Guild Chat - Episode 44

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Guild Chat - Episode 44

A Crack in the Ice
Rubi Bayer
Anthony Ordon
Alina Chadwick
Keaven Freeman
December 8, 2016
Official video

The following is an unofficial, player-written transcript of the episode. The accuracy of this transcription has not been verified by ArenaNet.

The 44th episode of Guild Chat aired on December 8, 2016. Join host Rubi Bayer and her developer guests as they talk about the latest update, A Crack in the Ice.

hi guys happy friday and welcome to
guilt chat i'm your host ruby and we're
talking today about the latest living
world episode and guild wars 2 cracking
the ice so we're going to go ahead and
get started I want to say hi to our
developer guests and let them introduce
yourselves i'll start with anthony and
just let us know who you are what you
worked on for this episode um as you
mentioned my name is Anthony uh I worked
on good job I'm working on alright sorry
I did work on the the mastery for
episode 3 that was my contribution and
the events that what with it the beat
convince the other pecans in the
snowstorm stuff although I didn't make
this in a storm the great artist I'm
sorry it's all on you now uh my name is
Alina Chadwick I'm a Content programmer
which means I'm a calf gameplay
programmer half designer I walked on
events in the open world that are not
the beacon events and doing things like
putting cute Coggins in the Coggan city
and stuff like that i'm kevin kevin
freeman and game designer did the
precocious orion instance at the very
beginning awesome thank you guys you
want to say that at the end of today's
episode we're going to be taking some
questions so if you have questions
during the show put them in chat and at
the end we'll pick a few and have you
guys answer them so let's go ahead and
jump in by talking about the story
precocious or een was a really fun one
Irene's important because yes she's
super cute but she's also this is the
first dragon that we've hatched in this
game and we had a hand in it so it's
kind of a big thing but it's also
important that we maybe get a handle on
this and make her our friend before
she's big enough to eat us the dragon
training instance it was it was kind of
fun you know we had we had a few hiccups
there at the beginning that were
important to get worked out all of those
oohs oh my gosh um but as far as getting
her to
work with us how did you figure out okay
what direction do we want to go with
this what kind of things do we want to
teach her and how do we want to make
this happen when we first sat down and
worked on this the first thing that I
did was I looked at a couple of
different codes of chivalry and Bushido
code and took some what was similar
between the two of them and then I did
some research on child development and
different different methodologies of
teaching values to children through
gameplay in in a school setting as
versus a home setting and that's kind of
what where everything branched off of oh
okay that's a lot more elaborate than so
chivalry and child development no big
deal haha well yeah we we haven't really
done something like this before yeah so
I I felt like it was important to at
least make sure that that the that it
was building off of a solid foundation
do you feel like it came on to live the
way you wanted it to yes there were
there were some things that were part of
my original design that didn't come
through to the very end but you know
that's just the nature of game
development you know so I think that
what we ended up with works very well
with the with the system and I'm very
happy with with what we what we did yes
yeah there are amazing things that exist
in our heads in the world of unlimited
technology right in the magical world
where we have actual magic powers I can
create things yeah I don't know you've
got me curious now are there things that
you can tell um I sure yes it was like
okay so originally we knew from the we
knew from the beginning that there were
going to be people who did not
necessarily want to participate in this
kind of fluffy touchy-feely right it's
not everybody's right it's not
everybody's it's not everybody's things
luckily so what I had attempted to do at
the beginning was make all of the
different activities that you could
engage with or enon separate completely
separate and nonlinear that way if you
did not want to you didn't want to teach
her about helping the needy for example
then you could just do the defending the
weak over and over again until your bar
filled up and then get out so
unfortunately that was not something
that we were able to make work I tried
very very hard to make that work but it
it didn't work and so that's why we went
with a linear progression alright that's
fair again that magical world where we
can do anything that we want yeah yeah
exactly exactly I have a question oh
sure how long until Laureen gets big
enough to actually eat us oh that will
be in redacted oh you're good you're
good you're frightening well you
mentioned you know I got a trainer
before she doesn't know how long I have
you know how long you have before you
can make her eat someone no well
actually that was before you need to run
but yeah how long till I need to run
okay like what if I didn't do a good job
training her okay you just got me
