I'm a demo
everyone even loved it into current
version and we're all here or like
having played it like for so long we're
like it doesn't feel that amazing just
because we're so used to these like even
crazier versions they're upgraded yeah
playing with them so much so real
excited to see everyone try out super
crazy versions of them so you guys and
we've all experienced how to pick up
your Raptor mount is that kind of how
we're gonna do the other ones oh we did
the round heart yeah so um I hope you
know most of them are did yeah most of
from vendors that that you pick them up
but I'm pretty sure you've got to do a
thing to unlock them I've not done it
yet myself for anything except for the
Raptor so so we have mount camps which
are basically special renowned hearts in
the world I saw the first one in the
first story instance that's kind of a
way to set up how you acquire them and
tutorial eyes mounts a bit and we
followed that same pattern in the open
world so you'll like go to these special
renowned hearts and be able to try out
the mount use its movement ability get
some experience with it and then as you
progress and complete the heart you'll
get the option to unlock it for yourself
then that was one of the things that I
had noticed and it was just something
that kind of happened organically as I
was playing around and completing that
heart to get my Raptor mount when we
were all playing during the creepy
weekend was that yeah I could make it I
could make it a lot more difficult and
make it take longer by just going
through and doing the same thing in this
one tiny space over and over or I could
go around the way it's intended and go
up and down these stairs and make these
jumps and progress a little bit faster
and also actually get better at using
this thing and it was really clever the
way you guys made this you had all these
little constructs and these ramps and
bridges and broken up places yeah that
kind of forced us to learn okay well I
don't completely suck at this thing
right like we didn't want someone to
pick up this mountain and then have no
idea how to use it so some of the
mechanics were built into the heart
itself to teach it yeah our map artist
and a really good job with all the maps
way now those map mount cam some and
really say hey up so there's a lot of
areas where you can utilize now and some
there's even a lot of subtle places
across some maps where I like there
might be a broken bridge that you if
they slightly run around but you can
jump over on the rafter we tried to make
a lot of areas that promote using mounts
but don't really feel like a hassle to
like run through or like hard gates we
did a lot of like soft eighty kind of
areas so it's like you're slightly more
efficient using man
scenario or maybe there's multiple ways
to get it on other mounts but there's
usually one that's like slightly better
before going over it yeah since we've
kind of been looking at all of these
different mounts over here and enjoying
how much fun they are I wanted to talk
about how you guys decided what to use
for mounts and the progression of what
they look like what they are where did
you guys even begin um I'd say the
beginning really started with mom
well first we were trying to figure out
like what mounts are in Guild Wars 2
but once we decided to go with the
movement ability exploration tool focus
we started really with like what types
of train we wanted each mount to kind of
overcome like we knew with one we wide
this horizontal leap one with the
vertical leap one for like going over
water and hazards in the world like
skimmer as you can see on the screen
right now jackal does teleports and uses
sand portals in the world to get to
really cool areas and actually has a lot
of combination with the teleport as well
yeah I think the horizontal vertical
jump were the easy ones to come up with
but there are a lot of vertical
obstacles in Guild Wars and there's
quite a bit of water so it seemed like a
reasonable route to go yeah and so I
think the the obstacles kind of the the
way that it would move and Traverse the
world kind of dictated the creature more
so than the other way around just
because it was easier to kind of
brainstorm what does this type of thing
Oh a bunny you know type creature might
jump high yeah we started with that then
we kind of played off of the anatomy of
the creature as well for um like how it
moves in the world like each mount has
its own custom physics and like feel to
moving about the world and we really
wanted to tie in like this mount should
feel like how you'd expected
move like the skimmer is floating above
the ground so feels like you should have
a little bit more sliding movement built
into it yeah oh there's actually a few
yeah these are some of the early concept
art for different exploring different
creature ideas for the different mounts
there's a few questions we can maybe
cover um so we were just looking at the
bunny the Springer and one of the
questions is does it have less fall
damage each mount has its own custom set
of variables let's say so each mounts
tolerance to fall damage is slightly
the Springer can take this Li take
bigger jumps without taking damage like
we want you to jump up with its movement
ability then crash down onto the ground
and take damage like that feel bad
that's just mean yeah yeah so we kind of
tune them for like what made sense for
the creature and the spring is really
good at jumping to high places
so actually want this masteries is
taking less fall damage and having more
tolerance to falling from bigger heights
that something actually gets shared
across all now it said cheer for of the
master angle oh sweet
yeah and the masteries we try and have
um like the first year is some upgrade
for the mount where say like Springer
where you take less fall damage then on
the fourth tier actually gets the option
to share that across all your other
mounts so it's kind of this matrix way
of progressing so that even if you have
your favorite mount you'll still benefit
from progressing all the mastery lines
to max right and it makes it it pretty
cool if you've found a favorite mount
and you just put the heck out of that
and then you max it out you can then
take aspects that mount to your other
mounts and vice versa and then I guess
you know because it isn't the mastery
system it's pretty cool that you can
train one mount specifically while
you're getting experience no matter what
mount you decide to ride at that time so
it's just kind of yeah a little less
restrictive right yeah
and there's another question about
motion sickness what some of the custom
cameras we do have new options for the
camera to turn off some things like
camera roll and a few other things
control blur a bit and stuff like that
so we do have ways to toggle those on or
we did a lot of them work on the cameras
to really just like push the experience
of feeling what it's like mounted but
it's not for everyone
people have different tolerances that
stuff so there are so you can toggle
some of those off and that should help
with the motion sickness yeah yeah I
remember when Roy was adding those and
they were obviously tuned way higher
than they would be really and it was
pretty wild I mean it was very cool
right because you know when you'd run
certain ways whenever you would see your
camera affected or the screen effect you
