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ArenaNet employee

Peter Fries

Narrative Designer

Peter Fries was an Environment Artist on Guild Wars Factions, Nightfall, Eye of the North, and Guild Wars 2 before transitioning to Writer at ArenaNet. He was part of the Narrative Team for another seven years until leaving the company following controversial tweets alongside his coworker, Jessica Price, in July 2018.[1][2]


Guild Wars[edit]

Guild Wars 2[edit]

  • Fries helped develop the idea for the infamously non-occurring Divinity's Reach Fancy Cat Association's "Fanciest Cat Competition". It has been repeatedly re-shelved as there never seems to be enough time to fully implement it.[4]
  • Designed Drooburt for Gates of Maguuma and his death in the subsequent release, Entanglement.
  • Wrote the casino dealer dialogue referencing the sandstorm card game for local flavor and ambiance.[5]
  • Worked on writing for the open world events and content in the first three episodes of Living World Season 4, did some writing on the Tactical Triage content for Long Live the Lich, and wrote two story chapters of an upcoming episode as of the time of his departure.
  • Worked on the open world area Crystal Oasis, specifically Amnoon, and Desert Highlands



  • Narrative Designer
    • January 2011 – July 2018
  • Environment Artist
    • August 2005 – January 2011


Prior to working at ArenaNet, Peter Fries worked as an Artist or Senior Artist at various game companies since 1993, on projects such as King Arthur & the Knights of Justice and Secret of Evermore.[6]

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