Guild Chat - Episode 43

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Guild Chat - Episode 43

Rising Flames
Rubi Bayer
Aaron Roxby
Nellie Hughes
Link Hughes
October 3, 2016
Official video

The following is an unofficial, player-written transcript of the episode. The accuracy of this transcription has not been verified by ArenaNet.

The 43rd episode of Guild Chat aired on October 3, 2016. Join host Rubi Bayer and her developer guests as they talk about the latest Living World update, Rising Flames.

hi everybody happy friday and welcome
back to get Chet I'm your host Rudy and
we're going to talk about rising flames
today we have a lot to talk about so
we're going to jump right in
i'm going to introduce our guests of let
you guys talk about who you are what you
do here to read it and what you did for
rising flames
ok my name is Aaron roxb I'm a game
designer and I did mostly the story
stuff in both the instances an
open-world cool thank you my name is
Nell Hughes i worked on the open road
yep that was about it and i'll come down
yes very I'm link use and i also worked
on a map set up and roll possible
various to sort of map details
what was the second thing again a
jumping jumping ok yeah ok yeah ok
whatever jumping puzzle will talk about
yes so all right i want to start and
talk about amber B itself just designing
the map we've talked a little bit about
the school theme and I feel like we
should have like josh running here build
metal let's go as often but I want to
talk about designing the map itself and
creating the different areas and kind of
beyond just the basic look of it can you
guys talk some about that
yeah you know I think when we got you
know the the story beats for the season
we really had an opportunity to go to a
place that guild wars one players would
love so we wanted to go back down to the
Fire islands we had an opportunity to do
that and we were we wanted to make sure
that we were able to show different
until different stories we were there so
we you know a whole new island has
popped up so you don't have to deal with
some of the old baggage of the past and
or you know they don't have to do with
our baggage
you know it kind of went through a
really long series of changes you know
we started out with a very different
idea of what it was going to be and then
it kind of turned into what it is today
you know I'm obsessive when it comes to
the script wouldn't potatoes and so you
know I figured this would be the perfect
place to like debut our pirate script
that I've been dreaming about for the
last four years
nice yeah i think one of the things we
came across her Leon is in its natural
the Fire islands is fairly barren and
there's like destroyers but there's not
a lot of life there's not settlements
that is not people they're gonna need an
oscillation yeah and so that was one of
the big challenges and why you've got
things like the the script came via boat
and you've got a shipwreck and you've
got all that sort of stuff is is to uh
some ghosts
I just we really tried to brainstorm
things that could be there that players
could have fun interacting with other
than just like the the base few sort of
natural things that were there
yeah and i think it was you know you put
some green in there too so it's not just
rocks lava and pain
yes we could you paint yeah there's a
lot of people think there's a lot of
rocks and lava but yes we we did have a
little fertile area that we put over
there just because I can't deal with all
that red thank you so very much
um getting around the fire and there's
only therefore waypoints yes am I
remembering right for tonight thanks for
okay yeah well I didn't mean for that to
be a trick question
ok ok they're very few waypoints in a
fairly decent-sized map i like the extra
movement things we've got the ley line
roller coaster which was super fun you
guys surprised me by being surprised
that i had like lighting a lot i think
i'm starting my ego I appreciate that
fit but for those who do have lain
gliding unlocked you've got the line
roller coaster yeah we've also got the
new mastery the thermal propulsion the
ruffle shin how did that come about
because that was something you guys
played around with for a bit before
settling on it right yeah it was
originally supposed to be loved walking
and that's not very fun so we went
through a couple different ideas of what
we could possibly do we found that our
of the movement stuff so we wanted to
kind of go in that keeping that theme
and our designer Charlie did a wonderful
job working with the check camera
changes and just making it feel really
fun so yeah so what does love walking
pretty much exactly what it sounded like
you didn't get Burleson
ya gotta feed booth there are different
versions are playing around with one of
them it was going to be like he turns to
stone and so you like tying into the
dwarf thing kind of and so you would get
that the ideas you'd be immune to
burning in general
yeah so you could we were initially
there's gonna be like at the caldera
area that was actually going to be like
a lot of a waterfall that you could walk
through if you had that figure out that
if it still wasn't that much fun though
yeah there was talk about actually
setting the place on fire and having
that be a thing or giving them combat we
also wanted like combat like you would
do you know you create burning every
time you walk through that right I'm but
none of those really feel very good so
yeah when we got to the other one that
was clearly ya want to go with thank you
for not setting me on fire
hey I don't appreciate that well you can
still get that on fire just walk in 11
well that's what i'm saying i can do it
all by myself I don't need help
yeah I'm fine without that so you came
up with the remote with wait I'm there
for college and I actually had to write
it down because i keep going thermal
thermal thing fly through the air we had
talked the other day and you guys
actually didn't know that the tonics
still worked in thermal propulsion oh my
gosh no I didn't and I have actually had
to go look for the cool videos oh yeah i
really want to see what players are able
to do with the silliness
yeah you guys need to experience for
snowballs flying through the air
I i love that kind of stuff there
there's i think that that adds another
where fun to like if I didn't know that
the tonics would still work with it but