know and it felt really cool but it was
very obvious as a cool it feels pretty
cool was even like rough for me since I
was like saying up all the cameras for
that so I had to go through all the
settings and like tone it down low by oh
yeah for sure yeah because we had like
the cameras allow you to do whatever you
want like it's all custom variables so I
defined like a starting place and kind
of just play around with everything
until it felt good thank you for it in
and they're like what five percent or
less of what you could have yeah so
really they're very low I'm I'm kind of
curious now but I should probably just
what let well enough alone kind of let
it go you know we were looking at the
concept art earlier and if we could go
back to that and talk because there's a
lot there that we ended up not using it
I know Cory mountain the top yeah oh
yeah that's one there Corky yeah okay
yeah we don't have we don't actually
have a cordis around everybody loves
that they're both looking at the camera
like what are you gonna do
yeah but we did talk we did talk about
one thing that you mentioned was visual
clutter and you had to bring down the
size of the balance yeah I mean we
actually experimented with like a few
larger amounts and like what would look
like in the world and our even our
current mounts were bigger and game at
one point but we had to be very
cognizant of like how much visual space
they were taking up in the world and
because we want them to look cool and
feel awesome but we and why create these
like huge things that just like block
your screen right it's you know you got
potentially tens if not you know fifty
people on the screen at once and some
world bosses and people be mounting up
and you want that player to be super
awesome for the individual like I feel
powerful I feel awesome because I've got
this awesome big creature or like you
know we're just at the bank you don't
want to have like giant mounts blocking
the blocking the bank for everyone it's
yeah yeah I mean it's something we were
worrying about like the whole time I
think we came to a good place where the
mounts feel like they're you're like a
good size in the world um but not too
big he still makes sense
the skimmer was like a third bigger yeah
you should be like way bigger yeah most
heard out there that he's like 30%
bigger at one point um and then we
pulled them back in we started with them
a lot bigger and they were cool but we
just found like wooden playtesting in
groups there was just way too much space
being taken up and they scale a little
bit to the slider scale on your
character model size right okay so
that's light amount yeah it's to have um
some variance in size in the world so
yes don't have all these some skimmers
or Raptors that look exactly the same
alone standard-issue Springer with tiny
Asura lost and that's what I'm thinking
you have like a very small scale
character just lost on the back of this
gigantic mount it was pretty interesting
with the concept art - um since we
started with like the movement abilities
and like try come up with creatures for
white phantom we definitely explored
a lot of different things so you can see
like different approaches different
creatures some and some won't we
actually create new creatures that day
exist like the idea of like jackal like
this creature made up of these magic
stones that are like held together with
sand the springer even though it ended
up more funny like we experimented a lot
with mixing kangaroo and um a bunny as
well in fact the early development name
of the Springer was kangaroo we you know
it has the long legs people liked the
cute nests of the mallet it was
something we kind of went back and forth
on a lot of other mounts were more
serious and we wanted to provide like a
good variety of like different
personalities and different types of
mounts that would appeal to different
people yeah so we tried to get a good
spread and like you guys saw even though
the idle animations our animators put a
lot of life to these characters um and
they really like stand out like if
they're just hanging out like the Raptor
who kind of shakes you off and then the
characters kind of like what the hell
well you know and this is probably a
good time we've talked about some of the
stuff that we weren't able to do like
you know we had to scale these down but
let's look at the stuff that we did do
and take a peek at some of the other
mounts and as soon as Joel stops picking
fights over there the other ones and see
what they do yeah so like the skimmers
on the screen right now it's always
hovering above the ground so we can pass
over objects or dangerous terrain right
now you might have seen in the demo of
this area's quicksand and will wreck
your character super fast but the
skimmer can just really hover above it
um there's some other clever ways to get
to this mastery point that's up there as
well but this is primarily a skimmer
area we tried to give clues as well like
the skimmer is I'm floating around so
the player can help realize like oh it's
a skimmer err
maybe I should get my skimmer to help
like go over this challenge the skimmer
has some pretty unique things like over
water in quicksand ashley gets a speed
boost and a little bit of friction
decrease or you have a little bit more
sliding movement just to play in the
feeling of like hovering um I felt cool
like when you're going from land to
water to like increase speed a bit and
kind of get more like hovercraft feel
like sliding around let's speed the
speed bonus is pretty noticeable too so
it feels really good and some of the
maps that have a lot of water on them
there's actually a decent amount of
water in some of the some of these court
area so what you character said but I
feel I just looked over at the screen to
find him just standing the middle of the
sand yeah there was a loading screen
before that I looked over at Jolin he's
just going I mean that brings up a good
point about bringing these back into um
the court area and like skimmer
specifically I think will be really
useful in areas like or where you can go
yeah like go around on the outskirts
along the water and purposive faster
without um with the advantage of
avoiding like enemies and getting to
where you want
mm-hmm another cool thing about the
skimmer is you can actually mount it
while you are on the surface of the
water so you can you don't need to go
back to land in order to do that yeah so
you can be like either if you're just
mounted or maybe fighting in the water
you swim up to the surface and then you
can mount up on it and as you can see
it's moved me ability kind of raises up
its hover high you'll extend out its
wings I'm lazy off the ground it kind of
has this light go slow fall effect so
you can actually get some distance like
going over gaps um things like that you
can use it in some clever ways to reach
some cool spots or even just raise the
up so that like maybe there's an eye
in the water that you normally couldn't
get to you because it's too high but you
can raise yourself up and reach that
spot and when you're hovering higher it
actually reduces your gravity so it kind
of floats a little bit more to begin
with but um you know if you go off a
Ridge or a cliff and you're using the
movement ability you'll kind of drift
and kind of glide a little bit so I do
like the schemers movement quite a lot
