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Ready Up videos discuss all things combat system, skills and balance, and the competitive world of Guild Wars 2.

— YouTube playlist description

Ready Up was a livestream show produced by ArenaNet and hosted by Joshua Davis. It streamed live biweekly on Fridays at noon Pacific time, on opposite weeks of the PvE livestream show Points of Interest.

List of episodes[edit]

Episode number Date Description External links
1 December 6, 2013 Join Josh Davis, John Corpening, Hugh Norfolk, Karl McLain, and Roy Cronacher as they preview the PvP and balance changes going into the December 10th patch. YouTube
2 December 20, 2013 John Corpening (PvP Team Lead) and Joshua "Grouch" Davis (PvP Community Coordinator) talk Guild Wars 2 PvP in 2013 and 2014. YouTube
3 January 17, 2014 Join ArenaNet developers Josh "Grouch" Davis, Jonathan "Chap" Sharp, Jon Peters, Karl McLain, and Roy Cronacher as they preview the upcoming balance changes for the next feature build. Topics include critical damage changes, rune and sigil changes, and general profession tweaks. YouTube
4 January 31, 2014 Joshua "Grouch" Davis and WvW Game Designer Tyler "Hammon" Bearce discuss the new WvW map, Edge of the Mists.
5 February 14, 2014 Jonathan Sharp and Josh Davis talk about Glory removal changes, preview the new stomp, and shoutcast a scrimmage with Jebro! Special Guests include Matt Visual, Richie Procopio, Wooden Potatoes, Blu, Caed, and Supcutie, along with some of your favorite PvP devs. YouTube
6 February 28, 2014 Quick Q&A about glory removal, Devs storm EotM and talk about various tactics that can be used in the map, Events highlights and schedule! Guests include Hugh Norfolk, Jessica Boettiger, and the rest of the PvP and WvW teams. YouTube
7 March 14, 2014 Allie Murdock joins Jonathan Sharp and Josh Davis to discuss her day-to-day as a Competitive Community Coordinator. Afterwards, we host an All-Star scrimmage with some of the top players, as well as discuss the upcoming Ready Up schedule. YouTube
8 March 21, 2014 Jonathan Sharp and Hugh Norfolk talk about the new TDM map that will be coming out. Karl McLain and Roy Cronacher talk in depth about new traits, runes, sigils & more! YouTube
9 March 28, 2014 In the latest episode of Ready Up, Evan Lesh and Hugh Norfolk talk about the upcoming Gear Unification and Reward Tracks in the April 2014 Feature Pack. Host Josh Davis also announces some additional balance changes that will happen in the April 15th build. YouTube
10 April 4, 2014 Joshua Davis and Colin Johanson talk just about the Megaserver system and cover various aspects of the April 2014 Feature Pack. YouTube
11 April 18, 2014 Hugh Norfolk and Jessica Boettiger discuss cosplay with local cosplayer Anna He as well as the Tournament of Legends and WvW tournament. YouTube
12 May 2, 2014 Josh "Llama Prophet" Davis takes a look back at the European Tournament of Legends and interviews the winning team, The Civilized Gentlemen [TCG]. YouTube
13 May 16, 2014 Josh Davis recaps the North American Tournament of Legends and interviews winners, Apex Prime. YouTube
14 May 30, 2014 On this episode of Ready Up, our host Joshua "Grouch" Davis sits with our Jessica Boettiger to talk about the end of the WvW Spring Tournament, including a FAQ on how to spend those tournament rewards. They also discussed community-run PvP events and answer the age-old question, "If a llama dances in the woods, and nobody is around to see it, do the disco lights still flash?" YouTube
15 June 13, 2014 Josh, Karl and Jon discuss the Guild Wars 2 balance team's balance philosophy for each profession. YouTube
16 June 27, 2014 Our host Joshua "Grouch" Davis is joined by [TCG] captain Helseth for a tutorial on proper PvP team strategy. This is a great opportunity for newer PvP teams and players to learn from a Guild Wars 2 PvP veteran, and more importantly - learn how to secure that Llama Mini! YouTube
17 July 11, 2014 Josh is joined by authorized shoutcaster Jebro to discuss the Tournament of Legends 2 qualifier, the International All-Stars Tournament taking place at gamescom and outcomes of the recently ESL Weekly Cups. YouTube
18 July 25, 2014 Josh Davis is joined by shoutcaster Justin Czech to talk about Tournament of Legends 2 and the team rosters for the Guild Wars 2 International All-Stars Invitational Tournament at gamescom in August 2014. And in the new Skill Bar segment, Karl McLain previews upcoming balance changes for the Engineer and Ranger! YouTube