I would have left it probably anyway um
I like that way i like the fun that
players have been having with the
rescuing the script and taking them
around bright eyes
yes ya holding up in the air oh my god
but yeah that tickles me yeah opening
the boxes while you're opening the
weapon cash for your kind of amazing
yeah so you guys happy with how between
Laila gliding the waypoints and thermal
propulsion have you guys been happy with
how everybody is able to move around
do you feel like it's working yeah
absolutely you know we decided where one
way was a a highway kind of
counterclockwise and then the thermal
propulsion goes the other way so we
wanted to just be able to make sure that
you could get anywhere on the island
quickly that you wanted to get to so
yeah I think it turned out really well
awesome i'll use a buzzword it's very
synergistic gonna say the right energy i
think so
synergy I'm impressed alright there we
go all right marketing buzz word with it
I've never used that word in my life
I've used in powerpoints have you
yeah alright you're pitching things
let's talk about the jumping puzzle all
the tears a challenge full-back a
challenge of tears
so I hear it's difficult yeah not going
anywhere near it and I'm happy with my
life choices in this matter
oh no come on you should literally burn
like four hours of your life i'm jumping
puzzle will be great
only to get to the doctor get knocked
off I news that is the dairy and did
this happen to you or did you just watch
it happen to people that happened to me
when I was cheating and take me off and
I got around
ok so if you change is right absolutely
deserve that and I just you know I mean
you gotta test yes I was cheated on
Saturday yeah yeah yeahs channel depth
bit yes she'd have had on live reading
ok so one more serious note though it is
probably the most is it the most
difficult one
it's kind of different different people
have different ideas about what the most
difficult one is sort of asking around I
haven't done a ton of jumping puzzles
because I stink at them
yep and when I actually questioned our
environment artist Josh about like is
this actually possible he like walked me
through it he and our words designer
Andy like stood behind me for an hour
while I just set like a world state
where I was and then try to make the
jump for my dad restore driving don't
fall to my death and they're just like
sitting there like cackling haha had
like rope guides recently
yeah jackie was like oh like put in
place holder rope guides and yeah yeah
just should like show the path because
like once we took them out trying to
figure out where some of those jumps are
supposed to take you to really difficult
a yeah so it's really hard but like some
people feel like the the nightmare tower
that comes out with a halloween is more
difficult because it's time to write
answers that time pressure camber and he
was was proposing the trolls revenge
before we opened up gliding in the open
world had been harder yes in Lion's Arch
and there's another 1i want to say they
were mentioning fireheart rise but it
could be wrong but there was some other
really long difficult proposal that like
just because there is nothing like no
checkpoints for really long way I'm
longer in this ad . that's true we yeah
we added checkpoints initially Josh like
didn't intend to have any and because we
didn't have a way . nearby that just
seems like really really punishing so
yeah that's where we added the
refreshing mist that you can get a few
times on the way up
just cool off on yeah it's good stuff
so what's the strategy on is it just
figure out where the correctly shaped
slope is yeah well can you offer players
and help tip you will want to glide a
cross the the sort of open chalice two
horns that are sort of sticking down
from the skulls and there's these lava
spouts that like turn on and off right
the intended path through the puzzle
will take you over all those lava spouts
so like if you look from where you're at
and there's some like lava spots turning
on and off and there's a horn over there
looks like you could glad to
you're probably supposed to go that way
so there you go
so it's working as intended yeah alright
you kind of make me want to try it
I mostly just afraid of it have to tell
you you should go into it just for the
spectacle because when you get in there
and this really cool area that Titanic
mass of skulls just leering down you
from every angle leaping lava yeah it's
it's not hard to get actually to ya
the thing about amber B I've been
running around often on just not even
doing events that much just looking and
I've heard that I've heard the same
thing for players is that it's there's
just so much to see so well done on that
yeah yeah shut as much stuff in there as
we can
it's a good work philosophy to get there
and just get in there yet speaking of
and you mentioned all the script earlier
i wanted to talk about populating the
island because again kind of a desolate
a hellish wasteland and there's there's
some things that are naturally occurring
like love monsters the destroyers are
there um where did you even begin on
populating I mean some of the things
were easy to story
some of them were story-driven that was
wonderful and globs of lava shooting
fire at you were kind of a given where
else did you go on populating them
linkedin most of the population on the
mat uh ya heard
just looking at other places where we
used a lot of environments not Maelstrom
fireheart rise seeing just what kind of
creatures we could play with there was
some other things we wanted to play with
but weren't able to make them work some
things that had looked right liked are
elementals were actually all over the
island originally until someone pointed
out thar elementals take like critical
damage from fire
really it probably shouldn't ya later
look like turds to well you know
variation I just look like a terd that's
where and then also did that woman yeah
what fits that they used to be there and
they are no longer there
yeah they end up into pieces pretty much
what happened
yeah and then just like looking at some
bar I'll environments as well you know
blood type coast and and South son to
see what sort of things had been used
for those environments out in the water
to populate like sulfur steps and
whatever and then of course there's also
the peninsula with dinos and
oh yeah the Dinos were used enough in my
