Guild Chat - Episode 55

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Guild Chat - Episode 55

The Griffon
Rubi Bayer
Roy Cronacher
Josh Diaz
Joel Helmich
October 6, 2017
Official video

The following is an unofficial, player-written transcript of the episode. The accuracy of this transcription has not been verified by ArenaNet.

The episode of Guild Chat aired on Oct 6, 2017. Host Rubi Bayer interviews some of the developers involved in the Griffon mount.

there's a crisis going on in alona in an
area that we have not been to in 202
Park Lane
hi guys and happy Friday welcome back to
guild chat
I'm your host Ruby and we're gonna be
talking all about the Gryphon today I
have some of our Gryphon devs with us so
I'll let you guys introduce yourselves
talk about what you worked on with the
Gryphon and I want to know if you think
that Griffin is more of a cat or more of
a bird now we're gonna have this fight
on camera yeah we will
Rory chroniker designer on Ben's team
and team lead definitely think it's more
of a cat all right
I'm Josh Diaz game designer worked on
rewards and stuff and I think the
Gryphon is more of a bird but a bird is
a tip okay
no stop that how about you Joel guess
I'm looking this way it's super weird
but I'm a blue programmer also did a lot
of design work on this thing time on it
and it is absolutely cat there's no
question also Griffon master yeah test
pilot Griffon master and gets the cool
seat because you get flighted yes are
allowed so alright well um why don't we
start with one of the things that you
guys talked about in interviews this
week we did some interviews with some of
our friends the press and we talked
about why we decided to keep the Griffon
a secret for a while so can't give a
recap for those people who missed out
yeah sure um so we actually know it
would be a secret for quite a while it
was a secret from you yeah even from us
we just kind of we're developing we knew
we wanted to do 5 mounts from the
beginning um and kind of plan that from
the beginning um we looked at like what
train types we wanted different ones to
accomplish and we knew we always wanted
to attempt an aerial kind of balance but
we definitely didn't know we want to
have it hidden until fairly deep into
the process when we were looking for a
potential reward or something really
cool to have as a surprise for players
event expansion
yeah one of our one of our one of the
rules we kind of set for ourselves
developing paths fire was there like we
should try to delight the players and so
when when we started seeing
what what ROI and Joel and the mounts
team we're doing with the Gryphon some
of us were really struck with the idea
that like this this is this is like a
pinnacle of path afire this is an
amazing example of what we wanted to do
with Matz and what we believed we could
do and it felt like a good capstone and
so trying to think about what what makes
this special and how do we keep it
special without without you know
breaking the rest of the game or make
you know without without breaking the
sequence of and the story pieces we put
together and so it kind of came out of
that process that make sense I do have
to say it feels weird to say five melts
and actually an interesting point on
that is that after Pat the fire went
live none of us touched the collection
on like nobody here at ArenaNet
did anything to the collection on life
until one of you guys had unlocked it
because that opened it up into the API
and wanted you guys to see it in her
eyes we had to wait yep we had to suffer
a few days without the girlfriend we did
you guys it was hard we had we had
charts and and you know measurements
going and there were people watching
like a hawk being like okay this many
players here this many players have seen
this bit and you know kind of a fevered
like phone tree can we go can we go can
we do it now but like we knew that it
would be really cool to see how it
spread and how players told each other
about this thing and like that the first
person who got it gets to parade around
parade around and show it off in places
and that like you know the various
forums and guild message boards and web
sites people would start passing this
around and someone would start
documenting and like we saw all of that
and that was really cool it was really
nice like just seeing it on like the
time when we launched like seeing it go
from oh hey people don't even know about
this mount to
I think the first time you guys saw it
was someone found one of the ones who
can temporarily ride and someone was
flying around but we were like oh hey
you guys don't even know the half of it
then everyone found B the story and
found the collection and then started
working through it then when you guys
finally unlocked it and saw its full
potential weapon mastery is it's really
cool to see some of those videos start
to come out yeah that was amazing I did
see there was a player comment that I
loved somebody was saying you know
they're riding around they're on there
they're on their mounts and they're like
riding around in their Jackel like hello
peasants looking at the people and
they're like no the Griffon was one of
the first mounts you guys came up with
right creature's yeah it was first no
because we started prototyping with the
