Guild Chat - Episode 4

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Guild Chat - Episode 4

@TwitchCon, new to Guild Wars 2
Rubi Bayer
Colin Johanson
Mike Zadorojny
September 30, 2015
Official video

The following is an unofficial, player-written transcript of the episode. The accuracy of this transcription has not been verified by ArenaNet.

The 4th episode of Guild Chat aired on September 30, 2015.

hi everybody and welcome to day 1 of
twitchcon and the first episode of guilt
cast with heart of thorns right around
the corner we're launching a new show to
go with the expansion and starting here
with me today are two of our favorite
people Mike hi I'm Mike Siddhartha one
of the design leads working on guild
wars 2 and hello again I'm Colin
Johansson game director for guild wars 2
you might remember me from such streams
as points of interest ready up or the
welcome to twitch stream three minutes
ago nice so last month at PAX we had the
awesome announcement that the core game
of guild wars 2 is play for free now so
I know a lot of you are wondering is it
too late to get in or what it's all
about how this all works so we're going
to kind of talk about that today first
of all it's definitely not too late we
are just going to kind of go over some
of the things as far as how it's easy to
join your friends how it's easy to get
in there Jews what do you guys want to
start with our Waypoint system yeah sure
so like right away from the get-go like
the second you log into the game we're
now giving you access to all the
starting zones so if you make an asura
and your friend makes a char it's very
easy for you just to Waypoint over to
their map and just party with them right
away one of the core fundamentals ideas
that we wanted behind guild wars 2 is
that you can play the game the way you
want with your friends whenever you want
and it's very easy to just kind of mix
and match and go in between the various
zones and have that fun awesome yeah I
think I think one of the really exciting
features of guild wars 2 because of that
pillar of you should always be able to
play with your friends we actually use
the system so when a higher level
character goes back to a lower level
part of the game on the game basically
reduces their level down to the area of
the zone you're playing in and this is
this solves I think a traditional
problem you run into with a lot of
role-playing games where you know I have
a level 70 character and my friend
starts playing the game and my two
options are wait for them to get to
level 70 which you know that's not a lot
of fun or I have to make a brand new
character and abandon the character I
love so I can play with them guildwars2
solves that by I can take my level 70
character I can go play with Mike with
his brand new character and the game
reduces me down to level one
still a little more powerful than other
level 1 characters but we can play
together I can get actual meaningful
rewards that I care about from being
level 70 and these waypoints that let
you travel between each of the five
starter cities of the five races we have
also reduces one of those barriers to
entry so even if you're brand new to the
game if you have a friend who's playing
you guys can jump in and play together
right off the bat day one you can
download the game and in five minutes
you're in there playing it's a really
cool feature and one of the things I
think that helps Guild Wars 2 stand
apart and the other thing that really
kind of brings players together is like
the dynamic event system so as you're
traversing through the world we're going
to be throwing it content you left and
right and she's going to be very organic
it's just going to spawn up around you
sometimes you'll find NBC who's asking
for help or just the world will start
having like these adventures and and
take you on these journeys that you
weren't really expecting and because it
is very open group based like everyone
has their own loot everyone has their
own experiences we can get from each
activity that they're doing so us being
in a part together is meaningful but at
the same time we can be running around
in these starter areas or these other
zones with you know tens to hundreds of
people just helping us overcome the
challenges that just happen around us
that's a lot so it's okay alright so
we've got five playable races and it
doesn't matter if your friend rolls
something that you're not particularly
interested in and you want to roll
something else like Colin said all of
the all of these starter cities for each
race has a waypoint automatically
unlocked you can go right there hang out
with your friend you don't have to wait
and I would like to since I'm looking at
you since you brought it up I went to go
a little bit into the dynamic event
system because there are so many things
that branch out from that that makes our
community amazing and make our players
really fun the dynamic event system will
pop up you can kind of see on the map
what's happening so so basically when we
started guild wars 2 we looked at how
like traditional quest systems were in
other MMOs and it was usually started
with an ibc who had an ! over their head
a little bit of text you go out in the
world and complete some objective
arbitrary objective for them
and we wanted to make the game actually
react to player actions not just
cardboard cutout standing there with my
excavation for you so that the NPC's of
their flavor they give you lure they
help ground you into the you know the
story of what's happening around you but
you can see these villages that are
actually being attacked or like there's
bandits who will come and poison a well
and all the villagers in the nearby area
are going to be you know affected by
this and so adventurers that you and
