Guild Chat - Episode 116

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Guild Chat - Episode 116

End of Dragons Gameplay Overview
Rubi Bayer
Morgan Lockhart
Kwan Perng
December 3, 2021
Official video
The following is an unofficial, player-written transcript of the episode. The accuracy of this transcription has not been verified by ArenaNet.

The 116th episode of Guild Chat aired on December 03, 2021.



hi tyria happy friday and welcome to
guild chat i'm your host ruby and i am
so glad that you've decided to spend
this time with us today uh this is our
last guild chat of 2021. we've all had
so much fun sharing all of these little
end of dragons previews and tours with
you since july and since this is our
last show we want to end on a high note
we have a lot of stuff to share with you
today we're going to talk about
legendary weapon variants for end of
dragons we're going to introduce some
new story characters and tell you more
about other story characters that you've
already heard about we're going to take
a tour of the isle of reflection guild
hall that you just saw the preview video
of and we're going to talk about the
arborstone revitalization mastery track
we have a whole bunch to get through and
i know you're all really excited to hear
about this so we're going to jump right
into it i'm not going to make you wait
super long
let's start with the legendary weapon
variants back on july 27th during our
first look live stream
we gave you that little peek at the
legendary weapons and we've got a quick
video just in case you weren't there or
if you've forgotten because it's been a
while and 2021 has been weird
we're going to give you a quick
refresher of what we talked about back
i'm chelsea mills and i'm a senior prop
in end of dragons we're introducing 16
new legendary weapons all available on
release day
this set of legendaries is inspired by
the elder dragon irene who plays a
significant role in the ender dragon
from an art perspective we wanted the
legendaries to show irene's journey with
the commander from the first time you
meet her as an adorable little hatchling
to now all grown up as our own elder
the precursors represent baby irene
while the legendaries represent adult
irene is one of my favorite characters
and i'm so happy that we got to create a
legendary set based on her i can't wait
to see players running around in game
with the legendaries
i'm with chelsea i'm looking forward to
this chelsea and a lot of our other
developers have been hard at work since
well for a very long time but especially
since that first look live stream in
july and the thing about these legendary
weapons this aureen set that chelsea
talked about
irene isn't our only elder dragon we
have more um so the way this is going to
work is that at end of dragon's launch
you're going to get that core orin set
and then we will be releasing actually
yeah there's a preview of the coral ring
set and i have a little something extra
for you in just a minute
but we're going to keep releasing
legendary weapon variants based on the
other elder dragons in the game so like
dramatic crocotoric
mordremoth you're going to get versions
based on that here's a little preview
just so you can get a look at like what
the great swords will look like
these are each variant is going to use
the style and effects based on that
dragon there's also going to be a new
visual effect
and i think probably the best way to
preview it is in games so let's take a
look at a couple of the aurene weapons
that i have on my character now
this is the orin this is the short bow
it is gorgeous and i love it
i'm just going to turn my character
around a little bit so you can get a
good close-up look at that and how the
effects are very much like the aureen
the elder dragon grown aurene that you
see in the hall of monuments right now
and let me just unhide
my ui real quick because i think also
it's going to be kind of fun to
start some trouble there is
and we can also see the footfalls
there is a naga right around here
when you
go into combat
come on
okay yeah he did not love that
now just
take him out real quick
you a look at what this looks like
that death blow effect is a new effect
that will come with these legendary
weapons um you will occasionally get
that when you kill it's kind of a
finishing style effect and you'll also
when you first go into combat and swap
weapons while you're in combat you get
a little effect on there too
so the variance the way this is going to
work the variances are appearances you
forge that core aureen legendary weapon
and then you will go on a journey with
it to start unlocking the magic of other
elder dragons and bringing that into
this legendary weapon so all of these
awesome great swords that we gave you a
preview of and all of the other
legendary weapons that will be released
as part of those variants you just have
to forge that basic weapon once and then
do your gameplay to unlock it in other
the other thing that i want to mention
about that because i'm pretty sure
people are asking
these legendary weapons the core arene
weapons and their precursors are going
to be tradable
so you can trade those with other with
others in the game you can get them on
the trading post you can put them on the
trading post after you forge them
and if you are super excited about that
you can get a head start on them right
with the legendary precursor that you
get through living world replay um if
you have missed some of those
achievements they're permanent so you
can still you can still work on those
between now and end of dragons and just
get a little jump on things
there's a lot more to tell about those
but we have a lot to get through today
as well so as soon as this show's over
we're going to be publishing a post on
our website from three of the developers
who are working on this they give you
more information about these weapons but
there's your preview and we're going to
move on and talk about some of these
story characters with our first couple
of dev guests um let's start with morgan
hi ruby hi everyone i am morgan lockhart
and i am a senior writer here at
arenanet working on all things end of
dragons um i wrote a bunch of the
chapters of the golden path i also
worked on the eccevald wilds map and the
arborstone map which we'll be talking
about later today thank you and also
quan hi hi everyone my name is quan perk
and i'm the project narrative lead on
end of dragons and i'm really excited to
share some of the characters with y'all
today yeah so a quick thing
as always we are pulling back on
spoilers we want to leave lots for you
to find for yourself in game so we're
going to tell you a little bit about
these characters their background who
they are but we're not going to be
digging deep into the stories story
spoilers so if you don't want those
don't worry we've got you covered
so why don't we start with june who we
saw in the end of dragon's trailer not
so long ago uh who is she tell us about
her yeah so june is the
owner of zuma jade which is the company
that's proliferating a lot of this j
technology that you have all been seeing
the trailers and previews and
she's a very brilliant inventor and also
a very
shrewd business woman and so she she has
a lot of talents that allow her to excel
at what um what her role is and she
interestingly she was born to
kind of a poor family in the jade
seashell very single mother and that's
those are kind of surprisingly humble
beginnings for this character right
yeah it's humble and
um it has meant that she's had to
overcome a lot of questions about her
about her talent her ability and because
of that she has like really high
and that that can sometimes complicate
our relationship with her complicate our
interactions with her where she can take
a simple offer of help or advice as
being something that is a personal
attack on her abilities um you know she
hears you know maybe we could do this
this way as you know
you know you are not capable and you
will never be capable you know you will
never amount to anything she's always
hearing that in her head because all
these people that that constantly ask
that of her and so because of that she
can be a little prickly
um you know she does not like to be
questioned she does like having things
her way um
and and that
like you're saying like that complicates
some of our interactions with her but