opinion I with the egg more dinos
therefore lucky I got some more pocket
rafters for you yes you can always tell
its motoring because I'm like double it
has that have not the 20 back i think
we're using no just that that was one of
the other reasons we decided early on to
include an area with plants on on the
island and we look to their areas around
like Hawaii and other places that are
very volcanic but the volcano actually
makes the soil very rich so you get
these really cool contrasting like black
areas with very green plants coming out
of it and once you put plant somewhere
on the island then you have the
beginnings of an ecosystem and so you
can start going beyond just again
destroyers and rocks and then you can
start having dinosaurs because there's
presumably plant-eating dinosaurs than
the other ones can eat much like away
much like one I said yeah that is true
the circus folk lady too
that's right let's talk about the circus
folk I i called them circus idiots and
then I apologize to you guys and you're
like no it's not the brightest bulbs the
bottom no no no all right my favorite
guys the one that takes 50 copper what
do you mean I've been running around
talking to then I actually have one that
i want to ask you about but tell me
about their repair guy that will play a
trick with you and and yes I'm not gonna
tell you that would just take away the
fun i will give you 50 copper to tell me
know I'm gonna save some time let's go
talk to the guy next to the guy that's
in love with the problem
oh my gosh okay that guy I kind of love
I love him whose idea was that
that was my yeah writer just like
they'll just never heard it was also
love it was like yeah and I never want
to see this end yeah yeah one who
dragged around forever
maybe we'll have a show up in the future
would like it yeah it on a wagon
yeah we got the guys out there and the
yeah that's for you there i was like
here we are we doing punch but this
little here and there it is
yes now like is yeah thank you you're
maybe they will get hitched that would
be fantastic ok so we've got the 50
copper guy
you have i'm interested in lava nikon
exceptional now that's a good
oh the kid lava yeah that's another
angel special yeah she's a lot of that
like weed placed we had the general idea
of there's the circus people here and we
place the actual npcs but then she just
went through and she just like wrote all
these little interactions and dialogues
and get up to him so yeah I did all the
big dialogues got the entitlement yeah
that was amazing
I'll for those of you who haven't who
haven't gotten to hear the circus for
complaining about the sloth she there
they're very angry that she wants to eat
and live
yeah they feed her so she shouldn't
either kids love your entitlement
there's just you know if it's that
there's this whole going back and forth
and I was just kind of running around
you know looking at the environment and
I heard one of and I don't remember
exactly what it was but I heard one of
them saying you know she's just she's I
don't know how much longer I can handle
this behavior and that means that you
yeah that is fantastic yeah so they're
they're feeding her they're bringing her
food and she still literally eating her
young yep
what's up with her I don't know i was
just a cranky
she's just crazy later okay so how did
the circus folk get there is it just
their own stupidity that their shipwreck
yeah they were I the way I always
thought of it when we came up with
initially was that they were up at
megumi which is far north of where we
are and they picked up a sloth there
they had in their boat along with
probably some other animals and that
they got lost
maybe there was like a volcano erupted
in the smokers anything or they just
followed the wrong thing they got lost
the shipwrecked down way down there so
with with the slot and then they decided
to since the sloth was particularly
trained that they should train it up and
get it ready before they went back and
they really have another means to get
back until just recently when you know I
suppose now that the player and there's
a portal there they could get back but
they're still pretty this now
yeah difference between different
bacteria for for the show that they
always plan for it
they're gonna rip me off my 50 copper
i'm not entirely
ok so the little kid that was talking
about do you guys know i did about her
no I don't know much better okay well
alright i will have to ask angel about
that later and I'm very good about what
the deal is she talks like she's never
been to the mainland or she can remember
and where hey what's your deal
yeah they're supposed to have been there
for a while that's not sure I don't know
if she would have been born there she
could have been too young to you yet but
this is exactly the time when ya gotta
get up talking to are going maybe if I
read her dialogue again right things
yeah I would imagine because they're
supposed to have been there for a few
years I don't remember the exact
timeline but like more than one and so I
i think definitely more than one here
yeah let's get that tattered about
training yeah this is this is a fun
group you guys did good work with always
people and it's a cautionary tale
because way back when we first brought
the office or and in as a raid boss is
looking at these adorable little
wings and like I would love to have one
of those and i'm looking at a circus
full/queen now
yeah I don't look right yeah I don't
even gotta say now on that one
all right i want to talk about the
script since you love them so much
script don't feel like naturally
occurring things in denver bay and get
you brought in 750,000 of this with
750,000 it feels like it just love you
many there are like yeah i think it
there well I think the you tell the okay
background yeah I i heard the background
for them they so they were pirates on
the high sea doing pirate stuff I yeah
and they're there captain captain Hughes
is a bit unstable gonna use ya later
everybody better two-thirds of what
sitting over but yeah as as they they
were sailing year to amber bay was
around the time that the destroyers were
popping up and wrecking the place and
you had robe and and
other doors there the UH I my mind was
that the the captain started to see the
volcano there and she started to think
of it as a great shiny and she got sort
of obsessed and she's a little crazy as