Raptor but we definitely knew we wanted
to do a Griffin as one of the first
mounts that we did like we had to look
for a creature that would work as
something that can run quickly along the
ground and fly through the air so it's
kind of limiting of like what kind of
creature we can actually do we've
initially thought of maybe like it's
more focused on air but then it felt bad
like trying to run on the ground like
slow and compromised like ground speed
too much so one breath Griffin and it
just kinda stuck where he had versions
of Griffin's in the game everyone got
excited about that yeah he's ran with it
and this is I'm just going to take this
as a personal favor I don't care that it
actually wasn't but the Griffin was
gonna be the fourth not jackal was gonna
be like the cool fifth mount yeah well I
mean that was that was back when he
couldn't do any dives or anything cool
like that right yeah kind of like oh it
can flap a couple times that's that's
sort of the need really sure like we
didn't we didn't think it'd be super
amazing it's just think oh this is cool
well uh it feels real I keep feeling I
need to turn around and talk to you guys
but cameras here and so the idea was the
the jackal would be
a sort of master of the desert like once
you got him is like okay now you can
unlock everything yeah and this goes
back to the it's kind of all tied into
this became the secret mount where
initially it was gonna be the fourth and
we messed around the fit into realized
well it's okay but it's not super
compelling I keep doing and so we can't
was like oh well let's go back to the
drawing board try make a little better
more more interesting and so I Perla
typed out the whole dive mechanic and
stuff and hey you remember that meeting
we were yeah when we first showed it to
everyone showed it to Moe and he's like
we need to chip this yeah everyone had
so much fun yeah it was funny because
I'd spent a couple nights before
partner-in-crime Darrin and I we're like
okay well let's make this thing stupid
let's like make it as fast as we can oh
yeah the super speed yeah and and so
we're trying to what is the fastest
thing we can do without breaking physics
yeah we found you can go too fast you
end up gone through walls and stuff
which is funny but we didn't want that
so piggy okay here's a safe know where
that's about as high as we can get it
it's gonna be too high they're gonna
tell slow down there's no way we can
ship this there was a point where its
top speed would like take it through the
terrain wasn't yeah we had to dial back
a bit we still picked in everybody
thought was too big yeah but like you
know if we overshot it then we'd be told
to back off to where we actually wanted
it say like the one of the first rules
of tuning is like go twice as big or
twice as small as you think you need
just to get a sense of the family
because yeah it turns out that it's if
it's too close initially then no one's
gonna tell you to adjust it and it's
really good to that but you know it's
doing well when you have a play test and
everyone's just kind of like laughing
and having fun and you're not even at
the Polish version yet it's perfect
um you know what speaking of testing and
tweaking this is probably a good time
our animation guys made an awesome video
showing kind of the work on this thing
over the past year so so let's peek at
that really quick because I kind of love
you watch you sit around the campfire
this is way back in August 2016 has
started yeah we've been gay 30 IPM for a
while it's easy to forget how primitive
it was animation see the strings
shoutouts to the animation team they've
done an amazing job come a far away
seriously watching the progression and
how it used to look it's just incredible
it's easy free I like I used to test
things when they look like this
yeah boys are tough to to try and like
imagine while look like when you're like
making these movements that's for the
creature and like way less you look like
in the Polish version and you can
actually see the progression ever
getting less clunky and awful actually
having animations for all the oh there's
one in particular that I'm waiting on
that I love yeah that one just gained
stuck in the ground
yes that's probably before we even had
the material effect for faking elements
probably yeah
it's also interesting to see how long
this has been going on and it's not just
something that we threw to get a ton of
iteration to get to get it to work well
and feel well and that was one of the
amazing things to see right the back and
forth with the the environment artists
and the map designers working over there
like ok how how far can this go I'm
curious a little bit about that like
like how the the boundaries and stuff
got set um was that was that like
established at the outset or or no
question actually probably less as I
would say I think we're just trying to
make something crazy in the beginning
and like who I felt good then we had to
like rein it in slightly I mean for the
Griffon I think the biggest thing was
like it not being able to gain like much
like vertical height from it's like
starting to say funny story we'll talk
about that basically we don't want to
like from the ground like be able to go
up higher than like the Springer could
