Guild Chat - Episode 3

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Guild Chat - Episode 3

@TwitchCon, the druid, ranger's elite specialization
Rubi Bayer
Irenio Calmon-Huang
September 30, 2015
Official video
The following is an unofficial, player-written transcript of the episode. The accuracy of this transcription has not been verified by ArenaNet.

The 3rd episode of Guild Chat aired on September 30, 2015. Rubi and Irenio go through the ins and outs of the ranger's elite specialization live at TwitchCon September 25-26 2015.


Introduction (0:22)[edit]

Rubi Bayer: Welcome back to Guild Chat. I am your host Rubi, from ArenaNet's Communications Team, and this episode of Guild Chat is covering something I know longtime players have been looking forward to for a very, very long time. Let's take a look and see what it is.
Irenio Calmon-Huang: So...
Rubi Bayer: (says something unintelligble to Irenio)
Irenio Calmon-Huang: Yeah.
Rubi Bayer: Let's see what Colin had to say about that last January at PAX South. Let's take a look at that video. (says something unintelligble to Irenio)
Irenio Calmon-Huang: What's that?
Rubi Bayer: I can't hear anything.
Irenio Calmon-Huang: Oh, yeah.
Rubi Bayer: So, they might be having some technical difficulties showing the video, so, I'm going to put you in the hot seat. This is the Game Designer who's been leading the charge on the druid, Irenio Calmon-Huang.
Irenio Calmon-Huang: Yep, hey, what's up. It's a pleasure to be here and finally get to talk about the druid.
Rubi Bayer: Yes.
Irenio Calmon-Huang: Been kind of, you know, zip-lipped this whole bloody time and it's... it's a huge weight off my chest to finally get to talk about it, because, as I'm sure many of you are aware, we can't talk about things until they're actually going out, don't want to make promises, but it's been eating at me.
Rubi Bayer: Yeah, it's going to be pretty much great. Um, let's start with a kind of overview of what the druid is all about. Can you, kind of give us a foundation for this?
Irenio Calmon-Huang: Okay, so, the druid is going to be bringing heavy healing. Heavy healing, to Guild Wars 2. Unlike anything you've ever seen before. It's going to be a really strong support, and it's going to be really powerful in the new and upcoming raids situations.
Rubi Bayer: Those of you excited for raids, by the way, we are going to be talking about that tomorrow, so don't miss that.
Irenio Calmon-Huang: It's not only going to be useful in raids, but also in potential World v. World scenarios, and fractals, dungeons and most of the content of Heart of Thorns, where there's going to be a lot more pressure on the player that you simply can't dodge to survive. The berserker meta... the berserker meta is not going to just cut it.
Rubi Bayer: You look really, really smug about that. I just want to point out that you look...
Irenio Calmon-Huang: Oh yeah. The berserker meta is something that has been great fun, but it's not super healthy for the game, and we're kind of pleased that we're actually able to take steps towards greater variety of builds.
Rubi Bayer: All right, well, why don't we go ahead and dive in. Um, I have my cheat sheet because we have a lot to go over and I'm afraid I'm going to say it wrong. Um, so, like we talked about way back when it (unsure about this word) out, the druid has a staff, and the staff skills, um, they're kind of about positioning. Um, you can speak to better than I can, so I'm like... I know it's... it's support through positioning.
Irenio Calmon-Huang: Yeah. So, as I mentioned, the druid's going to be pretty heavy healing, and a lot of that is going to be coming through the form of positional support. Um, the staff one skill, the auto-attack, is going to be a beam attack on a target, and it will do damage to the target, of course, but any allies between you and the target will actually be healed by being in the beam... the path of the beam.
Rubi Bayer: All right, so that one's Solar Beam, and we can take a look at that. Those of you who have been watching for a while will notice that the tradition of moose continues.
Irenio Calmon-Huang: Indeed, we can't really get away from the moose. At least, I can't. It's just too much fun to see them prancing around.
Rubi Bayer: (says something unintelligble to Irenio)
Irenio Calmon-Huang: Um, yeah. So, Solar Beam, the numbers you're seeing, they're... those are with pretty much no stats. So, take that into account. They're going to be more awesome.
