Guild Chat - Episode 49

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Guild Chat - Episode 49

World vs World
Rubi Bayer
McKenna Berdrow
Kyle Bash
June 9, 2017
Official video

The following is an unofficial, player-written transcript of the episode. The accuracy of this transcription has not been verified by ArenaNet.

The 49th episode of Guild Chat aired on June 9, 2017. Host Rubi Bayer and her developer guests, McKenna Berdrow and Kyle Bash, talk about the World vs World update that was released on June 6 as a part of the June 2017 Competitive Feature Pack!

hi everybody happy Friday and welcome
back to guild chat
I'm your host Ruby and we are through
the first part of the competitive June
2017 competitive in each pack there's so
many words and there's a lot going on so
a couple of our world versus world devs
are in to talk about the latest update
with us I'll let you guys introduce
yourself and talk about what you worked
on for this
hi I'm McKenna Virgil I'm a game
designer on world vs. world I'm Kyle
Bosch I'm an environment artist and I
made the legendary will be world
backpack hey thank you guys all right
well let's jump right back in and now
that I've set back and I'm too tall for
the camera evidently we lower your head
um let's start let's talk about the
backpack first because that is super fun
to look at monstrosity so much to us my
favorite comment that I've seen on Raw
that was really good it was like the
first one I saw it was like that thing
is a monstrosity must have yes when I
call it the monstrosity
I don't ask me thought you will talk on
me yeah well I should yeah so one of the
things that you guys were telling me was
that the inspiration was siege yeah um
and it lent itself to a lot of rejected
ideas yeah which I sort of love so I
insisted that we talk about this for
sure I was given a page and it was like
we want a a siege themed backpack it's
like that's when you think about it a
siege themed backpack for a game and
like what is that you know does that
look like so it was it was kind of a
long process yeah it'll be a good day
mark can we see that you've rejected
ideas page and I'll let you guys explain
yourselves all right so right there at
the top that's what she almost got yes
that was what is happening uh that's
McKenna's creation there maybe yeah yeah
explain yourself so we were like I want
to siege backpack and I was like I'm
gonna make a siege backpack and of
course we do wings so it needs to look
like Wiggly speech right I just went
game and took screenshots of all the
Siege and then I pasted them together I
created that lovely piece of art I was
like hopefully this will influence some
awesome things yeah some kind of crazy
siege background yeah so my lead called
it the scrit bag it's like if Escritt
had made just kind of whatever random
crap that you candle my international
gathering idea my favorite part is the
partial names yeah yeah it's important
to have they say aerocart and flame ram
in there or no you forgot there's like
every piece of seats in there so I I
really like yes this is the best this is
the best work-in-progress thing yeah
okay so what else have we got
yeah so tame talking out there we've got
a dull yak and that was a suggestion as
well as to have a was a baby dil yak
with with rockets
yeah that's a lighter yeah good
baby dollar rockets and we've got the
golem bottom he's gonna be like a
helicopter I kind of I guess helicopter
through the world but that's really one
thing I'm whipping around
yes yeah more theme not like what the
glider would look like than an actual
backpack that's kinda like going back to
it you needed like I really didn't want
to do something with wings I think we're
gonna talk about this later but yeah
mainly because it's a backpack first and
it's a glider second so I kind of wanted
to portray that so I really focused on
like what would a cool backpack look
like and something a little bit
different because players waited a long
time for this one so it's like I knew
the pressure was on to make something
that's kind of different kind of cool
maybe something I don't know I do like
so you've got maybe the Golem hanging
off your back like the sloth yeah oh
yeah that's another option there another
artist that works here quickly put
together an idea for kind of like a we
do have a image of this but kind of you
almost look like a fighter jet as like a
jet pack jet thing like okay that's not
doing that one but yeah this is a long
process to try and think about like what
you do with something like this like but
I wanted to do something that fit the
siege theme so like if you just Google
no fantasy siege art or whatever you're
going to find a bunch of images you're
going to see like a castle like in
flames you're going to see like banners
that are like burned and falling and
flying and it's just that's a very
common theme of like the idea of like
raising a castle or raising a fortress
so that's kind of where I kind of wanted
to stay with with the the whole fiery
theme on it not to mention you know
Guild Wars and Balthazar he's the God of
War so fire this all that kind of yeah
works together but alright so there was
there were some suggestions of like keep
tower looking back past but we ended up
with I really like the progression of