jump to like invalidate obviously if you
jump off like a high point like you can
do a bunch of stuff with the Griffon but
we didn't want to just like clearly be
like up it can fly up to this ledge that
you don't need anything else so there's
a lot of tweaking what those numbers
Joel's a lot of the time okay Joe what's
your story about that well it's so
before then I think part of what helped
here is we after we decided okay there's
gonna be the secret mouth fairy tale
into the game you've basically done
everything it's okay if it's a little
broken and so if the maps you know we
don't have to be as careful about well
this and this opposed needs to be
perfectly history yeah it's fine so
we're just gonna happen Trent yeah
anyway yes the fence story on the on the
altitude limit thing so when I was
tuning this thing actually hmm maybe be
better structured can you show you show
Thea the the flight plan thing it's just
sort of like sure this is how I expected
people to fly this thing
oh yeah Joel art fabulous yeah so so
basically the the thought was to really
use this thing correctly you find a high
spot dive off but really fast and then
pull back up at the end and
very long distance without losing very
much LT okay or you can do it the boring
way and just sort of flap across and you
lose LT like a glider and in order to
tune the numbers so that that felt good
it then made it possible to gain
altitude infinitely because if you just
dive and immediately pull up I see a
hand why is there hand so if you just
dive and immediately pull up over and
over and over and over again you gain
infinite height and I remember talking
to a Kevin stocker about this whenever a
design finally yeah yeah I guess this
video sure it's like what your position
was but uh
and you say okay well it's easy just
like you put it you put the ceiling on
there you just say okay well you start
here and here's the ceiling I went that
is the stupidest idea it's the dumbest
thing that'll never work
so then like four months later so
basically it's it's the soft ceiling so
what it does is if it keeps track of
where you last left the ground and then
after you get a certain height above
that it starts cranking up gravity until
it's impossible to climb anymore and
that seems to mostly work most people
can't really tell it's there which is
perfect yeah so that's that is how we
sort of protected against the just start
from the ground to go all the way up to
the top of the mountain there's a lot of
work that went went into like subtle
things like that where it's like a lot
of you guys might not realize there
might be a parent but love it was like
set up that way so there's a lot of
stuff in the background helping to
regulate like how high you can go a lot
of that nuances with the feel of the
mount all that that just really like
culminates into that experience of
flying around like it makes sense like
antics I know that that took a long time
and I'm still not very good at it but
it's clear like oh I need to move a
little more like this
yeah so if you're clumsy then it's okay
because so are we yeah it's tough to
really get something like this to feel
natural especially and just not ground
new event but also air movement since
you have like a 3d space to move around
yeah you have more spaces to work with
and one of the biggest pieces of
feedback we've seen and you and I have
talked about this a lot is how good and
realistic the mounts feel as far as
their movement and their weight
distribution yeah that's important to
you because especially early on
especially before animations like it was
tough to make it feel like add weight
and the air like it's hard to make it
feel like it's not just something that's
kind of like floaty and the air and
actually like fuels like this creature
would feel like like flying like
naturally because you have to like set
it up so that as a player when you're
looking at this creature it should feel
like how you would expect this creature
to be flying through there and that's
really hard to do and it has a lot of a
small and you wants things through your
like animation effects physics all that
stuff well Joe you had talked to me a
little bit about the progression of just
getting this thing programmed and put
together and you made like changes to
the wing flap that feels like it kind of
ties into that it had didn't have to but
yeah so way back in the beginning back
way back when it was gonna have to and
that carried forward initially when we
said okay now it's getting now can
diving stuff can do like fancy flying
and eventually we had a lot of sort of
shuffling around iteration and stuff and
eventually they got evolved into just
one to simplify it and that's actually
really about it
invincibly you know also we added the
ability to because there was only one
now you can just hold spacebar it'll
fire it people know that if you hold a
fire the plan see my hand but you know
I'm holding space is holding the space
well I think you firm so Blasi just
landed you do anyway yeah just really
hope there's to say about that that
works yep well do you guys want to talk
a little bit about acquisition or do you
have more display go nuts oh yeah please
so sort of in general a lot a lot of
fancy stuff that we had to do was here's