Rubi Bayer: No stats, it's okay.
Irenio Calmon-Huang: Yeah, and the second skill is going to be Astral Wisp. With this skill, you cast out an astral wisp on to the target, and it begins to circle the target, dealing damage initially, but then any allies that it passes through will be healed in the process as well. So this is really useful support for anyone that's in melee.
Rubi Bayer: Nice. All right, and, up next, Ancestral Grace is one that I kind of enjoyed. I wasn't entirely good at it- you had a lot of fun watching me screw this up.
Irenio Calmon-Huang: Yeah, Ancestral Grace is quite a bit of fun. It's a positioning-based skill, well, it's a movement-based skill that gets you into position to wherever you want to be. You can use it for escapes, you can use it for closing a gap and it heals allies at the location where you end up. So, this is kind of also a burst because it creates a blast finisher at that locale.
Rubi Bayer: Nice, and the forth skill on staff is Vine Surge.
Irenio Calmon-Huang: Yeah, this is the skill that many of you saw during the initial trailer for Heart of Thorns. This fires off a cascade of vines that shoot towards your enemy, doing damage and immobilizing them and also any allies like those moose happen to be in the video are freed of any movement-impairing conditions in the process.
Rubi Bayer: We did make the moose allies for just a little bit, so you are welcome. We felt kind of bad about all the terrible things we were doing to them. All right, and the last one is Sublime Conversion. What does this one do?
so sublime conversion is a means
of essentially taking any damaging
projectiles and negating them but not
using destruction or reflection like
we've seen through many in many other
skills in the game
this one actually takes all those
projectiles that are coming in during
the time and turns them into healing
projectiles so they will continue on
towards you but if they strike you or
any allies it will heal you alright so
anything it passes anything that passes
through there is no longer doing damage
it's actually healing you any
projectiles yes any projectile that
would pass through there from you know
grenades to rapid shot fire any missiles
from scepter attacks they all simply
become healing pellets that now they're
like they're like delicious candy
suddenly but you actually want to get
behind and omnomnom I feel like you
missed you dropped a ball somewhere by
not calling something omnomnom so the
thing about this skill that I had asked
irony oh that I wanted to know about
what about things that are coming from
above and what he explained to me this
is where positioning becomes super super
important because anything that comes
above is not passing through that wall
you're gonna need to be watch your
positioning and get to where it's coming
in at an angle at enough of an angle to
still pass through that wall yeah
essentially I mean you're not just
positioning the wall but you're also
positioning yourself and any allies that
can see this OP it's like oh hey get
behind that thing because that turns
something that would be doing damage to
you 100% of it into instead the opposite
it's it's amazing nice all right so do
you want to look at the utility skills
please say yes because they're so cool
yeah we can do some of the utilities
just for you Ruby thank you so these are
all glyphs right the druid is going with
glyphs on the utility side that's right
glyphs the traditionally this has been
the the mains one of the mainstays of
the elementalist where they change forms
and depending upon what form there in
the glyph does something different the
druid is also going to have multiple
forums now
whether an additional form that it can
go into and the glyphs will change
depending upon what form you're in nice
ok first one is glyph of rejuvenation
yes so this is the heal skill but the
druid is again a heavy healing class
it's the the basic version of this skill
heals you for a lot and heals allies in
the range which is a pretty decent range
for less than you get alright so this
one and it's in this form and we'll talk
about the other one later this form it's
a little selfish but that's okay
so this is the selfish version of this
this is generally held true for most
skills yeah
what about glyph of alignment that's
what we have up next what does this one
so booth of alignment is a defensive
skill as well and what this does is it
applies conditions crippled and weakness
to any foes in the target area kind of
giving you a chance to escape mitigating
damage being supporting in the process
and it's a pretty decent wide area
application so you could do things like
bust into melee for a moment to break
this out save your allies and then you
know throw down a glyph of rejuvenation
at the same time to you know give them a
little bit so I radio was giving me a
few tips as we kind of went through this
and figured out how things were working
and starting to put some of these
together that we've looked at one thing
that you mentioned to me and I have to
look at this again so I don't screw it
up you can use this and then use
ancestral grace if you're quick enough
to get in there and combo yeah like I