curious about your motivations to know
whether it was safe to play with you or
not alright so the next story so
actually I do have to pause and say how
much I loved having to stop and explain
to her please don't eat the fish these
are for literal orphans please stop it
and she's just like I really want to
give you this or not she's she has to
like kind of stop and think about it and
yeah that was a useful changing moment
that the writers put in there I was very
very happy the perfect spot for it night
I was very pleased yeah she's she's not
this perfect little obedient thing she's
not sure if I feel like doing what you
want me to or not let's talk about this
yeah anyone has a dog
see this like those computations
happening great like you know we were
talking earlier if she was like more
doglike oh you want spelling maybe
that's that dog maybe that's that little
dog part creeping in because I've got
cats and cat would have eaten the fish
and left I'm done with you I'm out thank
you for helping me get some food I have
no more I have no further use for you
I'm gone I'll see you later so all right
so we got there that that took us to the
next story step which takes us to bitter
frost Frontier which I'm having so much
fun with so thank you guys for that um
there's a lot going on here you've got
the codon and quaggan working together
the killer whale quaggan are the cutest
so I'm just giving you full credit for
that I don't care how much you did but
you said you put quaggan in there so I'm
getting dirty you're in here nobody
else's you get that we're trying to work
with the girl we've got the mushrooms
running around trying to mix up this
really sketcher sketchy elixir from this
funnier that he says it's like made in
small batches and you know we've got to
do all of this stuff and I'm convinced
he's just like mixing it all in a
bathtub somewhere in the back I'm not
entirely sure of what's going on there
I'm working on it we've also got the
beacons of coda event and these new
skills the thing is there's a really
good variety of activities happening
here plus use of your masteries to get
around how did you guys get all of these
different things going on without making
it feel like a huge confusing mishmash
of events I mean you've got there's a
good spread but it's not overwhelming I
mean that's kind of what makes skill
whirs too special I think it there's a
whole bunch of zones even in the in the
base game where you go and there's there
a couple of like story line through
fairs they go through all these zones
but a lot of times you get a lot of like
one offs are these little variety events
or like you know the renowned hearts
that are something completely different
I think that's what makes the game
special right if you was if we just
built a map about one thing right it was
just about like
Ram right for example and that was all
there was in the map I think it would be
very hard for somebody to go in there
and run something unexpected yeah that
happens let's say we had an advantage
with this map because the map is
actually very organized there's like
distinct areas and we had the ability to
say okay these are the distinct areas
that we want in the map here's the
distinct story that we're going to tell
in each of these areas and then take
those stories and then like put them
into a overarching narrative which this
is the first map that I've worked on as
a designer so it's it's it's a little
new to me and it's like oh this worked
really well maybe that's what everyone
always does yeah but it's it yeah it
looked very smoothly because we were
able to split it up like that and
because each area was we were able to
focus on oh let's focus on the spa near
area instead of let's focus on the
entire map and like try to juggle these
pieces yeah so kind of lent itself to a
certain type of events depending on what
was already there yeah so with the like
with the beacons of koda event I mean
you have this overarching thing that you
kind of know the underlying story of
what's going on yeah so the beacons
akota think I came I bit cocky model
left field it started with the idea that
we would do this mastery that was based
on ancient magic right which was we're
kind of looking through some of the lore
and the co didn't have a particular
story about how you know at the
beginning of their their civilization or
the tribes or whatever they had a number
of spirits that they were like entrusted
to look after right and so you know the
spirit of fire was kind of a natural
like guess you know and then we kind of
me and I think angel we kind of went
back and forth on some ideas for that
including like what if the spirit of
fire had kind of existed in this one
place and then it was spread right so if
you go to the town in the map there is
one central beacon
we're all of the fire technically comes
from right and you can spread it out
words to the map that was kind of what
we wanted and we wanted people
cooperating to sort of install these
places where you could pick up the fire
right and then use it to do things and
you would need to do that with the
mastery okay so you had yeah there was a
good there was a good place to get from
yeah well yeah and then just the idea of
this map being this open kind of snow
storm wasteland right where you know
it's very cold very difficult to survive
without trying to work in some bizarre
