Guild Chat - Episode 76

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Guild Chat - Episode 76

Extra Life Highlights
Rubi Bayer
November 9, 2018
Official video

The following is an unofficial, player-written transcript of the episode. The accuracy of this transcription has not been verified by ArenaNet.

The episode of Guild Chat aired on Nov 9, 2018. Rubi Bayer shows off some highlights from the 24h Extra Life event.

hi teria happy Friday and welcome to the
newest episode of guild chat
I'm your host Ruby and this week we're
going to take a look back because this
time last week we were kicking off our
24-hour Extra Life livestream to benefit
Children's Miracle Network Hospitals and
I was embarking on a long journey of no
sleep that ended up being very
entertaining for all of you we know that
it's impossible to watch a solid 24
hours of one event but our devs really
stepped up and caused a lot of fun
things to happen this last week during
this event it's possible I'm still
sleep-deprived and we wanted to make
sure that you guys got to see some of
the fun things that happened last week
so we're going to take a look one week
back in time and let you guys see some
of the fun some of the highlights that
we had last week first of all you the
Guild Wars 2 community helped us succeed
in our Extra Life efforts beyond
anything that we had hoped for in extra
life 2017 ArenaNet raised sixteen
thousand five hundred and fifty five
dollars with the help of you the
community and we thought this year would
be really cool if we could go past that
you guys smashed that goal and then kept
going to a total that we did not think
was going to happen so let's take a look
and see what you guys did there's like a
time your life to live in Jersey
oh my god they got my back all right
here we go
I don't know
second - okay cool bemis neck
I'm 500 EUR 500 mix I mean
we reach $60,000 yes I wondered what
that music was for and it's super good
music that's amazing I'm like tapping my
feet and like that's not chair to stay
awake and to think and here's the thing
is that I've like got my second wind and
I don't really feel tired I'm like very
energetic and I'm also very stupid what
was that noise for what sorry
sixty five thousand one hundred and nine
dollars you guys we did it
sixty five K you guys I cannot believe
over sixty five thousand dollars you the
Guild Wars 2 community are absolutely
incredible people ArenaNet was able to
up our company matching this year and
match the first twenty five thousand
dollars dollar for dollar so that leaves
over forty thousand dollars that you all
contributed to Children's Miracle
Network Hospitals this is an excellent
cause I know I've explained on live
streams before I'm personally passionate
about this but the money donated to
events like extra life goes to benefit
Children's Miracle Network Hospitals
which if you weren't too familiar with
them this is a network of 160 or 170
hospitals throughout North America and
the money that is contributed and raised
through events like extra life helps pay
for the care of kids with birth defects
traumatic injuries long-running diseases
like cancer that insurance and Medicaid
does not cover so it's not financially
hard on these families that are already
going through something traumatic and
devastating it also helps to raise money
for training research into some of these
diseases and pediatric medical equipment
so it is a fantastic
and every dollar that you as a community
donated you should be incredibly proud
of but as we were planning our
developers who were pitching in we had
over 50 people on the Iranian ed staff
who worked hard to make this happen
including 25 devs that got in front of
the camera and did live-streaming and
they wanted to make this fun for all of
you and make donations not worth
something because it is it's an
incredibly worthy cause in and of itself
but we wanted you all to have a little
bit of fun along the way so in the weeks
and months during our extra life
planning the devs kept coming to me and
saying hey what if we did this what if
we did that and it led to some fantastic
and hilarious moments at donation
milestones that they set along the way
this is perfect okay here we go oh it
was almost habanero hardcore hardcore
mode goggles sure yeah yeah there's only
one pair so yeah I get the goggles yeah
all right all right no no we did not
think this through okay I'm a sitting
duck if anybody wants to kill me they
could easily just come here and just
snipe me I feel like I'm running into a
i I'm trying to narrate what is
happening okay
maybe Bobby maybe you could be my eyes
and you can tell me all right run
forward okay I'm doing that all right I
don't know oh I think okay I'm somewhere
I'm here yeah okay okay yeah so just
tell me like you know just give me the
direction and then I'll be fine all
right I'm gonna you know you just run
ahead and I'll follow Dina that you're
gonna follow the blind guy
I can't see it's okay okay I think we're
gonna get killed really fast cuz there's
like nobody over here on our team I you
know what though here's the here's the
thing that makes me hopeful is I haven't
died yet you left me didn't you know I'm
running okay alright this is cool I mean
this is pretty I'm surprised that I'm
alive for this long you wouldn't you
wouldn't like change sides on me and
then kill me would you no okay okay do
not rub your eyes yeah yep