it is so she thought this is the plan a
little pieces yeah she's very crazy so
she landed but yeah so he landed them
all there and that's when they found a
robe and the dwarf who they were all
very impressed with his sort of
authority and whatnot they decided he
must yeah he must be a god or she did as
well and convince the rest of them and
yes I always thought of them as they're
like former Pirates have found religion
and so that's that's why they're now
fighting the destroyers and working with
him and there was also a great fun with
sort of the contrast between the sort of
stoic kind of grouchy dwarf and the sort
of frenetic dumb script that was one of
the other initial ideas that the reason
he can't send the script to turn the
machines on let's go get them together
in a group because you know their
intelligence is based on the number of
other scripts that are near them so get
them in a group he'll be like here's
where the machines are you should go get
them and they're like great let's split
up different directions and they'll
forget what they're doing and because
they get too dumb to write they get you
don't have to figure it out and so I
yeah but they're there yet the
combination of those two
that was my that was my favorite things
that didn't happen story
ya ever when you told me that the other
day i'm so happy about that
yeah I wish we could have made that work
that was uh yeah it was there was a
bunch of stuff we want to put another
had an original idea that again didn't
fit in the dialogue in the story were
telling was that basically they were
looking at real man as a god and so he
would speak very plainly but they would
think he was speaking in metaphor is
everything going to tell them he'd be
like alway leave me alone and they're
like you know we need to think about the
important things in life and again
exactly exactly but again yeah that
wasn't quite enough to fit that along
with all these it's already pretty dense
with story area and so yeah actually I
want to talk about this straight you
want to talk about one more creature
that we populated ever be with where
they're kerka
yeah so there I am right I'm looking
around and thinking you know how can we
very what's on this desolate Rock and
it's been so long since we've had a
reason to go fight script in a new place
sorry carcass in a new place so yeah
just thought that would be really fun
we looked at it and it ended up being
the Skerries that it just was a space
that made sense for them and in fact
originally that area was populated with
smoke scale who everyone hates Sorry
Sorry play I was some player hate and
I'm glad yeah uh yeah uh that the event
that like the disillusion script they
want to go out and found new scratch
fighting a ton of smoke scale out there
was was a pretty challenging soon felt
better to switch it up for Marquez and
the double how far so much better
yeah it was just it was a fun
opportunity and big open space that they
made sense for you look really cool
I five and they look really cool yeah so
did you honestly I would fight a cargo
over eight ton of smoke scale
oh you have no idea how many there were
I don't know
scaling they were like 30 gonna no no I
wouldn't see anything because no word
miss ya my students that we address I'll
up that's just weird yeah yeah it was
fun to watch destroyers fight smoke
skills ok was that was energy let's go
destroy destroy is just just happened
just you know gosh that sounds amazing
an awful as long as I could watch from a
safe distance just be like popcorn for
days that's fair i never did have smoke
steal fight kharka wonder smokes Goodwin
okay who would win in a fight smoke
scalar Carter here's the thing i need
you to find out and let me know that
that thing you can arrange yeah graphics
ok alright let's talk about story so you
worked on the story section will be a
role in working with narrative in this
so generally narrative it's a sort of a
back-and-forth generally narrative will
give you a list of story beats that need
to happen or should happen or they'd
like to happen and you uh you look
through them and you figure out sort of
okay how do I translate this into
gameplay and how do I you know sort of
figure out the blocking and we're sort
of players will interact and what they
will do and then you sort of send that
back to them and they look at you go
back and forth and sort of very quickly
you try to get a playable sort of
prototype of it somewhere in the game
using usually temporary art and things
like that and my own dialogue that I've
written that then gets rewritten and
yeah so you just sort of back-and-forth
play and then feedback
yeah okay so let's start with this is
going to work our way through and start
with x game because that was so much fun
and elegant tell you when we were still
in the testing phase of this i got into
that I stopped playing I tapped out of
the game set belly a message and i was
like huh who did this whole that's good
so how did you how did you get to okay
let's use let's use motos thing for this
yeah the motor thing was actually josh
Mormons suggestion he was one of the
original creators of super adventure box
imagine he was like hey guys i have this
yeah yeah that was another thing that
again took a lot of iteration to get
where we ended up with it the only the
only initial sort of plot point was that
time is uncovered this sort of a
simulation room and that we need to
battle destroyers within it so that we
have a contrast between all destroyers
and destroyers sort of as we move on to
the next map so that was all we had
initially and there were again a bunch
of changes very first version was
literally in a volcano and it was
completely realistic and it was a we
played around with having sort of an
unstable environment where would a
different props would get from different
maps would pop in so you would have you
know you'd be in a volcano but then like
underwater plants would start to come by
and said that ended up with can be
chaotic mess i'm sitting down yeah don't
yeah yeah and it was it was that kind of
idea of weird
thats yeah that's true anything in the
context of this it's already a very
story dense sort of instance to begin
within so when on top of the combat and
all of the important plot points you
then had all this craziness going on
around you and made it really difficult
to concentrate and sort of a see what's
going on so that's why we we pared it