biomechanics like hunger or whatever
reason to death perhaps bitter cold yeah
well so that bitter cold right bitter
cold is actually really good example of
how that works right like I like the way
that they're called Brooks in that
particular region I think if we try to
do it for the whole map would have been
obstructive and it was at one point of
time I'd gone through some iterations of
being cold on the map was initially this
idea that you would just like you just
get chilled every now and then which is
very yeah it didn't work and then we
eventually came up with the ice storm
guys that like wander around right yeah
those guys so it's I don't know it's a
little more action game II kind of
paradigm for how you would experience
cold so here's the thing that I actually
have not told you okay I was like
blasting through the story and I was
kind of in a hurry and I was doing
attention he didn't do it so I sort of
did it was just that I'm had a lot going
on and I wanted to hurry up and get this
stuff done and I got into the area with
the bitter cold and I ran out of time
because my work day was over and I
wanted to go go and it was like okay
i'll just i'll just park right here oh I
don't really need to tell a good story
dude so yeah I got home that night and I
was like okay log back in we got to
figure out I gotta figure out how to get
over there to that guy and I logged back
in and it hurt so bad bitter it did so
yeah it's slow down pay attention
because it's throughout the whole map I
would have hated that so bad nothin is
so then I tried to I was like okay well
I can just glad out if you're really
you know it was not it wasn't good at
all I just went into a downstate crashed
to the ground and I was done yeah that's
why so yeah I when you said that having
that through the whole map I just went
oh please yeah we come with yes I guess
now there's always a fine line between
why did it make the mastery feel really
important and then making it terrible to
to experience it without it right yeah
it was now having the having Dakota's
flame having the staff that feels pretty
great the new skills are super fun once
you've got that mastery yeah those went
through for you durations tough part
with those was and somebody even asked
the question is the reason why you can
only use to our schools five times the
reason why is because we didn't want the
bundle to replace your player skills
like we're super i would say that as a
as a department we're super afraid of
doing that's people making it feel like
you're out of you know you're out of
your profession right and so you've got
this item that's either better then your
skills are worse than your player skills
like i'm not sure which one is is worse
for the player right yeah feeling like
you've your hobbled if you've got it
yeah or feeling like you're hobbled once
you don't have it anymore either one is
not great so yeah the limitation really
is so that you can pick it up get some
easy you know kills with it or whatever
i use it to do something that's
important to you and then dispose of it
really quickly and it's really easy to
just you know use it for a big moment
and then go get it again if you need it
so it's it's limited for a reason and
also there's a couple of cooperative
mechanics in there we can kind of share
and spread it between yourselves so if
you're working together very closely
there's no reason anyone ever has to run
out but it does require some
coordination yeah those are those are
fun those are I'm gonna I'm gonna ask
this can you tell me about some of the
iterations that it went through uh yes
it didn't make it I mean there was a
whole bunch of ideas for that one of
them was the initial idea for I think
the four skill was that you would spawn
a fire tornado that would chase down the
ice tornadoes but the ice tornadoes got
less prevalent they don't exist during
the daytime so it was kind of it was a
little more useless and then there was
other versions there's just weaker they
used to beat those skills used to be
weaker so like the fireball
was just kind of a slow leading fireball
and then we added the bouncing thing
yeah the genitive being unlimited but
like just speeding all that stuff off
and making it feel really impactful and
fast right so initially I think the the
sprint wasn't on there it's all about
like using that thing as utility and
then just you know just dropping it yeah
yeah we're done with this thing yeah
okay I like that I'm really loving the
idea of a fire tornado but I just
overload someday fires I'm I'm cool I'm
a tempest and I just overload my
elemental skill one call it good maybe
that's what it is it just feels like
more of what I already have yeah well
that's that's the danger right it is
yeah after a while you know um you
started running over some of the like if
you feel soo much like in the elements
list fire staff right then we've kind of
lost yes I think it's gotta feel unique
it's gotta feel powerful yeah this isn't
this isn't that unique it's a thing I
already have just with a different staff
something that I did like I'm seeing
more of what we've seen in other
recently released maps use of the
previously unlocked masteries to get
around as far as gliding the unbound
magic and karma and the winter berries
there are so many new rewards that I can
pick up so we can go through play that