just mentioned you can do so if your
allies are under the gun
you can weaken your enemies reduce the
damage that is incoming ancestral grace
right on top of them to give them some
healing splash a glyph of rejuvenation
there's a lot of possibilities that you
create by using the glyph of alignment
to give yourselves and allies the
opportunity to really recover nice okay
glyph of equality kind of evens the
playing field a little bit if you're
hurting yeah so glyph of equality is a
days application this essentially again
buys you more time this also does a mass
area interrupt
can strike up to five targets and most
of these glyphs have a radius of at
least 300 so you're able to really
splash this out and the gluco alignment
I forgot to mention also does a decent
chunk of damage
same with glyph of equality all right I
love the next one because I'm kind of
bad about I'll get excited and run in
there and then get overwhelmed he's like
yeah you people like you or why I made
this glyph of the tides so glyph of the
tides this is an AoE knock back for a
360 radius so you can really knock back
take out again create an opportunity for
you and any allies to escape or
interrupt potential problems that any
enemies are creating I expect this one
will see a fair amount of use in PvP
world be world these are situations
where basically taking someone out of
the position they want to be in is
really going to give you a role that's
very impactful all right one more glyph
of unity is this is one that I'm having
a little bit of trouble mastering but
I'm gonna take you back because we
actually skipped one oh I am so sorry
glyph of empowerment apparently I don't
like sorry yeah no worries um so glyph
of empowerment what that one actually
does is it it's a it's a damaging
support utility what this does is it
boosts all allies near you the damage
that they do for the next five or six
seconds is increased as well as your own
so this is kind of the time when you
want to let people know hey I'm about to
do this break out all your huge damaging
abilities and look at really like chunk
down a boss things yeah exactly
and now we can move on to the the final
glyph the unit now I'm mad it was my own
tell me about glyph of unity I really
hope my apparently really want to get to
that one okay so the glyph of unity is
um it's your elite skill it's doing
something we haven't really done before
what it does is it tethers you to Al
so in your base form what this does is
any damage that you take during that
time gets propagated you deal damage to
all enemies that you have tethered
yourself to so this is like you take 10
strikes all enemies that you have
tethered with this say it's three
enemies say it's four enemies each one
of them is taking ten strikes of damage
from you for doing that you're still
taking it - it's not bypassing you right
that's right
so there there is the trade off there
but this is when you want to do things
like you know throw on that the glyph of
alignment in order to weaken the damage
that you're taking because the damage
that you take you know you're gonna take
less of it and they're gonna take the
same amount of damage so you could also
do things like with some of the old
skills rather the core skills for the
ranger pop a glyph of stone and you're
gonna take no damage and every strike
that they have put they put on you
during that time they're gonna be taken
in return all right so these are really
really fun on their own but they are
getting better because we also have
there's an inverse of all of them
through I'll let you do it cuz it's
pretty great alright so um I guess we
now have to talk about the new class
mechanic that's being added to the druid
that would be the celestial transform
that's right so the celestial transform
is a new mode that you can actually
enter using your f5 you build up your
astral force using attacking attacking
and healing healing is going to be far
more effective towards doing this and
when you do you transform into a
celestial avatar you gain and a
completely new set of weapon skills any
glyphs that you have equipped turn into
the celestial form mode becoming
slightly better a little less selfish so
we can go over each of those skills now
yes please alright cosmic ray is the
first one and what does this one do okay
so cosmic ray is your one skill when
you're in celestial avatar form and what
this does is it's a no cooldown targeted
application of just straight up strong
healing so you could essentially really
pump out a lot of healing when you're in
this mode and support all of your allies
who might be you know reeling from
damage that you were unable to mitigate
beforehand this gives you that
opportunity to recover from that all
right let's talk about seed of life a
little bit and what that does in general
because we're gonna see that more than
once so seed of life is the to skill
what this does is it places a blossom
that grows in the ground and when it
bursts if heals allies and cleanses
conditions as well it's very likely than
in the near future we're going to add
another little bit of functionality to
this skill though we haven't done that
just yet but it's under very close