what we want but physics is restricting
us in this way for whatever
reason and so how do we get around that
it's one of the more interesting ones I
had to add was the altitude buffer
system which is my next fabulous hyssop
ain't wrong and so basically what this
is now what I found open does that when
I was flying around the thing I ended up
on he do a lot was to dive really really
really far but because there's a speed
cap and we want to accelerate to that
cap before too long
it was wasteful to keep diving Pat once
you hit your max speed and so what they
did is a additi system where after you
hit your max speed it remembers this is
how much further you've fallen and then
when you go to pull up again as long as
that number is not zero it drops the
gravity drastically so you can get most
of that height back it's just an
altitude buffer
it's what I called it so you can see
this very high-tech graph the there are
some sections like here is where you're
accumulating buffer and on the other end
as I can here's where you're consuming
it and that's how you end up basically
back up where you started
I like I don't need an Excel spreadsheet
this does the jobs I can tell exactly
you're talking about I like it so we get
yeah even this is high enough probably
and so I've probably accumulated I don't
know thousand two thousand units of
buffer they're all back I mean pretend
that it does it's kinda hard to show
it's totally working totally working a
lot of words right nobody knows what is
happening really the very first thing I
had to do was if this is a series of
physical eyes here this is all like all
fake physics um but in order to do that
the pull out and maintaining maintaining
your speed what it does is it just after
you get over a certain speed it just
remembers this is how fast you're going
and then says you will keep going this
- whatever friction slows you down so I
can't like when they went flying
straight I can't accelerate up to his
maximum speed when I dive and then pull
out because I was going that fast you'll
say okay well you were going that fast
so I'll give it to you when I turn
really hard he remembers okay well
you're going that fast I'll let you keep
going that fast so it simulates having
the pressure of the air and such pushing
as you take a herd bank but it's not
actually like we're not we're not
simulating everything it's soul
pretending magic is lots of magic stay
in school and study your mathematics
yeah and then and then throw them all
out when working games and pretend just
create your own rules another really fun
one seems to have worked out well so
earlier on in the thing I was flying
around low for the weather and stuff and
one of the things I found is really fun
to do is to fly super low like you could
you die for the car and then you pull
out level and then you fly really far
and they pull up again and in order to
encourage that I bet most people don't
know about this if you get low enough I
drop your terminal velocity so it's
basically it simulates a ground effect
where the cushion of air underneath you
it's but but you didn't even know about
that yeah some others really subtle
things so the the actual most efficient
thing to do if you're low for body water
or something else that's very flat is to
get low enough that is probably kicks in
right around here and so you don't lose
very much altitude and then at the very
end you can pull back up again yeah it
creates a cool feeling of like just like
going over water so they might only
regret there as I never forgot
undetected you like water really maybe
eventually baby mist they really want to
do that why I didn't actually mention
that still he was like you guys that he
has to invent the timed yeah someday
24 minutes 24 minutes we made it this is
why it's so awesome organ with this team
like the level of detail and thought and
like no no we're going to work a some
day work on simulating the water
splashing behind you like that's that's
just really that would look incredible
that looks so cool and I kind of went to
figure out a way to hound you into doing
it now
we got we've got this this effect you
just like scale it up in this post right
that was fantastic
so beyond the rooster tail over the
water that we have not made but it's
easy apparently what else on this
Griffin over those year I mean this is I
think those are the good ones there's a
lot of other just details but that's
like you said there are so many tiny
little things going into this to make it
feel there is there's lots of little
bits tuning and there's lots of time you
can spend perfecting flight like I know
there's adventures in each of the maps
and we've even had in people internally
like Lisa and Rob going compete for the
best times within fractions of seconds I
used to be the best of Griffin and real
and Preston they started making
adventures and I was they put in making
sure the adventures were tuned was like
serious hours of gameplay actually tried
to beat their scores on a couple of them
I was like I don't even know how they
got those little a little bit I do like
how we put those adventures in with the
goal of making I guess a making players
get better you have to get not just get
better but like learn the mechanics yes
get a good feel for it when you know we