your allies and your friends are going
to be going through and try and help
solve these problems and all this is
happening dynamically so that it's not
like there's any downtime it's just as
soon as one things done there's always
something else going on there's always
new places to explore and kind of take
your individual story in the world to
the next level yeah and what this does
it encourages you to really pay
attention as you're running through the
world you're not just going for the next
objective you see on the map kind of
watch and see what the NPCs are doing
some of them you'll see they'll run up
to you and ask for help you will see a
mob running by but they don't seem to
have any interest in stopping and
beating you up maybe they're on their
way somewhere and you might want to stop
and so you go that way just take a break
see where they're going to see what's
going on and another thing that actually
I love myself is when you get to the end
of an event hang out for a few seconds
because a lot of them chain off of one
another and if you run off you're
probably going to miss something really
really good yeah you really you know I
think one of the one of the biggest
suggestions that our player base often
offers to new users is stop take your
time and enjoy and I think that's a
that's a really key part of the world of
guild wars 2 I mean there is there is no
really traditional quest system in guild
wars 2 like you would find in other RPGs
you know there isn't like Mike said you
don't have that I walk up to this
character who tells me to go here I do
something I come back and get my reward
instead the world really is this
open-world you explore and enjoy and the
content and the experience you have is
entirely dependent on what you choose to
do in the time that you have available
to you you know go out and you can roam
off into the corner of the world and you
might just suddenly run into content
that's going on there that it could have
been happening and you had no idea it
could be happening for other players you
find these massive hidden jumping
puzzles tucked away in little hidden
corners of our world and many dungeons
and so much content that
this game is really about that joy of
exploration discovery and feeling like
you're living in a truly living
breathing world and we really tried to
encompass that in all the design
decisions we made about guild wars 2 and
it takes a little while it takes a
couple hours to wrap your head around a
game world that is not built around go
here then go here then go here you
really just go out and just have a great
time and find amazing things to do and
once you accept that and can wrap your
head around it I think it's a more
liberating experience but it definitely
you have to go into it thinking that way
yeah and like one of the things that we
really want to do about this is every
activities doing whether it's harvesting
resource nodes whether it's killing and
you know hostile creatures if it's you
know going and even resurrecting your
your fallen allies which is one of the
things that we added was everybody has a
res like if somebody is down you can go
and help them get back up and get into
the encounter because we didn't really
want you to have kind of like you're
waiting for specific class or somebody
to come along with that so everything
gives you experience and with that idea
of you know making it very prolific in
terms of how you level we put the level
curve is very flat as well so it's it's
not a huge grind to get to level 80 we
want the the journey like to be it a
experience yeah like we want to be the
game and this is truly unique experience
that players are going to entail as they
go through it I think I think one of my
favorite guild wars 2 catchphrases is
the journey is the goal and I know that
really well encompasses the the PvE side
of our game and describes like if you
are enjoying guild wars 2 at its fullest
that is what you are doing is it's all
about that journey and exploration yeah
um not great so you're not grinding four
levels you're running around you're
getting XP for everything and those two
things dovetail for me really nicely we
have so much attention to detail in our
maps I've seen players even as recently
as last week say you know I have 5,000
hours in this game I've been playing
literally for 5,000 plus hours and I
just saw something I've never seen
before I had no idea that was there
players will share things that they find
they will just share little hidden
things items going on in the world and
there are veteran players who started
with us at launch who have never seen
that before and are excited to still
find something new you get XP for
literally everything you get XP I love
it you get XP for just
covering new places for looking at
vistas that's like you said for resin
your enemies don't ever do that is what
that guy on the ground if you can resume
it because you're going to get XP for it
there's there's a lot you can do if you
just and don't the rush to level 80 is
not a thing just hang out because
there's a lot going on in every map and
that's just the PvE side of things
there's two other massive game types
that we have in the game one is our
competitive PvP which is five versus
five it's very structure is very
organized but the second you walk into
the PvP lobby we put you at the max
level we give you all the equipment
access volt like we want to be a very
even playing field because we treat that
competitive nature with a lot of respect
and we want if you're winning those
matches we want you to feel like you are
the best yeah I like that about pvp it's
not about who got there with the most
gear who got there first if you start
our game today you're on a level playing
field as far as gear with the people
who've been playing since we started
