Guild Chat - Episode 7

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Guild Chat - Episode 7

Siren's Reef
Elizabeth Stewart
Colin Johanson
October 2, 2015
Official video

The following is an unofficial, player-written transcript of the episode. The accuracy of this transcription has not been verified by ArenaNet.

The 7th episode of Guild Chat aired on October 2, 2015. In the fourth and final Guild Chat of Guild Week, Colin joins host Elizabeth Stewart to wrap up all the topics we covered during this Guild Week, answer players' questions and talk about Beta Weekend Event 3!

hi and welcome to the latest episode of
guild chat I'm still not Ruby she's very
sick I hope you feel better soon Ruby
please feel better soon please but I am
here today with Colin Johansson our game
director we're here to talk a bit about
our beta weekend event which just
started just turned on yeah last beta
weekend event for launch super exciting
and then we're also going to just recap
guild week since we've been on air this
whole week talking about guild week
features so let's start with I guess
beta weekend so so super exciting here
we are we made it oh my god yeah it's a
nice little surprise we got to throw in
there you know obviously all the elite
specs are in you can go play your
mastery hi scrapper hype a hammer get it
ready druid hype it's all let me get on
with this so i can let go back to my
desk let me great alright make this fast
as possible I feel the same way canopy
in the jungle you can actually get up
into the highest tears now and fly
around up there some of the bosses that
come out at night the boss only come out
at night the bus is at night that are up
in the canopy you get to see there's a
lot of fun stuff in verden brink that
you can check out now you know
stronghold is back and a little surprise
we tucked in there you can rate a little
bit yeah that's pretty cool Yeah right
were you actually load into the beta
weekend event the raid entrance is just
to your right around the corner maybe
five feet away and yeah you can join up
foreign parties at 10 using the new
squad you I that's it for this weekend
so world vs world folks you can test out
squad you I with huge parties in world
vs world you can test the squad UI for
rates and get in there and check that
out as well and yeah you know a quick
reminder on the raid stuff this is just
the first encounter of the first wing of
the first rate so do not take this as
indicative of the amount of content that
is in raid obviously there are you know
I think the first raid wing has a total
of four encounters
so this is just the first one of those
and the first rate is made up of three
distinct wings so you know there is more
content to rating than just the first
little encounter you get to test today
and obviously part of this testing is
it's an opportunity for us to get
feedback uh it's it's a beta weekend
yeah and to iterate on this based on the
feedback we get out of this weekend I
think it's probably been pretty obvious
by now these first two beta weekends
have led to a ton of change in the game
thank you for that yes really appreciate
it and this third beta weekend is really
our final chance to get a lot of
feedback on this content and make it
eration and changes before the expansion
ships in some amount of time from now
well yeah pretty cool I mean elite
specialization icons I think are in this
weekend so we'll actually be able to see
each of the new icons for the elite
specs if I remember right I think that
got in for this weekend there's a bunch
other just cool fun stuff that's in
there too that you'll see we're kind of
at the point it's hard to keep track of
what's in the beta weekend and what's
not so if you find other things give us
feedback on and let us know yeah super
excited cool well we'll keep this quick
then because we want to get to play in
just to quickly recap for you we've been
talking all about guild features this
week we talked about the guild
initiative headquarters like expeditions
PvP missions world three world missions
we've talked about the last precipice
guild hall we showed a bit of that and
we talked about scribing yesterday and
then building your own jumping puzzles
or like rating yeah yeah so we had a lot
of fun and then yesterday I realized
yesterday it was kind of like a metade
like we talked about those the arena and
we're ArenaNet and then we talked about
cross guild chat on guild chat the show
what ya mind blowing so super good but
if you want to go back and check out
those episodes out you can go to our
YouTube channel to guild wars 2 youtube
channel we are putting those videos up
as quickly as we can so you can go check
out that content but for now since we've
been just talking all about guild stuff
we actually have collected a ton of
questions from you guys yeah lots of
great questions thanks everybody it's
funny you know guild halls it's like
it's like a Russian doll it's like
there's features and then you open it up
and there's more features though there's
more features and there's more and more
and more deeper down you get it blows me
away how much stuff that team managed to
build for for guild halls and I said
this yesterday I think it's in
orton thing to repeat is the guild team
is not just a expansion team they are a
team that is in charge of supporting
guilds for the future of guild wars 2
and so the work they've done to build
guild halls and provide all this awesome
content they will continue to work on
guilds in the future not just for future
expansions but also for live content as
well which is really exciting if you
love guilds and you can see just how
much they've already been able to do and
you can kind of picture where that could