map and still keep getting new things
for a while it's not just alright day
one okay i'm sure some of you got all of
the rewards on day one take a nap but
there there's some longevity there and
putting in all of those rewards was
really something that I've been seeing
us do on the maps more and more where we
don't just feel like we're playing this
and there's nothing new to earn and
there's nothing new to get yeah I think
we're getting better at finding a
balance because it for a long time it
was kind of the case that all of the new
living world stuff was limited to stuff
that came out in the episode right which
was like everyone was kind of on the
same playing field and then there was
the other version of that where we used
one currency throughout like a whole you
know season or whatever and then you
really only needed to play the first one
and you're going to walk all the way
wards forever so I think we found kind
of a nice balance between like there's a
kind of a through fair currency for
season one RT three which is
magic and then there's some other stuff
specific to the map yeah it's working
out well and i agree i think we're
getting better at that yeah the more we
can incorporate the old masteries into
the into the newer maps i think it's
great obviously want to find the balance
so that the new mastery feels impactful
and it's it gives you a new way to
experience the map but like you know
rewarding you for going back and playing
those old stuff is uh is great yeah that
game is still there yeah yeah that's
still there absolutely yeah and that's
actually really interesting i was
wandering around the other day in the
camera what it's called lava island
amber bay amber bay yeah and there are
so people there hanging out have a good
time yeah I was in there this morning
and I've kind of had this assumption
that everybody was going to be hanging
out in bitter frost because that's the
new shiny and yes it's super crowded but
then I went over to ember Bay and there
were just as many people there and this
it's nice to see it because there's
still a lot going on there too yeah so
yeah somebody mentioned brim a few
minutes ago we need to talk about bram
because everybody has something to say
about bran which Heath I feel like I
know how you feel about brim ya know he
is I mean he's kind of unlikable right
now and yes he's grieving he just lost
his mom they were just starting to
reconcile so I get that it's kind of a
blow I got curious because i was seeing
so many players talk about it that yes i
get that he's upset yes i guess i get
that he's having a hard time but he's
still being really incredibly obnoxious
and awful it's kind of from your point
of view though like it's easy to think
that because you're kind of locked into
a certain perspective as employ oh I see
Pam as it's often times when when
there's some like issue in the world and
like you're looking into fixing it and
the slow way that everyone seems to be
taking and you're like well why can't
white why aren't we doing something like
mall mall now more like faster like
justice exactly it's like are you sure
that thing you're doing sure you've got
this like grand plan but it's not moving
anywhere it's going so slow um and like
that's that's a very real frustration
and that's how I see Bram as like sure
you've got this plan you've had plans
before etc but the dragons are still
here I could bash this dragon you know
and and that would be and that would be
a way more active solution that um that
is a lot more um what's what I'm looking
for it feels better you know yeah he's
he's impatient he's done with our
screwing around because it's not getting
anything done right and that's actually
kind of where I wanted to go with this
because I've been listening to what so
many of the players have to say and I
was interested in your guys's take as
players or as developers either one I
wanted to see what you guys thought well
also it's not it's not just impatience
is obviously part of it yeah another
part of it is here we are as the player
the commander I've gone and killed two
dragons I'm telling you you know chill I
know you want to go off and kill a
dragon too but why don't you just not
and that's like excuse me why are you
the only person who can be doing this I
can do something too so I think it's a
combination of a little resentment mixed
with the impatience
dad I think it's interesting place for
his character to go I think you know for
a long time Bram's just kind of been I
don't you know this sound awful he's
kind of color on the wall right like
he's got his bram like opinion about
stuff but then he just kind of follows
you around everywhere he go um and you
know he's competent but he's never
really expressed any will of his own I
think it's interesting that he's doing
that now that he's got an opinion and it
may not be your characters opinion are
the players opinion that's it if you
hate him in any love to hate him I think
I think we've succeeded they're right
like if you can feel something about
that character that's that's great
that's great for him yeah I think
something that's good about that and we
talked about that a little bit that not
it's okay that not every character is
perfect and compliant and lovable and
says everything that you want them to
say yeah sometimes they're going to be