review because it's it's feeling juicy
but we're trying to give it a little
more something to really differentiate
it from the first skill well an
exploding heal I'm on board with as it
is and I'm happy to hear there's even
more coming right all right so lunar
impact is what we have up now I'm double
checking every single time because I'm
scared I'm gonna skip something again
and they're all pretty great impact this
days as enemies and heals allies that's
right so this is the third skill on your
celestial avatar form what this does is
it drops a lunar missile on you gazing
enemies and healing allies in the
process it's a pretty strong days so
this is also something that you can be
ready for to hop into celestial form to
say break a break bar or something else
give your allies that opportunity it's
kind of a two-in-one that you don't have
to use multiple skills for if you're not
in celestial avatar forum to achieve you
know you mentioned a break bar and I
want to take a second going through as
we talked about this you really had a
heart of thorns in mind I wanted to make
sure it was useful going into the
expansion oh yeah um
heart of thorns is more vicious more
brutal you you are in a lot more danger
just in the open world of heart of
thorns than you were in in the old
versions of Tyria so it's totally fun
danger it's fun danger it it
means that everything that you're doing
you really need to be strategic you need
to you can't just again zurk or meta
your way around and completely wreck
everything that you run into you have to
be very tactical you have to be pretty
strategic what you do is really going to
affect your allies and you're really
going to be happy when you see a druid
coming over the horizon - yeah
pull your bacon out of fire I kind of
love the phrasing so but that is that is
what I like about this it's something
that is going to rise up to meet the
challenges that are coming in a heart of
thorns so all right tidal surge is up
next and this is the celestial version
yes so tidal surge is a channeled
ability that is a huge heal it's a
constantly pulsing heal for like more
than a thousand per tick it also creates
a water field at your location so this
is something that's really visible
allies see this it's it's time for them
to break out all of their finishers and
heal everyone to full super fast this is
likely to also get a little
something-something that's that
differentiates it so that's not just
healing but adds a damaging component of
support awesome and finally natural
convergence this is my run away skill so
natural convergence what this does is it
immediately starts to cripple and harm
enemies in the range like when you start
casting yes that you're still casting
and if it completes all enemies who are
still in that range are immobilized and
bled for five seconds so this is a huge
potential set up again also another
something that can really just
completely wreck a brake bar so walking
down five enemies in an area for all of
your allies to simply demolish like you
are at the enabler in any kind of raid
or you know dungeon scenario
yeah so and again this happens when you
start casting as soon as you begin
casting they are crippled and slowed so
if you work well with those around you
you could really set up some devastating
yeah I mean this is also a hey there's
the potential for counter play your
counter play is get the hell out of
there because if you don't you know that
you are about to take a real beating yep
you are now locked down and bleeding yes
that's right gosh okay all right yeah
that one's that one's gonna hurt if you
do it right but the counter play you've
got the hell out there is yeah yeah I
mean these utilities rather sorry these
abilities need to be used very
tactically you can set things up in
order to make sure oh hey look
yeah and I'll I just launched someone
down this is the time to use that
because suddenly they can't potentially
escape unless they stun break pop a lot
of stuff in order to get out of there
and they're going to want to extend
break really really fast - yep yeah all
right do you want to take a look at the
traits and see what all we can do it
because there's a lot of manipulation of
all of these skills within the traits
all right celestial being
okay so celestial being is your minor
one that's what gives you access to the
the elite specializations celestial
avatar forms so that gives you you know
the five new skills the access to glyphs
yeah that's nap yes and the staff that's
your baseline functionality there all
right and following that we'll just go
right down the line in the order that
they are okay drew it at clarity
all right so Riddick clarity that one oh
one moments I've been working on these
for so long sometimes I get muddled con
DS okay you are suffering from confusion
oh no now that that has been cleansed
away as I have just entered my celestial
avatar forum because what druidic
clarity does is it removes when you
enter celestial avatar form all
conditions on you so this is hey look I
can now use celestial avatar form to get
myself out of any situations that's hey
I'm not liking them
all right and I I can help you if you
get confusion again I'll just cleanse it
