Guild Chat - Episode 50

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Guild Chat - Episode 50

PvP updates
Rubi Bayer
Grant Gertz
Benjamin Phongluangtham
Cal Cohen
Ray Patrick
June 23, 2017
Official video

The following is an unofficial, player-written transcript of the episode. The accuracy of this transcription has not been verified by ArenaNet.

The 50th episode of Guild Chat aired on June 23, 2017. Join host Rubi Bayer and her developer guests Benjamin Phongluangtham, Ray Patrick, Grant Gertz and Cal Cohen for this week’s Guild Chat, where they’ll discuss this week’s PvP update!

hi everybody happy Friday and welcome to
guild chat where we're talking about
this week's PvP updates on Guild Wars 2
I'm your host Ruby and let me get it
started to introduce you to our deaf
guests our first two dub guests for the
week Ben you're sitting closest so I'll
pick on you first I'm Ben I'm the game
designer for PvP awesome I'm grant I am
the producer for PvP arrow vs. world
awesome thank you guys
I'll start by letting you guys know that
we are going to try to take some
questions if you have questions during
the show just throw them in to chat a
couple people behind the scenes will be
passing them on to us and if we have
time we will try to get those answered
so let's go ahead and just start with
automated tournaments since you guys
worked on those they didn't quite go as
planned but you had contingencies in
play in place and those did go as
planned so I'll let you guys address
those yeah so we had things in place so
that if there were issues with
tournaments like we encountered on
Tuesday that it would be only affecting
the actual tournaments so when we ran
the issues regular PvP you still ran
fine the rest of the game Duran fine
so those went off as anticipated in case
we had issues obviously we tried to
address the issues as quickly as
possible when we got it our first term
it up about a day later but yeah we had
we had plans a place to make sure that
we could limit the impact of any issues
yeah that's that's helpful because it
could have had a domino effect just from
what I was hearing talking to you guys
could have had a domino effect taken
down all of PvP and it's really really
nice that you guys planned for that and
made sure that didn't happen
yeah luckily they're pretty separated
from the rest of the PvP so yeah thank
you very very much we did we had an
interesting Tuesday hey do you guys want
to talk a little bit about the crash
issues that we were into um yeah we had
what I mean the guys later will explain
more technical detail yeah we have two
more guys coming it was basically some
some issues with somebody dropping a
match and then like while there while
the rosters were getting transferred or
something like that a rail we all get I
keys the server programmer to build more
but but yeah and because of that kind of
caught as a cascade fail like you'll see
a screenshot later of us within our
empty match like just like a lot of
players experience so we had we had some
issues in the morning as well weren't
necessarily from work we did but just
other things that happened in the game
whenever you have a new release so we
were working on getting those addressed
and then as soon as we got those cleaned
up we're going to went into our first
tournament before Sunday we had since
cleaned up the first issues we knew
wasn't related to that and we could
focus on just the tournament section of
why those didn't go off as planned and
kind of helped us limit where we needed
a troubleshooting bug fix yeah you guys
were you guys were super busy on Tuesday
it's been a busy week yeah it is I saw a
lot of you on Tuesday yeah I was running
around we had a couple things that we're
hoping to to celebrate with the first
hermit and had to put those on hold till
day to bury uh everything worked out
alright so yeah awesome um let's see
let's talk about some more fun stuff
like the end of match mechanic yeah
there's been actually been a lot of
questions about it why we did it um a
lot of the reason we did it was just we
wanted kind of a better end to a match
like right now people used to just run
around and keep fighting or take points
and we wanted something that kind of a
little bit of a celebration um and a
little bit of boasting to go happen at
the end we're something we just thought
was fun but we're going to continue to
look at them and see how we can improve
them we might be able to do stuff in the
future like this is very maybe but like
we could give different emotes and stuff
that people could do at the end of the
matches it's just a it's a wave it
creates more tools that we can use to
give players some different happy news
to celebrate so for people who haven't
seen it yet do you guys want to spoil a
little bit yes what it is what happens
is at the end of the match the winning
team gets moved to some pedestals and
then they get a bunch of options to
dance or shoot fireworks off and people
can leave we know that people that
doesn't necessarily want to stick around
the mattress
that stuff so we didn't change the
functionality for leaving the match you
can leave instantaneously and there's
still the scoreboard thing that actually
covers up the players for the most part
you get to see you get to close that to
be able to see people dancing around but
yeah we just wanted something that was a
little bit more interesting than just
letting the match go until the map was
closed yeah