she's a really wonderful character um
you know one of the things i really
appreciate about writing her is that
it's a character type that we just don't
see in in a female identifying
and um you know we when we thought about
our inspirations you know we did think
of lady true in watchmen um but
but mostly when we were referring to her
to our actors or to other people on the
team we brought up a lot of these real
brilliant pragmatic but egotistical
male tech moguls and so examining that
character through the lens of womanhood
has been a really interesting challenge
and i think has created like a very
fresh character
how about
i don't want to make it i don't want to
make a pun that's going to spoil things
but how about empress inn
let's let's move on and let's talk about
her a little bit yeah so um emperor's
inn is the current leader of the canton
empire she comes from the
imperial line that's um
been throughout guild wars history
before even factions and
um she's a very
she cares a lot about the people under
her and she wants to do what's best best
for the canton people um but she she
she's come into power at a very
tumultuous time
there's a lot of changes in society that
are happening between the j technology
kind of changing the the culture and the
ways of the kantham people but um also
at the same time in end of dragons camp
is going to reopen which is a monumental
event in camden history right so she she
faces a lot of challenges um in this
position as the empress
yeah and another very interesting detail
that we that we are going to now share
about june is that she was actually the
illegitimate child of the previous
emperor which makes her the half-sister
of the empress however she was not
raised in court she was not raised with
any of those advantages um and so
something that's interesting that's
happened lately though is that there's
been this power shift where june has
grown in power while empress inn has
seen some of her own power diminish and
so there's been this sort of flip of
their positions or not not flip really
it's more like june has risen to be to
be close to her level but it's changed
their relationship it's challenged their
relationship it does create some tension
but mostly there's also still a lot of
respect um but it it is something that
that plays into all that feeds into all
of their interactions as two of the most
prominent and powerful members of the
canton society
yeah and she's very interesting because
she has
like a very commanding presence as she
should as a leader she's comparable to
queen jenner right and when you meet her
you feel like you've met a world leader
she's just so confident and
um she really has an impact yeah and
um but at the same time uh she has a
human side to her right and we see some
of those more intimate moments even in
the brief time that we see her and it's
really interesting to build kind of like
peek behind the curtain of royalty
during those times yeah
before we move on to the next character
i do want to call that out how
multi-faceted these characters are and
this is something that i've loved as
i've been watching these characters come
along while you all are working on them
and building them out
you you have that exterior you have that
that professional
side that we're all interacting with as
players but they have a history they
have they have interactions
they have background that complicates
who they are and they have that internal
that human that more vulnerable side
it's subtle it's not like hitting you in
the face but it is very much informing
who they are and i love that
yeah absolutely yeah and i i think that
that's really present our next character
which is mr lee who's he's the head of
the ministry of security which is
basically the modern
version of the ministry of flame and
a very
proud canthan he's a patriot and
takes his job very seriously he takes
the security of his nation very
and as a result he's a little bit
distrustful of us as outsiders when we
first come to camp though right
yeah absolutely um you know it's his job
to see that camp is safe and
you know to keep track of all these
changes all the people entering and so
that complicates a lot of our
interactions with him um
you know and as a traditionalist he
definitely takes this view of the
changes that are happening to kantha in
a very wary way you know anything that
might change power structures could
potentially threaten his place in
society his power and he's very wary of
all that but at the same time you know
he is
he is a politician he is skilled at what
he does and every interaction with him
is incredibly nuanced you can always
tell he's operating on a few different
layers and our his voice actor patrick
gallagher does an amazing job um
bringing that nuance to the performance
yeah and
even though
his character comes across as very
aggressive or um stern
uh and you know the many characters in
the game around him who work under him
or with him think feel the same way
about him june has to interact with him
and she
uh they are not friends yeah they she
that she feels that way about him um
at the same time there's a there's a
warmth almost that may be going too far
a sentimentality beneath
his kind of hard exterior that
sorry i'm being made aware of a mic
there's a there's like a sentimentality
beneath that
comes across when he interacts with
detective rama who's a character that
we're going to see
this month and
they have almost like a mentor mentee
relationship or even like a father-son
relationship and
yeah actually a quick thing on that you
mentioned we're gonna meet a couple of
characters later this month
as we get closer to winter's day and the
end of the year keep an eye on our
instagram our twitter our facebook
channels because we have a couple of
videos from our voice actors um which is
well rama and yao
gonna get some more introductions so
yeah you will meet them later this month
yup exactly
so do we want to um move on and talk
about anka yes yeah sure so um before we
start talking about anka i do want to
take a moment and appreciate she's so
cool her awesome design i love her
outfit and her her eyes are very unique
of course
the aether blades we haven't seen them
in a while and
we've created a lot of new crew members
to really fill out
make it feel like this is a family of
sky pirates that have been in the midst
for all these years together and
we previously have killed hork in the
fractal who was the first mate to my
trend he was the norn with the big
anka has taken that position as the new
first mate to my trend and
she's a little different she has a very
complicated backstory that
we'll lightly touch on we want to leave
some of it for players to uncover in the
actual game but
she was working with gorick at vominova
many years ago before the explosion
there and
the experience of that really changed
her in a fundamental way and it was a
formative moment uh in her life right
yeah and her interactions with gorick
you know they really you know we see her
in many contexts throughout the game and
the but the the interactions with work
are incredibly unique and she brings out
an interesting side of him too um i
think fans of gorick are really in for a
treat this expansion but they both bring
out these really interesting sides of
each other with this shared experience
they have but yeah she's she's been on a
journey and it's been a tough one and
because of that she has this this
viewpoint um that is extremely negative
toward sort of all of the powerful
figures of tyria you know the gods and
the heroes who aspire to wield great
power because she looks at everything
that's happened and sort of seems to
think that every time that really
powerful people get involved including
us things get worse
which was kind of the point of that
joker was making right yep yep yeah yeah
she is not the first one to make it um
but she is the one who i suppose
so one thing real quick you called out
her character model and i do want to
huge shout out to everybody who's been
working on the character models because
they're gorgeous and i love her eyes so
they are fantastic yeah for sure yeah um
but she's not so she's not the only
aether blade that we're going to meet
there are there are a few others yeah so
we're going to touch on
some other aetherblade crew members not
as deeply but um the first one would be
ivan who's