what we did end up with I think we
actually have that too so we can see
from first part all the way to we're
bring her and then the spike Legend area
spike everyone every world is a spike
right so legendary spike had to be part
I mean it's still part of the curve by
hack it's an item you need but I'm
really excited for large huggie yeah
yeah I mean this is like a quick like
five minute mock-up of what a spike
backpack might look like um ignore the
taller guy in the middle you know I have
to say I didn't notice that he was
freakishly tall until you pointed it out
earlier and I was like wow that's
awesome I just really quickly rough
together images that's just the nordguy
and then though yeah that's it yeah
next special effects as you get taller
when you only looked at the profile I
like it so it so we can go for its
legendary spike but yeah I like the way
legendary spike was actually implemented
I think that worked out a little bit
better than this huge Hedgehog portrait
I mean it looks like it hurts like
dangers have to just fall backwards into
people yeah and char IOU I like the
current backpack on char too because
when they run yeah spikes are out in
front that would have been too this was
yeah like a little spool on the chart
right I'm all for an incredibly deadly
battery yeah yeah it looks like they
should be spiking people when they run
so it's amazing sometimes char gets the
short end of the stick but for this
backpack when they run it's like
yeah hey she knows all right so let's
see the final product because I kind of
dig hey and like I mentioned this before
I don't know if people have seen what
the glider looks like but there it is
tonight so you ended up with a good
progression I mean you've got something
that looks pretty awesome to start with
it's not like hey here's this yeah
here's this little nothing of a backpack
and eventually burst into flames yeah
well you make something like this you
actually work in Reverse so you would
just start you just make the coolest one
and then you just kind of just take it
down until there's a nice progression
all right that works
yeah and it's war bringer we're bringing
air yeah yeah you guys how did you how
did you get to war bringer yeah so we uh
I'm leading you but I don't care yeah
this is great
oh so we have a good team chat thing and
so I basically went in there first and
was like guys we have to come up with a
bunch of names for like gifts in the
backpack like what what should we call
this thing on and we didn't think of
monstrosity unfortunately but I'm
telling you missed the boat uh so we're
going through it and it was actually I
think war bringer was suggested I think
maybe we had a bunch of names that were
like war or something and then something
else was bringer but then I just
combined them um but eventually it led
to me like going on a metal name
generator website too because I always
describe the backpacks like badass cuz
that's what I think when I see the
backpack but uh can we consider badass
monstrosity yeah I mean a little bit it
would have been and so many ways I was
on a metal name generator and I don't
think we'd actually took anything from
there but it was still fun to use that
and almost there's a gang of it yeah
there's good stuff on there so I don't
know I mean you can assume there's a
name generator for most things but I
didn't know there was a metal band they
generator and now you know I decided to
play with it now yeah that's interesting
I'll never need a metal band name the
the Internet's got you covered you know
I usually come up with it based on just
absurd things that people sing around
and like up that's my bad name now
honestly monstrosity seems like it I
think it seemed a little priyad but more
bringer or bringer works I like it it
fits the theme yeah
missed war so yeah so are you happy with
it I'm very happy with it and like the
player reception for it has been way
better to expect to be honest I was like
well this thing's a little weird it's
different you know like people I knew it
was gonna be kind of polarizing any that
people were you're gonna love it or
they're gonna absolutely hate it which
is pretty much describe that game yeah I
got ya I knew it wouldn't be ton of
middle ground there and I'm okay with
that because I mean it wasn't meant most
of people that hate it like this thing
is ugly and it's too big and things like
that it's like well it's supposed to be
big it's you know like the commander
should be wearing it and you should see
it from far away and be like that guy's
gonna kill me yeah so that was lousy and
tensioner and uh I don't know that's
that is it's must be big and brutal and
like scary and like that was kinda what
I was going for yeah I'm honestly just
impressed with how well you conveyed
that I mean you've got the siege theme
you've got you can see it from far away
and it's kind of terrifying yeah I'm
really happy with how you ended up with
the glider too because you were saying
you didn't want more wings I mean we
talked about that earlier but yeah so
nothing works I think it's wings like
players yeah you go delete your wings
after this is cool wings are cool wings
aren't for me personally as a player you
know I was a player of this game before
I was an artist here so I kind of like