away and read off my cheat sheet because
that's why I have it cultivated synergy
okay so cultivated synergy is a it's a
supportive healing ability that when you
use your heal skill your ally or sorry
your pet your petty is your ally your
ally it's valid that's right you and
your ally Pat both heal in an area
around you so you can double up with
this ability if you and your pet happen
to be standing near each other so you
get double the heal there that's you
know one of you would get alone all
primal echoes now it feels like a trivia
show what does it do okay so primal
echoes is your staff skill what this
does is it reduces the recharge on all
of your staff skills and it makes it so
that when you swap to staff you daze all
enemies in an area around you and this
also triggers when you are leaving
celestial form because leaving celestial
form you had that new set of weapon
skills you're now getting your staff
back if you happen to be using it boom
instantly days as soon as you leave
celestial form nice alright next minor
is live vicariously okay live
vicariously is your minor - what this
does is this gives you the support that
you would otherwise be get rather that
you were giving to your allies by every
time you heal an ally you are also
healed this makes you very very
sustaining and stable because you are
outputting a huge amount of healing to
your allies if you want to you get you
start to get low you can pump out
healing to allies heal them and you
don't have to make that decision between
being selfish and being supportive you
can do both at the same time it makes it
really easy to be generous with your
thank you let's see Celestia shadow okay
so let's try run away when I love it
yeah so let's Jill shadow is another
ability that happens based on when you
are in celestial form specifically when
you leave celestial form this supplies
and AoE super speed and an AoE stealth
to you and all allies around you when
you leave it so
you can actually choose to leave
Celestials Avatar form early in order to
kind of create this chance for you and
allies to get where you need to be and
mitigate a bunch of damage
nice and Vord an etching burden -
etching I'm just gonna make up
pronunciations now I'll be over here
okay verdant itching is your glyph skill
yeah it reduces the recharge of your
glyphs and it also makes it so that
every time you cast a glyph you plant a
seed of life that heals allies and
cleanses conditions around that location
that's that seed earlier that we
mentioned so if you see that popping up
you're gonna want to run for it if
you're anywhere near yeah I mean this is
a again this really plays into the role
of you being supportive and also gives
the druid something that covers the
condition weakness that Rangers have
often had all right how about natural
stride so okay natural stride is a
movement based ability what natural
stride does is it gives you effectively
33% movement speed increase that's
equivalent to having swiftness on you
constantly so long as you do not have a
movement impairing ability on you so
this is great for getting from place to
place world view world map moving just
open world travel alright and we are
going over to natural meander which
again makes it easy to be generous with
your healing yes it does so natural
meander increases your outgoing healing
guess what when you heal so if you chain
a bunch of healing together in like a
really big burst as you do so every
successive heal because this is a
stacking ability get stronger and
stronger and stronger and it stays that
way for a good while nice alright move
on to the last round and that's grace of
the land is your next one okay grace of
the land is the first of your
grandmaster traits what this does is it
makes it so that every time you enter
celestial avatar form incoming condition
damage to you and allies is reduced
third incoming condition damage is
reduced by a third this gives you a huge
amount of mitigation and really helps
protect your allies when situations
where say Oh someone forgot to get out
of the fire yeah don't be that guy but
in case you are that guy the jury can
actually save you long enough for you to
make up for your mistake all right still
don't be that guy yeah don't be that guy
don't make the druid have to go this way
but it's pretty powerful anyway because
you're very frequently you're just gonna
have a lot of damaging conditions on you
come heart of thorns and this can really
give people another opportunity to do
what they need to do survive long enough
to take down that big baddie who is
really messing you up I love it all
right and lingering light this is the
one that I'm probably gonna go for on my
Ranger yes
so lingering light what this does is
this makes it so that every time you
heal an ally the astral wisp your staff
to ability gets played on that location
so on your location so if this kind of
makes it so that ranged unlike how I'm
Astro wisp it plays that whisper around
the enemy that you target thus helping
melee who are in there taking a beating
you can be standing out at range because
the staff is a ranged weapon and any
range that happened to be near you can
just kind of get nearby not they don't
