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Let's Play is a livestream where ArenaNet developers play different parts of the game, such as festivals or fractals.


# Episode Guests Video link
1 Siren's Landing Nick Hernandez, ... Twitch
2 Path of Fire with the Devs Rubi Bayer, Mike Zadorojny, Clayton Kisko YouTube, Twitch
3 Shadow of the Mad King with the Devs Rubi Bayer, Joe Kimmes, Brett Nellermoe YouTube, Twitch
4 Fractals of the Mists Rubi Bayer, Mike Zadorojny, Benjamin Arnold YouTube, Twitch
5 Super Adventure Festival Rubi Bayer, Brett Nellermoe, Joe Kimmes YouTube, Twitch
6 WvW Weeklong Bonus Raymond Lukes, Benjamin Arnold, Ben Phongluangtham YouTube, Twitch
7 Sandswept Isles Open World Rubi Bayer, Clayton Kisko, Dan Eibling YouTube, Twitch
8 Long Live the Lich Rubi Bayer, Keaven Freeman, Alina Chadwick YouTube, Twitch
9 WvW with the Bloodlust Buff Raymond Lukes, Ben Phongluangtham, Karl McLain YouTube, Twitch
10 Halloween with the Spooky Developers Rubi Bayer, Joe Kimmes, Brett Nellermoe YouTube, Twitch

Ongoing series[edit]