want to bring in so my desire is like
well we've got enough wings in the games
like wings was really more of a fallback
option for me if I just could not come
up with something that was cool but I
wanted to mainly just be just a cool
backpack and it's going to have a cool
glider but it wasn't going to be just
walking around with like a glider on
your back like that was just it's not
going to do that yeah the change the
change works
it's you've got the spikes and the
chains and the flames and the banners
that change really
I confess I spent way too much time in
lions are just like jumping off a ledge
and squinting at it okay where is every
single piece coming from you made it
work yeah yeah I mean yeah like the the
spikes along the spine actually I'll
shoot out and that and there's a puff of
flame magic and
it was like where am I going to keep
this thing is like if I can't have it on
it's magic it's magic fire that creates
a cool red glider for you but yeah this
is the the spikes on the back shoot out
and you've got your chains and your
dangle in there it's cool I like the
audio like chain effects are awesome too
for the backpacks as always our audio
team yeah izing it really good job is
not really cool so yeah thank you so
much for war bringing a ring I love
bringing or bring the war the whole war
contained in this back on our back right
well let's talk about the rest of well
not the rest that would be a long show
some of the other changes to world
versus world cuz there were a lot of
improvements made yep um you want to
start with the lfg improvements since
that's one of the smaller ones but
necessary yeah so it's really common or
it was really common before the release
for people to go out and be the team
shot and be like hey where's like the
commander's our where where are the
players on so we basically just wanted
to improve that so some making it easier
to find people to play with because you
know a lot a lot of people like to group
up in world versus world um and so the L
of G now when you go into a map or when
you Waypoint will pop up on the side and
suggest people in squad play or party
play there in world versus world for you
to join yeah just to your world yeah in
just your world like like I said I've
seen some confusion there where it's
it's only your world and the world's
you're linked with so you won't see like
enemy team squads to join or anything
like it doesn't work like that um so
yeah if you're on black 8 you'll only
see black 8 people so it's just easier
to find people and it's something
players will kind of have to adopt and
stop using team shot for but hopefully
we'll see that and get it's a good place
for new players or inexperienced players
like find people to play with too well
and it's nice to have the actual
function there that is meant to do the
thing instead of having to work okay
yeah chat you know yeah like they were
making it work but we we wanted to
improve that right so that's where
they'll achieve always you can think yep
always good so skirmishes in general I
mean we've added this whole system in
there yeah and of a lot happening yeah
talk about it
can we talk about pips for yeah there's
a there's a whole lot going on there
yeah how are they earned a new world
versus world players yeah and so when
you go into world versus world if you
open if you hit B which is the normal
unless you keep buying it to something
else that brings up the world versus
world panel on the second tab you'll now
see this track along the bottom which is
the skirmish track and that track is
progressed earning pips and then once
you've earned a certain amount of pips
you'll get a chest and then the chests
gradually get like or the things in the
chest gradually get better and better as
you earn more pipes and you earn pips
well the real intention behind
skirmishes was to make worse for matter
and to make the skirmish time chance
matter because matches they tend to get
blown out and so like people start
winning early in the week and then they
continue to win yeah I think you just go
in knowing okay yeah you're like I'm
gonna play because it's fun but we might
not necessarily win and so we did want
to make more of that competition and
focus on more of those two hour time
chunks because it's a lot more
digestible and a lot more like you're
more likely to see the score change in
that time and so that is the main the
main pips are for winning or second
place or third place like so you'll
always earn pips but if you're winning
you're going to earn 3 pips if you're in
second you learn to pips and if we're in
third you'll earn one pip okay so that
was the primary goal and then we kind of
added these bonus pips onto it as well
to sort of incentivize a lot of the
things we've been wanting to like reward
but just haven't been able to in the
past she like outnumbered yeah and so
outnumbered is one of them
you know just kind of it sucks to be
outnumbered right like you're losing but
Elise in this like ease the pain yeah
and it's sort of supposed to be like a
self solving problem of like hey if
you're outnumbered didn't get pips
they're like more people will show up
and then you won't be outnumbered but
like the game will be more fun because
there's more people there right and you
