Guild Chat - Episode 56

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Guild Chat - Episode 56

Crystal Desert History Lessons
Rubi Bayer
Bobby Stein
Peter Fries
Stephen Hwang
Justin Fawcett
October 13, 2017
Official video

The following is an unofficial, player-written transcript of the episode. The accuracy of this transcription has not been verified by ArenaNet.

The episode of Guild Chat aired on Oct 13, 2017. Host Rubi Bayer and her developer guests for the next episode of Guild Chat, where they will talk about the history of the Crystal Desert!

hi tyria and welcome back to guild chat
happy Friday
we're talking about path of fire today I
know everybody's shocked that we're
focusing on that right now this way well
it's too late now because you can't
leave your chair Bobby keep him from
leaving his chair please
this one is for those of you who may not
have played Guild Wars 1 but are playing
path of fire I'm wondering what all of
the fuss is about
with these familiar places and longtime
players getting really excited about
seeing these NPCs so we wanted to have
some of our longtime devs on today and
talk a little bit about what some of
these throwback places are so you guys
get some context and a little bit of a
history lesson I'll let you guys talk a
little bit real quick just introduce
yourselves and talk about what you
worked on that came over from Guild Wars
1 cool so I'm Bobby signed I'm the
associate narrative director and yeah
I've been actually with the company
since factions so I helped out on
nightfall did some story mission writing
and other stuff good and then it was
good things yeah sure and then path of
fire I actually came out about halfway
through the project to help with script
revision so everything from story stuff
but also to help Peter and other folks
with some of the open world scripts I
was a I was a writer for open-world
on path afire but I started also during
factions as an environment artist and
during production on Guild Wars 2 I
became a writer if you want us to say
well we worked on that was that would be
yes so I got to work on you know a few
areas back in nightfall days as a level
artist like the garden of Severn its
cannon now and then you know get to do a
little writing for like some of the same
areas and this expansion so it's kind of
Steve Steve Huang I'm game designer I
was lead mission designers for
prophecies and so all those trials in
the desert and you know the ascension
process those were game designs that you
know I mean a few of the other designers
came up with
I was also lead nap designer level
designer so the initial layouts for the
maps of all the guild wars until
Gilbert's to release so another that's
pretty well I feel like if it hurt you
Steve did it yeah if you like compromise
Lee's mission or dislike it it's my
fault okay I like most of them there's
one we can talk about later though yes
yeah so when you guys found out we were
going back to the crystal Desert Inn
path of fire what was I'm curious about
what was your first oh my gosh we have
to do this thing we have to use this we
have to bring this back any time we
reach back into the lore or the setting
there's a lot of I think expectations
from our fans as well as from us things
like what are the places we want to go
or that people want to go what are the
characters that either that we want to
bring back or that we want to show
evidence that they existed that kind of
thing and so that all kind of it's like
what what are the world-building do we
want to carry forward what do we want to
just leave behind as like okay that it's
fine for that to stay and go where is
one but if it's relevant to go where see
whether we pull forward so a lot of
those conversations happen I think when
it came to well trying Peter can speak
more to this but like with the
open-world stuff what are what are the
kind of a me and things that are
happening what are the the event designs
as a fan I'd want to know what happened
to augury Rock those team number one is
I think on my part this there's also
like a you want to reinvent things and
do a new version of it like you know we
had a chance to take someone like pull
out a joke oh that was is that a spoiler
I'm sorry actually that's kind of
therefore you should say really quick
we're not going to spoil the path of
fire story for you today so you are safe
I just did but we're talking about the
entire open world is running around
yelling about Palolo joke oh yeah so
yeah pretty much from the moment you
arrived at M noon you hear people
talking about him and he's a big force
in the area but in the original Guild
Wars he was played as a little bit of a
you know kind of a slapstick II joke and
I think that we wanted to joke
yeah we wanted to make him a little more
in nightfall you actually help him
because he helps you you help him get
his bone pals back yeah in the
distillation so that there's a little
bit of cross yeah a little
double-crossing you help dispose one of
his generals I kind of like tried to
take over and then he helps you and
that's how you help get over the
sulfurous waist and chin undo worms and
then over to the rough retard so yeah