19 August 8, 2014 Josh is joined by ChroNick to talk about the International All-Stars Tournament at gamescom next week as well as the ongoing Tournament of Legends Qualifiers this weekend. He also talks about his recent trip with the PvP team to Shanghai for China Joy. Karl finally previews upcoming changes to the Warrior and Thief professions on Skill Bar. YouTube
20 August 22, 2014 Josh is joined by Gameplay Programmer Branden Gee and John 'Blu' Mullen to talk about gamescom, Tournament of Legends, Tournament of Glory and Standard Models. And in a new Skill Bar segment, Karl previews upcoming changes to the Mesmer and the Elementalist professions! YouTube
21 August 29, 2014 This week on Ready Up, Competitive Events Manager and host Josh Davis is joined by Competitive QA Embed, Jessica Boettiger to talk about the upcoming World vs World Fall Tournament and cover updates to recent competitive events. It is also the final installment of the Skill Bar where Karl McLain previews upcoming changes to the guardian and necromancer professions. Summary
22 September 12, 2014 On this episode of Ready Up, Josh is joined by Blackgate commander Kris Constantine to discuss World vs. World tactics, strategy, and coordination ahead of the WvW Fall 2014 Tournament. Summary
23 October 17, 2014 Josh is joined by PvP Game Designer Hugh Norfolk to discuss some upcoming changes to the Skyhammer map, an update on the World Tournament Series, some incoming balance changes and the WvW Fall Tournament and Adopt--A-Dev program. Summary
24 October 31, 2014 Joshua “Grouch” Davis and PvP Game Designer Hugh “Nightmare” Norfolk discuss the upcoming Go4GuildWars2 Cups. There may, or may not, be ghosts! Summary
25 November 14, 2014 On this week’s Ready Up, Host Joshua “Grouch” Davis is joined by members of World Tournament Series Finals teams “The Abjured” and “The Civilized Gentlemen” for a Q&A session. YouTube
Episodes 26 - 35 (2015)
26 November 26, 2014 Competitive Events Manager Joshua “Grouch” Davis and PvP Gameplay programmer Evan Lesh talk about (and show off) the upcoming changes to PvP. YouTube
27 January 30, 2015 Josh is joined by Jebro, fresh from his trip to PAX South for the Heart of Thorns announcement, to discuss the upcoming World Tournament Series Invitational Qualifier! YouTube
28 February 13, 2015 Josh ias joined by Game Designer Hugh Norfolk for an in-depth look at Stronghold, our freshly announced PvP game mode. YouTube
29 February 27, 2015 This week Josh teams up with Gameplay Programmer Branden Gee for a first-person look at some of the new camera changes that are sure to expand your horizons in Guild Wars 2! YouTube
30 March 27, 2015 This week, Josh is joined by Game Designer Tyler Bearce and Environment Artist Tirzah Bauer to show off even more of the newly revealed desert Borderlands map coming in the Guild Wars: Heart of Thorns expansion. After the deep dive, we premiere the World Tournament Series—Boston recap to relive the excitement of the largest tournament we’ve hosted on North American soil! Summary
31 April 10, 2015 On this week's Ready Up, Josh and Hugh are looking to arm you with all of the information you'll need in order to successfully defend your Stronghold and defeat the enemy lord. They give a breakdown of the map itself, talk about a few popular strategies you can employ, and explain some common builds that work well in the Stronghold game mode. Summary
32 April 24, 2015 Following the presentation of the Specializations System in Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns, Joshua Davis, Jon Peters and other developers gave details about the changes to existing professions. Summary
33 May 8, 2015 Karl McLain joins host Josh Davis to show off the skills, mechanics, and gameplay of the dragonhunter elite specialization. Summary
34 May 19, 2015 Tyler Bearce joins host Josh Davis to discuss the new automatic upgrades system and its impact on World vs. World and take the Dragonhunter elite specialization into PvP. Summary
35 June 15, 2015 Josh, Roy, Robert, Irenio and Karl go in depth with the upcoming Skill and Balance changes, covering the 8 professions in detail. YouTube

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