especially when he's like banking yeah
that was very well done yeah I can't
wait for people to try try out this
camera personally like it's probably my
favorite for like the base movement just
because I could make it and push it a
little bit more than some of the other
ones um just because it was floating
adding in that like will be of slighty
movement to me feels like really good
just cuz it's a bit different almost
feels like um hovercraft over water or
something like that in games are like a
car drifting a bit um it's fun I could
never tell does the movement ability on
the scrim actually make it go faster or
does it just kind of feel that way let's
give it a little bit of a speed boost so
Catarina as well yep
I'm sorry as soon as you said like a car
I was like well of course you yeah yeah
I know that um skimmer you know there
was a lot of polishing and tuning that
went into the movement so um you know
house we were I'm going to develop and
nailing down the visuals and just all
the aspects of the mount we were always
looking at how did it feel when it moved
and um was it to slidy or was it you
know slightly enough when it was moving
around that was definitely one of the
kind of points of contention rear plate
testing is like but now it's too much
now it's a little and yeah yeah we spent
a lot of time just really tweaking and
iterating on all the movements for all
the mounts just to a point where it
feels good like Matt was saying like
there's definitely time where it was -
sliding some people liked it but a lot
of people didn't so we had to like tone
it down a bit and find like a good
balance and middle ground where I like
that's the feel you can still like
control it reasonably well and all that
that kind of goes
for all the amounts we amounts have
changed a lot over the course of
development and it really shows that
like we would try stuff out find stuff
that worked
follow that find stuff that don't work
and kind of to like just drop that and
we just really iterated a whole ton um
since it was mounts really are a lot
about like movement and feel in the
world so it was a lot of play testing
and tweaking numbers just making sure to
find what feels good
let's look at the Jekyll since these are
right there yeah this one seems to be a
lot of people's favorites which I'm very
teleport well yeah yeah yeah the jackal
was actually the last one to kind of
come together we were really trying to
find a movement ability that would you
know slot in with the other ones would
be fun to play and useful so the jackal
was a labor of love on a lot of people's
parts especially concept art we went
back to them a few times yeah this was
actually I think the only creature that
we started with actual creature first
yeah we're the movement because they
came up with um like the concept art of
the jackal and we're like that's true
awesome deal exactly so we had to figure
out like something that worked and then
we're we kind of came up with idea of
like since it's made out of sand it can
like dissipate and fling forward and
then it also has this ability to go
through sand portals unfortunately we
can't really show you cuz it's outside
the demo area that we showed but um
they're really cool they carry your
momentum as you jump into them so you
can blink it into them like be moving
fast and you'll be shooting out the next
portal at that same speed and we can
play some at all sorts of angles so
there's really really clever um
jumping puzzles and map artists have
made that utilize both portals and the
blank like you'll go through one portal
will get dropped out in the sky you have
to play forward to the next platform and
stuff like that yeah we don't want to we
don't want to spoil the maps right he
does really cool things
and we always thought he looked really
cool so we were hoping that players
would like it and there's just
overwhelming love for this mountain
everyone's saying oh my favorite one is
that when it maybe haven't played yet so
yeah I think they'd be very pleased with
it so one of these questions is um since
mass would be usable in central Tyria um
will we prevent mounts from jumping to
an accessible parts of the map we did a
similar pass like how we did to when we
brought gliders to court area we did the
same kind of thing where we like looked
for like map outs areas like jumping
puzzles where mounts might like break
them and have some like off-limits bases
so kind of expect the same kind of
safeguards that we did for gliders when
we added them every way you can
definitely find a visible walls with the
bunny though so yeah like we kind of
accepted that like adding mounts with
these crazy movement abilities like
you'll be able to explore the old maps
like in ways you never could before and
I think that's kind of a cool thing
because like you can go through and
replay on your all or even just go
through and do events on your character
and it's kind of looking at those maps
with a fresh pair of eyes like you could
be like oh I really wish I could've
gotten up to that spot somehow and now
likely you can really explore the world
I remember talking to other teams here
internally and then also Donahue a limb
when we brought up bringing them to
court area it just seemed like we had
two right kind of glaring but you know I
know Roy had wanted to from the very
beginning and we were kind of all in
yeah this is something we're gonna do
and so when we talked to QA and we
talked to some other internal teams were
like where are we doing that we're like
yeah of course so you know it's gonna
break a lot of things yeah I mean they
think they had a little bit of a panic
panic moment like because of all the
testing that happen in the old world but
we think it's worth it because like
they're fun and I would like feel bad to
not be able to bring these back yeah the
game's not the same once you have mounts
well they're probably glad you at least
warned them yeah them time to work on it
I think there'll be some cool things
like players might have like speedruns
now from like level one since they are a
map why or account-wide um unlocks just
like mastery is so like you'll have it
on your lower character like if you
start a fresh character you'll be able
to play through the core game with just
mounts why are you coming before ya
opens everything up there will be videos
for people timing themselves no fast
they can complete the map I hope I did
roll completion in whatever way you say
that makes me sound like you're going to
be making that yeah exactly so someone's
asking about it the daredevil will be
better in races because of their
endurance you don't actually use the
mountain action use did players
endurance they use the they use the
mountain Durance it is a separate well
it's sort of separate but it's not it's
yeah do you think it so it's a don't
hell that's got its own endurance so
yeah amounts we want to balance them
separately from the player so like each
mount has its own health pool as its own
endurance bar and those things are
separate from the player like um they'll
regenerate it like if the player is that
low health and they'll they mount up
they're not instantly at full health
they kind of regen at natural rate that
they would have like if they were just
out in the world and we want to keep
them separate and having separate stats
allows us to really balance they engage