get more stuff yeah exactly
um tilers i we wanted to reward
commanders because they're kind of the
lifeblood of world versus world and also
they're you know good teachers for
people and a good place to learn new
so we wanted to do commanding but you
have top five people at least in your
squad so not just everyone's can throw
up a commander tacket program by
yourself there yeah so there's that and
then there's there's rank up as well
because we've had world versus world
ranks in for a while and we there was
not um you get ability points from rank
ups but then after a while you don't
really get a whole lot but we wanted to
reward players who have been playing
world versus world for so long right and
haven't been getting a lot of stuff so
that's where the rank up pips come from
and then lastly we have the loyalty tips
which has sparked some discussion the
past few days especially amongst the
let's have discussion now that yeah so
the loyalty pipe currently OnLive says
you get it for not like for speed on the
same server for three weeks which wasn't
the most accurate description it was
supposed to be you have passed wood
division or earned about a hundred pips
for three weeks in a row and then and
then you would start earning this
loyalty bonus but there's been xin
feedback right that like three weeks it
sets of you on vacation or something
right just then you just have to like
play three weeks again to get that bonus
and so we're going to end up changing
the name to the commitment bonus because
it was supposed to be that bonus pip is
for players who play world versus world
like on a weekly basis right we wanted
to reward that for the people who play a
lot and don't you know only hopping
every once in a while right um but we're
going to change it so it's only one week
so you have to eat password division for
a week or a hundred or a hundred pips
for one week and then you'll get the
bonus the next week so if you go on
vacation you still miss out on like a
week but it's a lot easier to catch up
right you can come back yes that's good
with summer coming up and yeah a lot of
people will be traveling yeah exactly
so we feel like that's still rewarding
what we wanted to reward but it's not as
punishing as it was okay um and this
will go into effect on the 20th so until
then it's still the 100 pips for three
weeks saying they don't week wise I
think by the time the 20th is generated
days yeah it's not that far off so I
actually just second-guess myself I was
like a living it yes yeah I was like I
was like there's three weeks then so no
one will be earning it until the 20th
and then by then the name change and
this functionality change will be in as
well okay cool that's that's awesome
taking that feedback yeah seeing okay
what can we do about it yep sweet all
right so I mean I'm glad you said June
20th because I can't see chat but I know
what it looks like right now and it's
the word when 800,000 times yeah yeah so
it's that's a good answer
yep okay good so that's good to hear
that Louis pips will be commitment pips
and how the functionality changes a
little bit yep awesome do you wanna talk
about scrimmage tickets yeah so earlier
I kind of talked to you earn pips and
then when you earn a certain amount of
pips I kind of berries for each division
you get a chest in the chest
there's skirmish tickets which word
tournament tickets so we renamed them
basically and then reflection them to be
now be around skirmishes instead of
tournaments so players who had
tournament tickets yeah it just became
skirmish tickets okay so you know they
look they kind of had a head start on
like the backpack and things right
because they had these tickets um from
before but yeah so they became skirmish
tickets and then with them you can buy
the tier 2 weapons and armor and now we
have the tier 3 armor which is the miss
Ford triumphant heroes those names got
really long but uh yeah so and and more
there's like the Doleac mini and
memories of battle gobbler and much of
other extra things on that vendor too so
one of the things we were talking about
feedback and just different different
things that players we're talking about
was that you've got the scrimmage
tickets but rewards seem some of the
rewards seem kind of expensive and it's
going to take a long time but that's
kind of again like you were saying
before for long time players who've been
doing this yeah and who have that
commitment and will be playing hardcore
for a long time yeah so when we're
initially about balancing like the track
right uh it was kind of like hey can you
find you know
asking analytics like how long do world
versus role players like on average a
week right and then basically they came
back and were like that's impossible to
really do because we have some people
who play a ton and then some people who
play like a decent amount like basically
we had to break it break it up into
chunks and so when I was designing the
track I wanted to make sure that the
people who play a lot still have a goal
so it was more of functionality of like
hey diamond and like those last two
tracks that take a long time or more for
the people who play a lot right so they
don't not earn rewards for a week or
like max out the track and then feel
like they should stop playing because we