a dredge uh aetherblade as you can see
he's he is the chief navigator um and
he's a very
self-serious dredge
really a lot of fun he's extremely loyal
to my trend
and the the dynamics between him and
anka and this other character that we're
about to talk about or
make him just such a joy um steve bloom
plays him and brings just a lot of heart
to this character
um and the next
either play character is renyak who
he's a char
but not like any char you have ever met
before yeah
his personality is extremely wild he is
the chief munitions officer and
we're not going to say much about it
what i will say is he has a very
explosive personality and quan that's
one way to put it
and when you
when you hear his voice um when end of
dragons releases
we won't say who he's played by right
now but
when you're playing it and you hear his
voice and
try to imagine who you think plays this
character and
keep trying to guess and it will you'll
probably be wrong i want to hear the
as soon as you're here yeah yeah i want
to know who people think because
honestly we've talked about the
flexibility of our voice actors and
this huge range where you can't even
tell who they are but this is a really
good one yeah we we gave people so many
challenges this expansion and i i think
you're all gonna be interested to hear
about one of them which is that so many
of them were got the chance to play a
tengu and
it was really interesting to see
what each actor brought to that and what
their interpretation of it was you know
because we really gave people room to
play you know and some people would
think of literal birds and we'd have to
pull them back we're like no no polly
doesn't want to crack
screeching i mean unless i told you to
screech there's a few times but we save
it we save it for some key beats you
know and some people you know we thought
of you know i was very delighted when i
figured out that one of our voice actors
was picturing a skeksis from dark
crystal because i love it and i was like
that's definitely what they're doing and
it was at the end i verified that was
their inspiration but gosh speaking of
the next character we're going to talk
about is one of our our named tengu
characters her name is ayumi and she is
a member of the kestrels if you saw the
echovolt wild stream you'll remember
that i talked a little bit about them
they are an organization of of
protectors of the ecobald wilds and they
began in the time of the purges that the
ministry of purity was conducting
shepherding other tango to the
equivalent wilds now ayumi is one of
them she was actually not born in
eckevault though she was what they call
a city tengu which is a
phrase that was occasionally thrown at
her as a negative but she was you know
she was raised as a socialite she was
raised somewhat affluent but her uncle
was a member of the kestrels and he saw
a whole lot of skill in her so he
brought her into the fold vouched for
her and she did prove to have a lot of
skill but you know all that said a lot
of the other kestrels still question how
well she understands fundamentally what
it means to be a kestrel yeah and part
of her
status as like this city tengu as some
will call her
she's she's seen as an outsider in her
life and that's what makes her relate to
us when we come there as outsiders right
and um
i think
her her background also is what makes
her so
adaptive and and
just kind of
sharp at different situations and um
she's a very
charming character and i really love i
really love this character yeah and
she's you know she's open to new ideas
you know one of the reasons the other
kestrels kind of resist some of her
proposals is that they she does suggest
some change as somebody who's young has
somebody who's new
um you know they but the kestrels do
feel like especially some of these older
kestrels that the way the casuals have
been doing things has kept the tengu and
then the people of ecuavold safe for so
long so you know she does run against
this with a lot of the other kestrels
but in the end like a lot of her ideas
are you know they're more modern and and
you know they are welcomed by many of
the other kestrels on the other hand
especially when dealing with members of
the gangs um if you saw the echevard
wilds stream then you would know that
these two gangs play a large part in end
of dragons as a whole but in particular
the ecobald wilds where they are
headquartered and you know the kestrels
have fallen a little bit behind on
dealing with those gangs they've dug in
a little bit more than the kestrels have
ever allowed anyone else to take into
and ayumi has some ideas about how to
fix that as long as she can be confident
enough to advocate for her ideas and
that the others can accept it but
because she's young you know she doesn't
quite have that confidence but she is
somebody who we see grow in confidence
over the course of the story totally
yeah so mentioning the gangs is a good
time let's let's
go over let's go over to where the gangs
are hanging out and talk about who they
are and their leaders uh let's start
with jade brotherhood
yes the leader of the jade brotherhood
is amanda
named chomu he was actually the
co-founder of zunlai jade with june
while june was sort of the more
brilliant inventor he had the business
acumen he had the business ideas um and
together they brought the company up but
over time they began to butt heads
because they had different ethical lines
like june was here chilmu was way over
here there were things he wanted to do
that were a little bit less ethical that
she did not want to do and so over time
he ended up breaking off and forming his
own group which he ended up adopting the
name of the jade brotherhood which was
actually it's funny he
he hasn't you know at one point june
accuses him of having a small bag of bag
of tricks which is to say that that with
zuma and jade you know they they had
adopted the names in like guild by
acquiring the old zomlight guild for
their jade company a little bit like att
and singular you think you're buying a
tnt using the name and he kind of did
the same thing once he formed his his
gang is that you know the jade
brotherhood this is not the same
brotherhood as guild wars one um but he
knew that that name would strike fear
into those who opposed him
yeah and he was never necessarily as
clever of an inventor as june right and
so in in many ways she kind of
outmaneuvered him in in
terms of like supply chains and things
like that and so i think
that is
his inability to kind of confront june
in like the
the marketplace is kind of what led him
to toward like the black market and the
criminal underworld and kind of shaped
who he is today
yeah yeah he
the the jade brotherhood one of their
main business models is is ripping off
july both literally and figurably and
undercutting them but also just doing
things that zuma would never do you know
um building weapons that that that are
you know of you know building
destructive weapons and and such that
things that june would never allow zen
light to do so
um that yeah they they don't have many
limits they don't they don't have many
boundaries in the jade brotherhood but
the other interesting difference between
the two of them is that while june came
from this this humble upbringing and
that she's always sort of fought against
this perception he on the other hand
came from a very wealthy background from
one of campo's most wealthy families
most most well-known families his mom
matron park is somebody we never meet
but who looms large
her her story has spread
and he you know he's he's actually a
really fun character to write um because
he even though we've focused a lot on
his negative qualities he's actually
incredibly charismatic you know that's
one of the things that makes him an
effective leader an effective
businessman and you know sometimes he
brings the party sometimes joel brings
the party and yeah so he's he's just
been as with all these characters he was
a lot of fun to right honestly every
time you say that he brings the party i
kind of laugh because i can see his
weapon i want him to have the moot oh
yeah i just yeah
it seems like it would fit okay so on
the total other end of that spectrum is
tetra who i love tetris models so much
yeah two characters could not be any
more different she is the leader of the
speakers which is the other major gang
of echovolt and not only do they butt
