Guild Chat - Episode 67

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Guild Chat - Episode 67

San Diego Comic Con
Rubi Bayer
Mike Zadorojny
Heather Conover
Daniel Shemtob
July 20, 2018
Official video

The following is an unofficial, player-written transcript of the episode. The accuracy of this transcription has not been verified by ArenaNet.

Guild Chat episode 67 aired on July 20, 2018 from San Diego Comic Con.

At San Diego Comic Con [7:20][edit]

Rubi Bayer: Hi and welcome to Guild Chat live from the experience at San Diego Comic Con 2018. I'm your Guild Chat host Ruby and I'm here with our game director Mike Zadorojny. We are celebrating the return of Festival of the Four Winds, it's coming back next Tuesday, we are bringing this back for the first time since when?

Mike Zadorojny: Something like 2012–2013. It's been, it's been like four or five years so.

Rubi: Yeah, it's been a while, it's 2014 I think, so we're bringing, that we're bringing this for the first time and we're, we're updating it a little bit. How excited are you?

Mike: We're stoked, the team's been working really hard on this, it was one of the festivals that was a lot of fun and we really wanted to bring it back and make it special for the fans, so all the things that players loved about the first time we ran it is back and more and the, the Current Activities Team has been adding tons of little flavor things to it. We've added five new encounters to the Queen's Gauntlet. We've redesigned one of the sections of the Lost Woods, just to try to keep up with modern times and there's a bunch of new lore that has been kind of unveiling as we go through the Festival as well, so it should be a lot of fun.

Rubi: Awesome. I'm know everyone is super excited and you guys have a lot of questions about how is this changed? I mean we've got mounts in the game now, and that's making a huge difference. What can you ... I don't want to ask for spoilers but what can you tell us about how mounts have affected this?

Mike: Well, uh ... it sure is spoilers. Yeah, we've got races coming back, we've got some adventures that are happening, we took full advantage of the Labyrinthine Cliffs and the whole concept of them being about movement, using the crystal skills; your mounts can now do it and now it's supporting gliding in there as well. All of your movement is going to take advantage of that.

Rubi: Awesome, perfect. Thank you so much, and thank you guys for being so supportive of the return of the Festival of the Four Winds. All right, thank you, Z, I will let you get back to work because, as you guys can see, we have a ton of people waiting to take advantage of taking a little ride on Bessie, the Guild Wars 2 Path of Fire griffon. All right, I want to have a chat with, with ... Thanks Z. Uh, we have something else to talk about too. We've got for the first time a Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire food truck to help us celebrate the return of the Festival of the Four Winds. I'm here with Daniel, the owner, and chef of the Lime food truck, uhm ... can we, let's scoot over here a little bit so we can see the menu, uhm ... Talk to us a little bit about this menu 'cause this is kind of your typical Lime food truck menu but with the Festival of the Four Winds twist.

Daniel Shemtob: Yeah, so, uh ... we put together a lot of the classics from the Lime Truck. And, so, these are the things we've been doing for the last eight years, and then we've put the Guild Wars spin on it. We got the Dragonfruit Limeade which is the one right there, and it's just kinda fun to play with both the game and our menu.

Rubi: And it's kind of delicious ... so if you're down here please get the Dragonfruit Limeade because I'm loving this. Uhm, I've liked a little bit of history of you and this food truck because you've got some interesting stories too.

Daniel: Heh, heh, yeah, so, started the food truck eight years ago, uh ... I had a business that failed and I moved home and I wanted to do my passion project which was always a food truck. So I started with my best friend, and we did a brand-new menu every day for the first year.

Rubi: Wait, are you serious?

Daniel: Yeah, we've get the ingredients and, uh ... every day we just make a menu. And so that was really fun. It was terrible from a business perspective but really fun from a food perspective. And that just got us really excited. And then we got lucky enough to be asked to be on the great food truck race on the Food Network. And then we got to win the great food truck race on the Food Network. And now we have restaurants, food trucks. It's been really fun.

Rubi: Okay, so the great food truck race was not your only win, was it?

Daniel: Uh, no, not our only win, uh ... maybe our biggest though. I, I definitely appreciate that. But, uh, we won, the only food truck to win "Best restaurant" of the year in Orange County, top 25 food trucks in America, top 10 food trucks in America by Yahoo, lot of, lot of different awards but it's all blessings.

Rubi: Wow, that's fantastic. Good work and congratulations on that. So, all right, we've got ... Boom-Boom Baines' Brussels Sprout Bombs. I was aware that she was throwing bombs. I wasn't aware they were brussels sprouts. And I kind of love brussels sprouts so I'm super conflicted about this right now. But I'm into it. Uh, the nachos are good. Those are the only things I've had a chance to try but I've seen everything's been a really big hit. So thank you for coming down here and let us participate in what I'm now calling the award-winning Lime food truck. So thanks very much for your time Daniel. I appreciate it.

Rubi: All right, I want to have a chat with another of out Guild Wars 2 devs over here. Let's go over here and talk to Heather. Hey, Heather!

Heather Conover: Hi!

Rubi: Hi! All right, so Heather... Can you introduce yourself for those of us who are new to Guild Chat?

Heather: My name is Heather Conover and I'm a game design team lead, uh, for Living World.

Rubi: Awesome! Okay, so, why don't you give us a rundown of what we're doing as far as the contest, the giveaway and what this enormous creature behind us is?

Heather: Sure. So, we're here celebrating the Festival of the Four Winds. Today, if you come and get your photo taken on the griffon, uh, we're gonna take in with your phone and if you post it on Instagram or Twitter with the right hashtag GW2IRL or GW2Giveaway. You get entered in to win an Amazon gift card.

Rubi: And we're giving away 50 of those gift cards. Uhm, the top prize is a 500 dollar Amazon gift card. Uhm, you can also pick up some Guild Wars 2 swag while you're here.

Heather: Yeah, that's right. We, we're giving away bags if you take a photo. We also have a couple of coupons. One of them is for the food truck. We've got one for our For Fans By Fans, uh, site. And they also got a booth in the, uh, the convention center, so ... yeah.

Rubi: Awesome. Thank you so much Heather. I appreciate you coming down here to San Diego with us and spending some time with our fans and chatting with them. Uhm, so you can pick up a Path of Fire drawstring backpack. Uh, post on Guild Wars 2 the hashtag... post on Twitter or Instagram. It's been, it's been a fun day and I'm kind of losing my words so please bear with us both. Uhm, yeah, use the hashtags on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtags GW2IRL and GW2Giveaway. After the show is over, we'll be picking from those hashtags and picking 50 winners for Amazon gift cards. We'll reach out to you on that Twitter or Instagram wherever you posted. And we'll pick 50 winners for those. We would love for you to come down to the PETCO parking lot at the Lexus lot at the experience at the SDCC 2018 and see us. You don't need an SDCC pass to come visit us. — Yeah, it's free which is awesome. I love it. If you can't come down just follow us on Instagram or Twitter for regular updates. And we will see you here hopefully at the experience at SDCC. Thanks guys.

Rubi: That was fun.

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