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ArenaNet employee

Tracey West

Tracey West.jpg

Environment Artist
Raids and Fractals Team
Previous positions
Open World Team
Path of Fire
Siren's Reef Fractal

Tracey West is an Environment Artist, and a part of the Raids and Fractals Team[1] at ArenaNet. She and her team use props, textures, and lighting to bring the world of Tyria to life.

Notable work[edit]

Path of Fire
  • Environment artist[2]
Siren's Reef Fractal
  • Environment artist[3]
Mythwright Gambit
  • Environment artist[1]
The Key of Ahdashim
  • Environment artist[1]
The Icebrood Saga


  • Tracey has a tradition of attempting to put quails in all the maps she works on. She claims to be reasonable when doing so.[1]