heads with the jade brotherhood over
territory and resource control it's also
they have a completely ideologically
opposed you know the jade brotherhood
are all about technology technology with
no limits
and on the other hand the speakers
oppose the expansion of jade technology
tetra is a warden
players of guild wars 1 will recognize
they are forest spirits who defend the
forest mostly from humans and from the
encroach of civilization uh the story is
that they actually were once kurzicks
who went through this ceremony to become
these eternal forest spirits
um so she's been around a long time um
she sees this this approach of jade
technology is something that's a direct
threat to the natural world and has
managed to amass these followers humans
other wardens tengu a whole motley
assortment of people who feel the same
yeah and
tetra it's interesting how she she's the
leader of the speakers which is a very
kind of diverse
group a diverse gang that
has members of many different species
including humans but at the same time
despises humans right yeah because of
what they what she perceives they've
done in the heck of all wilds and that
that's a very interesting dynamic within
the culture of that group yeah
absolutely i mean she has you know
because she has humans in her group but
she does not disguise her contempt for
them you know right i think they are all
you know they're all they all very much
believe in the cause which is why they
deal with it but she's not very nice
yeah she's very direct right yeah she's
very direct there is no bs with her um
she says what she means and she means
what she says
no matter how hurtful yeah no matter
no matter how much it might harm her
followers yeah super super blunt but you
know she's she's getting stuff done
so yeah all right well that is a
run-through of some of our characters
that are coming with the end of dragons
thank you both for spending some time
telling us about that thank you all
please don't go anywhere we're going to
take a very quick break and then we're
going to come back with a guild hall
tour for you so we'll be back in just a
welcome back to our final guild chat of
the year thank you again for spending
this time with us i hope you're enjoying
all of these insights into what's going
with end of dragons and some little
previews we are ready for our guild hall
tour with our next developer guest hi
erin thank you for joining hi thanks
ruby hi my name is erin omschlinger i am
a writer and a narrative designer here
at arenanet and i've had the opportunity
to work on this expansion
pretty much since it began production
and one of the things that i had the
chance to write for that ruby and i are
going to show you here today is uh the
isle of reflection which is this
expansion's newest guild hall
yeah so
if you were here for the xinjiang island
map tour way back when
one of the things that we went to was
this portal that i am in front of in
game and at the time we said we're not
going to talk about this now we're going
to talk about it more later and later
has arrived so let's jump in and let's
see why yes i would in fact like to
continue to the aisle of reflection
even the load screen i love the load
screen so much it's so beautiful yeah
this entire um section is just visually
stunning in so many ways so um ruby's
going to take us on a little tour here
yeah so tell us where are we what is
what is this place because there's some
history here yeah um so uh this is this
is an island off the uh southern coast
of xinjiang which is one of the main
areas we'll be visiting in the expansion
and for those of you who have been with
the franchise for a while
you may recognize this location from
winds of change
the guild arena that we're going to be
visiting here in a few minutes is
actually the same arena that you had
defeated rico murakami in
during that winds of change yeah so
we're going to head there shortly but
right now i'm going to go up this way
toward the marketplace and while i'm
walking um for those of you who need to
capture this guild hall how does that
work because this is a little bit
different from guildhall to guild hall
so how is it for this sure i'll give you
just a little bit of a rundown of the
expedition that you're going to be going
on here so essentially
you have been enlisted by the kanthan
government to help out with this island
there have been some reports that there
are squatters around the area
just stirring up trouble basically so
you are going to meet up with kasmir who
we obviously know from the main game and
then two other characters who we meet in
end of dragons akane and beyon
and you with your guild are going to go
through and basically just clean up the
the riff raff that's roaming around the
get things back in shape and then you'll
be able to claim the aisle for your
guild yeah and a fun thing about this
smaller guilds this will scale down for
smaller guilds so if there's just a
handful of you and you like your your
small guild friend group uh we've got
you covered
absolutely the difficulty will be
proportionate for you guys yeah so one
thing i do want to note is that some
people decorated this guild hall for us
we've been finding decorations in real
time it does not come like this
with uh like random snow off in the
corner but
the snow is not included it is snow sold
separately um it is
it is an interesting journey we found
some we found some fun things so those
of you who decorated it we love you uh
you've been making us laugh all morning
all right so let's look around here i
need to go down a little bit because on
my sky scale i'm like always got to be
on the roof yeah so ruby is uh taking us
through these more central area of the
island right now we're headed into the
marketplace and for those of you who
have played guild halls before you're
going to see some of the same structures
you've seen in past guild halls so i'll
just kind of point those out as we go
unique decorations worth noting anything
worth commenting
all right let's go this way over to the
war room and take a look
let's see
yep so uh ruby said we're making our way
to the war room and so for those of you
who play guild halls uh this is tied to
pvp upgrades um claiming objectives for
your guild etc
yeah i'm just gonna
take a little loop around here
say yes here's the decoration that we
have found
that sure is happening
no i don't want griffin not you right
now i need sky scale
all right i'll finish this loop and
let's head over to the workshop
and i need to open my map again make
sure i understand where i am yeah the
workshop is just a little bit south of
where the war room is located and over
there uh we have plenty of space for uh
crafting uh
for uh plenty of crafting stations for
the scribe
yeah i'm being so
remember the jade c uh
live stream map tour when kirk was
saying i can't even look in that
direction there's a reason i'm doing
this right now so we're just going to
make a real quick loop through there and
then we're going to leave yes
let's go yeah let's go over to
the tavern now because our priorities
are in order
yeah so uh
making our way over to the tavern uh
this place you can socialize get
experience buffs grab a drink after a
hard day of gilding what have you
some sushi
like yeah this looks that is enough
sushi for like 12 people that's
all right uh how about up to the arena
sure and we're gonna swing over to the
arena or well actually this is all right
look y'all
can't leave this
that was perfect just extremely deal
with it
all right let's go up to the arena and
we will i love him
thank you whoever put that there i love
so it's gonna be hard to top that but uh
we'll try we're making our way back to
the arena and this is uh the area i had
mentioned earlier
um balloons
oh and get balloons too
you can you can get balloons it's not
included oh my gosh look at the
all right i'm unhelpful i keep getting
distracted by how beautiful it is but
all right so here's the arena that you
mentioned what are we what's going on
here uh we can use this area to practice
our combat it's a lovely seaside
location yeah
like i said it has historical uh
significance and uh in a great spot so
not a bad deal yeah it is absolutely
so speaking of seaside
i'm just gonna pop right over here
and let's
get my skiff up and running shall we
cool yeah this uh this being an island
one thing we really wanted to take