yeah I think PvP is one of the really
exciting parts of our game I mean guild
wars 2 really is it's like three games
in one you know there's the PBE G side
of the game we talked a little about
there's PvP will talk about our giant
open-world battles in world vs world in
a minute oh yeah but uh I think PvP one
of the coolest things about having the
game be free is you download it on five
minutes later you are in game you press
the PvP button and you are in PvP with a
max level character with full gear and
you are on equal playing field with
everyone else and that's very hard to
find in competitive games these days it
really is there's a lot of you know in
traditional RPGs you think of I have to
grind all my gear then I can go play pvp
in competitive games you have to work
your way through unlocking all these
different abilities or different heroes
before you can actually be competitive
in guild wars 2 you just come in and
play you push a button and we've we've
seen a really really positive response
to that and with with the game now being
free we've seen a massive number of
people pouring into the game we've seen
you know some of the best log in numbers
and gameplay hours have had in a long
long time and PvP in particular actually
has had this last week I believe that we
will have the best login numbers we've
ever had in the history of guild wars 2
of folks playing PvP and the growth of
that is just
madness of where that can take us in the
last year we've had three World
Tournament series championships across
the world we had one in Beijing we've
had one in Cologne in Germany we've had
one in Boston here in the states where
top teams from the world qualify and get
to play in these championships for real
cash and that's going to grow to be even
bigger in the future we'll talk about
that someday down the road we have a new
feature coming with our expansion pvp
competitive leagues for players of all
skill to compete in leagues and fight
their way up and prove who is the best
there's there's so much stuff going on
in competitive PvP right now and you can
jump in there all by yourself and have a
great time you can form up teams and
play with your friends it's a really
awesome game mode for people who just
love competitive games the opportunities
in the PvP side are amazing from
somebody who's just now starting out
I've only been doing the PvP side of the
game for about a year now I was like
hardcore heavy PvE only since launch I'm
sorry the PvP side I have found really
fun just getting my feet wet for the
past year the upper I mean you can go
all the way to the top but even if
you're just starting out it's an amazing
ride it's so much fun yeah so what about
those open-world battles yes so right at
you you're on the spot now are our third
game mode is world versus world and
world vs world is is kind of what you
would think if you hear world vs world
it is multiple game worlds fighting
against each other in giant epic open
world PvP you know this is this is
hundreds of players playing in maps
where it's huge castle sieges battles
for castles and towers managing supply
lines that carry supply between these
key locations building siege weapons
like trebuchet Xand rams so you can
knock down doors and fighting your way
into these different castles and keeps
to control them it's three different
worlds fighting against each other at
the same time a battle lasts an entire
week and at the end of the week a winner
is crowned and then your world is
rematched and you face against new
worlds again for another week it is its
a mix of these giant castle battles and
sieges and also giant open-world battles
as well where you have you know huge
armies of 40 50 80 players that are
running into another army of players
that large and they have these giant
epic battles out in the open world it's
it's really unlike anything that you're
going to find
pretty much any other game out there
it's one of the uniquely guild wars two
experiences and the idea that you can
have hundreds of players on a screen
fighting all at the same time it's it's
just epic like you you almost you have
to see it to believe it it's something
that is very uniquely guild wars 2 I
think and it's just an amazing
experience in our game standing in a
keep and watching this enormous enemy
army come over the hill in the distances
and experience and you're kind of
looking around going alright how many
guys do I have am I gonna be okay guys
anyone anyone help anybody yet where are
you but don't don't underestimate what a
small group can do in well vs world as
well like there's a lot of like tactics
in terms of how you can go and take
those like the supply camps that Colin
was talking about denying the doli acts
are bringing supply to the larger like
castles and and the the towers and keeps
because there's a lot of strategy that
you can do on the small scale that will
affect the larger gameplay I've had a
ton of fun running habit groups with my
with my guild exactly I think I think at
the highest tiers of competition for
world vs world on kind of the top tier
worlds it feels a little bit like you're
playing as a troop inside of an RTS game
yeah and you know you think of you
control the army and you move them all
around you were one of those individual
troops except you can truly make a
difference and you can spin off and go
make strategic decisions that could
change the course of the battle for your
entire world and I think there's
something really awesome about that
there are commanders in world vs world
yeah they have a little tag a little
Chevron that you'll see on the map all
the time somebody is standing off stage
waving it one at us right now hello
commander and you can follow these
commanders so even if you don't really