bringing him back he's definitely less
slapstick II know I mean there was there
was a comedy element yeah but dark yes
and he's running this horrendous Kingdom
that's like you know his people are
really repressed and I don't know why
I'm smiling but he's a big influence on
this area and and you get to hear like
about this like new political situation
that's different from what we saw you
know two hundred fifty years ago and he
comes back at the end of nightfall and
you know two hundred fifty years past
you know he kind of takes over the roots
of that Elan River yeah and you know his
awakened people who exist today only
know about him they don't really know
anything besides that yeah he's had
generations since since he was released
to just mess with all these people and
get them on board with his his whole way
of looking at the world yeah like being
an awakened is an honor yeah in some
circles and it's to me it's weird but
you guys made it work I mean that's
their culture so
we you know they've they've it's all
they've known for all this time
yeah and and I'm just I'm making this
face I'm looking at you guys like how
did you even make that I mean what were
the conversations that got you there
like okay this is this is what we need
this culture to be like this is what we
need his followers to want well I mean
when we've I'm trying to think like some
of the lore was set up you know prior to
guild wars - we did that like movement
of the world and there's a little bit of
a hint of what what he's been up to he's
diverting rivers and you know east of
Abbey and yeah he's been SWAT he's been
taking all the Sun Spears and turning
them into Morton Crescent right and that
sort of thing so we had something to go
on there you know that he's probably
been doing bad things to this area it
was actually a challenging design too
because in the early maps you know the
awaken are definitely fully hostile and
later when you get deeper into Bobby
some of the awaken the in the living
inhabitants of Bobby you know honor the
awakened okay I actually I want to back
up a little bit you mentioned augury
Rock how that was one of the things you
knew you wanted to bring back and can
you give some history of what that is
for people who prophesies after you get
sent by the Vizier to the Crystal desert
to ascend because the mursaat are there
called the unseen ones and you can't see
them unless you're ascended so and
they're leading the white mantle who
you're fighting against so you go over
to the crystals and desert to ascend and
there's three trials which all call me
only to re Rock and so at the time we
weren't quite sure we've made it a
little bit more freeform you can choose
which mission of the three missions you
want to do an order it's all to get the
divine fire the you know the gaze of the
gods the focusing crystal and then the
rune circled over it there's River and
then that will give you the divine power
to enter our a rock where you would face
yourself yeah it was it was a huge part
of the story in
back in Guild Wars 1 where this was this
was a big turning point for your
character yeah it's a central point
where you become like you know the
sended and then the story really kicks
up they're no longer the unseen ones I
can see how that would be Oh No okay
even talked about it way back dude like
what if we could just have these unseen
enemies you know whispering to the
mantle in the background and we couldn't
quite pull it off in the in the right
way so it ended up being the way it was
where the mantle is kind of the visual
front face of the of the mursaat and
then later on you see how strong the
Mirsad are and gonna have to get you
know your infused armor and things like
oh infusion runs oh my gosh we had to a
little bit make it less less flimsy
because they spectral agony oh that's a
little yeah we always wanted it
actually to be like special weapons
where you'd actually do special damage
to them but we can do that quite yet so
we had special armor Peter you had
mentioned the garden of Severn mm-hmm
horse or submarine if you will
oh boy we had this I don't know how to
pronounce it you'd think I would have
gone back and looked at our
pronunciation guide since our
conversation yesterday but I did not in
there yeah it might not have ever been
voiced well then we just made cannon in
my head it was submarine but I don't
know why submarine works for me yes so
that was one that you worked on back in
first kill nurse yeah and when I say
worked on I didn't mean I made the whole
thing because Justin will maybe talk
about this later when he comes on but
like the environment artists we used to
pass maps around and we we'd all like
sort of iterate things but I just I said
this yesterday when we're in our pre
conversation conversation that one of
the last things I worked on a nightfall
was like fixing collision around like
stair stairways and railings in that and
like right until we had like pencils
down and we could stop working on it
the garden mission was great it's like
kind of a social mission it was it was a
party and nightfall and then it ended up
being besieged by harpies and you need a
