Guild Chat - Episode 52

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Guild Chat - Episode 52

The Guild Wars 2 Fifth Anniversary
Rubi Bayer
Bobby Stein
Matthew Medina
Peter Fries
Stephen Hwang
Crystal Reid
Anthony Ordon
Tricia McIntosh
Eve Eschenbacher
Clayton Kisko
Connor Fallon
Elisabeth Cardy
Aaron Roxby
August 28, 2017
Official video
The following is an unofficial, player-written transcript of the episode. The accuracy of this transcription has not been verified by ArenaNet.

The 52nd episode of Guild Chat aired on August 28, 2017. Host Rubi Bayer interviews some of the developers in celebration of the fifth-anniversary of Guild Wars 2.


Guild Wars 2 - Get Ready trailer [6:57][edit]

[Sweeping shots of the different races of Tyria.]
[Intensifying drums]

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Guild Wars 2 - Teaser Trailer [7:36][edit]

Narrator: "Tyria."

Narrator: "The dragons have always been here, sleeping deep beneath the earth, beneath the sea, waiting for the time to rise."

Narrator: "One hundred years ago the drowned empire of Orr rose from the sea at a dragon's command."

Narrator: "A dragon whose name is written in the legends of the dwarves."

Narrator: "A dragon known as Zhaitan."

Narrator: "His soulless army surged from the waters, hungry for destruction."

Narrator: "Our ancestors fought against the tide, but Zhaitan's power was too great."

Narrator: "We have learned from those defeats. We learned that no single nation can fight alone and succeed."

Narrator: "The five races must stand together against their enemies, and refuse to surrender."

Narrator: "Heroes come together in glory, discovering new magic, new technology, that will save our world."

Narrator: "It is time for legends to become real."

Narrator: "Now is the time. Claim your destiny. Forge your legend."

Guild Chat studio [12:35][edit]

Rubi Bayer: Hi everybody and welcome to the fifth-anniversary episode of Guild Chat. Happy birthday to Guild Wars 2 and thanks to all of you who have been sending us birthday wishes today! We're gonna just spend the next couple of hours hanging out with members of the Guild Wars 2 team and talking about our memories of the past 5 plus years of Guild Wars 2 and Guild Wars 2 development. We're going to start with these three guys. But we do have a little goodie to show off first. This is, this feels kind of fitting because this little dudes turned into kind of our unofficial mascot, not a word out of you (laughing), but it is super cute. WeLoveFine has been working on these little quaggan coffee mugs for a while now. And just in time for our birthday, they got one to us for, I guess, pre-order. You can pre-order or reserve these if you go to WeLoveFine and do a search for quaggan mug and they will have these. They wanted us to let you know they will have these shipped in plenty of time for the holidays. So if that's a thing that you guys want to drink your morning coffee out of a quaggan. (laughing) I know everybody has been wishing for that —

Bobby Stein: And from what used to house its brains

Rubi: (laughing) You have got to stop that. (laughing) Or if you're—if you're... Bobby, you wanna get, what did you say? A brain...jello mold?

Bobby: Uh, no I think Peter said that. Oh I said turn it into a sign...nevermind.

Rubi: Or if you're like the rest of us, you wanna drink your coffee or whatever, you can go ahead and preorder one of these guys. So, right now, I have the only one.

Bobby: But if you hand it to Peter he'll smash it.

Rubi: Do I look like I'm gonna hand it to Peter? (laughing) That's why he's way over there. So, we wanted to show these off from WeLoveFine and they are super cute, and he looks like he just really wants you to enjoy your coffee. Spoiler alert, he doesn't look like he cares one way or another. Alright, so let's go ahead—I'm just gonna hang out at this guy and keep it way over here from you, um...but let's just go ahead and talk some about the past—jeez, how long have you guys been working on these? On Guild Wars 2? Not the quaggan mug.

Peter Fries: Forty...three years?

Bobby: (laughing)

Matthew Medina: Sounds about right.

Rubi: Forty three years? (laughing) You did want us to put old down there.

Matthew: So, um.

Bobby: I think we've all worked on it since the beginning, right? 2007?

Rubi: Quick, do math! What's combined? The combined number of years?

Bobby: On Guild Wars 2?

Rubi: Yes.

Bobby: What, thirty years?

Matthew: Yeah.

Rubi: I'll take it.

Peter: Thirty years for normals, know, every year in game development is five years for normals.

Bobby: Oh.

Rubi: So, what are some of your favorite work memories and stories? They have to be safe for work, please.

Peter: Oh...jeez. Uh.

Rubi: You guys have worked there for a long time so I'll let you just talk over each other and decide who gets to go first.

Peter: My favorite was Karl sitting one of those ball chairs and it exploded underneath him.

Rubi: What? I actually haven't heard this one.