advantage of was some of the new
features we're gonna be seeing here in
end of dragons and one of these uh
ruby's showing us right now is the skips
yeah and if you've been watching um
skiffs on various guild chat episodes
hey snow
um you'll notice that our icons got an
upgrade one of the things that we've
talked about as this is a work in
progress is things like temporary icons
as just little work in progress
um let's see so i'm looking for a
phishing node and like we've talked
about before you can fish literally
anywhere there's water uh fishing nodes
just give you
a better chance at good stuff yeah just
prime real estate for the fish market
and yeah we just wanted to let you know
as well that uh past guild halls uh that
have water accessibility uh will you
will be able to use your skips there
uh anywhere that well all guild halls
you can fish anywhere where there is
water deep enough to swim in
okay i got distracted talking about
fishing and just rammed my boat into a
rock it's fine everything is fine
uh any place that has water deep enough
to swim in you can use a skiff all the
guild halls you can go fishing in uh
they're also going to be end of dragon's
guild hall decorations as well exactly
so yeah you can pick those up um any
previous guild hall upgrades that you
may have had will also carry over to
this hall yeah you don't have to re-earn
those all over again just like the other
guild halls all right so
that's a little tour of the isle of
reflection guild hall i'll do this one
more time just for people who are screen
all right we have one more thing we're
going to take you through part of the
arborstone revitalization mastery track
erin thank you so much for coming and
running us through this with me
and all of you stick around we will be
back in just a couple minutes thanks
welcome back to our
end of dragons gameplay overview guild
chat thank you all again for hanging out
with us we are in the final part of this
episode we're going to go through part
of the arbor stone revitalization
mastery track if you are familiar with
factions you're familiar with arbor
stones so the look of this might be
familiar to you uh joining us to help
out with this is morgan is back thank
you for sticking around yep happy to
help and annie is joining us from home
hi annie
hi i'm annie vandermeer i'm a senior
game designer at arenanet i've worked on
various parts uh in end of dragons and
most notably
uh what i've been so ear to show you
guys for so long now is arborstone
and its associated track
yeah alright so we are i am inside arbor
stone and game uh morgan's gonna join my
party and hop in here so annie why don't
you start us by telling us what this
place is what's it for
so arbor stone is an open world social
space uh that's inspired by and using
some of the tech from uh
sun's refuge and eye of the north and
the population right now size for
arborstone is around about the eye of
the north but as you can get a sense of
here and we'll definitely see later it's
way bigger
it is a larger space
very it's a tech and huge um
the mastery is a cool element of it that
the more you put into it the more you'll
see this space develop and open up
things like new vendors
a cool new buff and so on uh which yeah
we'll show you a little bit of
yeah let's go ahead and morgan what's
the story behind this i'll let you kind
of talk to us from what the background
right okay yes so i'm gonna go over here
and i'm gonna harass
my kestrel friend here
yes so the kestrels
i've talked about them a few times now i
talked about them at the equivalent
wilds talk about them with ayumi but the
kestrels are a group that formed in the
time of the ministry of purity to bring
tengu to ekkovald so that they had a
safe location a safe haven they taught
them to live here they taught them to
live with the elements and to stay out
of sight now when the ministry of purity
the kestrel stuck around even though
they didn't have that job anymore they
decided to stay on as these rangers that
patrolled and protected echovalt now
when they first arrived in in eccevald
they found arbor stone the way that we
left it and guild wars won
a ruin and they they used that ruin as a
place to hide as a waypoint place where
refugees could come and find them and
connect and because you know it was
because it was a ruin you know it was
able people weren't really patrolling it
they were ignoring it um
and then once the ministry fell they
decided to build it they decided to
start rebuilding it you know they make
it a more permanent home now because
they're rangers and they're not interior
decorators they are not city planners
they kind of just left it like this you
know it served their purposes it's like
if they could put down a bed roll and
you know make themselves some food over
the fire they were happy um but now that
they've aligned with the player they're
allowing the player to turn it into more
of a proper headquarters and build it up
even more yeah all right well let's
start looking around because we are just
here at the very beginning of this annie
where should we go first you are you're
the tour guide here
i think the first stop in our tour
should be to your left
all right where we will see the strikes
this is basically a nice place to gather
your party before venturing forth uh
that person right there will give you
access to all of the strikes in end of
dragon's one handy dandy location and i
can't tell you anything more about those
because not that my department but
here's a great place to be able to
get stuff repair your uh equipment uh
run around to dance on things like
morgan has been doing just epitomizing
uh one thing that i want to mention like
annie was saying you level this up
for your own mastery track but this is
an open world location so you're going
to see different things
others might be who are at different
points on the masteries so right now i'm
at mastery level 2 for arbor stone
revitalization that's a mouthful yeah
and morgan is at level zero i am the
newbie i'm the newbie mine's very empty
it's just the way the kestrel has left
it but morgan when we hop over to
morgan's gameplay every once in a while
you'll see
kind of the basics when you first come
in and what you're going to get let's
pop over here and talk about that
yeah so you can see the strikes area is
accessible right from the beginning and
so is this basic commerce area you can
see that there's a merchant you can see
that there's another repair anvil and
there's another guy that is really cool
looking that i can't quite divulge yet
but you can see i mean there's room for
expansion here one might say this
commerce area has potential
i i would i would be the one who would
say that uh there's a little portal that
we're just going to talk about later
but i want to take a moment to admire
big scary friend over here because this
model is gorgeous
do you don't you just want him to give
you a hug okay i'm conflicted about this
like we've talked about this
there's a lot of there's a lot of arms
for hugging and this seems like a nice
friend so much fun so many arms for
but there's claws at the end and there's
so much potential for like painful
oh yeah so
i need to think about this from now i
will admire from a distance i think i'm
willing to take the
the hit are you the hug are you
all right uh why don't we come over here
uh let's continue on and see oh hello i
don't like this not one bit see they got
a hug yeah that's exactly what happened
all right let's come back to some of
those grumpy kestrels that i talked
about with ayumi they don't they don't
like us they're not as happy everybody's
just happy that we're here all right so
i i need to point out this is extremely
cat behavior someone's sleeping and
you're running over their head morgan
all right so i've got a couple of god
you're just like pleasing so tired yeah
but i'm a cat i'm not gonna let him
sleep it's you're actually like wait
wait you so how many rep i have two
refugees i have one refugee yeah so
annie why did you do that now um as you
as you level up more people start
filtering in it gets it gets more
populated and
you get more refugees for morgan to run
back and forth over
yeah the kestrels you know they they
didn't make it as welcoming as as you
the player gets to make it and so you
attract more and more people to this
space as it grows in purpose as it grows
in comforts