didn't want to have that be something
that happens right and then more the a
lot of people who play like a decent
amount will more reach like gold around
that area and then the other people will
be earning less you know but it will be
tracking like that information right -
and there's always adjustments that can
happen in the future but well it's not
all or nothing either I mean very decent
rewards all the way along the way yeah
like mr. coins which yeah some of us are
personally excited about as players yeah
which is why right we put mystic coins
and gold because we expect like a decent
amount of people to reach gold right but
then if you're a hardcore player you're
going to learn a little bit more mystic
coins as well and the diamond chest but
yeah I think these things yep these are
good so yeah having having a long-term
goal because it's not fun if you're just
like okay I I got every reward there is
to get and it's been two weeks and now
yeah like now bored again yeah which is
what we didn't want to happen at all and
that's also why a lot of the armor
pieces and weapons build off of
themselves you actually have to have
tier 1 to get tier 2 to get to your 3
you know we did we wanted the system to
be like you know it to take some time to
and I think it makes it more prestigious
to write like hey I had to do a lot of
work to get this thing so well and with
those tears again you get something
along the way
you're not just right I have I have
nothing yeah until I get to the very end
exit rack there yeah there's good stuff
to be had along the way actually I want
to talk about the armor a little bit
yeah because I did I'm hesitating
because this is such a personal
preference thing I mean that's like
you're talking about the backpack you
either love it or you hate it I'm kind
of in love with the armour tears yeah
all of them yeah but I do one of the
things that you were talking about when
we were discussing this before it took a
while to get it in and there were some
roadblocks like with the effect yeah
coming in I was gonna be talking about
that because it's such a great day yeah
well so yeah medium armor Zod trench
coat so yeah uh yeah no trench coats I
know that's a goal for some medium are
people yeah so the the third armor has
effect on it which isn't done pretty
much anywhere besides legendary armor in
the game yeah and so trying to do a
bunch of really weird issues with the
like tenderly wing effect that plays
when you enter combat on the tier 3
armor and like at one point I attached
it to a bone and then when I use like a
certain animation it like went down the
players arm and like played from their
wrists and I was like ah that looks
weird that is not right yeah I wish I
almost wish I could have seen it because
in my head it's this amazing effect
we're like brah yeah I mean when I did
yeah but this is not all what you wanted
yeah um and then so because it's
basically there's a bone issue right
like a what bone on the character rig we
attached it to so at one point we're
like oh maybe we shouldn't have it play
off a bone maybe it should be an
infusion instead but if you make it an
infusion then it doesn't work when you
enter combat which we thought was really
cool I wanted to do and then people are
like I don't want the effect so that's
why when you get the chest piece you get
two skins one with the effect one
without in case you don't want it
because it can like you know mess up
some people's backpacks and stuff which
is totally valid and personal preference
yeah exactly and so again we decide on a
skin but eventually with the artist like
going back and forth and I
felt bad because I had to keep bugging
them like no it does this like it's
clipping here I'm back yeah we finally
got yeah exactly
we finally got like a bone to attach it
to and then got it so it doesn't clip on
char other races and it's still it still
looked good but it was like in a while
yeah yeah was it coming out of weird
places on your body anymore so yeah
those thank you for persevering it yeah
it's like going back to the artists like
it's broken in a different way now yeah
he's helped yeah I do I do like it
though I feel like it was worth the wait
as somebody who looks at the awesome
tier 3 going I'm probably never can
admire it from afar I'd appreciate all
of the work that you guys put into that
so yeah hopefully it's like I said it
was supposed to be the prestige reward
for world versus world so hopefully a
lot of those people who are the crazy
high ranks really really liked that
armor so yes yeah awesome alright so
let's see what else did we add I've got
like there was a really long list you
guys don't list it
so thank you yeah um match history tabs
for players who want that and I don't
have to work around yeah um so there's a
lot of external websites that display a
lot of like really cool information
because we track it all on the API but
we don't display it in-game anywhere and
so the match history tab was an effort
for us to kind of get that information
and game especially like kill/death uh
plus now sometimes kill death is track
they're really on different websites so
people would brag using one numbers and
then like different websites so this way
everyone can brag using same information
