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Chat panel

The chat panel allows you to send messages to other players, communicate with large groups, and displays various in-game messages in real-time.

Available channels[edit]

Player channels[edit]

Shortcut Command Channel activated Seen by... Color
/g /guild Represented Guild Guild members Gold heading: message
/g1-5 /guild1-5 Selected unrepresented Guild Guild members Pale gold heading: message
Say Nearby persons Green heading: message
Map Throughout the current Zone Pale red heading: message
/p /party Party Current party or Squad sub-group Blue heading: message
/d /squad Squad Current squad Pale green heading: message
/t /team Team Current server/team (WvW & sPvP only) Bright red heading: message
Private Sends private message
/r replies to last whisper name
Purple heading: message

Non-player messages[edit]

Channel Color Information displayed
Combat log White outgoing message
Off-white incoming message
Orange non-critical number
Red critical hit number
Pink condition number
Green healing number
Cyan barrier number
Outgoing text.
Incoming text or experience gain.
Non-critical damage.
Critical damage.
Condition damage.
Incoming healing.
Incoming barrier.
Emotes Gray message Displays emotes used by players or NPCs. Emotes used by an NPC on a player character usually appear only on that player's chat log.
Game messages Sea green message Items obtained, friend list updates, story messages, build template activation, etc.
NPCs Darker sea green heading Gray message Dialogue from nearby NPCs.
System messages Pale green-yellow message Looking For Group tool messages, screenshots saved.
Server messages Yellow message Messages provided by the server that cannot be hidden on any panel, such as warnings regarding game updates and map status messages such as those from meta events.
Error messages Red message Error messages such as "Inventory full", "skill recharging", "Cannot use waypoint while in combat", "No one hears you", etc.

Chat Options[edit]

Chat Options panel

At the top-left of the Chat panel is the Chat Options settings cog - clicking on it reveals the following settings:

  • Text Size — Specifies the size of text.
    • Drop-down options include "Small", "Medium", and "Large" (Similar to Interface Size in F11 Options however only adjusts the size of text within the chat panel.)
  • Profanity Filter — Specifies the amount of profanity to filter in chat and other communications.
    • Drop-down options include "None", "Normal", and "Maximum" (Can also be accessed from F11 Options.)
  • Show Timestamps - Adds the time that each new line of text in the chat panel was added.
    • The format of the timestamps is taken from your computer's system time settings
  • Show Channel Tag - Adds a single letter prefix indicating which channel the text was from.
  • Show In-world Bubbles - Toggles NPC chat dialogue bubbles appearing overhead.
  • Show Only English - ??


After a loading screen it is possible to create an extra tab, but it will not be saved. If that 6th tab is closed, it will not be possible to create another 6th or greater tab again until the next loading screen, but that 6th tab can be accessed by left-clicking the arrow adjacent to the add tab symbol. In this way an unknown number of extra chat tabs (greater than 16) can be added that are only accessible through the arrow. However, these chat tabs are removed upon re-logging
  • One chat line is limited to 199 characters.
  • The chat panel can save up to 5 tabs.
  • The range for say chat is 2000 units.
  • If you send messages too frequently (unspecified), subsequent messages will be blocked for an undetermined (and possibly variable) length of time with "Your message was suppressed due to excessive messaging." displayed in your chat window. Using too many words recognized by the profanity filter in succession can lead to automatic suspension of the account.
  • Whisper messages sent to a player that is on the character selection screen will not go through. Whispers sent during loading screens will, however.
  • In WvW only players from your own world can view chat commands, except when using "/w".
  • Free accounts have additional limitations:
    • Cannot use /map chat.
    • Unlock /squad chat for each character at level 30.
    • Get the chat in PvP Lobby unlocked when the account reaches PvP rank 20 (Emotes, Map and Say chat unavailable during matches).
    • Can only whisper players who have added the free account holder to their friend list and one new person every 30 seconds.
    • The July 7, 2020 update added a message to notify players when they are whispering to a player with a Play for Free account who cannot reply. The message reads "This player cannot whisper you back unless you are on the same map or you add them as a friend."

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