skills so we don't have to worry about
gear we can just like make the mountain
gauges feel good regardless of what were
you what you're wearing because trying
to find ways to combine your player
skills with the mount skills yeah for
sure cut that yeah we just wanted them
it to feel like a different experience
while you were on your mounts are just
making it have its own stats home bar
and all that really played into it
we didn't want there to be a confusion
like am I still the player or am I on
the mount we wanted it to really be like
while you're mounted experience is all
about like that mountain
well and that kind of ties back into the
question house earlier about having
combat not on mounts so that they
wouldn't compete with elite specs or
just the natural play of the game
Gilbert steel obviously has amazing
combat and we don't want to detract from
that we want to make a separate
experience like I was saying so um you
know we also by making him separate from
your player stats and isn't that it
wouldn't give anyone inherent advantage
and it would also make everyone feel
that they had something to go to that
felt you know something it felt great
wow that could not have been better I
like how he bounced to you yeah yeah
they're real fun interesting ways to
jump into combat and all of what you're
seeing now is um since we have um
unlocked upgrading versions of the move
my abilities so like the Raptor or a
bunny like that's their max I that they
can jump and Springer can jump up really
high I believe it's around 1200 distance
vertically if I can jump up from so you
can get to some really crazy areas so
he's that's his progression is that he
couldn't jump higher yeah um he gets the
first tier is basically more tolerance
to fall damage the second tier is you
now and knock down enemies with your
engage skill the third tier is you jump
twice as high and the fourth tier is
sharing the reduced to fall damage and
that reminds me so something that's kind
of cool is the mounts kind of have a bit
of synergy with their engage skills so
even though we kind of distilled combat
into just the engage skill the Raptor
with the tail swipe pulls enemies in and
this Springer knocks them down so you
can have your friend pull them all in
and then you can jump in
and ball and knock them all down yeah
make interesting combos are really good
for staying up combat um there's a
question about being able to dismount
midair that's something we actually
don't allow you to do because we thought
yeah it's come up a lot unfortunately it
would break a lot of things in the world
because you could use Springer to jump
up really high and then start colliding
things like that and we just didn't
really want to like open up even more
areas like we're breaking the world
enough like what areas that you can
explore mallets and addy on these crazy
movement abilities that kind of like
pushes it up like another tier um and
when that kind of came up we have
already had done our huge pass over the
whole world and we would have to
definitely do another huge pass opening
that up as well you know since we're
talking about breaking things I had been
talking to Paul about some of the stuff
that the fact that this wasn't just
implemented completely flawlessly
everything was beautiful and smooth and
I'm scared if I keep on I'm going to
make you stop laughing but Paul had been
telling me about some of the various
bugs that came in like a player was I
had to write a couple of them down like
player would mount up and suddenly your
portrait instead of your character hey
now I'm a raptor oh yeah someone
selected have you selected another
player and they were mounted you would
see like the bunny face and mounted
players with brake bars showing
everywhere yes yeah that was yeah
there's a lot of interesting things so
yeah a lot of the tech town which we'll
get into in the second segment
there's a lot of challenges because of
all the new systems that we had to put
into the game and just how those
interact with the current ones that we
have and all like switching between
players day and now it's day which I
know Paul worked on a lot yeah yeah
there's a lot of weird
I'm sorry weird stuff yeah you also
worked on like dyes - yeah it's
something we wanted to add to the mounts
because they're big visual piece in the
world and we didn't want them to like
clash with your different armor sets and
we really wanted you to be able to
customize a bit and like make mount your
own yeah and fashion voice so I know it
if you want to talk about that a little
bit that was one of the most fun
customizable parts of it because we have
such a huge die system yeah and
implementing that was great but when you
and I were talking about that the thing
was it could have been a much more
difficult and time-consuming process
yeah so you went in and smooth that out
all through that all through the system
and Joel actually has that up because
he's wonderful so I'll let you talk
through that yeah okay we can show off
some of the other amounts - and like
what there dies look like as well yeah
so the so way we get it up the way we
end up setting the die panel up is
you've got the you're pushing it off to
the right underneath the overlay there
so that the you got the mount and the
equipment button both a die panel used
to be that there is just like one mount
slot down underneath where your glider
is on the on the equipment side but then
you had to equip different mounts in
order to read in order to die different
mounts and it just was not good flow die
one mount then dismount change him out
go back into the die panel exactly and
this was before we had the hotkeys to
like a go
to a mountaintop a specific amount as
well so you doubt you had to change it
in that panel yeah in case you guys
don't know we have um optional hotkeys
to bind each specific mount so you can
kind of like switch even faster between
them so if you're riding on the Raptor
you can just mount Raptor and
immediately mount up um like spring or
stuff like that you can see Joel kind of
going through and showing off the
different diable spaced on some of the
other mounts since you guys haven't seen
it before
oh that's funny I see a question
somebody said can we see a glimpse of
the tide channels from around yeah yeah
pink rabbit so um so from the demo was
out first thing I did with died my
Raptor interesting so many people yeah
so I got in the AM noon and there were
people asking me hey how do you get
another like a different color drafters
exactly and so so we couldn't have the
dev tag and stuff so um I got to just
you know help people be like oh you know
there's a toggle button in iPad well now
so yeah I think everybody appreciates
you're not just going around like dev
melt yeah sorry yeah
also pretty interesting the die for it
is actually the clue on the runes
yeah it's a bit different from the other
ones but makes them for some cool styles
I personally love Chloe diable stuff oh
yeah yeah yeah it's fashion wars right
everything glowing every Laura but yeah
I prepare for pink Raptors that's all
I'm going to say and pink bunnies are
you dying yours pink I will at least for
a short time because nice because you
have yep you're committed now yep and
you know we should do like we all need
to do like pacifier colors um Oliver
mounts yeah yeah we're probably
obligated to yeah that's basically a