know what you're doing in world vs world
when you first load in you look for
these commander tags and you join up
with an army and it's a safe place to
learn this game mode to be protected by
other players to get to take part in
these huge battles and as you learn and
get better and better then you start
splitting off and making smaller squads
and running havoc squads scouting and
taking on more complicated roles in
world vs world yeah I that first couple
of those first couple havoc runs I was
mostly just easy prey so I went you know
that that protection of the Zerg is kind
of an important thing there at the
beginning the discount goes back to a
larger point but one of the you one of
the amazing things about guild wars 2 is
the community
and so for any of these game modes and
we've been talking about like just the
players are just wonderful they're very
welcoming when we went free you we saw
all these veteran players who are
basically lining up in the starter zones
for these brand new players that were
coming in and we're basically taking
Munder little wing and showing them hey
look here's how you can enjoy the game
here's some cool you know equipment to
get you started your journey and these
guys are just phenomenal I'm just
impressed every single time I log into
the game just with the unique
opportunities unique things that they're
doing and how they're actually being so
awesome for us and for each other I
think you know in particular with the
the game going free a few weeks ago I
think when you think about games that
have a free experience one of the first
things that you worry about is you know
what kind of community is this game
going to have is it going to be a really
toxic community is it going to be a type
of community that you know you Trishna
Lee you think of with a lot of free
games and we've been really proud of the
community that we had before the game
went free and I think maybe even more
proud today of the community that we've
had solutely am you know that that idea
of like all of our existing players
lining up at the entrance to the game
and they were literally saying the name
of each player's they arrived in the
world and then cheering for them and
making them feel welcome and taking them
under their wing and leading them out
into the world I don't know of any other
game that you're going to see that like
a community that's not welcoming and
we've watched the community bring these
people in and make them feel welcome and
I think it really is a huge part of what
guild wars 2 is all about going back to
when you were talking about the design
decisions that we made with the game of
everyone can res it's because we want
every time you see another player in the
game it should feel like the game can be
more fun and they can help you we have
combo fields so one player can put down
a firewall and another player can shoot
arrows through it and their arrows catch
on fire so another player being around
can make the game more fun for you there
is no kill stealing everybody who's
killing a ma gets credit for it when it
dies and can get loot from it everybody
gets XP and I think those decisions are
they're very small in the grand scheme
of things you don't really think about
them but they dramatically shift the way
that you view other players in the game
it helps any community you know it
really makes it so when you see another
player it is more fun it makes it more
exciting and I think now even with the
game has grown massively in the last two
weeks from going free like I I'm
unfortunately not allowed to
numbers right now I can only say that we
have had an amazing response and
continue to every day that goes by our
game is growing by leaps and bounds
right now in the game itself recognizes
let to so like as more and more players
come to like one of these dynamic events
that we were talking about earlier like
it will start to scale up number of
creatures that show up the harder
creatures will show up because we
actually want to start bringing you know
we don't want just be a cakewalk when
like you know 30 people show up and try
and take on some of these events so we
actually want to like give you a
challenge for what you're trying to
accomplish and so the game recognizes
that but at the same time Colin says we
want you always be excited when you see
somebody else because you're going to
you know make a new friend you're going
to find something new in the world
you're going to discover something you
didn't see before or you're gonna be
able to overcome some challenges whether
it's a difficult creature a difficult
event that you couldn't do by yourself
before right and what this leads to is
something that I always really enjoy
seeing if you're standing in a map in
guild wars 2 if you're keeping an eye on
map chat if something big is about to
happen we're like the loot is good or
it's going to be a lot of fun or there's
something to go for people will start
announcing it in map chat and pinging
the Waypoint to get to so more people
can get there and the person doing that
isn't personally benefitting they're
just doing it because this is how our
community works in large part thanks to
how the game has been built from the
ground up you will see if there's
anything good in the map people will be
actively trying to get more players then
it's it's a great thing to see um and
sorry you were talking about the day we
went play for free I was working at PAX
that day I didn't so I couldn't really
log in and play because it would have
been in poor form to take over one of
those consoles but I SAT there watching
we had the game up on some consoles
where I was and the crowds of veteran
players that just dropped everything
they were doing every goal they were
after and stood there at the entrance
like you said there was one player who