stand directly on you but then they can
pick up this healing that you are now
outputting passively around your
location and you can actually move
around them in order to make it so that
it passes through them even more
frequently and druid staff has decent
range too so Jerusalem hundred yes it
has a pretty hefty range and this is
useful because again it's a very
positioning based ability this gives you
a lot more range of moving you can kind
of close to mid range you can stay at
long range depending upon where some of
the ranged on your team might be yeah so
you can be pretty far out there and
lingering light is still gonna do its
thing that's right nice
and ancient seeds is the last one so
okay this is just like Mickey this makes
it worse and worse for the people you're
fighting it really does so what in
tangley earth sorry what ancient seeds
does is it actually plays some
entangling roots if you strike an enemy
that happens to be dazed or see seed in
some other fashion like if they're
knocked back if they're stunned if
they're dazed you hit them while they're
in that phase boom they're getting
entangled for five seconds immobilized
bled it's going to be pretty painful for
them and so if you happen to say days or
knock back several enemies with oh I
don't know cliff for the tides maybe and
then you hit cue a bunch of them with
say another glyph or an AoE ability it's
going to hit each and every one of those
it does have an ICD but if you use a
single ability that strikes them all at
the same time all of them are going to
be afflicted by this ability by the
strengthen all right so that was our
full run-through of the traits right
like if you're looking forward to it
some of these things may still change
but that's what we've got for you right
awesome so while we were going through
the skills earlier you may have noticed
a pet you haven't seen before you were
running with a tiger weren't you that's
right there are new pets that will be
available in heart of thorns the tiger
is only the first among them and this is
for all Rangers not just the druid
that's right so this is kind of the
thing that all Rangers are getting
access to in the heart of thorns they
can acquire these new pets the first
among them is the tiger that you saw
earlier the one that you're now seeing
is the smoke scale it's a dinosaur that
you can tame and what this this dinosaur
can do is it can create a smoke field
around itself that while it while it
remains in it it evades constantly and
is immune to all conditions so this
makes this a potentially very tanky pet
out enemies will still go after it
because it doesn't simply make them
untargetable but you give this your pet
a good chunk of survivability and we're
looking at the bristle back now who's
way too cute for the damage he does I'm
sorry he's adorable the bristle back is
a very brutal condition applying little
guy he is a dinosaur but not of the same
family as the smoke scale so they
actually get different family skills and
what the bristle back does is it
consistently shoots its spines out at
its targets frequently applying believes
to them and it's f2 makes it so that
it's next several attacks apply bleeding
with every single strike now we've been
on the receiving end of a couple of
these in the beta weekend events so you
guys probably know as well as I do how
much they hurt all right this is the
electric wyvern yes so you are getting
it essential well you're getting baby
wyverns in heart of thorns the electric
wyvern is one of two on this one there
they are both members of the fame same
family and the active Abbot activate
ability for the wyvern is that it
performs a head charge stunning and
knocking up any enemies that it happens
that happen to be in its path and there
you saw the blow back with the wings - I
absolutely love that he does that yes
that's one of its family abilities and
yes that knocks back enemies on the
first actual strike one other thing I
didn't mention is at the end of the the
electric wyverns charge after it's you
know knocked up any enemies that it has
struck in the process it also leaves a
lightning field at the end of its charge
so that's another opportunity for you
guys to you know create more play use
finishers there yeah alright here's my
guy fire wyvern this is my Rangers new
pet alright the fire wyvern uh it is
another wyvern but this one does
something that's pretty awesome this is
so badass is a new tech that we've
gotten its activate ability sends it
into the air and it as you just saw
flies around creating a circle of fire
out pulsing fire dealing damage and
leaving a fire field at that location
it's also immune while it's in the air
so enemies that we're attacking it's
they have no idea what to do other than
move on to something else and if they're
caught in that area say you you know
lock them down with a glyph of alignment
or you know you know convergence that's
right or you happen to be running with
natural convergence yeah they're caught
in a fire field taking constant burning
and you can blast that bump up your
might for you and your allies or you
know apply burly burning through
projectiles royal finishers yeah it's