fire yeah I did not realize that died at
the eyes as well I didn't either yeah
yes thank you Matt I have strong in my
preferences if nothing else I like the
bunny the bunny is pretty great yeah
it's pretty interesting even internally
we found like a pretty wide spread of
like what mounts everyone like favors
it's pretty interesting to see like we
had gone into it thinking like oh this
mount might be better or weaker maybe or
like people might fog to miss one or
over the other one by an all our play
tests it seems pretty spread out like
across like who seems attracted to like
what now I'm like some of its
personality or look some is like
movement ability um but usually playing
around we have really good spread so
I'll be interesting to see how that get
some life and you know some of the
puzzles and exploration elements of the
maps some like I was saying earlier some
mounts will be more suited to those
things but when you're running from
event to event or you're hanging out at
a world boss you're definitely gonna see
people's preference on their mount show
up so it'll be probably similar to this
play test for you'll just see the whole
the whole spectrum of them yeah very
much so
so I do want to I have actually one more
question for you Paul just as we were
going through and progressing on the
creation of these did it feel like more
people were coming and going okay we
broke we broke another thing we pretty
much just standard development since we
were doing something completely new I
don't it's hard for me to say ice
because I started on the team in April
so it's hard I can't speak to anything
that happen before that and there was a
giant backlog of things we had something
like over 350 tasks or something like
that it feels really good though to be
in our tracking software I'm gonna nerd
out as a producer it's just like all
that stuff and it just it's like ah
where it was Gary for long yep watching
done column get bigger and bigger and
bigger he's got to feel really good
definitely good awesome well I'll tell
you what since we are getting kind of
late but I don't think anybody's
complaining that we're talking about
super fun we do have a short video of
work in progress and mount development
for you guys that I don't think any of
us get tired of seeing even though we've
all watched it like 40 times yeah it's
just like a lot of bugs to wear funny
things that happened while we were
developing all this is not the Mount
development system isn't necessarily all
super serious and it doesn't all look
dull and boring yeah at the time so we
saved some of it for you guys and when
we come back we're gonna have three more
of the people from our Mount development
team thank you guys I'll let you back to
work and we will talk to three of you in
a few minutes we'll be right back thanks
all right welcome back let's talk about
mounts more let's alright I will have
you guys introduce yourselves and talk
about what you did for the Matt's team
so I'm Joel Helmick I worked on
basically all of the programming
literally every time I have my fingers
and all the things Steve said Nicky I'm
also a programmer did some of the motion
stuff I did the Manta bounce especially
so super happy with that James or if I'm
in QA on all mounts stuff thank you I'm
sorry we've made games like it's in
months man it's interesting
trying to put such a complicated system
into our game has been quite the task it
touches everything let's talk about that
how you even got started with this I
mean I'm gonna start with attachment
system and just let you go because I'm
still in awe of what you did yeah I'm
sorry I guess we'll do this we'll talk
about some of the like the main internal
pieces attack and then if you got time
like maybe some of the mount specific
stuff definitely don't wanna talk about
hover because it's super cool so I guess
sort of the the first major key piece
that I worked on was the ability to
attach creatures together we just saw so
many maybe not that many but that was
definitely a proof of what the system
can do and yet the gist of it is you
need to take one creature take another
creature staple them together
hand off controls that the players know
controlling the other character and
there's a lot more involved than just
that but that's the basics yeah you also
have to keep track of who's stapled to
who so they don't like lose that between
say loading screens or that sort of
thing then you have to make sure that
say when something effects the writer
for instance damage that happens from
creature attack or whatever it has to
attack the mount now so you have to keep
track of the fact that the writers
mounted and you need to be doing the
damage to this thing we actually started
system where the writer and the mount
were two separate entities in the world
they had everything tracked separately
and we wound up going to a system where
they became essentially just a single
object in large part for performance
reasons because trying to keep track of
having to do everything to both of them
at the same time got pretty messy yeah
actually we ran with separate having
them as separate things or the player
despond creature underneath them and
then attached for at least a year yeah
but by the way there were saying a lot
of the early development was done with
with two separate creatures stable
together yeah then you've also got to
make sure that you know positions match
up and the animations line up they'll
get some good stuff so if you we've got
a like a super basic version of it have
things attached together from where will
the spy your thing oh I know there's
like oh my gosh spider mouths mouths
together this is not at all what I would
have pictured for a spider Mountain yeah
it's a spider mouth you yeah spiders
like this over mine okay so this is this
is just the rudimentary basic we take we
take a creature we stick it on another
and now he is his collision and such is
all attached and obviously that's not
quite what we had in mind
not exactly so there's there was a great
shed where that was actually the Ranger
spec though you just got to staple awake
creatures to your head and shoulders
it's harmful
yeah like soul beasts originally there's
there's this thought of Oh a little like
the creatures attached to you and
attacks from your back and stuff like
that and did not did not end up there
please don't ever spider to me the black
one particular was quite special special
special is a words especially word that
could be used to describe this yes white
like I have way too many shows where I
bring a dev on here and something
happens with spiders and it's
interesting how polarizing spiders are
specifically and that you have this one
group that absolutely adores them and
this other group
not quite equal in size but pretty
surprisingly close that's like oh god no
please roll reaction yeah that really is
like you just look at it even if you're
like oh man I like spiders like whatever
they're helpful they kill flies and
everything you just look at it like oh
my god and they are I just I just need
them to help over here so this ends the
spider tangent basic example things
attaching it's not really showing the
hand off of control that I had to get
working so for a long time early on
development I was using various
creatures as well can I take control of
some other creature run around with them