Peter: Oh he was just sitting at his desk, working, and it exploded underneath him while he was sitting there. (laughing) It was like one minute there's a chair and the next second it's gone. He just fell straight back.

Rubi: Was he okay?

Peter: ...I guess. Who cares?

Rubi: You don't know? (laughing) Oh my god!

Peter: It was funny.

(all laughing)

Rubi: I guess who cares, it was funny.

Peter: He's still around, I was just talking to him.

Bobby: He might have, like a metal bar going through his spine but...

Rubi: Feel like he's gonna be here in a second.

Bobby: Um...All right. Since we're talking about unfortunate accidents, um, so right after we moved to this building and there was the whole concept of "hey, you're gonna have all of your desks on wheels, so you can, you know, push your stuff to wherever you need to go", it was probably the first time I saw someone trying to move their desk to their new pod where they were working, and...This was a new thing for us, and apparently the company that was sending us the wheels—you know, they may have sent us a cheaper knock off version or whatever. So, somebody was trying to push their desk through the front door, you know, to get to the elevator?

Rubi: Yeah...

Bobby: And...Like the wheels snapped off. And when that happened, then the—the legs snapped, like, fell in, and then it just went like. (makes weird noise) And then all the computers and the monitors went like spiraling onto the floor.

Peter: All their knickknacks and trinkets.

Bobby: Yeah...And I was just looking, like "oh, oh", you know?

Rubi: Yeah, 'cause it's not like we empty our desks when we move. We just pile everything on top and—

Bobby: Wheel it around like a shopping cart. And—yeah, I don't even know if that person is still here, but I was just, I remember like "Oh, I guess you need a new computer, buddy".

Rubi: And everything that was on your desk.

Bobby: Yeah. It was, uh...

Peter: All of our happiest moments are our teammate tragedies.

Bobby: (laughing) Laughing at someone else's misfortune.

(all laughing)

Peter: Wanna (unintelligible) me?

Rubi: Somebody do better.

Matthew: Yeah, I mean, mine is similar, in—in—in...

Rubi: No. (laughing)

Matthew: I'm sorry, I'm sorry. And I apologize for the people involved that I'm gonna out, but... There was one morning where I came to work, and—this was not this building but the one where we were before. There was, it was built on a swamp, so there was—parking was underneath the building and so you would come up the stairs... And, I opened the door to come up the stairs, and I see Josh tumbling down.

Rubi: What?!

Matthew: And I was like "Whoa! What's going on?", and then I realized. Pat—No, Tammy had apparently pushed him—'cause they were filming some sort of video where she pushed him—and he—you know, they were like doing stunts.

Peter: It's the...It's the lunch money video.

Rubi: I think I've seen it! I've seen this. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Matthew: —And so I've. That—that was an interesting way to be greeted—

Rubi: That is, that is—

Peter: Josh did a prep fall down that whole staircase.

Matthew: Yeah. I'm surprised he's still around.

Rubi: Wow, I've forgotten about that. So you just opened the door and there he was.

Matthew: Yeah.

Rubi: Wow.

Peter: So again, slapstick.

Matthew: Yeah.

Rubi: I'm glad he was okay—since in my head all of these things happened to the same person.

(all laughing)

Rubi: One guy that accumulates all our misfortune. Oh my gosh. Okay, let's—hopefully move away from bad things, 'cause I wanted to ask you about interacting with players. Please, please, don't talk about bad things that happened to people here, I hope you have something better. (laughing) But, like, we've talked a lot about interacting with our community because they're really great to encounter—just—I've run into random players in public, I got stopped at Macy's one day, which was kinda cool. Um, but either in or out of game, what about you guys?

Bobby: I mean if I'm out and I'm wearing you know a shirt for one of the games—sometimes people will ask, and if it, you know, says "dev team" around on our back, it's kinda hard to blend in, but, um, yeah, usually when people see the shirt, they say nice things. I hadn't had anyone chase after me and throw stuff because they were unhappy about anything. Um, and...Yeah, actually, okay, here is a real quick funny story.

Rubi: Please do.

Bobby: I was at a local game store that I like to go to. It's in Edmonds, it's called "Another Castle" and they, they—

Rubi: Oh yeah, yeah, yeah.

Bobby: Yeah, they're great, they have a little arcade there, a little bar and they sell, you know, used video games and stuff like that, and I've found, actually, a copy of the Guild Wars Factions strategy guide that I actually wrote. It was the first thing that I wrote—or like helped with. When I was here, and I found it, and it was like a dollar used, you know? But I was kinda laughing, because I'm like, wow, it's really held its value you know. At any rate, you know, I was showing my wife and we were kind of chuckling about it and I said "You know, I think I want to buy this" 'cause, I don't know, maybe—

Rubi: You totally should have bought it!

Bobby: Yeah, oh I did. And when I was at the counter, you know, my wife somehow brought up the fact that I worked on it and we just kind of got in a long conversation about it. It was kind of neat. Super friendly people and, yeah, this happens all over the place, in the game, or, just out. It's great. We have a great community.