Wow that one that one has this icon I
did put a little extra on there it has
this like I'm gonna kind of stay there
for a minute
it's gonna it's gonna linger well we
have just been informed that your
generous donations have just paid for
one round of chemo or a heart monitor
for a check that's awesome so helping
save lives all you fine folk thank you
guys we really appreciate that I will
continue it as much hot sauce hot
peppers or whatever whatever it takes
Bobby you look fantastic
my only criticism is that I can't see
your glorious silver hair
wait leases from Jersey to Jersey
she's an Eagles fan - wait Philadelphia
no shooters - but yes you well I mean
you know Jersey we don't have a there's
like weird thing we're in South Jersey
people like Billy teams yeah I don't
like how they don't like sports I just
don't follow sports
yeah but that always confused me -
where's like why cuz you're closer to
Philly instead of Bogert Newark you know
oh he's business person see real oh Tron
hey we did it
that was pretty good job everyone okay
okay like a fine cigar somebody donated
$25 to Grady because they want you to
were quick you are
where's the wig do you want the the very
messy one or the not as messy well yet a
messy one okay here you go man thank you
sorry guys give me a sec I will be
keeping track of this for y'all you got
it man I can't keep going oh you have a
good this way again I mean it's my way
maybe you should and I can take it in
honor of my 9 of my baby cousin Sadie 4
years old in remission from luekemia
here's some more and Healthy Kids good
Oh oh boy I'm getting a violin someone
is asking what is the strangest thing
you've you create audio for the game man
I mean use a lot of really strange stuff
I think it's like the totally strangest
thing I've used I guess the most recent
strange thing we did was a very very
Halloween specific we got a bunch of
pumpkins and cut them open and then
filled them with
of liquid things so I read coconut milk
and yogurt and a bunch of other stuff we
could find around the office and then
stuck plungers in them and there was a
it was the time yep
wait plungers yeah yeah that's really
the most important part to be honest
yeah well cos you like if you you know
like you get like that suction and stuff
going on and it's like like I'm not I'm
sorry I shouldn't have even tried making
that sound good this one actually I
think it would be fun if we drew the
next person to our rights we super
actually you can drop me okay so like
okay guys you every everyone is gonna do
this you have a minute starting yeah we
do I have to use the glove greedy if you
don't draw me well your Wow
did somebody voice at your hearing it's
me and sorry I must also an artist so I
get to judge all these yeah you're the
one who actually doesn't stuff what
that's why this is you guys got ten
seconds ten seconds seven five three I'm
gonna see
dunh show off this master okay all right
well I'm on camera so my first this
looks pretty bad okay that's me wait let
me see it that's not simplest thing
unfortunately we had a lot of fun with
those shenanigans but some of us decided
to take it a little bit farther and test
ourselves hot-pepper live-streaming has
been anything for a while so a lot of
our devs wanted to do that and a couple
people brought in a little game that
some of us agreed to play in exchange
for hitting donation milestones so let's
take a look and see what else we did
okay chocolate pudding or canned dog
what was that like I don't know
all right they ate all the good beans
somebody said all right here we go
chocolate pudding or like I don't even
want a chocolate pudding bean it's the
thing I don't want any of this okay
Hugh hates the dog food would like
there's bad beans that he likes but he
really loves that dishwater no well
sorry that was gross sorry y'all I've
never even tried this before
but I'm gonna do my best I promise where
is it where is it where am I going
it's you're gonna see it's over I think
it's right over there I guess I won for
the kids that's right oh here we go
all right doing good doing great
this got this no problems at all you
know if people ahead of me know they're
doing faster oh okay okay you know it's
not too bad it's not too bad I still got
this I got the green stuff coming at me
though a big deal I'm doing pretty good
never done this before
but you know I'm still doing good still
do and me like I'm the living world type
of person that like event style stuff
and that's what I gravitate towards so
yeah this stuff is all right here we go
you could do this Bobby all right let's
get some donations for Bobby come on man
all right here we go okay you're
supposed to jump there that's it that's
it you got this
embrace the madness that's right all
right that's as far as you got though no
no no I got was so much fun I was like
at the finish line in fact I probably
would have won but I think we got a
little lag spike or something something
like weird happen and I just I couldn't
we're gonna do this this stuff's a
little spicy oh okay when I'm gonna have
to eat this then when we jump on that
like this thing over here and we wait
okay here we go
good okay oh my god yeah this one's got
a little zip bar
whoo down the hatch whoo you know I
think I think the salt makes it worse ha
ha No
are you serious at the same spot come on
whoo that one came out a little too fast
Oh No killed my in action all right are