uses skills and they settled on using
something you'll see very shortly as for
a lot of my girly development stuff
players will enjoy this one yes oh hello
this one yes I remember this this is
what you use because you could yeah I
mean if you can pick anything be a
dragon yeah might as well this is
actually recreated I used to have old
footage that was this and it all got
lost in smartdrive disaster but pretend
this is old please understand
no we do not have a legendary River
Mount clarify that did the poor bandit
there's I will say my favorite part of
wyvern Mount was testing in Queens day
land right by the castle there's a
couple of fields and there's this one
kid in the field and I would always
swoop in on my liver and and the kid
would be like I'm gonna get you chicken
you have no idea what a chicken looks
like do you get in our game they get
kind of big wing and pick them up that
woman's daddy's yeah if if you're gonna
test this system that is the way to do
it impress presents now so anyway beyond
says those chemistry a handoff of
control between
guy who attached on the thing you're
attached to but as you can sang for
performance reasons and just general bug
issues we eventually ended up with a
system where we have a single creature
but we had but he has two models and so
we like create this model underneath
them and it's like oh so there's a
raptor and anything it looks like you've
got two creatures together it's really
just one speaking lies you try the multi
creature thing yeah well we want we
wanted to do that for we want to make
sure that worked in case we ever had a
use case for it later and it was the
first thing that worked so you've got
the multi creature or you've got the
attachment system pretty much down and
then the movement system this is a whole
different system this isn't like part of
the attachment system right right so
make sure we cover that yeah so the
movement system is we basically had to
rebuild add on to this whole new system
for how do we move these mounts how do
you make them like slide around and have
weight to the motion may give them time
to accelerate have slow returns so we
had to build a whole new system for them
okay well while we're here we might as
well make it more parametrized more data
driven easier for designers to go in to
mess with later and say I can't actually
want to notice all these around a lot
resin have to go into code and put some
values player movement turns out has a
lot of magic numbers errors and add a
lot of just little magic pieces of code
that will mess with those numbers in
ways that you can never quite anticipate
so when we set up now we basically had
to like Joe was saying build a system
that was entirely distinct from that to
put all of the control of these movement
parameters under design control rather
than under the control of some
programmer five years ago on a Friday
evening working and so that's this yeah
I think that was know first oh I was
gonna say I I'm fairly sure we would not
have been able to do mounts if we had
tried to put it into the player movement
system it was it would have just caused
too many problems I did not look at yeah
it would not have looked good part of
doing this kind of development right is
figuring out when you
take old stuff and kind of like spruce
it up and then push it back out and but
in this case we had to do almost
everything just like some scratch camera
movement all this stuff yeah I I think I
think movement was the first thing first
programming tasks that got worked on I
think is before I was on the team even I
think so
I think so those Darin stuff baby yeah
you can see a giant stack of moving a
parameter system control that we wound
up putting in the hands of designers yes
every line there is a number that they
can tune independently
yeah and roy has spent so much time
tuning all of these individuals and and
the number stream and also they can
affect one another so like I took a
screen shot of like here's here's an
example set of this this parameter
modifies this parameter in this way
that's like the languor there we go
and so you just this is just an example
of the matter is those skewers basically
so like he's got this one parameter and
then like well if somebody another
parameter this associate scale it
between some min and Max so just give an
idea of like this is a very small subset
of all the stuff and these are all just
like basic movement things that you
would expect in just any sort of
movement profile stuff like like
friction and velocity and like
rotational velocity like there's it's
it's just a full movement model that we
can then do really cool things with
because the player movement does not
have nearly of that level of like
granularity for designers but there's
just so much going on with the mount
movement that there's a lot more data
and then skimmer actually gets more on
top of that because all of the other
amounts at least get to cling to the
ground and to get to use sort of
traditional motion for getting around
the world whereas skimmer has above and
beyond just the movement its own little
physics world where there is always
essentially a simulated cushion of air
pushing up on it from beneath exactly
and that has caused its own set of
problems climbing mountains was the best
one yeah you used to be able to like
walk into a vertical surface with the
skimmer and then just start hovering and
then it would just be like oh you're on
a surface and then you just keep
ascending and say you could ascend
pretty much any vertical surface in our
game doesn't do that anymore it's
shooting its Ray's down the course the
ground where's the ground I want to be
this far off the ground and see you
could just get a little a little bit
over some little edge and it robbed
and so even nearly vertical surfaces you
had to fix it so yeah getting anywhere
in the world on skimmer while I adore it
personally do you guys want to do you
have more stuff on the movement system
or do you want to move on and talk about
the animation system a little bit hmm
something specific on movement there's
no there's some amount specific things
we could talk about but they still find
uh there were some questions about like
I give the individual movement things
that I saw like Jackal how do you target
the jackal - ah so yeah well they also
kind of ties into scripting which again
to it but Michael sure let's talk about
Jaguar I don't want to hop on the jackal
so the jackal doesn't think we're kill
he always aims in camera direction and
so it's just that is how you aim it you
can you can jump and then do a 180 and
then teleport immediately that's where
I'm from
you have to be really fast though it's
it's really like I feel like gravity
rules us all yeah although when you when
you fire it through the gravity turns
off except because the sweets also like
secretly that's not actually teleport
it's not actually tilt or wolf I'm sorry
it just goes really fast secrets I mean
you know I'm a developer so what you're
saying is the wolf moves faster than the
eye can see
that's somehow less cool right cool is
teleport wolves innocent yeah there's
some like camera tricks to where the
camera sits there and doesn't move
nonsense no this makes it cooler no it
looks about the end effect is these help
words yeah although to be fair I suspect
it would get very annoyed if you call it