so if it's not your thing you can still
bail yeah you can bail any tool
absolutely yeah
and the statues in there you were
telling me they went through multiple
iterations you're thinking of the top
team statues yeah thank you so we did
have some a few bug iterations on the
end of match pedestals though we've we
tried to have tried to catch some dance
emotes where it would float you off we
found one that you have to run the dance
for like two and a half minutes and how
slowly work is way off so yeah I didn't
realize the loop changed after that long
time and the person slowly moves off the
yeah everything just moves you a tiny
bit yep so if you leave it for long
enough it builds uh-huh and eventually
they're just like way over here yeah we
also had to like increase the collision
on there because it's not all the player
races actually moved the same way during
the dances and stuff like that so at one
point like the the Norn was doing a
weird dip and then coming back up
because his center point moves in a
different way than the rest of races do
so yeah we just had the collision moved
out but there was a lot of weird like
visual things luckily most of them were
fairly simple fixes we didn't have to
spend a lot of time I mean it was kind
of a everything we had to did was just
pretty simple didn't require any new
code to do this whole thing for the most
part nice so yeah which is all all done
through scripting but as for the statues
themselves we shipped live with I think
the third iteration of statue textures
the very first one which I think you can
actually see in the blog post was using
the box of fun petrify and then we found
a different texture that we weren't
overly pleased with so we asked a little
bit help and got a few modifications
made yeah luckily the effects team was
really helpful and jumping on it once we
looked at it it was literally like
two weeks ago maybe that I'm like I
don't think we can ship with this it
just looks weird so I went like borrowed
some effects time off books to actually
get somebody to to punch it up a little
bit they made it look a lot better what
didn't you love they had this weird rim
lighting on it was yeah Edward glow and
the color of the actual armor bled
through a little bit that was weird it
was just a combination of things just
didn't feel right so just it was just a
little bit of love made a lot of
difference with nice all the gems are
doing that for us for James James hid
awesome schemes alright so were these
the ones where we were talking I think
there was a reddit thread where I was
like okay so what if we go in there
naked yeah that was these are those
statues the ones that you get for
becoming first place in the monthly
tournament oh yeah look what we did
think about about what players might try
to do and I know there actually are some
top players that play naked sometimes so
yeah we wanted to keep that into account
so you just get put basic armor if you
go into it and we've tried to point this
out but as a fact for those of you that
think you have any shot at creating a
statue of your own
it won't take your outfits it won't take
back items if I'm glad items as well if
it's back items love it so if you've got
an awesome outfit but your armor looks
like garbage it's going to easier to
that before going into the match village
giving yourself good armor Rd that
outfit if you want to cool statue
alright if you guys been looking like
what's the weirdest thing you've seen so
far oh well have you gotten to see
anything really good we I don't we've
played around with a whole lot of
different varieties um there's some
amazing armor combination app hell yeah
there are some strange though I mean
people can with I would be interested to
see people put some crazy armor on there
as long as it's not naked so I think
it'll be pretty interesting the
combinations people people do we did
want it to be as customizable as
possible because it should show your
personality through and your giant nerd
mustache yeah what it was like the first
thing I saw everybody saying is giant
nor mustache so thank you for not taking
that away along with the back pieces and
the ability to be naked on the statue
awesome alright so beyond that you guys
hid a lot of stuff around the PvP Lobby
- yeah some of the stuff we did the
llama farm
I know llamas are kind of are like
themed pet um so we decided to put a
little farm over there yeah so yeah we
were just looking for stuff after we got
that all the basic functionally moved
over we were just looking at an adding
flavor so llama farm adding the llama
achievement adding a jump puzzle things
for do for things for people to do we we
migrated the rubble pile from the old as
well where everybody enjoyed standing on
and dancing on and some reason
congregating around it's got its own
island it should be a nice ray of light
on it just make sure that the rubble
pile never gets forgotten yeah
and then we wanted to add another thing
for people to do between matches so we
added the free-for-all arena that's in
there okay I want to talk about the
free-for-all arena in a second but I
want to back up to the llama farm and
ask who did the NPC's dialogue I was me
rude I thought it is not an insult
I'm complimenting that it's I mean I
think it's a little fun to poke a little
find it every once in a while I mean
you're not wrong I know that's why I did
it I could actually like hear laughter
over in the corner of the room right now
I'm looking at one of the questions we