pretty but pretty bloody potent yeah so
my ranger had her third birthday
recently and this is absolutely going to
be her birthday gift from me after hot
lunches I like this one alright so we've
seen everything that the druid has on
it's in its bag of tricks
not quite I actually realized that we we
skipped out a small section I can run
through those really quickly for you
which were what the glyphs do when
you're in celestial avatar form please
alright so belief of alignment rather
taking these inside glyph of
rejuvenation your heal skill we
mentioned early on that each of the
glyphs does something different when
you're in celestial avatar form glyph of
rejuvenation it's initially an a selfish
heal what it does when you go into
celestial avatar form is instead of
healing you for like five or six
thousand and your allies for a few
thousand for you know one or two we turn
it around you going to select Shabtai
form you get healed for one or two
thousand and all allies up to five of
them in the area get healed for five or
six thousand plus you know any healing
power that you might be running so
that's like the potential for a five
thousand or twenty five thousand plus
a quick note bear with our increased
confusion confusion that we're taking it
is super loud in here and it's a little
harder to focus than normal so yeah what
yeah which counts re Ruby did you say
something yeah we're it's a little loud
here at our booth there's a lot of
people running around yeah so what's
okay so next up we've got the glyph of
alignments on the flip side this instead
applies useful abilities to your allies
so instead of applying conditions to
your enemies what this does I'm gonna
take it back for just a moment and this
is why I gave you cheat sheets yeah
that's right because even I need these
for some of the ordering because we've
now gotten a little bit off-track that's
okay so you're allowed yeah so it kind
of does the opposite of like each of
these glyphs does something very lateral
from what the base functionality is so
glyph of alignment does damage cripples
your enemies on the flip side what it
does in celestial avatar mode is it
heals all your allies and removes
conditions from them really quickly and
yeah it's it's a very utilitarian skill
by doing so because you kind of get both
options yeah I like that they just kind
of turn inside out once you once you're
in there it's easy to remember oh look I
can do the one thing or go into the
other mode do the other thing that I
know and so you have to kind of be very
situationally aware to what your group
needs and that's not something that you
very frequently paid attention to in
Guild Wars 2 up till now because the
content hasn't demanded it of you like
if you were applying boons if you were
giving things to your allies it was kind
of oh that's a secondary effect now it's
like hey what do my allies need oh oh
something big is about to happen I
better get ready for that yeah you need
to do it a little bit earlier and
prepare very quickly that's right so
glyph of the Equality so blip of
equality equality what does base stance
is daisies and damages enemies in the
area what is on the other side is it's
an AoE stun break and it heals allies as
well so this will sun break you you and
your allies get a little caught out you
can simply turn that around
give your allies the opportunity to you
know undo the damage that's been done
and things like you'll see that in raids
where a boss might happen to lay the
smackdown on you and your allies before
you could react you can really give your
chance to get out of that situation and
let's see glyph of empowerment is the
next one
yeah good let's do it form so glyph of
empowerment this plays into again the
flip side so it increases the damage
that you and your allies deal for for
like five six seconds and again gives
them a chance to really go off with
their damaging skills
it increases all of their outgoing
healing for that same duration so this
this tells your allies okay look we got
a little mo III may not have very many
abilities available to me right now here
quick guys do the stuff you need to in
order to cover for me yeah and I can
help you out on that side too exactly
and glyph of the tides so glyph for the
tides it's a big it's an area knock back
when you do it in base form it's an area
pull it draws all enemies in the air in
the nearby range straight on to you
again a very enabling hey look we're
gonna really set this up for oh say I'm
already in celestial form I pull all
those enemies in and immediately start
my natural convergence they have to run
that much further to try and get out
otherwise boom the Hammers gonna come
down it's gonna hurt and glyph of unity
this is the tether one right so go for
unity the the tether deals affects all
of and all of your enemies deals damage
to them for every time you take damage
opposite side of it the for unity all
allies nearby are tethered and whenever
you are healed all of your allies who
had you have tethered to are also healed
it's huge you could potentially just do
that and just heal your allies really
really quickly there's a ton of
potential synergy here because you have
traits like live vicariously whenever