go in the future yeah launch launch day
is not the end yep now there will be at
least a day after launch day yes we'll
see how much alcohol is drink around
here after that there may not be more
than one day but yeah rated T for teen
yes do not drink for anyone and operate
heavy machinery yes please other
questions anyway but to reiterate your
point we have had an entire week
dedicated to features for this because
it's just a completely expansive feature
set so for now though this is a true
guild chat episode we're not really
showing you much gameplay today we're
gonna just I'm gonna fire off questions
for you and then let us chat all right
be like Lizzie you're the PR manager why
did you ask this question many live on
camera in front of all these fans when I
can be like hashtag PR I don't know so
let's get started all right okay will
there be new PvE guild missions coming
with the launch of heart of thorns so
with the launch of heart of thorns no we
focused our development right now on
making sure we had PvP and world versus
world missions so there are new missions
for players of all preferences and gabe
moen types new PvE missions would be
something that we would focus on post
hot launch and we have a lot of great
terrain and areas to work from four new
missions in particular with the jungle
so I'm really excited to see what the
guild team can do with that in the
future but certainly new PvE missions
and expanding PvP and world vs world
missions will be one of their directives
after the expansion ships getting new
missions in was their focus for this
expansion as well but they really want
to make sure PvP and world vs world were
represented first and foremost before we
move to the next chunks excellent cool
okay say I'm part of a small guild which
only three people are generally active
at the same time due to like time
differences and stuff like that will it
be possible for us to get a guild hall
and gain favour it's just a really super
small guilty
it is possible you know we made the the
mission to acquire your guild hall
assume five players and up and it scales
up to about 200 so you can run with a
lot of people or very few certainly if
you're really good players I imagine you
could do it with three players there are
people who solo dungeons in the game so
maybe even someone can can yeah this is
pretty intense but you know I'm sure you
could do it with less than five if you
really know what you're doing and if not
you know go make some new friends or pay
off some friends to be your friends for
a day and make sure that you run the
mission do your expedition and capture
the guild hall certainly you know
anything less than five is there's a
limit of the number of guild missions
that you'll be able to run the amount of
favor you can earn so it means building
out your guild hall will come slower
than if you are a guild of five or more
players we like to think of it as five
or more basically makes sense as a guild
and less than five is really a group in
our game but we're not putting a hard
gate on it that says if you can have
less than five you can't own a guild
hall right you know we don't check to
see how many guild members you have
anything like that the onus is on you to
build out your guild hall and to acquire
one and if you want to do it with less
than five and that's a game mode that
you love more power to you but we're
really focusing on supporting groups of
five or more we're balancing most of the
costs assuming ten players so if you are
less than ten it'll take a little bit
longer for you to do some things if
you're more than that you know things
will generally be faster or easier for
you to acquire but you're going to need
a lot more regular consumables to keep
up with a much larger guild so those
things kind of offset themselves cost
wise too is there a time gate on getting
the guild items rules so guilds have two
things that restrict how fast you can
build out the upgrades in them the first
one is favor which is limited by how
many guild missions you run per week how
much favour you're able to get there's
also a favor cap so there's a maximum
amount of favor that you can do by week
which helps smaller gilts keep up with
bigger guilds the second half of that is
how much your mind is able to produce
and you're mine produces etherium which
you can spend to purchase a bunch of key
upgrades and the mine has upgrades
itself that allows it to produce more
athyrium and store more of it so those
are really the two biggest gating factor
is that even if you had a 500-person
guild who did nothing but focus on
getting every upgrade for your guild
hall you're still limited every week on
the amount of favor and the amount of
etherium you can produce to buy upgrades
everything beyond that is basically
gameplay it's gold it's how much you
play that uses a lot of consumables and
currencies things like that so you're
sent out in the world as a guild to do
lots of fun awesome stuff together and
spend all of those currencies along with
your favor and athyrium to purchase
upgrades well that just sends massive
it's almost like you could just play the
game within the game it really it is
kind of a game within a game for those
big social communities I mean you know
we view it as our endgame social
progression yeah and it is a system not
only that we'll have tons of progression
you know ballpark about nine months
total just in favor and etherium gating
gating is maybe not the right turn now
let's probably therm up it takes you
know if you are doing the maximum amount
of stuff and you're earning the maximum
amount of favor and etherion per week it
would take about nine months to purchase
all of the upgrades total that we're