got here regarding um how your legendary
armor look I actually haven't done it
with a generic just like anyway well it
does it because it going to be am yeah
that's a good quick I would imagine it's
going to be the non-combat version but
probably have to go in and actually try
and that's a good question but my gut
says it would be the non-combat version
cows giving me a thumbs up over the
corner so I think that's going on right
okay probably Peter okay there actually
is a good question now I'm very curious
so somebody needs to get in there and
find out for us we'll head out so check
it out yeah alright so free-for-all
arena yeah that was basically I don't
even know who came up with the idea or
we were just thinking of things we could
in the arena yeah cuz you know people
have been asking a while for you know
some way to do dual zone 1 zone while we
didn't want to necessarily put in a
whole new system functionality of you
know right-click duel or anything like
that we want to give you enough can you
do still like go fight trial builds just
yeah something to spend your time while
you're waiting on a cue or you're in the
middle of a tournament or all that just
you know go have fun try it was a whole
pile to stand out what more do you want
people have actually played it a lot
more than I thought they would I thought
it would die down pretty fast but I was
in there like I went out because I want
to see if make sure the term is started
last night around 11 so I jumped in
there and there were still a decent
sized people down there I jump in there
every once a while for a quick fight and
let people get that I killed me and get
there killed of achievement so sweet I
don't let them but they I'm like you're
gonna get killed the station jumping for
that title
it's also been nice to see people like
you know sitting in the stands just kind
of passing time I mean I think the other
day well we're monitoring one of the
tournament's tours before devs just kind
of sitting in the upper terrace just
hanging out yeah interact it's fun to
just watch people to like in the
background fight many people might start
gambling honor or something I don't know
like people can do whatever they want
there now they will yeah everybody catch
that alright I have a couple of player
questions just that we've seen thrown
around um to the--to cues yes so when we
were thinking about what we wanted to
put into this this update we there were
a lot of to be two tournaments going on
that our player run and things of that
nature and they were using a belief faux
fires middle point to do their there to
V twos so we felt like just giving them
a map that if they still wanted to go
and run their own 2v2 tournaments it was
something that's more built from the
ground up to support a 2v2 style combat
and so that's much you can stay in
customer you knows for right now a lot
of players that if they want to continue
running and organizing their own to be
two matches they just have a better play
space to do that and give us an
opportunity to add some additional
features to the customer it is like
rounds and that basically deathmatch
style game game mode to the customer
Rena which they didn't have those
options before even on a deaths match
style map okay um I'm gonna hit you with
this and I'm sorry rewards yes or do I
need to elaborate or no so yeah we know
we're always gonna be looking at the
rewards to see like are they relevant
and are they valid so we think for the
most part the monthly rewards are in a
pretty good spot there's actually
something I'm working on that I don't
want to mention right now because it's
not done yet but I'm hoping I can get in
there for the first monthly but 99% sure
I'm going to get in there but I don't
want to promise it because things change
and then for the dailies where we're
evaluating the the amount of stuff we're
giving out we were a little conservative
because we were a little concerned about
farming which is always a concern
especially in a tournament where there
could be one team that just dominates
all the time it always gets the top
reward so but that being said I think we
can we are going to evaluate it and and
we'll keep and keep the publicans
we're always watching feedback on reddit
forums we've been on a lot of twitch
streams getting feedback from players
they're just listening to conversations
trying to get as much information as we
can and do our due diligence on the back
end of making sure that the suggestions
are feasible and realistic yeah you guys
are you guys are paying attention yeah
all that you did mention that there's
you mentioned that there's something
you're working on you don't want to say
quite yet so you guys are you guys
aren't done you're not just okay we're
VP update we're out yeah I mean I think
especially for the monthlies like
they're never going to be completely
done because I'd like to swap them out
every once in a while but obviously like
you never know what can happen or what
resources I'm gonna have available to me
to add that stuff in the future but I
would like to to swap some stuff out as
we get access to new things and with the
team's got a pretty good list of items
of additional functionality we would
like to add a lot of my determines so
we're going to continue to plug away at
those and chew through that list
as we've got you know bandwidth and the
ability with nothing else coming along
and there's nothing that distracts us
and it's some other new shiny for PvP