jerks and sometimes they're going to be
unlikable but if they're making you if
they're making you react and they're
making you feel something yes even if
it's anger and as one of our players
said I I got curious once I saw all of
this discussion and I did just an
impromptu Twitter poll on guild wars 2
Twitter channels it was in all four
languages I was just looking at the
english ones and i was just you know
what did you think of his behavior was
you know did you feel like you
understood where he was coming from were
you cool with it or did you feel like he
was out of line and one of the most
recent responses that I saw was I wanted
to put that bow over the Sun doesn't
shine it's like yeah that sure is how
you feel if you are having strong
feelings about this and I like that yeah
people are really engaged right with
that story and I think that means I mean
from the developer perspective that
means that we're we're succeeding right
like if people are interested they have
really strong opinions and they're not
opinions like for the most part they're
not opinions like I you know this was
you know completely like unexpected
right like this is kind of a thing that
you expect
someone like that to do right um to like
you know be borrow dependent right
especially given all of it like do boss
this mom you know you can strain to the
jungle for a while you know it changes
you right I think that's more
interesting then than anything else
worked it out with him yeah he's kind of
becoming a hero like show he's splitting
from the player but he's going from like
Lackey to like he does an awesome thing
at the end of the episode that's a
really big deal you know um he yeah he's
kind of Awesome I really like it dude
and it could be a rocky journey it's not
always now I am a hero and i am captain
Merrick and I am perfectly wonderful
yeah i'm i'm interested to see where it
goes because there there's always stuff
that we can't talk about that's coming
up i don't know i'm not spoiled i
actually intend to go find some spoilers
but i don't actually know where it's
going either so I'm interested to see
what happens after this after he bounces
off and yells at us I'm not a hundred
percent sure the details like I don't
know anything about the upcoming
episodes really I've heard the high
level pitch for what happens the season
and I'd like all I can say about that
we're uh I think I think we're headed in
the right direction for me as a player
like I'm excited about the story so cool
okay so I want to as we kind of get
close to wrapping up here I want to talk
about something as you guys were doing
development some of the bugs that we got
worked out during development that were
some of the more fun ones because this
is the stuff i like the guys the things
that you guys don't see that we get kind
of cleaned up during development but
that are freaking hilarious and i'm
looking at Kevin because you're dying to
I know which one you're dying to talk
about and I'll let you start with that
one alright so we came in one day we
came in one day to work and suddenly you
hear off in the distance what the oh my
poor or een somehow had her scale thrown
off and was just super humongous
everywhere and I think I gave you a
screenshot if you want yeah yes yeah
there she is Anna hide-and-seek hiding I
wonder where she is that's the best part
is the player character don't know I
just don't know man yeah I noticed no
idea where she is oh that was that was
great and after everyone freaked out or
finished freaking out then everybody got
a nice laugh out of it and we got it
fixed and abs good times yeah it was
absolutely hilarious because I didn't
get to experience it myself but I was
sitting next to somebody who was playing
it and I just looked over at his screen
and you know when she's playing
hide-and-seek and she's still thing and
she's like galloping through that room
haha I just forget it's like watching
this enormous elephant just she's like
the size of the room she's bigger than
the Asura gate and you're just looking
at it going I can't I can't make this
fit in my brain but what's happening and
do we really need to fix it I mean cuz
it's pretty fantastic yeah bro spurt
number of bugs that like people say that
about like oh do we need to fix that
don't fix that because it's so much fun
I mean I'm looking at remember how much
everybody loved the airplane bottom I
gather airplay bug the airplane bug was
like 10 it was it was pretty funny it
was there's been better stop yeah i mean
and i'm pretty sure that uh you know
like we put it back in the game
intentionally right so yeah sure
everybody in the studio won't didn't
want it really fixed either right but oh
my gosh but yeah enormous orion was what
watching her just gallop around was
absolutely one of the greatest things
and i wish we had gotten video of that
but the screenshot was like one of the
best things we had feels good so um what
else was something that got worked out
beforehand like the ice encased wagon
yes so yeah those a couple of things
that went wrong with that so that's the
quaggan hot spring
and there's like several quaggan there
that our farming so they're like walking
from like one thing of plant eNOS to
another and okay so when the when you
fail that event of the storm hits they
get encased in ice so originally when
they got kidding case in ice they didn't