um or not Brad yeah we're not brag yeah
be like oh we're okay that and then we
want to do a bunch of scoring stuff in
there part of it is our scoring is sort
of complicated right we have war score
that is every two hours that resets and
then depending on what you get on that
you get a skirmish point so it's a
little complicated especially for new
players and so this way if you go to
match history tab you can kind of see a
breakdown of that which I think makes it
more understandable and also if we have
decide to like adjust that score a
little bit it allows us to do better
things because we can display it better
to people right so those were the main
goals we were trying to really hit with
a match history yeah all right even
those even those little improvements can
make enormous difference yeah so I don't
know all right
erna Bowl upgrades are one of the last
things I wanted to cover because there
was no changes it's not so scribing and
expensive yeah so for in the skirmish
Chester just skirmish skirmishes in
general besides making the tournament
tickets available or the term it rewards
available again we wanted to make role
versus world kind of has this upfront
cost like I need a buy siege and I need
to have a scribe to make these tactics
and stuff like that we wanted to instead
sort of reward this as you played world
versus world and so skirmishes were a
good place to do that and so now you can
get the app boxes of like C's or boxes
of the tactics and improvements so you
and those are the things you slot into
objectives in world versus world so we
have like the airship that's still
missed and like chillin Fogg got towers
and stuff like that we want to make
those erna bowl and so you also you
don't feel the need as much to have a
scribe that needs to just craft all
these things for you we want to lower
that cost and then also we added like
guild decorations the siege decorations
doing that for guild halls because
guilds skills are important to role
versus role and there's a lot of them so
it's a good place to give guild rewards
as well yeah extra decorations are
always fun yeah I always like seeing
when we've added a few more in there
yeah having them related to world versus
world yeah good stuff on yeah I've been
I've seen several people ask for the
siege for a while so oh good yeah I'm
glad I could get that in somewhere you
have to get in there and play with that
yeah all right and I lied there is one
more thing I want to talk about yeah did
she you're looking at me like aha me I
thought she forgot yeah
can we talk about queues oh yeah geez ah
you mean I thought you're gonna say QQ
yeah we were telling him QQ no I was
just gonna be nice just to Q's yeah to
Q's right now yep
I mean there's cues the release had a
lot of hype around it and got a lot of
new people in there which is good
overall um but I world linkings coming
at the end of the month which means
we'll kind of look at populations then
we might be breaking apart some world so
queues won't be as bad right there won't
be as many people all playing on that
those maps anymore and so it'll be more
spread out so more people should be able
to get in and yeah one of the things
that we were talking about earlier I had
likened it to the initial rush whenever
we drop a big game update when I'm
looking at player reactions right as the
patch hits it's a there's just that rush
there's that flood of people going in to
get the thing and I always have maybe 20
30 minutes of people saying this the
updates aren't working the updates
aren't working and like well that's
there's a billion of you hammering on
the sir very same thing just go refill
your drink and then come back yeah this
isn't probably quite as quick as
refilling the drink but it's the same
thing as there's that huge initial rush
where everybody comes in and I I've been
saying this week I can understand how
it's a little bit it can be frustrating
yeah for players who have been in there
for world versus world and suddenly
there's a queue and you feel like you
know people who don't care about this
game mode as much as me are getting
ahead of me which may or may not be the
case yeah but it's new players in world
versus world so we like that yeah it's
kind of a it's a hard trade-off right
like you you want to get new blood and
you want new people to be in because the
game is more fun with more players right
it is it and they take off your spot
thank you sometimes but yeah I you know
give it give it some time it's some time
it'll quiet down a little bit having new
players is good it was like acknowledge
how great it is how people are like
going in for the first time to try yeah
I've seen a lot of people talking about
like well I've never tried I'm gonna
give it a try this I'm gonna give it a
shot and I feel like I don't like it but
it's just it's really cool to see people
trying and it's the perfect opportunity
for like if you're scared about PvP or
yeah that good like this is the time to
learn yeah because you've got so many
other new player
is with you yeah and one of the things
that we've talked about before just
internally and I've talked about with
other players is that you pretty much
have no matter what map here on no
matter where you are you've got a pretty
good shot of having someone who's in