but right now our focus is is automated
tournaments and continuing to build
those out awesome alright so keep
playing and keep talking to us about you
guys all right I know you guys are super
busy and we have two more PvP devs
waiting in the wings so we will let you
get back to work and we'll be right back
in a few minutes
stay with us his beard is a legendary
Essaouira are actually polite to him
he always get what he wants for the
mystic for
- quaddle waits for him to show up
the norm sing songs about the songs that
he saw
the pale tree grew just to give him
the Asura have a college which studies
Dalia's earn to avoid wasting his time
his shadow is level
tea Ryoga world
completion with
he was born
he is the most interesting nor interior
and welcome back we're going to continue
talking about the PvP update I'll let
these two guys introduce themselves and
talk about what they worked on for this
yeah I'm ray Patrick I'm a server
programmer and I wrote the automated
tournament server
thank you I'm Cal Cohen I do QA related
things for pupae and wah wah so it's
been a really exciting week so far
maybe Woodside a great way to put it a
little too exciting a little bit too
exciting yeah ok well why don't we start
talking about that and how everything
can look great until it's pushed live
and then oh hey look at all the new
problems and how I broke it
70,000 ways before that yeah tournaments
looked great and testing I mean we ran
into issues than we figured
before release but then we just ran to
some really unfortunate timings with the
some things that were having to kind of
uh yeah it's like that
you know Robert Burns poem best laid
plans of mice and men often go astray
right I mean that's exactly we had
tournaments like grade and testing and
then I'd say when when they opened
within like a minute or two we had 30
teams sign up immediately that it was
just incredible though even that was
that was awesome that was exciting yeah
it was super exciting to see that and
you know and Europe was even more there
was tons of people just pouring in and
we we definitely know we need to expand
the tournament capacity because people
were just just going in but but one of
the things is that when all that happens
you know that's a hard thing for us to
test in studio and so um various issues
that some issues happen right yeah I
knew we were we're I mean it yeah it's
okay say nothing it yeah I mean and I
was actually interested what we were
talking and how much testing you guys
were doing and you did so much that you
broke it in such a weird ways because
you've broken all that you broke it in
all the regular ways and then you kept
going and I wanted to have you talk
about that 17 but because yeah you just
got into such real ways of breaking it
that is impressed this was a pretty
bizarre issue where for the most part I
was usually running like I can run like
10 clients on my computer before it
starts freaking out and slowing down so
I would usually have like 10 clients in
the tournament it's all running fine I
think one morning my computer was
running a little bit slower so I'm like
oh I can only run seven clients as sign
up for the tournament
kick it off and then I see two teams get
a buy which is not right because only
one should get it by deciding right
there should be three buys I guess I
don't even know seven bracket but
they're only two buys and then one guy
that didn't even get a match at all and
I was like this this is not right so
first I needed to do it again because
make sure it's yeah immediately repo
maybe something weird happened but uh it
definitely happened again so my god I
run 16 tournament it's fine a team
tournament it's fine
ray what happened observer my place I
just roll over which seemed it was a
common occurrence like the last few
every morning I just pull over to raise
desk and he knows something's on back
like what oh no it's something else
no um yeah that was just that just a bug
in in the code that populates the the
tree there's a really a game a binary
tree that gets populated with matches
and that was I forgot an else statement
totally seven teams yeah weird thing it
was it was odd any what happened in any
case where you were one off the next
power of T I think so and also the way
it was trying to populate it it did yeah
it was a one-off bug and then they also
populated the buys correctly and then
anyway it was gonna happen look like 15
teams to a team I just got sorry
welcome we're an 7 teams at some point
yeah found that one really good you
found it and then actually after you fix
that I had a little simulator thing that
I I ran it up to hundreds and hundreds
of teams to make sure that that bug
didn't exist anymore so yes you spoke
but unfortunately we still can't catch
yeah everything even with a really good
simulation yeah
yeah because that doesn't simulate
people coming and going houses to the
limit live in surprise yeah so by the
way if you did get stuck think Ray
because he got you
he's the one who got you out of the
matches I am the guy that unsticks
people that was actually ridiculous
because he has to click a link for every
player that's stuck so he had like a
thousand tabs open in his browser it's
like all right you're fixed your fix
your fix
weekly click click click is doing for
like 10 minutes every three everyone up
now per person Adam yeah name not every
person remembers every person
yeah so the first tournament we had both
regions were actually full which was
