Guild Chat - Episode 86

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Guild Chat - Episode 86

Guild Chat: Skyscale Development
Rubi Bayer
Steven Stadnicki
Joel Helmich
Joe Clark
Kate Pfeilschiefter
Brian Walter
Pete Egbers
May 24, 2019
Official video

The following is an unofficial, player-written transcript of the episode. The accuracy of this transcription has not been verified by ArenaNet.

The episode of Guild Chat, aired on May 24, 2019, went behind-the-scenes on in the development of the Skyscale mount.


Today's Guild Chat, hosted by Rubi, was everything to do with the skyscale. Guests and highlights are as follows.

Rubi Bayer (Host)
  • Hotfix coming soon to reduce time-gates on Skyscale collections
  • Mox Gauntlet for Charity updates
    • Arena.Net raised $1,240 for the charity
    • Steven Stadnicki reached Top 15 individual fundraiser
Joel Heimlich (Gameplay Programmer)
  • While the base max range of the skyscale's flight limited (one keg brawl field, from my tests), the Wall Launch mastery is the intended means for the skyscale to traverse long distances.
  • They're working on tweaking the interaction of max canopy height with things like Jump Mushrooms, ley lines, etc.
  • "The original design was for [the skyscale] to move along walls"
  • Wall Launching horizontally gets you more "flight juice" back
  • Regarding "Why can't the skyscale just have free flight?" "The game's mounts are built around [the mounts] interacting with terrain... [the skyscale was designed to hover, but also interact with walls]"
Steven Stadnicki (Content Programmer)
  • The collection quests were designed to make the skyscale feel as much as a living creature as much as possible.
  • "All the raising is for the players to build this bond with the skyscale."
  • Collections unlocked after the end of the story so as to not distract players from the story, and give players more to do after the story
Joe Clark (Senior Sound Designer)
  • Compilation of callback cues for Skyscale of Courage collection
  • Footstep sound effects involved using crushed eggshells on different surfaces
  • Skyscale guttural was synthesized using the following audio layers:
    • a leopard,
    • MAPP Gas Torch,
    • upright bass (for multiple layers; pitch and distortion alterations included),
    • yogurt in bellows,
    • jello in bellows,
    • rubber band on djembe, and
    • a balloon.
  • Skyscale guttural while idling was a result of the following mix:
    • balloon on doumbek,
    • upright bass,
    • Greek yogurt in bellows,
    • cherry jello in bellows,
    • voice with glass chimney,
    • MAPP gas torch, and
    • a rubber trash can dragged on carpet.
Kate Peeilschieeter (Creature Art Lead)
Brian Walter (Creature animator)
  • Designer of the fish-feeding fidget
Peter Egbers (Creature artist)
  • The scales were handcrafted, rather than stamped, to get the best look