had rolled a new character and that
character name was welcome everyone and
she was just standing so if you're
watching thank you I got an enormous
kick out of watching you just stand
there and talk to people people were
sending gifts to players as they came in
and putting up buffs that were active
for everybody in the world you just run
up and touch them and you get something
good from them it was it was fantastic
that went on for hours it just went on
for the entire day and kept going on for
days afterwards
I mean even even now the the new player
zones are just packed as more and more
people continue to log in every day it's
an awesome time to get in and play guild
wars 2 because of that you're always
going to have people in any map that
you're playing in right now the world is
just full just jam-packed and that means
you're going to be playing with tons
other players and there is still every
day tons of are really are pro existing
veterans who are going back and just
looking for new players to guide and
help and this is really just the
beginning right because yeah unless it's
been a month yeah on top of that like
since we launched the game we've done
you know over 40 major updates with new
content new features and things like
that and this is just our dedication to
the game and we want to make sure that
all players that are coming in have
equal opportunities that these things
and it can really just enjoy the world
as we expand it as we tell these new
stories and as we give new tools for
players to overcome these challenges so
like this is our dead you know like I
said this is our dedication this is this
is what we want to do moving forward so
by getting into the game now like all
you're getting access to is what we've
done and also every major update that
we're going to do moving forward because
this is just our strategy yeah I think
that that what is the live experience
like in guild wars 2 I think it's a
really interesting thing for new players
to know about as well in the best way
yes in a really great way we've had like
Mike said we've had over 40 major
content updates it's you know smaller
updates its hundreds of smaller updates
to the game since we went live and all
of that I think one of the greatest
things is not only is the game now free
there's no monthly fee you got you just
get all of that for playing guild wars 2
and after our expansion ships as long as
you own the expansion you're going to
get all these updates that come after it
as well we do a lot of cool stuff we
have holiday festivals that we run every
year that are a mix of really fun and
exciting stuff everyone looking forward
to the next one we have we have
Halloween coming up very very shortly
with the launch of our first expansion
our first holiday festival will be
available for all players as well
everyone playing for free will be able
to just jump right in and take part in
holiday which is a huge tradition for
guild wars fans and is actually the very
first holiday in the history of the
guild wars franchise so it's great to
see that coming back we do a lot of
great holidays we do feature updates
where we add new features to the game
and quality of life content all the time
we do a living world which is a strategy
of basically
expanding the storyline and the playable
content in the PvE side of our game for
our players Mike to want to talk a
little bit about living world as one of
the people who helped to make that
happen yeah one of our major goals was
just trying to build out the story but
at the same time adding new like we were
talking about new challenges new events
new things for players to overcome and
over the course of season two we added
two brand new maps dry top and the
silver wastes and in the silver ways
that we basically took kind of the world
versus world experience those kind of
big mashups and we brought to the pvp
PvE environment so you started escorting
these totally acts between these camps
as mordremoth and his minions we're
starting to come in and and cause
problems and trying over and over run
these these defensive fortifications it
feels like such an understatement as
enthusiastic as murder mots minions have
been that's true yes but like ultimately
what we want to do is like we were we
were continuing this storyline and
adding these new things that players
just got for free who's these new
experiences and obviously what this
comes with new rewards we've done new
open world bosses and kind of you know
every time we're doing is we're raising
the bar in terms of what we're able to
release and what we want what we expect
out of our players and overcome yeah it
just keeps getting better and better
something I wanted to mention we talked
a lot about how great our community is
our players do a lot of events in game
that they just take it upon themselves
to do things and make it a better
community we have a series of musical
instruments in the game and you guys
know exactly what I'm going to say hey
our players have figured out so many
different I mean like popular music
different game themes and they will just
hold concerts if you're hanging out in
one of the towns and maybe crafting you
can usually find a concert going on or
players helping each other and banding
together people who have never met
before this is how they're getting to
know each other in game is by hey i have
i have this instrument i have this one
let's put them together and see what we
come up with and everybody enjoys it so
much there's some there's some amazing
YouTube videos out there of players
making music in guild wars 2 using all
the different instruments that are
available in the game yeah it is so much
fun so and that's I mean that's just one
of them there are trivia
contests in Divinity's reach on a