awesome yeah yeah filled up in like 10
minutes yeah filled up really fast yeah
yeah it filled up really fast and then
him and then we have we had that issue I
mean the issue really was that we had a
people were when the term started there
were some there were some teams that
hadn't fully confirmed and so then the
the code had a bug in it where it would
take those teams and go ahead and even
though there weren't people in those
teams it would populate them in the in a
in the bracket and so then that's what
happened to you guys when you started
playing you had this like you're in a
map with one only themselves yeah yes we
can get snow buddy we got an ArenaNet
team together to play tournament because
it's fun we had a really tough match in
the first round as you can see enemy
team scored five points on us which is
kind of embarrassing how did that happen
before good work guys good work well I
tried really hard to find a spot on the
map where you could take fall damage and
it's do it over and over and over and I
managed to die before the tournament
before the match ended so they scored
five points yeah we did redeem ourselves
the next day as soon as tournaments for
working at arena team got together and
we made top four of the tournament which
is pretty exciting gradual ations and
coming back from that other we learned a
lot from the other match I think we
really did a lot of practice after the
fact we realized we're not really
playing as well as we should yeah you
know nobody scored five points so yeah
yes so yeah that that that unfortunately
you know he they were in it and they
were I saw that they were in a match
with just themselves and no other side
I'm like okay that's a bug but maybe
we'll be okay for you know but
unfortunately after about 10 minutes
when because there are other people that
have this issue happen to when those
match is completed in there's an invalid
game result that happened because of
that and that crash the server and so
then the server went into a crash loop
so we had to bring it down at that point
which was a bummer
yeah that's it's disappointing yeah but
but we you know I sit up real late that
night fix the bug you know we got it
going the next day yeah and that was
good and I actually should probably
clarify that I'm really happy about the
enthusiasm of all the people signing up
I wasn't happy about things breaking
yeah yeah yeah all these people from
Europe signed up but then it broke
woohoo so I'm very happy the whole
tournaments in both regions and
something blows up yeah yeah yeah I feel
like we burned some capital there a
little bit player capital but you know
everything is running pretty well now
yeah I mean really to another issue
yesterday a lot of work this week and
it's it's like you said it's been a very
exciting week yeah definitely yeah yeah
unfortunately had another similar really
unfortunate timing window yesterday
where yeah just we're ending right as
the server restarted and managed to drop
some of the cameras yeah we had a hotfix
yesterday it just the timing was
unbelievable just right when the
tournament was starting and there was an
issue with its technical but there was
an issue where the terminan tournament
installed essentially so we had to
restart it it's like and they such a
crazy small timing windows we tested
something almost exactly the same with
this and we have cover yeah we have code
to handle when the bit win the game
build changes and and we ask definitely
servers the in its design so we could
restart our servers all the time but we
I think we still have smoking shoe there
that's that's one of the great things
about that design where you can restart
the server yeah all the time
and you
I mean it was only one match worth of
time lost right yeah that's right
yeah yeah one match and yeah we and we
decided to start a new tournament about
30 minutes later 40 minutes later so
it's unfortunate but well and that's
just the craziness of a live environment
everyone smiled things that's like you
said you tested for that and it's still
that there was that tiny little chance
that those two things would collide yeah
didn't hit that magical time they did
and of course they did yeah there was
that that probably won't happen the
chance is like what point oh yeah we
don't try to think think it probably
won't help it was more of we tested the
exact case it didn't hit the problem we
didn't think there was a problem Kal's
like trying it you know locally on our
dev ranch and it's so you know it's
still okay so there's a there's a life
is like that you know there's always
something something new now you were
saying that we were talking a couple
times about how the match is filled up
really really quickly you were saying we
want to expand yeah we do
yeah right now we could support a
hundred teams um and being you know
Dallas or in in North America and Europe
separately we want to expand that and
I'm not going to say how high we can go
because that's work I'm currently
working on yeah but we definitely we can
go higher and we will go higher awesome
yeah so not sure how high though yeah
don't make things up yeah not gonna make
things I just support the entire
yeah why not just yeah yeah you know Cal
yeah let's tell a story about testing
2v2 matches that's how I get safe
there's a lot of great wait see what
happens when you do what I tell you
about - there's a lot of great QA
stories from this because we were
working on so many things at the same