good time yeah I was actually looking at
Islamic gardens and trying to at least
pay homage to those a little bit with
the colonnades and the central you know
kind of flow of water and stuff yeah
that was actually one that I worked on
with Colin Johansen back when he was a
designer here yeah off somewhere else
but no it was really fun because that
was I think one of the first times where
actually was on a project early enough
to where I was collaborating with a
designer and it was really great because
you know Colin always had this great
energy and we wanted to have fun with it
there's a lot of goofy stuff in there
but it's like oh there's still a goofy
stuff I mean that was one of those kind
of relaxed missions until the harpy
showed up yeah
medical it'll problematic but the
player-character had a lot of challenges
like hey this guy's there's a mime and
he's going to emote and you have to
match his emotes and there's a little
there's a little kid yes yeah I remember
that yeah we brought back some of that
stuff in that garden area I'm Kate Casey
Anderson did a lot of the writing in
there did some really fun stuff with
like the acting troupe and everything
that's there and this is an acting
troupe I think it's the idea that we had
for path of fire was that this area was
going to be like the party at the end of
the world well you know everything's
going on all around them they're just
like these Nobles gathered around like
no partying as if this is the last party
they're ever gonna have because you know
Crockett orcs move - is this a spoiler
by the way so crooked orcs move down
there and you have chairs and there's a
dog on the March and there's like you
know the forged and the branded and all
this like chaos around them so they
don't know like it could be the end of
everything and so they're good they're
gonna put on a play yeah so you can like
help them with their lines and
everything and you know if that's the
sort of thing you like yeah the the vibe
of the place is kind of the same I did
notice a lot more things trying to
I mean it wasn't just like okay
everything's fighters to the harpies gay
party yeah but it still yeah it's just
everything the games trying to murder
you right this is this is true I've
found this is the case the eggs turning
back to you know some of the things that
we wanted to bring back like I mean when
you looked at like we're gonna do when
we lay out any of the Guild Wars 2 maps
we look at what was there potentially in
Google Earth 1 and what would have
survived 250 years like the lonely vigil
the giant statue that used to be a skill
challenge to get your skill points
posted low with 20 and that I had a
funny story in itself and that there
used to be the statue and you'd knock it
over to cross over to challenge one
little forgotten right but something was
a little bit odd with this one proper
from far away it would still look it was
standing up and so you know from far
away you'd see it pop up and down I
never experienced that I always just
figured oh it fell down while I wasn't
looking while I was coming around this
sand dune the whole thing I missed a big
so that was a bug that became a feature
yes I need to find where that tripwire
is just like hot my character back and
forth and back I mean the original
writer he wrote the flame seeker
prophecies like 13 years ago and to
actually get that into the game was
really great
yeah that's right yeah we did get that
in so you you get to find like bits of
the prophecies and reassemble it and and
you can see the D text of Clint's final
prophecies for what was going to happen
in prophecies yeah that was a really fun
thing that I noticed that made it in
there yeah talking about augury Rock got
me thinking something that you and I
were talking about you have and we've
got all these amazing throwback
locations and we've got these whole maps
that were in Guild Wars 1 but there had
to be a balance between okay we're just
copy pasting maps over and making them
look cooler
and if we do good work all the time
yeah email I got earlier yes to you in
2013 but you still have to get the
player your stuff to move the player
around the world just have to guide them
and how did you take these assets and
these people that were here and get them
to help you with that oh yeah I mean one
of the things and I know this is not
like a story segment I'll save that for
another day ok stop it everybody dies
one of the things that I think was
important so Moe was the game director
and Mike's he was the design lead for
the project and and for them and
actually it's also something that
narrative believes strongly in which is
if there's if you can find good smart
ways to kind of have the game playing
the story kind of merge together it just
makes for a more fun experience and it's
the the as Moe likes to call it like the
joy of movement and exploration and
discovery is something that's very
important to us as a company so trying
to find ways for the story to push the
player out into the world to you know do
cool things explore find events and
other little hidden things just
throughout the course of the story