down quite a bit and we still put in the
the Moto when the transistor just
bananas with amazing yes and yeah so
that was his idea was destroyed your
bananas uh I was going named it that I i
believe yeah I i think that was that was
all me I'm we we decide as a group your
life as you can totally take credit yeah
i'll say the group the group decided to
put the SABC stuff in there but i
implemented the initial version of the
the monkey that's so fun
I did you were talking about how got so
chaotic energy so distracting
i did find that it was it ended up
striking a good balance between all of
the stuff that we need to tell you
also you need to fight all of these
video yeah and it was almost it was like
right at this balance between a little
too much and I was thinking okay she's
gonna need to stop talking pretty soon
yeah and she did
yeah so that's worked out well good good
good yeah we go again reiterated on that
a lot between like looking at the
dialogue like there was a version that
had more dialogue actually and it was
haha yeah but look at it going what is
it what is really important or really
funny are good and certainly a lot of
judicious cutting which is a lot of any
kind of design or writing or editing is
judicious cutting you know what that's
that and so yeah it involved just a lot
of that to try to get that balance as
close as we could we have versions where
you the dialogue and comment were
happening at the same time but that was
again a difficult process everything at
ya think you know yeah there i think
there were there was a time or two when
she was saying you know okay real quick
before the next wave comes ok now the
next week is coming and going to happen
thank you for shutting up i love you and
because she's getting up right now
because I will not listen to you that
yeah so I do want to say really quickly
if you guys watching have questions you
drop them in chat and we will try to
answer a couple of them at the end so
what we're talking about x games this is
more of a narrative thing but i do want
to mention I've enjoyed watching timings
a character she's getting old and she's
she's old know what she's
getting into the automaton like chinese
ya think she's just email via and it's
been she's been an interesting character
to watch because she was this like she
had that cocky little kid thing where
she had no idea of her own mortality or
elements and she you know
shut up stupid adults I know everything
and a cool touch that i noticed in time
his game was that she had to admit she
didn't know something
yes and it pissed her off yeah yeah good
luck enjoys it but yeah really quite
enjoys it
um but relax not doing much of anything
right now he's enjoying doing whatever
he's doing at the Citadel at the moment
but that's yeah he took off and wait no
come back with ya things fine
yeah we got to watch him show up clean
out of spam folder and leave i'm sure
you'll come back some yeah that wasn't
I'm like ninety percent sure that's not
just the end of the character
okay you're not gonna tell me are you
know I'm right
actually I tried ok what we mentioned
Roman Roman Roman I just I keep calling
him to your face and your rock face rap
rock faces that was kind of an awesome
addition because i was picturing the
whole time
the first type later I was picturing
rock faces thinking like the great who
this big cliff or something and I got in
there and found how incredibly literal
it was who who did this is all I have
how did we get here I like headless I
like bodyless heads that talk i don't
know if you remember on your face in
that there was Decorah run around with
the exalted head with a gold guzzler so
i figured i will just continue on with
that thing that's a grits holding
inanimate objects that talk in their
actually they didn't work pulling ahead
but you know the heads that you know
palliate or whatever but we just take
his thumb
yeah we did you take me to always keep
your system
yep i would really like to just find
some way to pick up Romans head stuff in
my backpack and had had three wanted a
backpack that talked I don't have really
you like time he was in there yeah yeah
and i want you i want a row handheld
version of nomads had decided to because
it's that's a traditional Irish name
10-4 darn it if it'd be all right get
off show ya
alright alright sorry your pins with my
kryptonite out right now would also
Rodians in there he's got he's very old
he doesn't have to have patience anymore
but he's trapped in this big chair with
you out of these scripts yeah and it's
just the best that
yeah it's it's like i mentioned earlier
there's a great sort of tension between
this guy just sort of stuck in the
middle of it with the you know for
parenteral perennial II sort of you know
grouchy expression on his face as the
script go nuts all around him
there's one guy who just stands in front
of him all day going yeah it's it's a
nice contrast between quite entertaining
know exactly but this is more open world
story content
yeah how do you make that work without
him concert you know citizens
oh don't keep that from happening
it's so we actually have so that we did
a lot more with open-world story stuff
this time and it definitely takes a lot
of sort of testing to make sure that
that like it took a long time to get it
all working but we do have the ability
to set things so that only a specific
player who has interacted with it can
hear it or see it one very subtle thing
that is is not super noticeable but it
took awhile to get write it as as you
turn off the machines when you go
through the story he skulls on the
central volcano actually go out one by
one just for you so like depending on
which machines you have turned on and
off different skulls will be lit on that
central volcano like they're each linked
to you can see it best when you do the
the circus step actually if you watch
the the skull that's right in front of
you stand on that Cliff it'll go out and
it erupted also get the eruptions also
our only depending on where you are in
the story you'll see different weapons
than this is so this is more
far-reaching just right here on the
machine the little ball
yeah yeah the ball changes for you the
the game when you talk to any quest npc
the you should be the only one who hears
yeah so that's imported pretty good
fine-tuning yeah it takes a lot of it
does take a lot of testing to make sure
every little thing that's been said has