you heal an ally you're healed
boom you are you and all of your allies
have the potential to be full very very
quickly huge recovery so you've got your
staff skills you have the glyphs and
then you can turn them all around with
celestial form that's right it's it's a
really extensive
we'll set yeah so you're getting quite a
bit with the druid you're getting five
weapon skills you're getting five new
celestial avatar form skills you're
getting five glyphs skills you're
getting five glyphs skills on the other
side and you're getting a selection of
twelve traits that's yeah that can
modify how you want to play the druid
just depending on what you what your
preference is so you still get to play
how you want that's right and then on
top of that all you're getting five new
pets though all druids I'm sorry all
Rangers are getting five new pets not
just druids not just roads that was the
question I asked so we're being sure to
not let me forget that that's right all
right well do you want to put them all
together and see how it looks in combat
okay let's take a look all right let's
take a look at the fights so this was a
thing that irony oh was doing and kind
of showing me what what it can do yep
that's right so here we're going in on
one of the pvp enemies locking them down
and then immediately like I mentioned
having your fire wyvern go a little bit
crazy placing a tether on them so that
any damage that they do unfortunately
this time not too much immediately they
would be would have been dealing back to
themselves throwing down an astral wisp
so that you could see hey any damage
I've taken immediately knocked back okay
there are on these these abilities are
also on pretty decent cooldown so you
can kind of really lock down your enemy
you'll notice how the druid II is
actually staying pretty bloody healthy
throughout this whole thing yeah he's
doing really really well I can sit here
and watch the wyverns and I'm really
enjoying the new pets I like their
skills yeah so that's that's kind of the
video that we've got right now because
of the extensive development that the
druid has been undergoing and there will
still be quite a bit more before heart
of thorns actually comes out we only had
time to record this one playthrough but
it gives you a sense of what a lot of
these skills actually look like when put
together how you can kind of cycle
through each of these things in order to
keep your enemies off balance and
yourself pretty healthy
yeah you know you mentioned the Rangers
overall and as we wrap up here I did
want to talk to you about that for just
a second because there are some I'm
sorry but there are some concerns in the
Ranger community about the Ranger as a
whole so yeah but like I'm like so what
do you have to say about that but that
is perfectly legitimate and I have been
over the past couple weeks in my spare
time going home at night and reading the
forums I have been listening very
closely and I am hearing a lot of the
concerns that the druid community or the
Ranger community has hopefully becoming
the jury community that there are not a
lot of Nicias right now but we're going
to be looking at that a little bit later
too well a little bit later in twitchcon
with some of the balance changes and
that is just a very very short few
updates for the Ranger because I've been
so swamped working on the druid and I
will continue to be there will be more
changes coming so you can anticipate
that the the raine base of the core
Ranger will be getting several changes
to bring it back up into line and
balance it with many of the other
professions awesome thank you and you
are going to be a part of the balanced
preview later on in twitchcon so guys
make sure you watch that and see what
Iran has to say on there but for now
that is the druid reveal that we have
been waiting for all year how good does
that feel it feels amazing because now I
can actually say you know post in the
Ranger forums and talk to you instead of
just lurking and reading all of your
concerns because this was stuff I
couldn't have talked to you about before
so I'm really looking forward to opening
that up with you guys alright so I have
a couple of question I'm gonna ask you
to make a few predictions surprise a few
predictions please
what kind of predictions are you asking
me to make for the for the range in
general no now I want to make it harder
because you look like it for the
challenge but I'll be nice to you where
do you see the Ranger where do you see
the rip drew it met it going so I can
see the dramatic being a very strong and
world view world the druid is really
capable of sustaining say the the entire
Zerg train you could have 20 or 30 guys
facing off against 40 or 50 guys and
you can really put things out to keep
your 20 or 30 guys going long enough to
kind of wreck the other side the
cascading vines that's something that
affects continuously a bunch of people
locking them in place for your
elementalists your Rangers to smack them
down awesome all right that is it for us
thank you very very much I know you were
looking forward to this it has been an
absolute pleasure all right

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