you're likely to run into some really
neat things that are going on you're
like I'm even in the case I know going
into like later in the game where you
need to I won't spoil it but like you
need to basically go out and find some
answers and really you're just kind of
put out into an area and you're not even
entirely sure what you're doing but the
fact is if you talk to the right people
in the right order you can kind of you
know get the fast-track version but if
you end up going around all these places
and talking all these people you'll
start to find these funny little stories
that are there so depending on how you
play it it'll change and I think that
was one of the things that we you know
every few story steps we were like we
need to get the player out another world
to explore that you know whether it's to
get a mount or whether it's just to get
into a new map area or this is where you
know back three starts up so let's let's
get players over here so that was just
definitely a very conscious decision
that that was cross-discipline these
great things we have let's just use them
to I mean with things long use historic
in a manner that makes sense to like the
tomb of the primeval kings used to be
the entrance to the mists yeah and so
it's a natural place to go if you want
to hit that way so reusing that and
revisiting it's something that now you
can go into before it was just kind of a
facade yeah until you know I belong tore
it up and we moved it to PvP Isles but
that's one of the locations too that's
in the open world but also in the
stories not to spoil the story but you
go there in the story but you also can
visit in the open world and you see like
a different sort of version of things
that are going on I mean you encounter
some of the same characters just let's
just say but it's different the version
of it do you guys want to talk a little
bit about what two most primeval Kings I
mean it was the entrance to the mists
but do you want to talk a little more
about what it was back in Guild Wars so
the the primeval dynasty that originally
ruled this area there were kings and
queens actually and you had these these
royal figures that were sort of anointed
by the gods or whatever to rule over
humanity and there was Queen Nana J was
one of them who founded the Sunspear
order or she called them the Sun spirit
guard originally and the Sun spears play
into our story and you mostly see them
they're mostly part of the open-world
story you don't see them so much in the
story story story
there's not many Sun spirits of light
left yeah they're on the run there's
like renegades that are feeling good
like the last Jedi yeah yeah they were a
much bigger part of Guild Wars one I
started to say factions and I was like
that's not right well they were
protecting the whole continent they were
like their local military I guess and
and when you start nightfall you you
become a Sunspear you know you join
their order and costs and all those
characters teach you how to you know
take up all their magic power and
talking about heroes we do definitely
have some callbacks to some of the
heroes from nightfall and I think we see
callbacks like it's just oh yeah we just
mentioned them in pass
except there's their time capsule so
which ones I mean which ones are which
callbacks did we bring back you can find
the descendant of Khasan Milani and the
desolation I think they're more than one
there might be the claiming is important
the heroes back in Guild Wars one like
costs Milani talked hora de couro can I
can I trust you with this he's good it's
gonna wait bottom was back in Guild Wars
1 that were NPCs that you can I say earn
and that just sounds terrible but that
you can you could work with and recruit
to come along with your player character
right that's when we introduced hero so
you could give them commands to go to
different locations you different skill
sets I was like point them over here so
that they don't start a fight a little
bit away so we go visit you know the
ruptured heart and the layer that
forgotten you know all Golders one
locations that you would expect you know
some forgotten to be at the layer
forgotten there was actually only one
forgotten left over by the layer
forgotten angle yeah no we forgot to put
him in but there's a vestige of that
last forget we've gotten at the layer
and that's where you can find one go the
heroes as well you were seeing some
claim to be the descendants so this is
like yeah he was he was really important
I want to be related yeah my head it was
around to say no yeah I grew up in New
England and everybody would claim that
their their family came right off the
Mayflower you know cuz it's like you
want to say yeah we were here first kind
of a thing so that there's like people
of me I never know that well there yeah
most people do is go back and claim to
be a descent of cost yeah so it's cool
like if you say well I'm the descendent
of cost and everyone will give you
a little you know love story in
nightfall they did tell Korra was come
on the side yeah the little little love
triangle was always kind of a and now
that you've mentioned it you're
committed to explaining it for those