been set and that you have to get in
playing multiple characters yourself and
sort of try to have different angles but
i think it turned out well I think so
too because we don't have all of these
npcs yelling the same thing right
43 arrive exactly at once and I think we
all appreciate that very much but if I'm
speaking of fine-tuning things I wanted
to talk about the I'm gonna stay strong
old foes old ghosts
yes did I do it I didn't get it that
might be the first time I wanted to do
that is that is a brutal story step
either that or I'm just bad because it's
pretty struggled
oh yeah just moving through the the
temple yes it is you stuff that he
stopped shooting
yeah yes and it's meant to be pretty
tough part of it one of the things so
our first versions of it were not very
difficult and sort of internal testing
and and and and the earliest people who
played it it didn't feel so scary enough
to be a shot temple basically we like we
ended up wanting the place to be
someplace someplace that was sort of
terrifying and that moving through it
was very sort of uh most of the time
it's mostly al yeah no I agree I i
myself when i played through it once it
was on live like waited to gather a
group of people
yeah me through it like it's it's better
to almost think of it as like he open
world that helps to have other people if
you can find the
a you know when the event is on to
something like that definitely yeah we
had it was kind of quiet when I was
doing it with some guildmates better at
night and we had one of our friends he
went ahead he ran ahead and he like took
the fire for us because he'd already
yeah and he was a heavy class he was
like ok they're all hitting me go
because i'm not gonna climb down to the
I'm down to like getting the helm and I
can find I get it helps my heart you
have to go very deep in love
yeah yours York you're having I was
fired last way I was like . yeah all the
stuff where you have to interact with it
basically if it if it's green text on
the top of the thing there that that's
the stuff i did alright so i can blame
here didn't I didn't set the Jade the
the contracting the rest of it i just i
did place where okay because I'm mad
about that so know if it was fun and I
felt good when I got through it yeah but
yeah it hurt
it is it is a tough area I think that so
let's look at the armor collection
because I'm interested in I guess how
hard it was to make it work oh my god we
are now deciding up for that again i
ever get painful memories that was tough
it seemed like such a small yes yeah but
I'm and then put on the but what is
happening is is and again not to get too
technical you cannot it's fine
each piece of armor as you collect it
runs a script that looks to see which
other pieces you've collected and based
on that it then approach to see what
race quite a race and gender yet
combination you are and based on that
each time it says okay should you be in
the army and if so which and then you
have to go through but again from a
testing perspective you had to test
every variation on each one so you had
to go through each had to go through the
boot and look at oks or a male or a
female charming and view of the quest
steps like that for each combination for
each sorry of yeah yeah it's only gloves
only hell yeah make sure and then do
them all so we had to make sure that you
did it once with the boots or the helmet
or whatever being the last one because
that was the one it basically looks to
have you collected the other three if
you have then do it so whichever so yeah
he was a big pain there's also that
there were ultimately issues with if you
died while you're in the shot
transformation and things like that it
was a few yeah it ended up being not
supposedly i think it's cool i'm invited
to know I definitely school
yeah I worked out well and I I really do
feel bad because the way this
conversation came about is that I
message Nelly while we while we were
playing at work and I was like oh haha a
chart character got like in all of his
yeah and the ghost is like yeah you
oh yeah you could totally pass you look
you look perfect except he's a giant cat
with the tail to be fair it's our
llanelli was like you sit down
yeah I really don't know you only have
sorry that I didn't know from he's
pretty fairly sarcastic
so that's I just like yeah that was no
you if you work i was stuck in a shock
we were doing use Excel does he think
that I would and I would find whatever
entertainment i could buy is reading it
you know like a charter certainly like
yeah you yeah you're right let me know
how it works yeah so and you you guys
right into some bumps here and there I
mean you came into was it Lindsay that
you were telling me said they found a
little problem when which one with the
area on
yeah oh yeah the one oh yeah yeah it was
just making sure we didn't want to
we wanted to make sure that they are
player agent for yeah well you want to
when the player puts on the armor you
want them to look as much like their
characters possible and we were
initially planning it we were thinking
oh well you're wearing armor so it's not
going to worry the thing is the more
soft armor it's like Lazarus's likes
back here yeah so you could still sure
so we wanted the skin to look like as
much so the skinny to either look like
the player skin or look nothing like the
player skin which means you now think
about their raise yeah they're right
exactly and we weren't going to be able
to do that many variations so that's why
you turned into like a zombie and he
didn't like her sautee can do you handle
more soft kind of skin under there yeah
there's just so much more to think about
than yeah boom slap these armor skins on
and yeah which again was be a
michelin-rated watching he's like
low-hanging fruit like suggestion and it
seems so easy at the time and it was it
was also one of the things you didn't
quite sort of now I realize how complex
but it wasn't quite meets LA complex you
realize how complex it was until you
were already so knee-deep in it that it
kind of felt like there was no going
back yeah yeah my number 90 clear and
reputation i was like we're doing this
because i'm not going to present many
hours on some problem i can't ball but
no man
ok the final story step if they have you
seen people's reactions people love it
to Dragon vigil
yeah and you guys hate spoilers we're
going to be talking spoilers yeah .