putting in the guild hall the day we
ship that doesn't include things that
get added live later on too I think
there's actually a question about that
um about the timing how it takes about
six to nine months to unlock all the
upgrades and everything are you talking
about a guild with ten very active
members or just a guild with like 200
members would that take up to not like
is the timing different based on the
size of your guild so right now we're
aiming for around nine months may get a
little faster a little slower based on
how playtesting goes over the next few
weeks as we continue to iterate on that
but somewhere in the ballpark of six to
nine months in favor in athyrium gain so
if you're mine is producing at the
maximum rates that it could be any given
week and the size of your guild no
matter the size of your killed those two
factors limit it so the fastest any
guild could do it isn't that like six to
nine-month timeframe to get all of the
upgrades and get their guild hall up to
like level 80 i think is maybe the
maximum 70 to 80 we're going to end up
shipping with that's a lot of levels and
a ton of upgrades that you're gonna be
able to get in that time so every week
you're constantly going to be getting
new upgrades don't feel like it's like
we're going to go a week and we can't do
anything every week you'll be able to
get new upgrades so that's the fastest
time it could take if you were a smaller
guild and you're not able to keep up
with some of the other resource costs of
like you know gold costs or currency
it could take longer than that and like
I said we're balancing those costs the
gold and currency and everything around
about a 10 player average guild and
using that to balance the cost of
everything so for larger guilds those
things will not be all that expensive
but we really want to make sure that
this is an approachable system for every
guild and the way the larger guilds will
get offset and all of that is because
they have hundreds of members they need
to buy a lot more of all of the
consumable items you use over and over
again which means they will still have
to have everyone constantly contributing
to keep up with a number of consumables
and things that a larger guild needs
okay definitely clear that up um cool
see here if I'm invited to another
guilds haul another guilds guild hall
awesome nailed it it is the hall that my
guild does not choose can I get that
Hall specific armor or weapon skins if
that guild has everything related to it
unlocked or do I need to be a part of
that guild so an original blog we had
announced that we were going to have a
unique set for each guild hall and you
had to do a bunch of I think maybe
convoluted is the right term steps to
get through the point that you could
build the armor weapon for that specific
guild hall ultimately we decided to go
away from that we felt like it was too
confusing and so we've really simplified
the whole resonance process and we
actually showed that off live on stream
yesterday and it's a much simpler form
now where you play guild missions and
you can get resonance you can also trade
old influence for residents and you
don't have to do a bunch of other stuff
to go through that process as a result
just we made the vendors all sell the
the different sets and together there is
a subset of things where you need to go
to each Hall if I remember correctly
each Hall is a vendor that sells
different items that you need to buy but
it means that your guild doesn't have to
swap between guild halls you could if we
owned one of them another guilt could
out another one you could go there and
buy some of the other ingredients from
them or harvests nodes in their guild
hall to get all the other pieces you
need to build them but you don't
actually to make the purchase your guild
itself does not need to own both Gil
balls okay you can go to other guilds to
do that cool thanks for clearing that up
alright not all of us are on the same
server will will be able to do worldview
world guild missions together if so how
is that going to work you will not know
world vs world currently is still gated
by the worlds that you play on you know
is John posted in our forums a month or
two ago you know all as we look at
solutions for some of the core things
behind world versus world that we want
to deal with like night capping and
population balance I think it's fair to
assume that all things are this isn't my
line mike z thanks for saying on the
table and somehow that getting put on me
all those years ago this is the first
time I've ever said it before I think so
i'm going to say right now in tribute to
mike see all things are on the table
when it comes to the future of oral
versus world and solving problems like
that and certainly some of the solutions
that we may look at could include
helping solve problems like that as well
but for today the day we launched world
vs world is very much to do your
missions you must be on the same world
together or you must go to edge of the
mists if it is a mission that can be
done in edge of the mists so there's a
workaround in edge which is one more
reason why edge exists and it's a place
that you and your entire guild can go
play together so not every mission works
an edge of the mists though there are
some you have to go to world vs world
directly and do in borderlands or
eternal battle girl cool dude some water
feel like I'm just should I have some
way my voice is holding up a way better
than 20 okay great I just like feel like
I'm just like firing these off so you
know it makes it makes a huge difference
not having like two straight days of
just coming from every booth around you
that you're trying to yell over that's