and all right let's check out the
training area let's start right here
this guy's just given up i can fight no
yeah all right so tell us about the
training area annie
so this is a cool area where uh the
kestrels have been training to
shoot well to
kick the crap out of their foes they've
given sparring
and how to move quietly and there's a
cool lecture going on to your left
like careful talking maybe calling on
some people in the audience and then you
know the occasional moment
whack the heck out of that dummy a
little bit and as you can see that
between the two screens more and more
people show up as this lecture becomes
more and more popular this guy knows
what he's talking about and speaking of
people who are well known and uh
good at demonstrating their spills we ha
uh skills
we have suco talented over here who is
our hero challenge uh and she gives you
a lore quiz no she uh this is not a lore
here we have a char for scale
she's so big big she's a big bird
but not like that magnificent
they're very beautiful so beautiful she
is fantastic
yeah so that's the training area um
again i'm at level two
there will be more and more here as you
level up your arbor storm revitalization
mastery all right moving on in our tour
where are we heading next danny
i thought we were heading
to the right up the stairs the very long
stairs because again this is a huge
big old area
so let's come up here and we're just
going to pause yeah we're going to take
a little pause here
just to highlight that even though i
keep saying tango tango changu the
kestrels are now an organization of
a much more expensive organization
anybody who has a vested interest in
keeping echobald safe they're going to
be represented within the ranks of the
kestrels so we have luxons and kurzicks
yeah so they just they're just they've
grown in in size and in purpose over
time and so it's not just tengu this is
toss you'll you'll you'll interact with
him in a few of our quests and yeah
oh he shoots he's furious
apparently yeah i love his mask i just
can't see what's going on with us it's a
quiet anger
yeah quitting he's quietly furious all
right well he is frightening so
up the stairs we go
up the stairs
we're gonna keep on
i'm just like i want to go faster well
go ahead i'm missing
all right
yeah and we're we're getting up a little
bit higher so i'm just going to kind of
move around here
and show off this area from up here but
not too close to the edge because i have
fallen to my death more than once
getting excited getting too close to the
edge it is a long way down yeah we're
high enough where there's birds roosting
all right let's come over here and aside
from this gorgeous rug
uh let's look and see who else what else
we have here who else we are so
memorializing this is an area that if if
you're familiar with guild wars factions
one of the most important areas of the
game was tanakai temple which was a
temple that had tribute areas to some of
cantha's greatest heroes uh and this is
trying to recreate that so you of course
get to see uh tributes to arkham horus
and saint victor they would argue they
are the most important i'm sure uh but
also some of those uh names from
gilbert's factions like cow lie and
again just like uh in other areas the
more you
uh invest in the points in the arbor
stone revitalization
the more entries you're going to see pop
uh and perhaps people checking out the
space and uh making a little pilgrimage
yeah you see
you see the candles and the pillars here
that aren't filled out yet so i'm
excited to see who else all right shall
appear onward yeah and
speaking of pilgrimages
and religious thingies let's see let's
see how we timed this entrance yeah so
where are we now
oh it was perfect he's here's the sad
guy yeah excellent
so i don't have him on my screen but i
but since i wrote him i know what he's
about um but yes so
while a little bit of
high level news did manage to make it to
some of the really like high authority
figures you know the empress the heads
of the ministries the average camp that
knows nothing about what happened in the
outside world and so in many points in
the story we are going to be bringing
news about all that has transpired to
the ordinary canton and see the way
they're going how they're reacting
uniquely to things that have occurred
elsewhere and one of those is the
revelations that we share about the
departure of the gods about the death of
balthazar and the kurzicks being a very
religious people are mostly not taking
that news well such as him feeling very
abandoned others on the other hand you
know there's a there
quite a variety of reactions some people
are like i thought they i always thought
it was a bit of a crock anyways but you
know but most people are pretty broken
up about it um so that's this is a good
example of one of those cases where we
see how kantha's is adapting to this
modern age and all the news that it
yeah and we have statues of the human
gods here so
and between as dwayne is the biggest
yeah arborstone was formerly uh not the
seat of power but one of the seats of
power of house sue heltzer
which was the most powerful of the five
ruling houses of the kurzicks uh and
each one of them had a patron deity
yeah she got right up on her head there
was like having a fun time and a chart
which are like intro i always thought
the gods were dumb but dwayne was a very
true patron deity of uh house to help
her so that's why she kind of has the
biggest billing so to speak in this
space and get started
by charging
i'm here i'm nailing an apology i'm
sorry showing proper respect yeah all
right um so one of the things that we've
talked about over and over is how this
is a work in progress and there are
there's a lot of gameplay work to be
done but there are also little touches
like all of these pews you're going to
be able to sit on those
somebody gets all as soon as someone
gets all that seating in right annie
yes that will be a thing
i'm like this is a task it's on my list
i'm trying to think how many butts can
fit in those seats like i'm doing the
math how many bucks i'm gonna tell you
all right let's i just want to come out
here for just a moment and admire the
view because one thing
that you'll see as we progress through
here is that as the day progresses the
light changes and it is so dramatic in
such a wide soaring open space that you
can really see that difference
this area again i'm being extremely
to the edge but carefully
this is an area out the back of the main
that this is all accessible right
yep totally accessible
and so pretty like our artist justin i
i mean i work in this space a lot and
every time i do i'm still just like ah
so lovely
like i want to do it really absolute
justice it's so gorgeous
justin is fantastic and
the work put in on this has been great
yeah all right let's keep going i'm
pretty sure it's no sky scales in the
chapel and yet here we are
all right i'm going to tell you no
you're the commander yeah who's going to
i mean there's nobody here yet well
nobody who can reach me that giant tango
is going to be an issue yeah all right
let's head over to
head over here to
i have a mess hole
i i don't have anything it's just empty
space i have so
i want to call this out just because you
know it's going to get fixed but the
chairs haven't arrived yet in game play
development and i love that she's just
like very resentfully and
passive-aggressively sitting on the
floor and like sit here i'll drink my
coffee her legs are tired
so she's mad about it so like you don't
even have her
nope yeah all right
let's talk about the mess hall annie
so the mess hall we basically the way
that we approached some elements of the
revitalization is the whole hierarchy of
needs idea that of course the first step
is food and shelter and here's the food
aspect of that so uh all of a sudden the
kestrels have a place
to uh get some grub albeit maybe not the
best grub as you will see uh
communicated over there uh
i have to yeah let's let's talk about
sam just real quick
because first of all
oh yeah these are cats that i mean as as
more people arrive in the space and
there's more food you're going to get
rats and then of course you get working
kitties like little sam
uh who she is beautiful and hard working
and if a rat should appear
she shall chase them down immediately
and of course you can play with them