spoilers yes the first day the first day
when rising flames released i was being
insanely careful about spoilers for
social media sites so I wasn't talking
about arena on guild wars 2 Twitter
anything I do I was being super super
careful yeah so even now I'm still a
little bit gun-shy about like that
yesterday we were I was like checking
with people before retreating something
really you think it's okay if I it's
okay if I talk about yes so I'm even
though I'm like we're going to talk
about the thing ya thing
yeah the thing at the end of the episode
yes right how do you guys are value out
yeah it's great though that it is gonna
have that that she's actually monocle
yeah as you do when you turn 16
yes yes did you all get your candy
no I have it home alright like like
losing your first tooth you just keeping
that yeah it's like that corsage for the
certain problem right
yeah it is and it would be it would be
really will be cool i got to have a
guitar teacher so
sure prob monocles everywhere iconic old
for all that will be the episode name
anyway L did it how do you guys feel
about the reception to Dragon visual
it's great
yeah yeah I quatre super happy with my
numbers we drag me anywhere just right
it's just like it's been like a week
long sustained squeeze ya got the
schedule dental work to deal with the
cavities but given yeah she's so sweet
my original idea of like the the
hatching cinematic never came to
fruition that's like not as it whatever
you want i just wanted a bunch of
squishing sounds in the top of the egg
to like I don't know
cinematic students that facebook
yes that would have been being we only
had the animation budget i am upset that
did not have so am I now what I'm
thinking about it man thanks
now i'm disappointed re thats ok i do
want to talk about the actual story part
of it though
um I guess is this is all technology and
it malfunctioned and suddenly everything
is trying to kill remember what the room
did its job
the room for ya while we were tricked
the room protect the egg and then it had
birth and then it does job guys
so does every bounce out for her yeah so
so this is partially what and then not
going to go into too much detail about
it because of potentially other things
that may come around later but I was I
was I was thinking very quickly
oh yeah but-but-but yeah a part of it
does involve the idea that that so yeah
these altitudes in there does mention
that the technology is older in it could
be malfunctioning a part of it also has
to do with the fact that promoters
created these new destroyers and they're
actually able to get in to this area
whereas other ones have not been able to
before and so yeah a lot of this is
it involves sort of print mortis waiting
for the right moment or at least his
minions waiting for the right moment to
come in and try to get her
yeah i'm not entirely pleased about him
but I couldn't have to tell a small
story on myself i didn't realize until
and I was telling our team about this
and everybody got a good laugh at my
I didn't realize that the little bombs
that were being planted Irene could hurt
them so i was already a panic i was
picking them up and I'd like running a
faraway Carly and give I'll give another
tip because this was something that said
yeah i think is yes so that get the
bombs throw them at the Destroyers when
you get to the boss look you there's
another button a pop-up you throw the
bomb at him and that's really the the
key I i miss that the fast but yeah the
it's sometimes sometimes the bomb use
things that pop up on the screen
it's a lot simpler and if you and then
if you do that in place through that's
how you get the baby dragon mask helmet
using I found I found that out on the
last boss but I'd been I'd been throwing
them as far away ya get away forever get
them away from so yeah if there was
anything on the outskirts of the thing
right they were screwed
yeah but they're feeling for yeah i was
just an idiot
firstly i haven't played it online yet
so i guess ya gotta get there
ya know I can't get the helm Aaron bad
it's like you're God destroyers hanging
outside the chamber to so I'm sure you
were still doing damage take that
primordial there are about to catch some
of them for you
yeah okay we're getting kinda short on
time I do want to try to answer a couple
questions but I want to talk a little
bit about the open world events did you
know that you worked on this is the most
okay our couple of those linked helped
and we had some mother with some friends
yes but yeah I have questions about a
couple we have the big ones and we have
liked this movie Tron event which that
was out there that was me that's the one
event i worked on
well it was a really big when you're
probably gonna have type of it
yeah Usher on was was fun
uh it was we knew we were gonna do the
the love warm that we already had that
sort of requested and so it was a matter
of yeah just finding a fun something fun
to do with that that boss fight and I
just had this idea of this like crazy of
Sarah sort of Captain Ahab character
like doing crazy things to try to stop
the worms and building a giant gold felt
like a fun it's also a bit of a supposed
to be a bit of a like tribute to like
hygiene battles the yeah sort of
I like it yeah I for some reason did not
and i was running around there and i
still didn't make the country battle
oh and now i'm going to be looking at
yeah every time I went through yeah I'm
probably the only one who didn't ya know
I've again love captain Hughes yes she's
my favorite thing they're watching her
freak out yep the at once in awhile
can we talk about hungry how little we
can talk about hungry hell is this
are you wanting to make it i don't want
to be like what is it like a long-term
it was supposed to be long okay thing
I also feast off the tears of our
players there my youthful girl like you
single want to yeah yeah sorry guys I
just needed to look at another couple
years younger and so much hungry out
there okay
no that's not it at all well no um yeah
actually there was some stuff that went
on with it but that wasn't totally
none of us knew the master . we're gonna