regular basis I don't know if you have
you guys ever gone to those I'm not very
good at them well I didn't say are you
good oh but there's no total try that
doesn't bode well for Mike doing trivia
over the course of the next two days I'm
really looking forward to this out we're
sorry it'll be fine I mean they round up
there they round up prizes they round up
all of the equipment needed to do this
and just do it for no other reason than
to make some fun for the community yeah
even even guilds which is one of the
another one of the great features and
guilt the game is called Guild Wars so
we have guilt and guilds are basically
big groups of players that form together
into communities and they have shared
goals and they have missions that they
can run together very shortly with the
release of our expansion they'll have
entire maps that they can own and build
out and progress and decorate with with
guild halls and we'll actually be
sharing some more info next week about
that I think a little bit a little bit
but at least these guilds are awesome
community driven experience as well you
know people do the things out in the
cities for everyone but a lot of guilds
if you can find a great Gil to join they
host all that stuff as well I'm in a
guild that does really awesome trivia
contests surprises we run guild missions
together really fun group of folks shout
out to gaff sup buddies Thank You gas to
kind of expand on the idea of the the
guild missions like this was a system we
built that allowed us to take more
challenging giant events and let the
guilt can I come together and they can
kick these off whenever they want so
this is like it's player-controlled
content in the world and it's not
exclusive to the Guild's when they kick
it off in these maps like anybody who's
around can come help and participate in
these events and help them and earn
their own rewards and this is just one
of those things where we guilds are the
social backbone for guild wars 2 and we
wanted to help them support kind of
what's going on in the rest of the world
as well yeah one of my favorite things
in guild wars 2 has been running guild
missions with one of my guilds and the
great thing that that I love about that
is that you can this is for your guild
the guild is doing it and you know their
puzzles mazes obstacle courses that sort
of thing but they're open to everybody
else in the world so if a guild happens
to be running it they'll let people know
in the map hey come get some of these
goodies and once we've finished and I've
other guilds doing this too once we
finish up we'll start escorting
everybody else through there and make
sure they get through without being
completely murdered by whatever's
lurking in these caves and again it's
not benefiting it the guild I mean they
got theirs they got all of their rewards
they got it completed but this is
running for another 15 minutes why don't
we go ahead and see if we can give it to
somebody else and ultimately all of this
we just talked about no monthly fee so
there's no there's no reason not to do
at least come and try out the game and
see that everything we've just been
talking about how excited the community
is for all this core game is totally
free you should really come play with us
you'd like it and for those of you who
are really learning about guild wars 2
right now I you have a great opportunity
over the next two days to see a lot of
content that we're going to be working
on and adding to the game with our first
expansion heart of thorns which is due
out and just about a month right now
late early yeah oh wait later today
we'll be premiering the launch trailer a
little before launch will be premiering
the launch trailer for heart of thorns
we got a lot of really exciting stuff
coming up over the next two days of
programming we can learn a lot more
about the expansion that we're
delivering for those of you who are fans
of the Ranger profession we have the
reveal of the elite specialization the
druid the one that we told you about
first and are now giving you the details
about last Colin yeah that was real tea
so it's fun it's gonna be good it will
be worth the wait you guys I promise
well hopefully we've least got some of
you guys excited about this hopefully
you'll come Troy join us in the game
because we're really you know we do this
for you guys this is it's all about the
fans so thanks for turning it on you
guys are absolutely making it worth it
so all right I'm gonna put you guys on
the spot with one more question what's
your favorite part of guild wars 2 you
can pick a map if you want to I'll
narrow it down for you some uh I think
this is the cop out answer but my a no I
don't know I'll cop outs okay I'll skip
that one my favorite part of guild wars
2 is I think the the ability now my
answer would have been different a month
ago but I think the fact that you can
walk in and play it completely for free
I don't know any other game that offers
a free experience like guild wars 2 and
I think the response to it it's been
amazing because of that
and that that to me like to have an
entire epic game with three game modes
and thousands of hours of gameplay be a
hundred percent free that blows my mind
and that's my favorite thing today about
what you horse to is awesome my favorite
thing is every time I log in I have a
goal but that goal never actually
happens because I get sidetracked by all
the other amazing things that are going
on yeah I have a lot of things that I've
tried to do that have it quite happened
yet so there's just too much to do so
you guys come come do these things with
us it'll be a good time thank you guys
yeah thanks we enjoyed the first ever
episode of guilt cash we did it first
guild chat thank you

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