it is a design standard i have proudly
held throughout my career that if there
are animals
that are good animals in the space cats
and doggos you can pet them yeah
that's that's an annie promise to you
so that was it
that was a tiny side track and i'm sorry
but that was your first cat so i wanted
to make sure we we gave sam a little bit
of love
yeah all right it's very appreciated
yeah all right so we're at we're at
level two i'm going to come over here
and i'm going to talk to the
um i don't think you've i do not have
the quarterback quartermaster shows up
we're things are getting a little bit
so the quartermaster will have some
access to some cool little things that
you can buy and uh also give a good sort
of state of affairs of how things are uh
at your sort of level of mastery at
first they're like well you know we've
got the basics at uh the level at ruby's
at there's pepper and dill and they have
a kitchen uh and i think that's very
important because dill and pepper uh
delicious with eggs and i'm not going to
say anything about tengu and that sort
of regard where they get the eggs
oh no no annie oh
i hadn't gone wrong
i hadn't gone either no i can't leave
this is what happens live
and i have to share them so all right
we've got the headquarter and we have a
very salty brewer uh was a very clear
idea about
who gets to have her wears and who does
not you're not a kestrel and so i was
just saying hi
but okay
i also
i love i love the stink face that she's
giving me like look at that glare
no tomfoolery yeah
she's fine
all right well let's let's move on to
another area because i really love
what's in these next two rooms
so uh this is related to the next step
of the mastery which you know you've
gotten your your needs taken care of and
now you move into crafting so we've got
a kitchen here with an actual cooking
trainer uh next door there's also
something cool across the way with later
there's a crafting hall
morgan's over here like no no no i don't
have any of that i see nothing you said
there's fire i see no fire i know my
fire is dead my fire is exciting
will come
very very relatable content
so yeah so you start getting crafting
stations once this is up and running
and then there's plenty
oh yeah and with the as with other areas
in the in the area
that sounds very specific there is an
arbor stone as your mastery increases
you're gonna see
uh more
more artisans and stuff show up you're
gonna see sous chefs and servers start
showing up to uh to help fairy food into
a increasingly populated mess hall uh
all these little things moving in space
and also more cats in the mess hall
you will see themselves
you will see my other cats appear in
there because
i'm the developer that owns the space
and i'm gonna name cats after my cats if
i can
yes another guarantee
all right well we're gonna go to one of
my favorites now
she's great
i love her
jewelry station you can look at her over
here yeah i'm looking at your screen now
look at all her she's wonderful
she's wonderful
but where's all her where's all her
finery why is she not studied with gems
on those yes this is this is my issue
that i want her to have bracelets or
something because she is the jeweler but
i'm going to talk to her and let you
talk about her name annie so what's your
so i'm the dork who thinks that like
acronyms are the height of uh hilarity
like i'm a big fan of modoc so of course
i had to make vodka the jade automaton
design for creation of adornments who
technically is a piece of jewelry
she is a piece of jewelry she's
magnificent and i love her she's a
she is great yeah
all right so there are there are more
crafting stations you don't just get
cooking and jewelry crafting but we'll
get there
for now
let's go here
so this beautiful area that is again a
little absent
all right this is making me feel bad
yeah i know
just turn on some sad music because i
just been in circles in my empty space
my empty heart
so what is this place annie
so this place was for the place formerly
known as the barracks it was something
like uh like monks cells or servants
quarters uh back in the day
and once you take it over and spruce it
up a bit it is now the inn at arborstone
and you have a host and you see more
people showing up to to rest here and
actually speaking of resting there's a
very cool mechanic with this space uh
with arbor stone we i mentioned this is
a player hub and this is some place we
wanted the players to feel tied to and
not just in building up the space but if
you hang out here in the inn
and you don't even have to be logged in
for a certain amount of time i love how
morgan's already getting into it you
have to unlock it first morgan
i know i don't actually have the
mechanic but she's i'm gonna take a nap
it looks great over here it does yeah
you will get a very cool well-rested
buff uh and that buff actually increases
in intensity as with many other things
as you up your levels uh of arborstone
i don't even know if it's probably
restoration in my heart it's it's all
those things
it's revitalizing everything
it's radness
i i propose uh radness as a canonical
some sort of level official we can we
can put numbers to it it's fine radness
level at two roundness level at five all
for now it goes up to it
because that's bad
okay that's fair all right i want to go
over here to
my favorite salty npc but first
hey out of many salty npcs i don't know
so there's so many like to pick from
yeah oh yeah a beautiful array of very
very salty npcs so uh another thing
that's unlocked in uh that step one of
that mastery is this beautiful a
surrogate that she'll take you to scenic
lion's arch
a very careful
carefully built and negotiated item that
as you can see the kestrel's uh in true
camp and bureaucracy format uh format uh
are are
rather carefully monitoring
yes i got the cranky model look at her
look at her face
she is not here to help she is here to
harm to hinder but anything but healthy
she is so done with me and i even have
the harm hinder her ring she has a job
to do right but i love that i can ask
her to hurry up and she's like no
absolutely not dare her how dare
what if there's a seat on your shoe the
world will be over
she thought she was our pretty serious
business okay but you know what i'm
gonna go over here to her cool friend
because she's so much better and the
thing i love about this this is just
such a funny little flavor piece where
i'm like uh okay so your friend over
there is kind of an issue and she's like
you know what that's that's a them
once you go to the other side of that
gate not my problem
to which she does not care about what
happens on the other side of the gate is
amazing yeah
yeah look go have fun whatever yeah that
sounds like a problem
yeah so yeah we've got the we've got the
uh sir gate unlocked at
level one
and we talked about these portals
i'm just gonna i do have the portals
thankfully here the kestrels are much
more generous than the exalted yeah we
start you we start you out with the
portals and let's go ahead and use them
because sometimes stairs are for suckers
oh yeah
let's take this teleporter to the third
level this is the place i like to call
the overlook for
probably pretty obvious reasons
because it looks at overall just majesty
look at this oh well excuse me
dismounted by going into combat this
isn't even the highest point in uh in
arbor stone because again as reference
heck and huge
yeah look at this kestrel crossing down
here on the bridge
all right and over here
there is
this statue that i'm just gonna leave
alone for now i'll let you all do that
after end of dragon's launches
it might lead to a little some some like
you know a jumping puzzle or something
like that but these kind of suspicious
beautiful uh
uh mushrooms and this beautiful
see i'm terrible at jumping puzzles i'm
looking at that like i'll fall there
i'll fall there yeah
i would i would like to point out the
lack of mounts have been disabled in
this area yep oh yeah so andy i have
news for you
i can use an account on this jumping
he's excited
i'm excited
so yeah this is one um and do you want
to talk a little bit about what this
does annie without too many spoilers
uh so interacting with this one i got to
be a little fig with it but it is
something where even noobs like me
are gonna fall off that thing all the
time uh even with mounts uh are going to
be able to participate and uh
basically have different