stop moving so they were like waddling
around with this like big thing of ice
ice off of them this is one that I wish
was still and this is another one live
with just the big chunks of ice going I
mean it's it's oppressive it's like
that's that's a real like farmer
dedication right these guys are not
messing around they have stuff to you
and I've everyone's why I just want them
to be like if they hobble around with
the enormous chunk of ice encasing then
you had the huge event radius for
talking about stuff oh oh yeah yeah I
don't consider that a bug but that does
a difference between a bug this is just
me being a programmer there's a
difference between a bag and a happen
and a not yet implemented we're getting
there um yeah so when when you walk
within the the event radius of the ice
blood wolf event um there's some player
lines that you say and so it's like Oh
wolves and like I wonder if they're
wanting to eat baby Griffin's and stuff
like that so that's actually there's
some new tech now we want previously
able to key scripts off of entering the
event radius we could only key scripts
off of in tween the broadcast radius and
probably nobody knows what this means
the broadcast radius is a lot bigger
it's the ladies when um when the thing
in your UI appears though like there's a
finger by yeah so it used to say those
one over the
event would appear on your UI and that
event broadcaster basically the entire
forest so you basically into the forest
and be talking about these walls that
want oh wow they're like a billion miles
away kind of looking around going oh
yeah that was like really low on my
to-do list I'm sexing I'm sensing that
there's something going on with the baby
Griffin's on the other side of the neck
yeah but pick up a lot of exposure like
it throughout the company because it was
really long my to-do list because it was
like not really important policy and it
was a decent chunk of walk because i'm a
bad that extra tech yeah oh my gosh I
like that one um and then there's one
that you were talking about that Devin's
on life isn't it the extra bounces on
the code is staff yeah so can I say
extra like it's not very many yeah so
the backstory of this bug actually is
there used to be an intrinsic levitation
to our missile tech that prevented stuff
from bouncing more than twice I believe
at some point that was modified to
implement probably some crazy boss or
something like that so now you have to
like specify a limitation and you know
for whatever reason I it appeared that
those things are only bouncing five
times but that you in fact bounce a
little bit time infinite infinite
bounces so if you go up to there's been
some videos or whatever around the
internet right if you go up to you guys
that are like just you guys stand next
to each other and you throw kotas reach
at one of them bounce back and forth
back and forth and forth it's only good
so enjoy that one not really hurting
anything right now just it certain those
guys it's right well yeah but you know
we heard guys always I'm duty to that's
their job they're bad guys they're bad
guys it's fine sure it's burns fine nice
all right so I like that we left that
one just well I'm sure we'll get fixed
eventually especially that's supposed to
appear on other maps okay oh yeah I'm
sorry I just got really excited about my
gameplay huh yeah i mean the idea with
those they're supposed to work anywhere
so those masteries so hopefully and well
and you know we want them have to be fun
to play and yeah well sure oh yes I
don't want it you know crap on so on
yeah yeah yeah unlimited missile ability
enjoy that little gift yeah so all right
before we go to a short break and if you
guys have any questions I'm seeing them
start to pop up and we will grab a
couple of those after the break I want
to finish up with now that this has been
on live for a little while and you guys
have had a chance to go in there and
play it with the community and see what
the community saying I wanted to ask
about some of your favorite player
reactions that you've seen now that your
work is on live and everybody's getting
to play with it I'm glad people are
discovering stuff I always like to see
you and there when they peeling back the
layers of you know the stuff you put in
the game we have the CODIS flame staff
is has a the head of it is actually if
you look really closely turns out it's a
it's kind of an image of a codon right
it's supposed to be khoda and the
feedback I got from that one early on in
development was well it's way too subtle
I'm I didn't make it but I actually
really like it the way it is I like it
that you can look a little closer and
there's something there waiting for you
if you look a little closer and people
have noted that so to me that's that's
big one yeah I like when they notice the
little details yeah well we have to put
them in there right we can't smash you
with that but everything so in reaction
to some to some play only action um I'm
really sorry about motoring kittens so
uh does there's a new cat that you can
get in this map and the cats in a bit of
a predicament with with his family and
unfortunately his family didn't make it
and it's really sad I don't know why I
laugh so I guess sorry
uh wow I didn't know that oh yes a home
now he lives near home instance what do
you have to feed him by the way oh you