we getting close we are getting closer
see how generous people are I am so
warmed by the humanity on display here
so Clayton when did you know what you
wanted to do when you grew up
oh uh man I think I always knew I wanted
to like entertain people in some way
some fashion won't keep it going but if
you want to see me or anything let us
run forward just keep running I'm gonna
do it this time it's gonna work this
time no regrets no God here we go so I
just go down this way
oh oh yeah baby oh yeah oh God okay I
did make it farther 500 so cheers uh-huh
Bobby I I mean this in the kindest most
loving way you're insane oh yeah that's
noticeably hotter than the other one Oh
gonna do it I'm gonna get this tower
Clay's gonna do it song I seen get me
motivated when this clock tower gonna
get this jumping puzzle yeah yeah yeah
yeah yeah gonna get to the yet gonna get
all the way this is actually really
feeling like it's starting - oh so
they're all right pork wait I wanted him
to succeed with that puzzle so badly so
donation milestone incentives the fund
that the devs here to read a net came up
with to make that little path along the
way a little bit more fun is all about
what you're willing to do and what you
think you can handle for example I will
never shave my head because my hair
grows really slowly and I'll never
recover from that so stop asking but I
obviously will eat a disgusting jelly
bean and stay awake for 36 hours
sometimes you're willing to eat some hot
for you to gross jellybeans sometimes
you're not up for that and you have to
find another piece of fun to share
especially if you want to push push
yourself so a whole lot of our devs
decided to do what I won't do and do
things to their hair
so the guys had their own harrassing
last year and last night I figured I
would do my own so for every 200 dollars
that we raised your first hour of our
segment I will dye my hair a color I
have up to 5 colors so you guys could
get me to rainbow hair oh oh we're doing
it already got 200 full all right which
should we write this down
sure okay okay I've been doing this
while my purse really was a coatl I did
the took Waddell rework that was the
last time that I was on stream no it is
awesome I think we had another goal did
we hit another goal mark okay so we've
got you to the car learners so uh Oh
purple and blue whoo
oh we get another goal that makes three
yay my next color is orange oh wow okay
that makes orange so I only have one
more color and that's red and I needed
four dollars to get there
huge shout-out by the way to every dev
who participated in the head shaving and
the hair shenanigans to Molina for
absolutely killing the rainbow haired
look as you guys can see it works on her
really really well
shout out to Jeb Rowe for coming in and
helping with the head shaving to
California couple if we got there and
for being creative and doing the Catman
der tag shaved into the back of his head
also - Han our web programmer she was
not planning on shaving her head but she
saw the shenanigans happening she saw
the head shaving it was like you know
what I could I could totally get in on
that please don't feel too bad for her
she asked to shave her own head instead
of having someone come in there and do
it for her so I promise we weren't being
mean to her
we were abiding by her request but
seriously shout out to every single dev
who got in on the head shaving and the
hair dyeing so you guys did have a
little bit more fun with donations along
the way something else that we did was
we know that a lot of these things are
really fun for all of you the head
shaving the hot peppers the gross jelly
beans but also it's fun to get to show
off some Guild Wars 2 things because
you're all here before because you love
the game so showing off Guild Wars 2
content little snippets little teases
giving little pieces of information on
upcoming things and behind the scenes
things we know are super fun for you and
a lot of our devs came to me with that
in mind and asked if we could show off
various things like concept art the
upcoming pvp maps give a little bit of
information on what's coming to world
vs. world and one of our teams the audio
team took some time out of their
schedule to come in and make a little
music video for us so let's take a look
at all of those little things that we
showed off for the game for you all so
here is some sweet concept art that I
don't know the history of Tracy you
can't see it so it doesn't really have
ask you I mean I see the stream up there
so when it goes up I can oh you guys
have a big sur little bit nice
is there any cool facts that we should
know about this this concept there so so
these are actually some of the early
concept art behind the largos platforms
for the second encounter so I think
there's there's a set of I think two or
three of these pieces for different
ideas for how the water is going to push
up those platforms oh yeah yeah yeah you
want to go the good
top right one that top right one yeah
okay that one's awesome
I'll show them that okay yeah yeah so
Tracy why don't you tell us about this
piece we have stream delay oh okay Oh
shiny shiny stream delay cool beans
okay for the concert amalgam its head so
we're gonna try to like make the inside
spew molten weaponry but that was a bit
of a person so you kind of only get it
during that one giant wave of death now
but once upon a time all of the glowing
