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ArenaNet employee

Andrew Gray

Lead Game Designer

Andrew Gray (né Andrew Patrick) is a Lead Game Designer on the Jungle Living World Team. He began in the Community Department in 2004 and has served as Fansite Liaison, Alpha Test Manager, and Website Writer, and later worked as a designer on the Guild Wars Beyond content, and as a QA lead for GW2.

Job title progression[edit]

  • Visual Assets Producer (February 2004 to February 2006)
  • Community Coordinator (February 2006 to March 2008)
  • Quality Assurance Lead (March 2008 to February 2010)
  • Game Designer (February 2010 to March 2012)
  • Group Content Balance & Feedback Lead (March 2012 to August 2014)
  • Senior Game Designer (August 2014 to April 2019)
  • Lead Game Designer (April 2019 to Present)


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