people who didn't play good right so
cost was kind of a brash warrior one of
the sons beers and so Milani was a kind
of virtuous and kind of hot-headed but
really determined the valley of the
dervishes she was pretty great yeah and
they kind of had this thing back and
forth and you know talk for was princess
at the time and she kind of had an eye
for cars but even tuck horn realized
that Casa Milani belonged together yeah
he stepped aside at one point why I
haven't played that in years I'm gonna
go back and have a little revival what
feelings button pacifier we got the gift
elk or a happy ending to so that was
good you know she everything wound up
really well for her and wrong yeah yes
open world is safe so well though I
don't know do we want to talk about that
cuz it's really as part of the whole you
know okay well thing yeah she totally
got a happy ending well it all worked
out well for anyway she's still there
she's there she's there okay yeah
alright so I want to leave you guys with
leave us your favorite well I want to
leave you guys with what was who is your
favorite NPC throwback that's running
around the maps doesn't have to be named
person but who do you like the way I'm
jumping in you go first because you're
sitting there now Jesus goes first you
can if you want to what I would say was
people will see it in the future
oh oh oh you guys there's a future well
I mean Gilbert's three so a future
release people will see what I'm talking
I didn't know they were gonna be future
releases are you are you talking about
okay yeah that I totally did that to be
mean so high
wait did you use the right angle cuz I
yes actually there are lip readers in
the audience so my well he's he's mostly
there by omission but you know you
talked about how everyone's talking
Joko and and that you know if the praise
Joe go here cuz he's you know know that
chad is filling up with everyone's joke
oh can i can i also point out too that
anyone that played Gilders one which I
really hope everyone out listening and
watching this right now did that because
you know you're not really a true fan
unless you did yeah and if not go to our
website yeah and yeah go yeah go buy it
right now and play through it and then
even just when you can watch the rest of
this but I'm not waiting for that all
those people if they play through the
story which real fans did released joke
oh so they are responsible I hope when
they walk around this world now 250
years later they still feel terrible
turned out and then far these part
including Laura and look what you did
yeah look what you did you oh you and to
a lesser extent you zero regrets yeah
done Cora you know is part of that team
and he still feels that's right yeah he
still feels some amends for that you
know which is partly why he sticks
but my favorite NPCs you know I love
putting the because I worked on those
missions in the crystal deserve oblivion
the Ascension kids so that there was
that was
really cool so they would replay it can
i retell that story in a fun way and
tried to integrate some you know to lose
one skills though I I screwed up one of
the garages and preparations and things
but yeah that's a feature and having the
descendant of Cosmo it was really fun to
you know but uh you know those aren't
actual you know the characters the what
I enjoyed putting in was some of the
dialogue between the ghosts at the the
ghost guides near the layer that
forgotten they they used to be guides
for this another ask alone in a morose
and they were tasked to guide them
through the desert finding relics but
Rose you know was really mean to him and
they end up dying in the desert along
with a bunch of pilgrims and jad they
ended up in the loss of the layer of
Scranton area but they still hate each
other and they still talk about it so
it's so that's good to like you know
what comes back and goes for them and
they're all still hateful masses cranky
yeah that's nice alright we're gonna
take a quick break and then we'll be
back with more Guild Wars 1 talk and why
it matters in Guild Wars 2 so there's
time to go by Guild Wars 1
and we are back we have added one more
dev Justin thank you for joining us
thanks for having me I'll let you
introduce yourself talk a little bit
about what you worked on in Guild Wars 1
and then path fire
Justin Fawcett I'm a map artist on the
environment art team I also started on
factions and sat next to this guy for
the first year two weeks apart
yeah did you really yeah oh wow you
should get a what a little badge or
whatever because I sat next to Peter too
and that really needs to be recognized
with a scowl we've entered the part of
the show where we all start ripping on
each other
nice you still have those DC figures
yeah oppressive array of 12-inch figures
yeah you know I stopped putting them on
my desk because we move around here at
the new office so much the like your
stuff in a box also I remember an epic
coffee spill - this is a story I need to
hear though I stole a lot of coffee over
the years I need to talk to you about
lids and how they're great I worked on
Matt borders one of the map artists on
the Riverlands and the desolation in