a wolf he possibly true always looks
turned to me I imagined it saying like
jackal in this very huffy sorry an
annoyed voice I can absolutely hear that
I feel like he's perpetually in a state
of mild annoyance just kind of a little
huffy with the world in general look at
this sorry oh I was gonna say I feel
like that's because he's the only one of
the four mounts that is not like a
natural amount he was brought into
existence as evidenced by the runes and
the sand so he's like just kinda great
why do you have to bring me alive look
at what I have to work with to deal with
these people sit on my back and calling
me a wolf okay I'm just getting one
we're on that actually do I mention the
runes for a second I don't know like
it's it's kind of interesting Laura
maybe people just want to find that up
for themselves
I think they should find out for I think
yes yeah it's okay it's cool or that
knowing our player base they'll figure
they'll find it out in like 30 minutes
after the game all right now I'm gonna
beat now I'm gonna be watching after we
launch and see who figures it out yeah
I'm gonna say it's a it answers the
question that players have already been
asking okay okay now I'm gonna ask you
guys questions later certain specific
players okay let's talk about the
animation system then sure as you can
see they sure have animations yeah yep
we should we should call out that the
animation team - oh my god solutely
stellar job it's you know their artists
are really good yeah I never would have
known I believe the artists were Scott
Ron Trevor and Brian Brian yeah and well
they're the animators yeah yeah oh yeah
the animators and they did just
absolutely stellar job it was I said
near near that group and it was really
great seeing like the mounts come
like the rough animation into like like
the Raptor the the wear it like tries to
shake you off yeah I remember the first
one in yeah I love the right after I
first went in we had a play test like a
couple days later an internal plate to
us and everybody was like oh have you
seen this new rap doll raptor idol like
wow it's so cool it's it's really fun
and watching that it has come from it's
come from that one of the
work-in-progress videos that we saw
where it was just a completely
emotionless creature sliding along the
ground to what we have now it's it's
really neat seeing that progression I
mean we still see that sometimes when
things break
well the animation system is when you
introduced me to blend trees yeah yeah
so like it's very so we in order to like
to fully support what the animators
needed to do we had to add a system
which is new in new to gaming but new to
our game of blend trees and you want to
bring up a picture I can just people
have so this is like this is part of the
Raptors moving blend tree and so he does
is like hey I'm going this fast
I should go this direction then I'm
going like this fast I should go on
between these two sides and so at that
leaf knows that the bombs are animations
that you should be playing picked from
and so the existing system we had in the
game was much simpler it was just
animation and transitions between
animations and now we have this much
more controlled data-driven system that
the animators can use to precisely get
exactly what they want exactly the time
and they want it gives them a lot more
flexibility and lets us do stuff like
the waiting when the Raptor is running
along like for example when you take a
hard turn with with this chimera yeah
you can get that kind of that lean
blended onto the the animation cleanly
goes between turns and streets and stuff
there's a lot more going on under it and
what you see so mm-hmm thank you guys
very much for this so many bug
oh yeah lots there's been lots of blunt
reissues just animations one thing new
system yeah it's gonna happen so what
were some of the good ones
I guess for you those are bad ones but
well I mean honestly there is no like
there wasn't too many good blend tree
bugs I not taking it off when you got
off of your mount leads to some occasion
interesting oh yes yeah that was we'd
have like animations playing on the
wrong sorts of things yeah players
trying to do like Raptor animations
which never turns out as well as you
would hope unfortunately I want to say
that certainly most common things that
were just like the animation pops and
stuff yeah it's it's supposed to blend
nicely between tree animations and said
yeah like you'd run forward on the
Raptor and then you'd stop and instead
of blending too into the stop it would
just instantly go to idle Joel Joel has
in particular been dealing with a lot of
little pops in the blend trees and I've
watched him just goes to pruder film
style I'm like if you watch it this
frame right here I've never watched too
many wouldn't do those videos in
fairness a frame stopping and in
fairness that is how QA also handles
looking at those mounts so hopefully we
will have not caught all of them pixel
our patience is the takeaway I really
admire you guys for working through all
of these tiny little things to make us
get what we've got here do you want to
talk about how having some of the stuff
client-side yeah I think the the
client-side scripting stuff is always
yes it's it's yes and also client like
the client-server interactions on mounts
have led to some really really funny
bugs so I think my favorite which is one
that Joel found actually do you want to
talk about the quaternion bug okay so
there's the thing where somebody talks
about it if you had like
high latency and oh yeah yeah if you had
high latency and you were just like did
a movement skill your amount what just
are freaking out just like all over the
place yeah it would just because there
was something going on with with that
one is actually when you got your
framerate got low enough
yeah those a shoot and then try to
correct and go so its angles its angular
velocity would just blow out it's it's
actually that's less visually impressive
than you'd think you're just kind of
this lair of twitching yeah you got to
be they're kind of things it's been so
fast you can't even barely tell like
that you're spinning it just it's one of
those cartoons where you see like the
head peek out for a moment you see my
arm over here the fight cloud yeah yeah
yeah but if you want to talk about that
like scripting and stuff so if you
notice when you use abilities and things
on the mounts there's no doesn't appear
to be any latency at all it's not like
we've been magically gotten rid of lag
it's totally there but we're hiding it
same way that normal motion is all done
sort of client-side in the report it up
in the server validates it and we're
doing the same thing now with these like
when you hover for example and the
decline is just saying okay I'm gonna
run this stuff locally and then tells
the server button server this too but we
wanted something that wasn't just super
hard-coded when you push space for on
the skimmer it does this thing we wanted
a more customizable script system like
what we did with the animations like
what we do with motion and so we Brandon
who did this first I think his brain is
riveted isn't yeah he uh so you know we
need we need like a full scripting
system that wrote on the client of
immerse itself on the server and so
internally we call them content
functions a good think we good name but