don't have to be though you know that
they're encased in ice and you need oh
you bring the money and place them out
of the ice with us so this entire family
dies and you don't even give me anything
to eat I mean hey do you like hit it
fell rugged your job but vs aren't you
know I'm totally a cat fussing uh I'm
said Kaplan said it felt weird Hey okay
it felt weird for I guess it's kind of a
cat thing but felt weird to go to the
cat and like free them from being
encased in ice and a bit of cold and
then the cats like oh that's not enough
I I need you to get me this one specific
dish also you know yeah I don't know I
yes we every time that we encounter
stray cats like my wife is like the
queen of the cat ladies like everywhere
she goes she finds her cats I'd like
your 10 and that's peach oh no game
right now yes great but we'll go like
will find you know kittens like we were
in we took a vacation once and we were
driving around and there was his kittens
hanging out in a dumpster and she got
out she wanted to go feed those kittens
and I like if he could have one of those
kids about a full of swish wait on her
they don't want to he was fine yeah they
looked at her and they're like get away
from us oh and they ran away she so that
mean that's a very damn thing to do to
be like oh thanks for breaking me out
you got any food something to eat too or
not yes geez I am NOT happy about this
right now I'm so sad I can't wait so you
have so many cats in your home instance
that it's just it's just impossible to
move around in there these ladies Kevin
tell me something happy about player
reactions that you liked oh um well I've
been watching a lot of player reaction
videos and player walkthroughs of
precocious Laureen and one that I
watched was
actually a guild run so there were
multiple people on the screen and one of
the people one person in the in the
group knew about the hidden toys and so
when they went into the room and he was
like guys we have to get the hidden toys
get the achievement everyone else is
like what toys to give to the kids are
you kidding me so that that made me feel
good that it just the idea of giving
toys to kids like brighten their
afternoon it so that that made me happy
yeah I didn't know about that I found
out about this when you told me about it
yesterday I was like what haha where
exactly show me everything myself that
was that's a fun I love those little
hidden things in there and I'm always
curious the first person who found that
thing how how do you guys do that I mean
are people just like scraping the walls
and looking at everything so any little
thing think so like yeah we beckylyn I
was on the the current events team we
talked about this a lot there's two
kinds of challenges that you put in the
game one is something for the individual
to discover and those are often usually
not that hard to find the other things
something for the community discover and
share and that's something em BOS
particularly goers two offers unique
leaning right you just can't it just
takes a billion people to find this one
thing and then share with everybody I
think that's it you know just as a
player right that's really exciting that
there might be something out there for
me to discover and then you know I get
all the social currency because I I can
share with everybody oh yeah that's so
cool all right we are going to take a
short break and watch a little quaggan
video that is currently blowing Kevin's
mind we'll be back in a couple minutes
and we're going to answer a few of your
guys's questions so if you have any more
this is your last chance to put them in
chat we'll be right back
log in deep thought competing of
our deep can log in swim that depends on
the meaning of the word deep who clogged
in this blew your mind
hold it all things who quaggan wishes
quagga not a tiny shrimp for every time
quaggan said quaggan then quaggan would
have all the tiny shrimp sitting in
quaggan feel sad for non logins who use
personal pronouns
participating in life wishing for the
current to change won't make it so
quaggan should always go with the flow
Oh quaggan made a rhyme watch anime
logon binks barracuda should get a new
name something like stupid hungry fish
Barrow coolers don't understand talking
so fuggin can call them whatever quaggan
want without hurting stupid hungry fish
half empty a phone if walking could
drink all the water in the ocean fool
Walliams belly would hurt what a bad
outward appearances
if quaggan had to pick one sense to lose
quaggan would give a plug ins sense of
style somebody else can always dress
alright we are back are you guys ready
for me to start throwing questions at
you sure I was glad you didn't say no
because I'm gonna do it anyway alright
so our first question is for Alina since
you mentioned Quogue ins the quadrants
live in a place called GU lupa deeps and
up until now the name deeps had been
reserved for crate settlements what's
the backstory of this place that it's
using a crate settlement name so i can't
really talk about the name because i'm
not a white oh but however that is a
conversation that you can find so if you
if you go explore around the around the
city the underwater part of the city in
one of the houses so you can go into the
houses and there's all sorts of hidden
things are now in one of the houses
there's to Quogue ins one has a name and