time yeah - V - being one of them
interns being other ones so we were
running to V to map as a tournament
because it was a really useful way to
kind of test multiple things at the same
time and there was this weird case that
happened I guess I'll explain the 2v2
map a little bit because this is
mechanic that when the game times out
spires it'll start creating this deathly
fog ghost thing I don't really know what
we call it but essentially it's name is
any official name replica those things
that it was you
it's just an area that pulses damage so
it will force people to die and end the
match and we tested it in you know
custom Rena's and everything was good so
we were running it as a tournament and I
was actually really excited about this
tournament test tournament we had some
alphas in there I was going super try
hard because I want to win uh I was
playing like Berserker warrior playing
his dragon hunter it's really kind of
unfortunate matchup but I thought like
this to win I fell behind pretty badly I
was like down Oh to in a best-of-five
the cals by far the absolute best player
on the team don't say that I'm sorry
do you like it somebody well I
mean shame on life is never a show like
I'm like super focused mode got my fur
was running with like my workout
playlist that I sometimes used for PvP
matches and won the next two games so
we're going into fifth set but at the
end of the fourth round we went to that
overtime period and the fog was there
and I still won because I killed the guy
and they died of the fog but then when
the round reset in tournaments the fog
didn't go away I don't really know why
we wait to figure it out so did Ray do
it it wasn't real fault if that got
Ben's fall over there so we both got
resented a base and the fog was just
killing us and so essentially came down
to a coin flip and I lost and I got
really upset because oh no what did he
do he was just really upset I was gonna
ham it up a little bit for it through my
headset on the ground good work Ben good
work yeah we found a bug that way I
called Ben out no amazing yeah yeah you
lost - yeah it's kind of unfortunate but
everything something that we didn't
really expect to happen again it only
happened in tournament matches with this
TV - map so so you found a bug and you
got a good story good story fixed up
I think it's a pretty good value overall
yeah I'm sorry you lost yeah I don't I
could just win the coin flip then fine
and you wouldn't have a good story nice
alright um do you guys have any
questions she wouldn't answer
Wow I don't know if we can see anything
yeah none of that really applicable
really like an answer the courrier thing
go for it so we updated courtyard in
this patch to just kind of gave it a
secondary objective to fight over that's
a kind of summary to be to wear
something we're trying out in custom
rayna's and there's no real plans to put
that into a queue right now yeah the
question was is courtyard and the new
map going to be in some sort of playlist
for matchmaking oh and the new map okay
so that is the 2v2 map which grant
touched on earlier where that's not
really on our plans for right now trying
out customers right now see how it goes
okay also a question about spectating at
tournament matches that is something
we're looking into you guys have you
guys have to plan for that yeah we're
looking in we're looking into that no
promises on that but that it's gonna be
awesome it would be really awesome yeah
okay speaking of you guys also I know
are super super busy and probably want
to lie down so I definitely need to lie
yeah I need to take a nice long weekend
that's what I need to do all right I
know I appreciate you guys giving us a
little bit of your time today and I know
you have also like the other two guys a
ton of work to do so can you say one
thing you could say all the things you
want I just wanna say the PvP team and
the competitive teams in general is just
an awesome team we really really are you
guys are put in the work the people went
bad and just the people are really great
and I'm a server programmer so I'm sort
of embedded in that team but I get to
sit with all these people and they're
just awesome they're hilarious fun to
talk to and we also should shout out to
Evan Evan who did the B Y for the
tournament was this really sweet looking
you definitely can I'm just trying not
to take up too much of your time say all
the things you want oh thank you doesn't
have a reason
no pressure but yeah no print what I'm
sorry here like taco thing no it's fun
also it's been actually I really enjoy
the code I wrote for this it's been just
professionally and personally a really
great experience because I'm just I'm
proud of it yeah there were bugs but you
know I promise I'm pretty sure these
aren't the first bugs that have ever
happened in the history of gaming
exactly I guess I can check that you get
a fax icon that you have been other ones
yes not the first bug that I've written
as well so very first bug you've ever
written in river yeah no it is not
definitely it was yeah but it's I think
it's a good system I think people are
gonna like it
I want ray back on somebody make a note
all right thank you guys so much and
thank you very much for your hard work
thank you room in the middle of an
insane week alright thank you just did
good work thank you and thank you guys
for playing PvP this week we'll see you
next time

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