that's okay let's save that for a launch
site alright how I do it I've been do it
here to here first folks uh can you tell
us a bit a bit more about scribes do
they only do guild things can you level
the skill up without a guild would you
want to so almost everything for
scribing is focused on supporting a
guild so it's creating decorations
creating upgrades there is some non
guild related stuff in there for example
the amazing backpack that acts as a
fully functional printing press that is
not really guild related that's just
awesome and any anyone can make that who
becomes a scribe to become a scribe you
do need to go into a guild hall and you
need to go into a guild hall that has
built the upgrade that has the scribing
station in it and the scribing npc so
yeah you you know it starts through
guilds it opens up their guilds but the
bulk of the items that you craft through
scribing are all in
for guilt cool cool can we rearrange the
order of our guilds or otherwise control
which guild gets which number in chat so
this is specifically about guild chat
yes you can move them around and control
which chat channel goes to which Gill
Thank You Colin mm-hmm you may yes
indeedy already Oh another question will
Gill bankers still exist outside of the
lion's arch office like the one in
Divinity's reach like the bank in
Divinity's reach you know I don't
remember for keeping those or not that's
a great question um yeah BTW i'll have
to go back and double-check on that one
okay cool stay tuned to the forms
nothing I guess uh alright when doing
the instance to claim a guild hall how
is it decided who gets the claim let's
suppose you have two guilds teaming up
does credit go to both guilds the first
to get to the center to claim or
whichever started the instance so when
you load the instance to begin your
guild expedition you basically get a
drop-down menu at the entrance to that
guild location that tells you which
guild that you're a member of currently
either owns a guild hall in that
location or is running an expedition in
that area or if you are in a party or a
squad which guild is running an
expedition that you're going to be able
to help them with so it is owned by a
specific guild when they're running the
expedition you'll be able to see when
you load in which guild owns it select
that one and then go play with them and
at the end of it whichever guild was
owning that expedition whoever kicked it
off the other one who get it at the end
um so if a bunch of guilds want to help
each other they all can take turns and
each run the expedition got it okay okay
I think we talked a little bit about
this before we know that merits and
influence are both going obsolete the
third of Lawrence and what about guild
commendations to worry about spending
what we have now or will those crossover
with heart of florence's release so
guilt commendations will continue you
can still earn them from doing guild
missions and we're going to continue to
focus on adding more cool things that
you can spend your guild commendations
on so it might be worth even holding on
to them until the expansion ships and
see what cool options become available
to for you to purchase with them
certainly they will remain a personal
currency that you get for doing guild
related content and we want to have cool
rewards that
I doing that just a few more will we use
our PVE gear and skills in the arena or
is it possible to use the S PvP mechanic
for faster and a lot cheaper build
attributes runes such as well so it is
all PvE world versus world based builds
and skills so it really focuses on those
two game modes and the builds that you
would use in those we already have
custom arenas for practicing in pvp I
feel like that's a totally great place
at home for PvP related stuff for
competitive PvP related stuff and PvE
world vs world the arena is balanced
around then is there a way for a Gil to
speed up the progression on guild arena
upgrade faster than they anticipated two
months so the two months that we talked
about yesterday is the current minimum
of if you are doing favor and etherium
the amount that you're able to generate
per week it would take about two months
to be able to build it if you're doing
all the upgrades that come before it I
think there are really two two big
pieces of feedback that came out of
everything from this week that I think
stood out above the rest that was one of
them was hey you know for those of us
who really are excited about the arena
we feel like two months is a long time
and certainly we'll talk about that as a
team and decide if that's something that
we want to address feedback wise the
other one was karma is a cost for basic
decorations and PvP players really don't
have a clear path for earning karma and
so we've heard that as well and we're
going to go back and take a look and
discuss as a team what we want to do
about that so those are those are two
really big feedback pieces we've heard
and we're actively discussing at least
you know we can't put guild halls into a
beta event unfortunately or it would
break every single guild on live
horribly so this week is dedicated is
trying to give a deep dive so we could
get feedback like this before we ship
and it's been really valuable for that
you know there's in particular those two
things but there's been a bunch of other
small little feedback pieces that people
have brought up over this week that
we've we've gone in and made some tweaks
on as well so we'll talk about those I'm
not going to promise anything you know
we have some pretty good reasons why
progression wise there's a bunch of
other things that have to happen in the
lifetime of a guild before you can do