maps awesome
alright so we talked about this with
these two guys and Steve at the
beginning but what were the first things
when we started talking about going back
to the Crystal desert that you were like
okay we need to bring this back this is
important I knew Audrey rock was going
to be a big big kind of centerpiece
obviously I remember actually working on
some of those desolation locations like
the bone Palace yeah the bone pills so
it's always fun to be able to you know
go back and recreate some of those areas
the updated you know engine and 250
years later how does it look and
everything so that's I like having
somebody on who's worked with these guys
for a long time because he just like
yeah to ignore
I really like the this is a map art
thing but I really like the treatment on
the sulfur and the desolation the way
that the light is coming up from below
it's really awesome
mm-hmm the color the bright yellow I was
using some of our River tech which we
started using in the last expansion and
yeah you can put you know different
textures on it so it's quicksand it's
sulfur or water so lets tech that was
after my time it was so much that's true
it was much simpler Gil those one like
you know all the settings and everything
we didn't have to worry about like what
the weather patterns were what kind of
particles are flying around or lighting
I didn't even think about that that
makes more of a difference yeah and you
guess you added like a procedural
weather thing right and into the fire
yeah we have more scriptable environment
zones that's really cool so we always
talked about and so like what are the
kind of things that you have control
over now well going forward but like can
you give us an example for our viewers
out there yeah where can they go to see
this was this dynamic weather you'll
actually you're aiming for something in
particular and I'm leading the witness
you'll have sandstorms that'll start
it's rain he wants to talk about the
he's the thing so I don't know I'm
actually interested that you and I
interested in kind of salty that you
brought back the desolation and the
sulfur but it works with the skimmer so
I'll take it but did you guys I mean we
knew we were gonna have that map did you
talk about maybe let's just leave this
all for sand out do you want us to cut
that now that was you know that was
gonna be a thing that you're gonna have
to work with yeah going in we knew we
were gonna be
various mounts and they have different
abilities and so the maps were really
designed around those and so you get the
skimmer and the previous may happen
because it's going to be used so much so
much more afterwards it dovetailed it
dovetail pretty nicely
I found the quicksand the hard way I
think a lot of people did I saw a lot of
yelling and map chat those for those
first few days in Crystal Oasis about
hey what's oh god someone help me this
is not okay but then there's usually
some reason across those areas right to
get cross the quick send and then you
find the thing or whatever that your
prize I wanna go back and talk a little
bit about the bone Palace and it looks I
feel bad saying it looks better in
pacifier but most things do better
materials to work with this material
stored centaur bone Center bones yeah so
many more so many more bones to work
with and do add-ons expansions but do
you want to do a little bit of backstory
on what the bone palace was I mean it's
pretty straightforward but he made the
original bone palace I didn't even
realize that until I when I went back
and to look at the old maps and it's
like wait a second I did actually this
I was I was look it looks like this
those giant skeleton heads are smiling
because the way the eyes are very metal
but it's so it's been totally rebuilt
over the years and gotten gotten a few
upgrades so this was was this the core
of djoko's domain was this kind of his
place back in Guild Wars 1 yeah I was
this palace right yeah kind of a given
that he has like some other central
headquarters that you know aren't
necessarily and it's kind of expanded
his his territory a little bit too yeah
so did you get to play with that and
kind of have a little bit of creative
freedom in making it better for yours um
well I can talk for man about the map
training process yeah please do first of
all I want to make a special mention the
concept art it's always started with the
concept art and it's still has like I'll
personally keep a few images
monitors throughout the whole process
just for inspiration oh that's right you
keep you have Guild Wars 1 come on a
third monitor just for real yeah I'll
get to that in just a minute and but a
new process are a part of our process we
started with these expansions is a kind
of a map prototype kind of concept map
prototype process and so I know here's
some screens here I don't think we've
ever shown these but I'm an artist will
work directly with the art director and
come up with you know kind of translate
the concept art into you know into these
maps and so when I go to work on and I
can see okay here's the textures here's
how the new props are supposed to fit
together and it's all director approved
