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ArenaNet employee

Bobby Stein

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Narrative Designer

Bobby Stein is the Guild Wars 2 Lead Writer. Before joining ArenaNet in 2005 he wrote preview and strategy pieces for and Nintendo Power, crewed on television shows like 48 Hours, and spent a few years on a Wall St. trading floor. When he’s not busy obsessing over dialogue scripts or voice-over files he spends his time growing an epic moustache. He is also not Mel Tormé.

— ArenaNet blog

Bobby Stein is the Associate Narrative Director in the Narrative Team at ArenaNet. He helps Studio Narrative Director Tom Abernathy by managing roughly half of the writer/narrative designers, who are responsible for story development, script writing, and owning dialogue and text in Guild Wars 2.

Stein previously worked as the Narrative Lead of Living World seasons 1 to 3 and Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns. Among the Guild Wars 2 Raids Team, he worked as the Lead Narrative Designer and collaborated with multiple other team members in order to bring out the story throughout the game and to present narrative information in new ways which synchronize nicely with the gameplay, art, and audio.



  • Designed the brown-nosing personality of BRGL-5000.[2]
  • Wrote the Guild Wars Factions Strategy Guide. Which was the first thing he worked on in the Guild Wars Universe. [3]

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