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ArenaNet employee

Linsey Murdock

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Game Designer

Linsey Murdock, previously Game Designer, began her game industry career at ArenaNet writing quests and spawning monsters for Guild Wars. She was formerly a Guild Wars 1 Game Designer and later the Guild Wars 1 Live Team Lead, and then moved to Guild Wars 2 Lead Designer with a primary focus on content and story for the Living World. She left Arenanet in February 2021.



  • Game Designer
    • June 2010 - February 2021
      • Principal designer for the Crafting system in Guild Wars 2.
      • Designed crafting disciplines and implemented the vast majority of crafting recipes.
      • Worked with the Lead Systems Designer to design and implement loot and reward systems throughout the game.
  • Live Team Lead
    • June 2008 - May 2010
      • Lead design on all Content Updates to the Live game.
      • Skill balance and PvP format balance in the Live game.
      • Designed UI for Character re-customization.
      • Wrote all Update Notes and Developer Update articles.
      • Managed acquiring game assets from other art and programming teams.
      • Worked with testers to assure quality of content being put into the game.
      • Worked with Community and Marketing teams to promote updates and manage community expectations.
  • Game Designer
    • May 2006 - May 2008
      • Designed, wrote and implemented numerous quests and explorable areas for Nightfall, Eye of the North and the Bonus Mission Pack.
      • Early paper design and dialogue for Dynamic Events in Guild Wars 2.


  • Adding more things to material storage as a side project.
  • Ascended armor.


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