it works it works it's good enough
programmer talk yes so we have like in
example screenshot of like here's what a
stack of content functions looks like
it's like think it's the Raptor engage
scale this guy words words
yeah it's just like it just runs through
here all the things I do here's some
conditions like oh if this is true
other thing but it's a good indication
of how much is going on and the the
Raptor engage skill is actually for
interesting because it's it's or all the
engagements really because they're
they're a blend of these content
function things these client-side
scripts and traditional skills because
we you can't deal damage from a
client-side script so you still have to
ask the server hey I need you to run the
skill that does damage so it'll do all
the other stuff all the motion and
everything and then a certain point says
I need you to fire damage here we trust
the players with walking around the
world nice but we don't trust the
players to not tell us that they just
did twenty thousand damage to you know
that champion there yeah yeah there have
been some I I don't want to say
hilarious here because my life for the
last couple of months has been trying to
make sure that the client and the server
stay in sync on these things turns out
that whenever you build a programming
language people will program in it and
the moment that we added branches to
this for instance is my Raptor on the
ground can i if i can only do my engage
scale while the raptors on the ground
the client and the server might actually
disagree for a few moments about whether
your raptors in fact on the ground and
for a long time they were doing
different things because they just
decided to take different branches at
that one if statement in the worst
feeling like the client would've run it
in the server wouldn't just just would
not run it at all they end up with some
totally divergent state with one sites
dis mad at the other sites not for
example we ended up with sunny and
terrible fun visual bugs like like you
would see you'd be on the jackhole i
need to blink forward and you it would
look normal to you you'd be like oh I
did my blink and somebody nearby would
just see you blink in place and then the
Raptor would just tween forward to where
it's supposed to be yeah what's funny to
see in development on games yeah and
actually there's a question on shout
that I would love to tackle right now
are there any tips on Mount really and
things we should test during the stress
test these sort of disagreements between
server and client we think are one of
the things that's actually causing a lot
of these
of issues that we hit during the PvE
weekend so basically my suggestion would
be just try to do things at unusual
times try and engage you know the moment
that you also try and do a jump with the
Raptor or when you land yeah try and do
a jump and engage on land try and you
know engage just as you're getting on
your Raptor try to use a movement skill
once you've been knocked off by an enemy
exactly a ton of the bugs and not just
in this in any system bugs and systems
tend to come from corner cases where
players just get into a state that
you're not expecting or actions happen
at a time that you're just not expecting
it to happen and so exactly and so to
the extent we can generate those that'd
be the best thing for this RSS I think
awesome is a good question well is there
anything else on the systems we could
talk for hours about yeah as far as high
level I think we'd kid hit must have big
points because talking about the stress
test it's coming up in 40 minutes I'm
excited to see the the deluge player
supported or player submitted reports
yeah I just looked at the clock and I
was like oh it's custom to look
terrified sorry it's the it's the QA
paradox right
you hate bugs because that means that
there's a bug but also you love them so
much better to find it now exactly over
20 seconds so yeah I I do not want bugs
on I don't want bugs on Mount September
22nd yeah I don't I'm sure there will be
because impossible to make any peace
they'll be my fault but it's impossible
to predict every single edge case right
like the reason why we're doing the
stress test is because we can't predict
everything that's going to happen so
like when stuff is robust internally we
have to go okay well now we're playing
through it and we're not really seeing
anything that major and it's mostly like
little minor
cases now it's time to go give it to
like tens of thousands of people and
have them completely destroy everything
and tell us that what's wrong right yeah
more eyes are better than less yes so we
do we need your guys's eyes stress test
does start in about 40 minutes and
you'll want to log in create a new demo
character and find all kinds of bugs for
you guys to play with yes yes please we
want them now and not later on it does
start at 2 p.m. Pacific so good luck you
thank you you guys have fun keep in mind
your stress test stress test means that
performance issues might be a thing
please don't be shocked and appalled
when it happens this this one is not to
show off how pretty the world is
although the world is still really
beautiful and there we have made many
book fixes since the last which have I
mean not all of them have made it live
also I think I love the major ones I
think we work every day that's amazing
alright well I'm gonna do I've got two
more things and then we'll get ready for
this stress test you always look so you
just look like you're plotting things
when you do that we are getting ready
for path fires launch in three weeks
here at ArenaNet and I know we've been
talking about this over the past couple
of weeks we love fine who has the Guild
Wars 2 merch store has been getting
ready for path of fire like we are we've
been showing you some stuff on guild
chat we've been sharing new things in
there Guild Wars 2 store as they add
them and they have a new thing today
which is the Raptor mount t-shirt which
I kind of love I thought you guys might
like that they all look so happy oh good
this has just been in WeLoveFine store
for a couple of hours and we are working
on adding more hopefully those will be
in soon but right now this one's got a
t-shirt and to believe a pullover
sweatshirt yeah those do they deliver
I have not placed my order yet so
few weeks over there in a pacifier
t-shirt oh that is true Mac that is and
also our if you're going to PAX West our
audio panel behind the sound of video
games is tomorrow at PAX West in the
Hydra theater at 2:30 Pacific time if
you can't attend we're live-streaming it
here on the official Guild Wars 2 twitch
channel so set the preview for that
yesterday it's a Mary Jo
I did fantastic I love talking about all
the different things they do yeah
they're so much fun and they just get to
play with weird toys all day long and I
mean in the mounts video they shut off
that's a really good really great sound
effect and really creative way back so
they're gonna be doing that live
tomorrow at their packs panel be there
if you can if you can't watch it here on
our Guild Wars 2 twitch channel
otherwise we will see you next week for
the last pre path of fire Gil Chet thank
you guys thank you all for coming and
spending part of your workday here and
thank you guys for watching guilt yet
we'll see you next week bye

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