the other is called elder and there's a
conversation on the named one that goes
into a bunch of backstory on that
settlement really see these are those
little hidden details that we were
talking about before that I absolutely
love all right in the bitter cold story
step story Journal says unlike the pork
wagons and codon I found there I
survived my encounter however these are
not found in the instance where they cut
from the final version warez oh um that
coopted I'd aircraft is an mo come to
coding and clefto clocking on that oh
yeah they're dead and yoyo them all
right um is it possible to make Coda's
blessing aura a little bit bigger on the
player characters my question is how big
do you want it we can you can look into
it I've seen that a couple times it's
the troubling thing there is the big we
make those kinds of effects the more
they compete for attention with all the
other stuff you have on your character
so yeah I'll have to follow up with the
effects team you see ya like I can like
i said i can i can raise it as always
not a promise yeah not a promise but i
can look into it like a look into it
let's see why was it decided to make
Arctic quaggan when there were already
quaggan and ice brewed quaggan in the
shiver Peaks well Arctic plug in an
iceberg pies brood quaggan or evil so
those are their bad guys I'm thinking by
Arctic quaggan we're meaning like the
little killer whale looking guys am i
yeah they're the ones that have the the
orchid spot in there they're black I
actually have those didn't we we did we
do have those in the game I'm not sure
why they what the functional differences
between those two guys I think they just
kind of thematically fit but we can
circle back to that one italina gets
back yeah see I need to see more
questions but we have a couple more to
look at that you guys can I can let you
guys answer will we ever get to know why
there's a metal net at the bottom of the
hot springs don't you'll see Elena says
no so we're going to say it is to save
you from yourselves yeah it's otherwise
you're just going to keep swimming down
a little it's why it's a secret it's a
safety mechanism otherwise you're going
to keep swimming until you can spend all
your game time trying to get back to the
top of the water let's see Anthony said
that he was in the current events team
confirmed you did say that yeah did you
move to another team or did the current
events team move to something different
can we expect new current events in the
future so my role the company is
currently oh well to move around a lot
so I was helping with episode 1 and then
doing some current events in the
meantime and then I helped out on
episode 3 as well so there's I I jump
around a lot the current events team is
I really like it I think it's a really
good idea I I would love to do more with
those guys someday but I know they they
still exist in there working on current
events so right now that i think that
means halloween and winter's day yeah
yeah yeah it's december of work winter's
day is coming soon yeah for sure so i
think that's what those guys are up
and then you know as for what's in the
future I don't know I'd love to see a
continuation of the the riff romping
storyline but yeah they have a bunch of
storylines going on like with the cats
and stuff so i expect that stuff will
continue more cats just cats from wall
to wall in our home instance yeah it
would be a shame if it didn't all right
how about why doesn't the new map have a
map boss I'm gonna look to you for this
Antony yeah the new map why why why
because it didn't have time to add one
it's probably the correct answer there i
mean i would love to put one like a big
guy in there it just wasn't a big
emphasis for this map the map was mostly
about exploration in advancing the the
story so I it's got some bosses it's got
those champions in there which you can
kind of wore out if you do the meta
events we flirted with the idea of
putting the clogged or mag in there or
at least I did or like a super-sized ice
storm or something along those lines it
just it just didn't feel like it was an
emphasis for the map and who I think it
would have been really hard to pull off
without competing for all the other
stuff that's going on in there it I
think events that involve like met
events that involve doing a bunch of
smaller things like you think with
champions those have a place in the game
I don't think we've seen one of those in
a while yeah so I think those are those
are good you know well we'll get back to
a map boss someday I can almost
guarantee it awesome yeah we have more
stuff coming up yeah turns out we are
not going to go home at the end of the
day and never come back yeah you're
still checking along we're still coming
to work yeah all right that is the last
question we have so we are going to call
it good thank you all for spending some
time too thanks for inviting us I know
you have a lot going on make sure you
guys well thank you first for coming and
spending some time with us today I also
appreciate that make sure you guys
follow us here on Twitch if you're
watching later subscribe to our YouTube
channel because we really like it when
you don't miss out on our shows and join
us next week for another guild chat on
thank you guys and I will see you next

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