uh levels of success you can run around
and be extremely thorough with what you
pick up or just try to get to the top as
fast as possible uh no way it's a wrong
way for that jumping puzzle and it's
just one of the many things uh
like secret things or or elements to
find that are scattered around this very
large space
that i will not very large empty space
from my point of view i'm sorry
an empty bookshelf is a crime that is a
crime yeah it cannot be
we won't stand for this we will fill
that with both oh yeah yeah excellent
this is exactly
the approach that i like to hear people
yeah so we've got the library here
and then let's go over to the reading
with a quick pause to admire the art
one of the things that i've loved since
launch back in 2012 is the art on the
walls is so beautiful
so that one's familiar i love that it's
just in here and part of it and we have
the reading room
this is definitely where i'm gonna be
is a little bit i wouldn't say sparse
but a little bit uh you know you got
your boxes it's sort of like a college
dorm room and that uh
your furniture is just sort of whatever
somebody leaves out on the side of the
road with free sign on it or just leaves
unattended for a certain amount of time
not that i ever did that uh but
this is it before it has been improved
and let me tell you
when you get that uh that level to make
this space beautiful it is
and there are plenty of places oh no
so this is this is one thing i was
asking about earlier and i just want to
call this out this big fireplace i'm so
excited to just advance that and have
this gorgeous set piece yeah and maybe
do something about this cozy reading
chair because yeah i have opinions on
that i'm going to curl up in front of
this big fire when it's there yeah look
at the latest
the latest work yeah definitely the
all right
let's keep going let's look around over
so here we have the crafting hall
yeah i did promise more crafting
all right annie let us know
walk us through it i'm just admiring how
did they get all that stuff on the walls
that's a lot i mean we haven't
technically speaking we haven't there's
you're probably a little light on
entertainment options so far in arbor
stones so i can imagine that crafter
with you know less stuff to do decided
to really
push the envelope on on her display uh
to really get people's attention so
these are these
professions that uh
was not mentioned previously so you've
got cooking and jewelcrafting on the
other side and here you have the three
armor and weapons disciplines which i'm
going to mess up if i try to recite but
i'm going to do it anyway you've got
tailoring artifacing leatherworking
huntsmanship i always want to call it
something different
armorsmithing and weaponsmithing
i do kind of love where the tailoring
station is right now this just like the
dye pots are such a fun little touch i
don't have them i'm sorry
when you get it it's going to be so
great it is i'm going to work hard to
unlock these masteries when end of
dragon's launches i will help you
because i will still feel bad about
sitting over here going look at how
beautiful i know oh you can't
flaunting your unlocked area yeah so you
get so you get all of your crafting
areas unlocked and they keep improving
they keep getting better as you expand
those masteries
all right let's take one more look let's
just take a little walk across the
bridge and look at how absolutely
gorgeous this is
and again like annie said earlier we
weren't even at the highest point we're
about mid level right now yeah
and the bridge is just my gosh i can
hear the wind in my ear
the creek of the slats well constructed
but it's still old
oh no all right so we don't want to go
too much further because we want to
leave as always lots for you to find on
your own but annie why don't you give us
another quick rundown of what this is
and let's talk a little bit about what's
at tier five maybe
some collections that kind of thing
oh yeah so this is to reiterate
everything this is the gorgeous arbor
stone space it is a social space it is
open world uh it's
using some of the tech from uh our most
beloved eye of the north and uh the very
awesome sun's refuge and it'll allow you
hang out there with your friends even
though you have different levels of
mastery uh you can see and do different
stuff as you have seen
and there are five levels to the mastery
we've you've only seen two so far
one is for you know living spaces and so
you have cool stuff like uh the the
barracks and the mess hall in addition
to the surrogate uh and two is crafting
so you get all kinds of neat crafting
stuff so as to what the others might be
three you know i mentioned people might
kind of bored in that space as cool as
it is and might want something in the
realm of i don't know entertainment
uh and i also mentioned previously uh
where the the merchants were that it was
looking a little bare and that maybe
something could be done at that commerce
area uh for five that would be a lot of
spoilers spoilers but i will say a big
thing about this space is that
uh there's a lot of cool collections
that might come here that might draw
your attention back
yes space gets built out it attracts a
lot of interesting people some old
friends some new friends that have some
collections that will take us all around
the world to learn more about what's
going on and the history and the people
that whose company we enjoy yeah
so i look forward to everybody getting
here and working with me to help morgan
level her masteries
please we're gonna we're gonna get you
there because we owe that to you you do
i just i just did a lot of running
through an empty space
i have like my chat box is just full of
your character going to sleep over and
that said
uh annie i do have to give you and
everyone who worked on this kudos for
even at level zero when you have none of
these masteries up and running you've
still got like all of the basics there's
still so much to do and it's still
absolutely gorgeous it is so pretty
there's so much in the space to explore
still and there's so much uh love from
myself and from pretty much everybody
who touched this space uh to make
something cool happen and and we're not
even done yet so
keep an eye out run around the space as
soon as you can get into it and uh
take all kinds of screenshots like
show every nook and cranny that you can
get into dance on dwayna's head go for
it i give you my blessing dance like
dwayne is watching you give your
blessing like she isn't watching so yeah
a couple of things that annie has said i
was over here going oh that's right uh i
really look forward to all of you
getting in here running around
discovering what there is to
discovering the collections discovering
the gameplay finding out what else is in
there um there was an an event has
started that i just kind of quietly
ignored yes and yeah
all right so
we just kept walking which let's just
keep going yeah yeah there's there's a
lot there's a reason we only explored
very specific parts of this space so
that's our show for today and that is
our show for 2021 we went over the
legendary weapon variants we went over a
lot of story characters with morgan and
we took a tour of the new guild hall and
we showed you the first parts of the
arborstone revitalization mastery track
we have if you need more kantha we have
something for you now uh the end of
dragon's fourth beta event is live in
the game right now all nine elite
specializations are available to play as
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our next show is january 28th we're
going to
go heads down we're going to get some
work done we're going to take a little
break around the holidays and then we're
going to be back with some more end of
dragons for you guys on january 28th
again thank you all for spending this
time with us since the first look live
stream in july it's been
a the year has been a lot uh the past
few months have been incredible to get
share more and more of end of dragons
with you and help you build that picture
of what that's going to be like and we
are all incredibly excited to come play
this game with you in february
so next show january 28th head over to
the guild wars 2 website in just a few
minutes to read more about the legendary
weapons and as always thank you for
spending time with us we will see you in
the new year bye everybody thank you