there for the very first time and yes
you've been doing this for years and
it's really easy to default to how can
you not how can you do that how can you
not know what is wrong with you well
because I've been playing this game for
24 hours I have no idea what you're
talking about
dodge how do you dodge let me take you
to this circle one of the starter Maps
um but I've seen a couple of just advice
lists for new players like don't touch
the tact evaders just to see what they
yeah please don't do that and here is
why but I wanted to kind of get that
from you guys if somebody's going in
there for the very first time what what
do they need to know what can they do
what can they yeah I'm either fine to
learn so they're not just ruining
everything yeah like so red it's been
awesome really with a lot of a lot of
people who written up like really great
posts right um we've sticky it a few
posts on the world vs. world forums like
on the official Guild Wars 2 forums -
yeah that's jackal explained new things
I know Mehta battles been like updating
bill to role versus world - which will
help so you're not as squishy and get
instantly killed by people I'm making
fun of me yeah you know just making sure
it happens to the best of us it uh but
yeah I mean and even though there's all
those rayji posts of grumpy people
there's there's always every map I've
been on - or like I've always seen
people with like hey if you have
questions like you know feel free to
message me if you're too afraid to ask
also I mean those people are serious
take them up on family we have a lot of
really great nice players - it's not
it's not all full of angry people like
some people it's well it is it for it's
easy for the negative TOEFL to get whole
focus that there it's easy to pull focus
just you just need to go find the
helpful people there and you'll be less
of a target
and I mean you can always say like hey
like I know I know the other day to some
people were like I'm afraid to go on
siege um which is understandable if you
don't know it it does like my tip is
what I told players like if no one's on
the siege it's better for someone to be
on there's no one that frustrates
commanders a lot when they play season
no one gets on because I do think people
are afraid um yeah but yeah because now
you feel like a focal point - yeah what
if I do it wrong and some people have
ability line so their siege does more
damage uh yeah like I said I think
reading and and asking people there's
generally someone who will actually
explain stuff to you like there even
though there's a handful of angry people
there's also a lot of good people out
there so but get in there and play and
listen to what the commander or whoever
is leading your group we don't know what
they're saying
pay attention ask questions especially
if someone says message me privately if
you're afraid to ask public yeah that is
like the most valuable thing because I
think we all get that nobody wants to be
that person in map chat going I don't
yeah because you can you feel like
you're the only one yeah that's totally
okay team speaks helpful to like you
don't most players get on voice chat
yeah they are sorry they get you guys
well I have strong feelings about that
yeah I mean but they don't ever expect
you to have a microphone either right
they mostly they just want you to be
there so when they say like hey we're
going this way you don't run the wrong
direction and it helps like it helps you
learn - yeah you don't have to talk but
listening being able to listen is so
helpful cuz I play at work all the time
and I don't use my mic at work so like I
don't talk Bible it's super awkwardly
yeah when you're playing at work it's
super awkward when your own voice chat
and I'm like yeah I'm like I can't be
all boy shot because people around me
are allowed so room yeah a whole room is
gonna hear what I'm saying to you so
yeah it's not really thing I went and if
you're a veteran player if you're a
commander just be okay with giving
giving advice giving instructions if
somebody's doing something stupid
there's probably a reason for it
and it's not that they're stupid yeah
they just say - you seem to learn what
it is yeah this is your opportunity to
help cultivate the game mode some more
yep exactly so anything else you guys
want to cover
now that we've told everybody to play
nice don't mess with the guy with the
spikes and fire on his bag let's turn
around round yeah he's really good at
the game don't mess with the guy with
the spikes on fire and spikes and fire
spears again they're actually they're
actually ballista bolts from an
herbalist services wait seriously yeah
everyone's like what are these spikes or
Spears like their list of bolts max oh
my gosh use that same model and just
kind of updated it yeah that's awesome I
had no idea sweet
all right CJ CJ that's that's a part of
the bestest each part all right thank
you guys so much I know you have a lot
to do I'll let you get to work thank you
guys for hanging out with us and
everybody go play some world versus
world yeah nicely that's nice as you pop
as nice as you possibly can be some some
polite soft cruel world versus world
thank you guys we'll see you again soon

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