insides were also going to be spewing
glowing weapons that's often we're gonna
show off another cool piece of concept
art so what's uh what's fabulous is only
some some of Nelly's screen here oh yeah
that's some weird-looking one that is a
weird looking on it looks like a big
balloon it does look like a big balloon
I mean I can only yeah yeah so so early
on you know we're just
told that the the actual center of the
the mystic Forge was going to be this
you know we had no real idea what that
even looked like and so I kind of
pleadingly asked our concept artists
please give me like some idea other than
you know a giant toilet as we and if you
actually look up when you're doing the
Kadeem fight spoilers i guess not really
at this point if you look up jeff
actually has a version of kind of this
elaborate machine that that comes down
from the the domed ceiling and is
actually what does the final kind of
electrical charge into the mystic forge
soup so yeah so this is one version of
what that could have looked like come on
alright I'm glad it does not look like
the underside of a toilet I think we're
still having some technical difficulty I
mean the juices are still swirling on
there so oh thank you thank you that's a
that's a wonderful idea you're right on
that sounds oh this is like yeah I'll be
right back I'm gonna go and see if I can
help channel Oh your little Troy your
buddy for you going
just hang out there I don't think it
will like it's got an amazingly sculpted
but but I don't think that's enough to
keep it going there all right all right
okay I'll just hang out up front well I
have I have some concepts out on my
screen if if you want to switch over to
it yeah okay sweet hey maybe I wasn't
looking up all the time and I missed
some but okay that one on the right is
like like similar to the one that we saw
earlier I like that
you know usually when we request concept
art it's because we're trying to get an
idea of what something should look like
so there's usually several of like the
bosses or maybe an important mechanics
so again this is more of like the
machine of the mystic Forge I don't know
and then went full crazy and you know
animated all the floors instead have we
seen did we see this one but already I'm
just I don't know which room to go into
I'm just kind of oh I him I'm probably
gonna end up dead at some point it's
gonna be great right right that's how it
works you have a very fancy tail now oh
hey I found it I just discovered a
mystic clover garden in the few weeks
the tiny change to participation in well
this ruler versus world excuse me
but station will no longer a decay when
you not in well this is what it will
stop the king so if you have a partner
when you participate in reverse world
you accrue participation levels and when
you evolve or when you go and play
something else that participation
currently the case it decreases it will
stop the increasing so that people can
come back in were also all and enjoy
continue what they were doing
that's a tiny little change but that's
quality of life for everybody enjoying
that mode
fear not this night no still the stars
will find their way first of all
congratulations to the devs that were on
the raid team for extra life that was a
newbie raid group and they managed to
crush that raid with just a little bit
of time left
they were super excited about that it
was a complete side thing but they were
really happy and it was an exciting
moment to see there at the end also
thanks to the PvP devs for offering up
those map previews and finally a huge
huge thanks to the audio team I have
been humming that song for a week now
I'm doing that thing where you don't
even realize you're humming it and then
stop and like and then start humming it
again it is an incredible ear worm they
spent a lot of time making that video
the only thing they asked of me was that
I save it for a relatively high donation
milestone just to make it worth their
while because they were super good
sports about it
so thanks to all the devs who
participated and brought in ideas and
brought in items and brought in assets
images videos to make sure that you all
had a good time along the way during our
24 hour livestream the biggest thanks
goes to all of you who donated who
helped us to give a huge amount of money
to benefit Children's Miracle Network
Hospitals between all of our devs who
were live streaming we
benefitted the Children's Miracle
Network general fund and seven different
Children's Miracle Network Hospitals
across the country so you all help just
make something amazing happen we are
incredibly proud of the work that we did
we are incredibly proud of the community
that we have you all are the best so
thank you very much if you wanted to
donate and didn't get a chance it's
absolutely not too late you can go to
the link that's right below me and
contribute to Children's Miracle Network
Hospitals the donation period is still
open so otherwise thanks to all of you
we appreciate it here to read a net
extra thank you to the 50 people who
helped out in front of the camera and
behind the scenes I know we all
appreciate them as well and thank you
from the kids who are benefiting from
Children's Miracle Network Hospital care
thank you guys we'll see you next week
thank you
thank you
thank you
thank you thank you
thank you
thank you
thank you
thank you

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