Guild Chat - Episode 9

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Guild Chat - Episode 9

@TwitchCon, Heart of Thorns maps
Rubi Bayer
Byron Miller
Mike Zadorojny
October 2, 2015
Official video

The following is an unofficial, player-written transcript of the episode. The accuracy of this transcription has not been verified by ArenaNet.

The 9th episode of Guild Chat aired on October 2, 2015. Host Rubi Bayer interviews Mike Z and Byron Miller and talk about the philosophy of map design in the then-forthcoming Heart of Thorns maps.

At TwitchCon[edit]

Rubi Bayer: Hi guys, welcome back to Guild Chat. I am back with Byron and Mike, and we'll gonna talk a little bit about Heart of Thorns maps. That's been a huge question with Guild Wars 2 Heart of Thorns, what's coming, and... there's the question for a long time—how many maps? How many maps? But, what's more important how they work, so we gonna kinda go into that. I'm going to look at you first because we've.. this has been a thing since launch about all of the different regions that we have in Guild Wars 2 and how Tyria changes, the maps change dramatically. You have all of these great different climates for variety as you go across.

Mike Zadorojny: Yeah. Comparing the Shiverpeaks going over more into the plains of Kryta against the Fields of Ruin in Ascalon and stuff like that. There definately is a huge dynamic shift as you go from one region to the next in terms of what types of environments and weather conditions you'll see as you're wandering through.

Rubi: Yeah you have this in Ascalon this blasted landscape that's just starting to come back and it kinda gets really beautiful and there's trees up north and then you go into the Shiverpeaks. You've got the snow, the mountains, all of that and we've done a lot of work. We've been super proud of how we did that and we wanted to continue that in Heart of Thorns once we went in to heart of Maguuma. But, we had this vertical space to work in.

Mike: Yeah

Rubi: And we got these different biomes.

Mike: Yeah so we actually started with looking at how we horizontally blocked out the space and figured out the play areas and things like that and we just kinda swapped it sideways. Now we're doing in a more vertical space. So it's taking a look at ok when you go to the jungle you have various different, even in just natural rain forests in terms of the tree tops, to the ground cover to what even goes below. And so we started playing a lot more with that vertical space and we just started the same design process of 'ok these are the types of stories that we want to tell. Here's where our natural hubs are going to be. Here's the general flow we want for players as they are going through the maps.' And just had more of that verticality space to play with and then you start adding in gliding and the mastery system and it just becomes and it starts opening even more modes of transportation. Even with the jump mushrooms and stuff like that, so we started just doing all kinds of crazy things in terms of how you get from one corner of the map to the other and now you have a three dimensional space that you're playing with that even more.

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