oh and yes if I didn't is if he did it
no I'm just looking at you like what ya
know I that was definitely not supposed
to be the case but it's there now and it
will stay there
the secret to him is you need to take
the lava tube right in front of the
shipwreck village and that will shoot
you over to allege that you can then
jump glide over to and talk to hell it's
you don't have to go through the you
know the fortress you can you can just
do it with it's like a soft heart gate
get thermal propulsion you'll be glad
you did you well it looks awesome and
super fun writing i like that you only
need what five hundred thousand XP to
get thermal propulsion so I get to use
really sorry but it's very much welcome
. would make sure we wanted to because
we're doing these living world episodes
and each of them are kind of their
they're telling her own story we didn't
think that it was it didn't feel good to
have to kind of do the traditional
leveling and it on the other masteries
so you know the the masteries are kind
of made for that map and you know future
releases and so we just didn't want to
punish anybody and if you don't have
lighting which is one of the hardest
ones we just wanted to make sure that
you could not get stuck just running
around the island and you you were able
to have your own set of yeah i think the
goal was also to like try to try to like
a set the XP value needed so that you
would reach that like two-thirds to
three-quarters your way through the
episode right so you have time in your
initial playthrough to enjoy it or if
not like immediately thereafter
yeah assuming that you do set the the
the master train at the beginning of the
episode I totally didn't do that yeah
yeah I remember to set that trap
mit-trained master it's nice that
bloodstone fen and M'Baye i have noticed
both just throw tons of XP at you soon
yeah you know really quick i mean really
would like we gotta make up for some of
that other stuff like you know like
hungry he'll like every how exactly i
didn't know stargates okay you're
selling our gate so we'll just set them
is often last one
sloth sloth sloth sloth queen is like
no she's soft green algae open world
she's yours
yes she is mine ok here's mine it
basically i came down to the fact that i
am a terrible team player and I want to
see our raid content out in the real
world if it makes sense the fault was so
the fact that so little of our players
including myself got to to go into that
and play that I wanted to just share the
amazingness of that animal with
everybody and it won't happen all the
well yeah they're not going to go around
collecting oh yeah the circus poker not
going to have a raid boss collision
exactly and it and that is very well you
just said yeah that looks like yeah his
case study and you can't work you know I
think I don't think we're definitely not
trying to make a cake inside of any of
that if it works and you know the
designer who is working on that piece of
content wants to go for it makes sense
and it works and we should totally do it
you guys sit by the red team's i do
something next to the way to yeah I got
to ask crystal definitely got to to
judge me heavily by skill implementation
and that's all that I also love the just
way that it's with subtle nod to King
Kong right-handers go to capture this
giant your insurance goal i love what
could possibly go wrong
only then the sort of end up in a monkey
yeah yeah as you yeah all right you guys
want to share a couple questions here
you guys want to see if they're so there
is a question from 404 vault and
cinelli's team lead on what character
lead environment lead i was the content
design lead on that so i just got to
juggle a bunch of stuff and make all
stuff we at picking questions in real
time alright that I can answer the guild
decoration one they they were considered
I think it came down to some time
constraints that we had
oh yeah really oh I'm sorry I'm sorry my
uh so the question was were killed
decorations considered for in-game
rewards and Enver Bey this release came
with great fractal decorations but i'm
curious enough skilled decorations were
considered for open future world rewards
yes they totally are we just didn't have
a chance to this time there that just
means that our rewards guy has the more
stuff in the future with love a theme to
make for you but ya know if it is
considered the Guildhall go next yeah
adventure Gyllenhaal
and which other ones do what can rock
the one question from sparkle getting
was why does the costume not change with
the skin of the character I assume
that's going back to the Mossad thing
which I think we talked about a little
bit before but it was ultimately it does
change your technical yeah it does its
you haven't actually just putting a
armor on your existing model it's real
swapping your model out with another one
and we weren't able to have as many
variations are as there are skin
variations for each character and so
that's why it does a neutral sort of
zombie look I can
are there any okay see what was the
question when what can you tell us about
the strange rockers becoming with magic
I don't know what rough i know you i do
but i'm not going to say anything about
it not because you're mean but I don't
know because i can't yeah which area
isn't uh you should read read it and i
will show it to you and yes like it's
all over Susan's better not just be
ready to ya in our forums to yeah I
can't we can talk about that okay okay
sue cry right now if you guys have
answered all the ones that you are
currently allowed to talk about yeah i'm
having to defer to you because i'm
looking at some of these going I don't
actually know if you guys are well i
think yeah look at all the ones that we
can so we're going to call it good and
let you guys get back to working on your
next things so and let you all get back
to playing all right thank you guys very
much I know you're all three busy and I
appreciate you taking time out of your
workday thanks for having probably have
thank you guys for watching and we'll
see you next time

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