Guild Chat - Episode 70

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Guild Chat - Episode 70

Cologne Travel Diary
Rubi Bayer
Mike Zadorojny
Clayton Kisko
Byron Miller
August 24, 2018
Official video

The following is an unofficial, player-written transcript of the episode. The accuracy of this transcription has not been verified by ArenaNet.

The episode of Guild Chat aired on Aug 24, 2018. Host Rubi Bayer, Game Director Mike Zadorojny, Game Designer Clayton Kisko, and Design Team Lead Byron Miller are in Cologne, Germany, where they checked out the gamescom convention and met up with fans at the Guild Wars 2 community event.

this is our guild chap travel diary we
are on our way to Cologne currently
hanging out in SeaTac because we're
glamorous like that there's nowhere else
to sit
there's no way we could sit on the floor
and be even more glamorous we'd still be
in SeaTac we would still be at sea-tac
alright this is the first leg of our
trip we are with Clayton and fire are
you guys excited yeah
glamorous yeah I am incredibly excited
this is gonna be a good trip awesome
alright we are going to hang out at
Gamescom we're going to go to the we're
gonna take Gordon the traveling Tori
with us
we're gonna go to games come hopefully
see some of you guys hopefully some
players we're gonna go to the fan event
at the haxon house and what are you guys
looking forward to have you been the
game to come before outside of Germany
sweet how about you Byron you keep in
the game I've never been a game sound
over in Germany so I really sure why to
expects I hear it's a pretty big deal so
it's gonna be exciting I think alright
well we are boarding at the plane in a
little bit so we will see you guys on
the other side
we're bored and I go to church
in a minute
welcome to Germany here's your cough
drops little strange on the dash
right you know
you know it's a very weak mare we bear
we can be it's a cop
well now I love one I went to Siri to
the horror
I think it feels like three days I don't
I can't feel my feelings
almost died he tried to throw himself to
the ground and anger and only managed to
injure himself Corden is doing great
towards Ygritte he's doing better for us
to us smile we can't get rid of it we're
almost against we're almost done
telework I don't even know where we are
okay send help
okay I'm done with this now I'm done
holding Gord
that's a lot of folks look at that guy
he's got asymmetrical armor
Cyclops never looked so good
we found one Deadpool you're like me
like when when I retreated
we bought things
we'll have a training my
Southland mark
well I'm off
so what I tell people is I tell things
I tell things when they
when they should not home cat and what I
mean by that is like so engineers make
this lado
artists make it look good I make it walk
when I look like you know I make it
punch or how much damage it does right
so it's sort of an interesting thing
mostly what I'm doing is I'm taking
objects and telling them how how they're
going to be seen so if for example I'm I
do a lot of rate design
for and week five and so a lot of that
is from the solely the design standpoint
is like alright I want this attack to do
this much damage to do these
conditionings to knock back
taking that and expanding it out and say
like alright every 45 seconds I want
this attack to go up and I wanted to do
these things and but not when this other
thing is happening so it's a lot of like
logic a lot of do this and then this but
not this and so if then statements a lot
of first-order logic we have an internal
we have internal tools that do their own
thing that largely are an interface so
have you guys seems like unity or so
it's sort of like that it's basically a
interface for Sigma's code
to be translated into sort of more of a
visual language and then we take that
and we interpret into scripts to say all
right when this happens do these things
when this happening through these things
that's odd
software but it effectively is coding
she was going for a slimming world we do
this everywhere is to MPC top
it's like five right
Funyuns can spawn there
what a script - a chocolate
Easy's content
non-va No
characters like
we have
all right we are gearing up for our
final event of our trip here in Germany
for our Gamescom travel diary me and
Gordon the traveling Choya have had a
whole bunch of adventures mark and Byron
and Clayton and myself travelled for 15
hours to get we hung out in airports we
rode on trains we took a taxi
we saw the games come show for today we
spent some time hanging out with fans
for three hours probably close to a
hundred of you came by and just hung out
in an impromptu gathering on the games
come show floor spend some time with us
we are so grateful for your time we know
that there's a lot to do at Gamescom
there's a lot of fun to be had and that
you chose to spend some of that time
with us really really made us happy so
thank you for your time we are gearing
up for the official Guild Wars 2 fan
event tonight here at the haxon house
that's going to start in just about a
half an hour so those of you who are
attending that event we will see you
inside otherwise thank you guys for
spending some time at Gamescom bus and
we will see you in-game
I first of all want to toast to all of
you for joining for the universal
community here is we have 200 people we
are at capacity as every year like we
get a full house we make it bigger every
you you just sit up the house so if we
want to make it bigger the next year so
we actually at the building capacity
this year so if we wanna do it even big
a week we we need to add something to
the building so thank you so much for
after six years and and yeah it's the
six years anniversary of girl was to
very very soon so after six years every
one of you still being so amazingly
close and connected to the givers to
community and I know a lot of you I
actually content creators are creative
artists and and people who write guides
rather you bring so much more to our
community than we could have ever
dreamed for and this is not only
celebrating Kilmer's to not only
celebrating six years of Guild Wars 2
not celebrating us not celebrating the
deaths no this is as much celebrating
all of you so thank you very much for
being here with us tonight
yeah yes and of course I did not come
alone so if you if you let your eyes
gaze around the room you will see many
many people who are wearing a similar
t-shirt as I am like with an arena that
logo yeah yeah we have a those are
members of our team
obviously members of staff as it says on
the back and one very prominent member
that I want to introduce to you right
now I think he doesn't need an
introduction it's Maxie
so without food introduction hey sorry
after we done we're saving you ready to
go alright thank you all for coming out
tonight I was here a year ago I gave a
really moving speech to lose you who are
here sorry but all I can say is like the
love and friendship that I see in this
room downstairs all of us together this
is what gillers 2 is about we cannot do
what we do without the support you guys
we don't get inspiration the dedication
the love the passion without drawing it
from the power that you guys are and
every year we come back to games Tong
there's many more faces who are excited
to tell us their favorite stories tell
us about their favorite character though
big moments and also like to tell us
when things are not balanced correctly
but this this is what Gilbert stew is
all about and from everyone Matt
ArenaNet thank you for making six years
of gillers - thank you for being a part
of what is undoubtedly the greatest
community and
you guys are so kind you are so great to
each other you're great to us and I
can't thank you enough for allowing us
to create such amazing content for you
guys and I look forward to many more
years of this so thank you all of you
as I see you finished eating
it was a little meal every year we have
some prices that we want to raffle away
- so upstairs - you have your glass so
57 199 thank you
this is very short very exclusive one
bill was to toaster toaster works it
actually in Princeton universe - logo on
your toes 140 141 4-0 - 28 - 28 - - 8
- 96 296 266 266 to
thank you guys for taking this journey
with us and we will see you in-game

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