and so it's it just helps a little more
efficiency look and feel on the front
end and it does take time to come up
with the look and feel and regarding
yeah kind of recreating those original
locations I have Guild Wars 1 up on one
of my monitors and I can just go back
and forth and take a look at it and see
if the size is you know about right I
maybe it's it's you don't want to spend
too much time on it because the most
important thing is how it you know the
gameplay works and this pacifier in this
game but I can even know I even used a
kind of grid overlay of the older maps
and when you first start a map it's
completely flat and so I just took a few
hours and just kind of painted the
layout of some of those sulfur trenches
and things in the desolation map and so
then I can go from there and then over
the next year or so that you're working
on it pretty much feels like it's been
250 years later it feels like we've been
working here for years if we get an
extra week at 250 so do you feel like
you matched up pretty well I think so I
do I think it's cool yeah there was an
area that was not there was an area in
Guild Wars 1 that was was that the
desolation map that was not
yeah kind of the northern you know third
of it so we got to come up with I think
it was a mr. beetle stone who came up
with the idea of a sulphur mine that's
up in that backyard reference imagery so
that wasn't neat opportunity to kind of
imagine what was up there and of course
it's been flooded since then so it's
kind of a continuation of of the
previous map jocose been moving rivers
around here and there and some
landscaping needs to not so in Guild
Wars 1 that was just the place where you
went to scrape your nose against the
wall for map completion also a gill boys
won on our website by the way but you
should have already bought it and played
it so you can release Joko because yes
there's a mixed message here I mean you
don't like this there's a disconnect in
time if they didn't release Joko so you
know they have to have released
Joko okay so while Peter does math I
want to talk about some of the map
features that we ran around with because
you and I were talking about the
teleporters and one of the things that I
loved was this ghost at the teleporter
and for an achievement point if you've
come across it you have to match up the
flashing light patterns on this
teleporter and that was something that
you had worked on because I didn't know
that some of them worked this was
information it yeah yeah and the
Riverlands map most of them are kind of
ruined and half buried in sand but Steve
wanted to put in some working ones and
so it was kind of a memory game where it
shows you you know the you know lights
up and a different pattern and then you
you know match that up and then you can
use it so another achievement I think
maybe there's seven of them that work
the Overmind
I added a few at the end of long there
were some long tunnels and so there's
actually an easy way for you to get out
using one of those that was kind of you
try to be now there's a fine line
between challenging and frustrating
would you say you're not
you know I was gonna bring him up I was
jumping puzzles are a little on easier
more enjoyable kind of waiting for the
door to bust in oh yeah every time his
name is called as a years like light on
fire he'll come right out of there plot
twist he's been back there the whole
time I do appreciate that you like to be
as kind as possible yes when designing
some of the dialogue that we brought
back was either reminiscent of and I'm
actually thinking of the same ghosts
because you talk to him and he's like
yeah I was just standing here minding my
business and there was a Hydra and
that's what makes a reference to the
Hydra killing him or something right
yeah I like that it's so traumatic that
you just can't even go there yeah but
some of them have identical dialogue to
don't they yeah they do it the idea I
think is that these ghosts are still
reenacting these things that you know
happened to them because they're you
know bound to this world by whatever
horrible thing they're reliving over and
over again forever
which is you know good so here's a
little bit of it at Easter Egg yes so
again it's not in the open it's not in
the open world but it's not a story
spoiler because I'm only gonna give you
a very little bit of information okay
there is a character who you encounter
throughout the story who is from The
Guild Wars 1 series and people have
started to theorize who this character
is or was but one of the lines of
dialogue that this character says is
basically if it wasn't lifted wholesale
from something from Guild Wars 1 it was
very close oh and we wanted to see if
people could match it so that's just a
little bit of something there if you
didn't catch it you should get online
and buy a copy of Guild Wars 1 the
strategy guide and listen very carefully
every line every character says that
strategy guide
by the way I may have written one of
them before we even put it out it helps
you balance a coffee table if the legs
are wobbly so since it didn't match up
are you gonna refund anyone's purchases