saw okay well this is how the Griffin is
composed at the beginning as you're
giving the masteries and then at the end
right um
some folks got very good at it very
quickly and and some of us did not and
we knew that like similarly some players
would would what a place to practice a
place to use it that was true with all
the mounts right the building the mount
camps and making sure like there's an
environment that suited it teach you the
different types of
yeah jumps and bounds and movements that
they're capable of and and since the the
getting the Griffin required such a big
array of things we thought like like
okay we should be able to teach that in
a lot of different places so uh rob who
built those adventures we talked and we
specifically plan to like build them out
with expectations of different mastery
tiers in different levels of here's this
new mechanic let's let's make sure that
like you learn it not just like we have
we have some text that tells you what it
is right but like show showed that you
can use it and then we'll complicate it
and you can use that complication and
then it moves on proficient at this by
doing it so well they kind of like
almost forced you to use the mechanics
like if you didn't know about like
diving I know I'm one of the adventurous
I can think of you have to dive like
right in the beginning it's like if you
don't dive you're clearly gonna miss
that checkpoint so it kind of makes you
kind of figure out like oh how do I
actually get that then it kind of like
all clicks then it's like how do I like
make this more efficient and go even
faster and keep up my speed as high as
possible throughout all these different
pull ups and dives and all that and
similarly like I think and I think this
is something we did well in a in a
couple key places or it was that it was
based on feel yeah right that it was
like okay we want it to feel this way
moving and then okay well we want
learning it to feel this way we won't
please to be aware of these awesome
things and feel like they they're
confident to go take them out um and so
the adventures provided a little like
training ground for it but coming at the
you know and it was very much like you
guys would show like here this is how it
works now and they'd go and tune and be
like yeah it still feels good we'll make
a little more drastic change or add a
new a new piece to this mechanic and
they go back and iterate again there's a
lot back and forth and I think it turned
out really well
it helped definitely even push
Griffen to make sure it was as good as
it could possibly be and I think
Adventures really showed to like those
are all real font okay enjoy playing
them a bunch and this isn't necessarily
Griffon specific but I am a huge fan of
how we did acquisition of all the mounts
where you learned its mechanics as you
pick it up so it's it's really nice that
we continued that with the Griffon and
took it up a notch because this is the
this is the big cool final man who is
more complex and definitely a harder to
get into just because it has multiple
different things they can use and use
like wing flaps and different scenarios
like pulling up or diving or just
maintain altitude so there's a lot more
variety of like what you can do with the
inflate movement but while while y'all
were planning like how good does this
thing feel well there were also folks
thinking about like well where does it
come from why is it here and what you
know why is there this thing that's this
in the world and how will players
discover it quick important note sorry
we're not going to spoil the story so
you're safe you don't have to leave we
are very careful about not spoiling the
story for those of you who haven't
finished it carry on good good warning
but so it you know we we thought we do
like okay this is gonna be a secret this
is gonna be something really special and
come at the end and we were we we
thought of some of the connections and
the the you know historical place the
the story behind it and you know worked
on developing a home and making sure
that like okay across the map so here
these story beats that we want that we
were you know world beats that we want
to draw attention to and we need to tie
some threads back together and like make
this make sense and and similarly like
with the adventures and with the
mountain itself it was this process of
like I think we can I think we can do a
little more I think we can push this
ahead and so there was almost a sense of
one-upsmanship like like
you know it'd be like Oh they've added
this animation feels really cool look at
look at the state it's going here and
you'd be like maybe we mean maybe we
need to think a little harder about this
right maybe we need to push you know add
add something here Oh interesting to
write like having to keep it basically
hidden until like the end of the
expansion and how you like basically lay
that out for players as something you
keep hidden but also something that's
like discoverable when you get to that
point you know we we knew we knew like
the first person would have to find it
somehow and then folks would be able to
hear it from from people in their guilds
from people on the maps to be able to
but it's working people with it that
that there's there's a way Holy on your
