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ArenaNet employee

Rubi Bayer

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Content Marketing Manager

Rubi Bayer, Social Media Coordinator, started out as the lead Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 writer at Massively, covering the news and penning the Flameseeker Chronicles column devoted to all things Tyria. She was the co-host for the Guildcast fan podcast, both in its original iteration and on Gamebreaker TV. In 2010 she stepped up as Massively's Community Manager before joining the ArenaNet team in February of 2012.

— ArenaNet blog

Rubi Bayer hosts the Guild Chat program on Twitch, where she interviews various developers and chats with them about past and present Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 content. You will also find her at most of the Guild Wars 2 promotional events and Game Conferences/Exhibitions that ArenaNet attends.


  • She owns a compost tumbler and is considering buying a second one.[1]
  • Miss Kitty Fantastico is a tribute to one of her cats.
  • As part of Extra Life 2023, as a donation incentive Rubi read out an increasingly long copypasta while eating sour candy: King Rubi the Inevitable, the last Sleepless King, Rubi the Undying, the Scourge of Twitch, Rubi the Feared, Rubi the Beloved, Rubi the Transcendent, Rubi the Eternal Monarch of The Community, slayer of High General Lord Viscount Baron Stephen VonBigglesworth the Fourth, Murderer of all she Surveys, Grandmaster of the Chainsawsword! Rubi the Feared! Rubi, the Doom of Grand Vizier Utumishi! Rubi, the Conqueror of the Sour Candy Elemental! Rubi the Sleep Deprived! Rubi the Well-Caffeinated, Defier of Wizards Vault! Brusher of Lady Wisteria Whiskington! Rubi the absolute pog champ! Rubi the lover of Miss Kitty Fantastico!