absolutely not right out of your own no
get somebody fun bucks fun bucks that's
right it's got my face on it they can
only be spent you know they spent like
at the back of my car
basically I open my trunk and then you
can redeem it with whatever is in my
truck just like edging toward the door
except you're pretty much used to these
guys oh but actually the funny thing
some of the ambient dialogue so in Guild
Wars one really the only voice dialogue
that we had was in cinematics everything
else in the world was just you know
dialogue bubbles that was possible and
you know having your audio team is
fantastic they can do sound zones that
make it sound bustling it alive and then
what we can help with is you know giving
the characters things to say so like
am-noon oasis there's a lot of fun stuff
that happens right a lot of it is kind
of serious and grounded in what's
happening in the story and some of its a
little fun so I know one of the things
that was was a lot of fun when we were
doing the table reads was the the the
awakened vendor trying to have a
conversation with them my favorite part
of those when she asked so she can get
you guys know it's like the only thing
he says other than you know praised Yoko
you by God that was so much fun well I
think we had God who was it the actors
who do it man it'll come to me but like
two hours after the show is over yeah
speaking of actors you know it's kind of
cool from the speaking of Joko as well
is that nolan north yeah voice of joko
which means that he's also he's your
character yeah and more mnemoth in the
dwarf hit stone dwarf kid guy yeah
roben Ruben Rogaine talking to yourself
is what you're telling me no talking to
himself like no one used to get so much
flak from people uh everybody's kids you
know Goines my voice in this game he's
my voice in that game whatever people
don't understand that the guy is super
versatile it's usually what ends up
happening people cast him to be Nathan
Drake like in our game we want you to
sound like you did in uncharted which is
fine I mean it's a cool character great
voice but Nolan can do so much like he
does the was it the penguin yeah that's
right yeah it does he's one of those
people who like Fred Tavish or or you
know take your pick of actors who can do
a million voices Nolan can do that too
most of the time people don't ask him to
and whenever we give him a new part he
gets really excited in the booth because
he gets to you know quote-unquote play
yeah and he just the stuff you know
everyone's gonna have an opinion on you
know the Joko treatment is is he to
committee cuz he not comedic enough or
whatever but he definitely went for like
a dark kind of creepy it's between the
performance and the the audio processing
that the audio team did it's just you I
think people would be very surprised to
know that that's nolan north also doing
that character yeah I've got to listen
to him do some recording once and it was
just one character that he was doing but
in in the off times he would just he
would just play like you would say and
be all over the place and you're
listening like three or four people oh
yeah he's filthy and now takes two by
the way in between takes especially
params actor oh god I know any work
sound like a children's like dance
competition show or something
they're funny why do we have like I want
to say hours of outtakes from all the
different actors so like you know John
DiMaggio we have like we cut it in
happen it was still a little too blue
and we just decided not
Thursday this is not salvageable now but
there's actually a lot of stuff we've
been talking to Eve about maybe getting
another SoundCloud like outtakes thing
it might be kind of fun to work with the
audio team and just get another fun of
the amazing things a lot of times I'm
like recording sessions we have running
jokes going with the actors about stuff
and alright we are getting close to 1
o'clock so we should probably wrap it up
but Justin hasn't got to do this yet
what was your what's your favorite thing
that you brought back a person or a
location or produce because I worked so
much I was probably the Audrey Rock
location and enough you've done the
jumping puzzle inside yet but it's a get
to the top it's not too bad the
designers put in some spawns in there
that you have to battle get a Springer
yeah that does help quite a lot Audrey
Rock and pretty much everything
surrounding that was done so very well
and I like seeing that because like we
said before it was such a turning point
everything in there was such a big part
of Guild Wars 1 I feel like you guys did
a good job bringing things you were true
to the maps and you did a really good
job bringing back the huge story points
and then just little things scattered
around the map I still am Peter did them
all for you I knew that was most of us
we see their deaths and we think what
would review like and that's I don't
want to give anybody a chance to refute
that so we're gonna call it good thank
you guys very very much thank you we
will see you guys on the next kill tip
go back kill this one

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