own to discover it and it may not be
obvious if you know it's not gonna be as
crystal clear as it would be looking it
up but they're clues and hints and
that's something that that in Guild Wars
one there were a couple of really great
examples that are held up as like things
you should push for and do with the
black markers I knew it I was like it
and so so keeping that in our minds
about like this is this is the kind of
stuff that that we should be pushing and
building for and how do we how do we
make this work how do we make something
that feels like you're exploring how do
we make something that feels you know
exciting to pursue and worthwhile on its
own you know there's things like it's
it's it's expensive to earn but we want
to make sure that it feels like it makes
sense where that's coming from why it's
worth it what and the cost is something
that we thought about yeah yeah we
deliberately planned and knew that like
this is this is what it's going to take
to do this but we can do things like
break it up into smaller purchases
across a bunch of different places so
that it you can make progress
so you actually you'd like all the money
I wanna do a bad time yeah you're down
and they're like you'll you'll
eventually be able to do it and it's
predictable it's not controlled by the
you know Trading Post pricing and things
like that it's stuff that's very much in
the players hands and that that the
blegh that the majority of the players
time and energy and we did a lot of
modeling did he do this out but the
majority of your time and energy is
actually going to be spent playing
things to get this which is kind of the
goal yeah see it's interesting like
going through playing different pieces
of content that you might have not
explored or like different sections a
map some when going through ill coming
back and seeing things a little
differently and like now you've got
several of the other mouths that we're
helping to have other moments too yeah
like on live why I went through like
having all the other amounts upgraded
definitely made my life yeah we thought
we thought a lot about making sure that
you know uh some of the key hubs felt
like like there were two or three
different experiences you'd get of each
one when you came back at a certain you
know a certain tier at a certain place
that like oh now I can come in this way
oh and then it has a lot of flat
rooftops oh there's there's all these
mountain passes in the desolation that I
can get through right that looks I'm
sorry I'm having casino coin flashbacks
oh my god sorry you said flat rooftops
in am-noon I was like oh gosh what time
is it like the environment artists and
the map designers you built as a play
space inside like let's make things to
take advantage of this let's let's you
know um I guess fun as it is for the
players to get it it's also really fun
when your teammates challenge you and
give you a playground and they're like
make something cool for this and you're
like I want to make something cool for
this I have noticed historically when
you guys get involved in that
one-upmanship you're talking about
everybody wins yeah pushing Josh said
like you see someone else do something
cool and you're like
I can take advantage of that or how I
can tweak this thing I'm working on to
play into that more yeah it's it's a
good model of working together I will
say my only regret for the whole Griffon
collection is that I did not get myself
a back door
I don't either
I'm slacker I have it well of course you
do I mean I would for the weekend for
launch weekend luckily they have crazy
issues to hotfix so had some spare time
well you probably won't want me
programming yeah do you really do you
really want we figured ready to help you
with those issues that's like when
people tell us you know stop posting on
Twitter and Facebook and fix the game
really all right guys gather we should
let you make some content do you do you
really want that to happen I don't know
awesome I promise you don't ever know
you can make the next best thing let's
talk later I'm only half kidding because
I don't program but let's see what
happens we can actually program Oh No
all right so I do want to talk a little
bit about the masteries on the Gryphon
because they're kind of great the first
one is mounting in midair yeah which I
just think you soaring rescue I was like
oh gosh what's it called what's called
its Matt midair yeah yeah that's cool um
it was kind of like this feeling of like
you'd be falling to your death and you
kind of similar to a glider you'd want
to be able to mount up on your Griffon
and either like dive further and pick up
speed and do crazy maneuvers or just
have it like help you float to safety
kind of seemed like a natural fit
wait you dismounting in the air because
at least on a bunch of the mounts it
would like on the Springer we wouldn't
want you to be able to dismount in the
air Oh
- or a glider because it would break a
lot of things I have a very quick story
about how I used a TTFN stone on a
friend who happened to be jumping across
Canyon on his Raptor and so yeah I could
have I would have really liked hooker
fin at that point yeah suddenly I was
falling to my own wily coyote I swear to
God the reality of the whole thing
