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Let's Play is a livestream where ArenaNet developers play different parts of the game, such as festivals or fractals.


# Episode Guests Video link
1 Siren's Landing Nick Hernandez, Keaven Freeman, Alina Chadwick Twitch
2 Path of Fire with the Devs Rubi Bayer, Mike Zadorojny, Clayton Kisko YouTube, Twitch
3 Shadow of the Mad King with the Devs Rubi Bayer, Joe Kimmes, Brett Nellermoe YouTube, Twitch
4 Fractals of the Mists Rubi Bayer, Mike Zadorojny, Benjamin Arnold YouTube, Twitch
5 Super Adventure Festival Rubi Bayer, Brett Nellermoe, Joe Kimmes YouTube, Twitch
6 WvW Weeklong Bonus Raymond Lukes, Benjamin Arnold, Ben Phongluangtham YouTube, Twitch
7 Sandswept Isles Open World Rubi Bayer, Clayton Kisko, Dan Eibling YouTube, Twitch
8 Long Live the Lich Rubi Bayer, Keaven Freeman, Alina Chadwick YouTube, Twitch
9 WvW with the Bloodlust Buff Raymond Lukes, Ben Phongluangtham, Karl McLain YouTube, Twitch
10 Halloween with the Spooky Developers Rubi Bayer, Joe Kimmes, Brett Nellermoe YouTube, Twitch
11 PvP with Jebro Jebro, Ben Phongluangtham, Carson Marlow YouTube, Twitch

Ongoing series[edit]