certain other stuff but there might be
room for us to have some wiggle room
with with that and certainly the karma
costs for decorations i thought was
totally valid feedback and we'll talk
about that too cool
we hear you yeah so I think an earlier
stream this week made it sound like
there is a set order in which you can
build up your guilt all like tavern mine
workshop is that correct yeah it's it's
relatively open ended in the upgrade
path but there are some specific things
like if you want to think of it like
your it's like SimCity or a city builder
or like an RTS where you know there's a
building order in an upgrade order that
you go through our guild hall system is
very similar to that you have anything
that you click on on an upgrade will
tell you the path that you need to
unlock to get there it's actually really
really nice technology it Gray's out the
ones you don't need it puts little boxes
around the steps that you need to do but
there is there's a general upgrade path
of like when you get in there you have
to you have to get your guild hall and
then once you've got your guild hall
your tavern has all the proprietors show
up once you've got a tavern then you can
build a mind and a mine allows a burn is
the first thing it has to be you need a
place to hang out and drink before you
actually go work like yeah you really we
should have some more buildings around
here or something like sure deauville to
mine yeah yeah and so certainly there
there are things like that to kind of go
in an order and then it opens up more
the higher level you get to where you
get a lot of options to pick from there
are a bunch of things that are gated on
guild level and getting various upgrades
increases your guild XP which raises
your guild level so you can really
choose to do them in an order that
you're excited about so you can say this
is the stuff we're most excited about
will do those upgrades first and that
will help us level up to get to more
upgrades that come later right but you
know they're there is some things you
have to do in order no matter what cool
okay perfect and that will become more
important as we continue to add more
upgrades and potentially new buildings
things like that in the future is more
and more that will layer back to having
requirements of things that came before
it gotcha alrighty um how feasible is it
for guilds to liberate their guild hall
in the first weekend after launch it is
totally feasible not surprising it
happens like pretty quickly yeah you
know the you the expedition that you run
to capture your guild hall is in the
jungle the Guildhall locations are
actually in the world map
is part of the world in a real location
which means your guild actually has to
get there and then be able to run the
expedition but I think certainly you
know within it is possible that Gil's
could have captured it within that first
first week I'm trying to remember I
think if I remember it correctly you
have to run some guild missions to get
enough favor to purchase the expedition
to be able to run the expedition to
claim your guild hall and I think you
can get enough favor in the first week
of guild missions to be able to run the
expedition I'll have to double check on
that but i'm pretty sure in the first we
can get it certainly within the second
week there is no way in the world you
would not be able to go get it but I I
think in the first week you can okay
cool uh well done I just fired them up
that's like a pro I wish I remembered
all of those easy I think you're like
batting like a really good number i
don't know baseball that was really
terrible I'll take it all right you're
doing a great job call the mix I was 92
oh thanks uh so but close out we are
three weeks from launch oh my god three
weeks I've got to go yeah yeah yeah it's
great it's awesome feels good uh uh only
one day's been uh it's been a heck of a
year dude I thought it was January like
last week I swear yes announcing this
thing and I was like really nearly done
um but yeah last beta weekend event
before launch is this weekend tons of
cool stuff to check out there just an
update for you guys there's actually no
guild chat next week which is crazy
considering we had I don't even know how
many episodes since twitchcon bike and
poor Ruby is still out sick too so
please get some rest this weekend but we
will be back in a couple of weeks and
then the week after that is going to be
apart cuz it'll be a part of Florence
watching so that'll be super exciting
but yeah let's wrap it up and let you
guys get on to plan and the beta yeah
have a great time in the beta this
weekend folks come up rating give us
your feedback yes please post on the
forums you know any outlet that you use
to discuss will be in game all weekend
so please let us all know as well what
you what you see and yeah we
really really appreciate the feedback we
cannot reinforce enough how important it
is to our development team that you guys
give this feedback and that we really do
take it seriously and we use it to
modify the game and the bulk of the work
we're doing for the next three weeks is
basically just reacting to the feedback
from this weekend and our own internal
playtesting and making the game better
which is a pretty awesome place to be
pretty much we're just at a point now
where it's just let's just fix anything
we see that we need to make better and
then we'll put this thing out there and
well I'll be playing it live with you
guys really soon yes crazy three weeks
is gonna fly by yeah don't tell me that
yeah it's gonna flood yeah we should get
going this feel better sooner of II feel
better soon Ruby women hi bye everybody

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