though is I thought I have a really big
bag as the 32 slot bag
I mean honestly that's what like half
the things in your bed like well it'd
look cool let's do it yeah I mean that's
where a lot of ideas come from is like
we think this would be your like really
fun or look cool and it's like dry out
it feels good because it looks cool
alright next one is the rapid dive which
we've seen and I love this thing that's
the basic dive and and the it's got the
boost on the second on the third yeah
the second tier is the ability to dive
and to pull off which opens up a lot of
stuff and really opens up its actual
like feeling of flying before that
you're kind of like flapping around a
bit but what's your unlock that as you
can see Joel flying around you can do a
bunch of crazy stuff as you guys I'm
sure have seen oh yeah it's easy to
forget like even though diving on the
first tier isn't as fast as the second
tier it's still really fast yeah and
then obviously significant upgrading
third tier you open up the ability to
use your wing flap while diving or while
pulling up so that you can get like the
boost to speed while diving to gain even
faster speed more quickly or use it when
you pull up to like gain a little bit of
height as well which varies based on how
fast you're going which no one needed to
know man there's a there's a lot of Joel
stuff that we have to edit out later
right we got to make sure this is never
out in public
what it's one crazy trick the developers
don't want you to know Joe he'll make
human click date so you guys have gotten
a lot of praise on how mounts were
implemented and how they worked out yeah
and I don't think this one is any
exception given how many players I've
seen look at me look at me every year
are you happy with it yeah we're all
extremely happy with it I think like
playing around with it internally like
you could see a lot of people just
having fun running around on now it's
and having a good time
but you never really know until
something's out there if they'll be like
a true reflection like of the community
and we're like we all have fun with them
and gets awesome hopefully everyone else
will think the same and luckily
everything worked out and for the most
part like everyone seems to love mounts
have fun with them make crazy videos
explore old maps and new ways doing the
stuff we didn't expect it's cool yeah
you get excited you see what I think I
can do and you're like oh my gosh yeah
you can't do that one of them I think
Ashley was um in the Oasis race I know
and actually you jumped off that like
building halfway through with the
Gryphon to beat anyone in like in any
internal test then that one person I
forget who put out the video and like
just having the Griffon like speed past
everyone else on the rafter I was like
that's crazy like something we really
actually think of able to get up without
going far enough behind they got into
position and then oh that was poor
timing on my part this is that troll
thing we were talking about earlier just
maybe more troll you're okay right
y'all heard the man I will I will up my
troll game a little bit
all right on that note is there anything
else you guys want
to say about the Griffin look at how
cool it's awesome I'd say everyone
should go out there and try and earn it
because like seeing it is one thing but
really flying around with it is a
totally different experience so I just
finished the story last night I stayed
up like an hour later than I wrote your
way guess what I'm doing tonight work on
Griffin yes after I take my kids to a
concert and like kick them out at Key
Arena got it home it's bedtime
they have places they want to go I have
things I want to do so I will just drive
by Key Arena they can tuck and roll
mommy's got stuff to do all right well I
have a couple things that I do want to
talk about before we go first of all we
have more goodies from we look fine who
actually we love fine is now for fans by
fans I have to get used to saying that
but we all got these at lunch and these
are great except my kid keeps stealing
it because she really digs it so I
haven't actually got to use it yet but
it seems very nice there for fans by
fans has these freed you guys too so
tada Thank You Joel I also want to
mention that we have a giveaway that
we're doing on Twitter right now for
some gym coats and if you go to the
guild wars to Twitter and marques yep
there we go mark has our giveaway image
just need to retweet we want to see your
best Gryphon pictures yeah to see some
of those cool ones
as soon as as soon as we tweeted that my
my whole feed was like full of these
gorgeous Griffin pictures I just go
check out the hashtag because you
especially would be very very happy and
most of these guys are going to be doing
a dev celebration on reddit in an hour
and 15 minutes so if you have any more
questions that you want to ask it is an
hour and fifty minutes at school if you
have more questions that you want to ask
check out the guild wars 2 subreddit in
about an hour and 15 minutes yep all
right all right thank you guys very very
much and I will let you get some work
done before you
go get ready for that and I will see you
guys next week I'm Gil Chet bye guys
thank you so much

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