Peter: Yeah, like Bobby was saying earlier most of our wardrobe is you know swag shirts from this place.

Ruby: Yeah.

Peter: I was at our local supermarket just a couple weeks ago and the guy that kid that was bagging my groceries pointed on my shirt and I didn't even realize I was wearing one and he's saying, “Oh you work with my dad” and I got all confused and I was trying to figure out who he was and then I realized it was Josh's son, who is bagging my groceries.

Ruby: Did you figure out or did you have to be like who's your dad?

Peter: No, I just hadn't seen him in a while so it —ya just finally clicked, like oh man this is ahh little so and so.

Ruby: Oh my gosh.

Matthew: Mine is… is not an out of game experiences just it was when we went to the first, ah—PAX. And we got to have our first real interaction with people introducing Guild Wars 2 to the community. Ahm, the sheer amount of people that showed up and ran through the booth and everybody wanted you know we had “The Art Of Guild Wars 2” books everyone, everyone who wanted signatures, ahm, I mean that was just so much fun to me to like have that moment of like “Oh we've arrived”. I mean Guild Wars had you know a good community and a good following but I think the franchise was still sort of you know not quite public knowledge.—

Ruby: Yeah, yeah.

Matthew: It wasn’t quite the, the sort of popularity hadn't hit yet and so this was the first moment of us really feeling like “Oh we've got something really good here”.

Ruby: Yeah.

Peter: It was at PAX East or West?

Matthew: PAX West.

Peter: Yeah.

Bobby: Oh, I have one more and it's real short.

Ruby: It doesn't have to be it's fine. We have, it's been 5 years, it’s been 5 years, you deserve to get to talk.

Bobby: So I was at my kids grade school and every year the teachers I was like oh you know they like to have the parents come in and talk about their work and once they find out that I do what I do, “like oh, you should come in and talk to the kids”. I remember I brought my laptop I was I had this whole present who writes a PowerPoint presentation for like a bunch of eight—year—olds? (Raises hand) Right, this guy!—

Ruby: Alright, so you’re organized. Just roll with it.

Bobby: I did all this work and then I realized I couldn't hook it up to their projector—

Ruby: Nooooo!

Bobby: or whatever so whatever so I had to think — on my feet and narrate I was just starting to tell these kids, “Hey you know, I work on games” and like all of a sudden all these hands go up and I’m like, “You” and they're like “Do you make Minecraft?” “No”.—

Peter: (laughing) Yes I do!

Bobby: And then the other Kid “Do you make Mario?” “No”—

Peter: (laughing) Yes, yes I do!

Bobby: “Do you make Halo?”, “No” and then—

Ruby: Just lie.

Bobby: I was like no, I make this game, right you know Guild Wars. So we, I go through the whole thing and I tell them all about you know writing for the game and making the game in the art and the music and everything you know and then finally I'm like hey does anybody have any questions and then all these hands go up again, they're like “Do you make Minecraft?”—

Peter: (laughing) Yes I do!

Bobby: and I’m like “No, I do not make Minecraft!”

(All laughing)

Rubi: “Are you sure you don't make Minecraft?”

Bobby: And then I was basically saying, “I don't make Minecraft. I don't make Halo or whatever.” And then like all these, these hands started going down.

Rubi: Oh no!

Peter: The kids were all crying.

Bobby: Yeah, no. And then I was like “But you can play our game for free, kids! Tell your parents!”.

(All laughing)

Bobby: So hopefully there are a couple of gems that came out of that presentation.

Peter: Get your kids credit cards.

Rubi: It turns out that eight-year-olds have the attention span roughly of a goose. So, you know you can tell them something and it doesn't matter.

Bobby: It was, it was hilarious, it's awesome. And every time I, I do talk to kids it's really kind of refreshing and eye-opening. Because they, they really love games. And you know, if they know anything about the game you make they, they have a lot of questions. But I mean even just the fact that they know that you can do something like this, that it's a viable career and that it's a way to be creative about something that, that can really touch a lot of lives. It's awesome. So I just love encouraging people to just kind of chase after their dreams. Because I mean that that's why I'm here. I had done a few different things before I got my job....

Rubi: Yeah it is I've done a couple of school groups here and there and one of the neatest things is getting to talk to them about all of the different paths that you can do; it's not necessarily okay I have to be a programmer or I have to be a designer and one of the things that I talk to about one class, I was just talking to some younger high school kids and saying well you know you have I don't remember how it came up but some of them were talking about how it was frustrating for them taking all of these classes they felt like was a waste of time, it's like I just want to get out of high school, I want to go to digipan or I want to you know I want to get into design school and I want to start learning how to make games and I was like wait, okay breathe, stop, what do you mean you feel like you're wasting your time? She was like well, I have to take French class and I don't understand why I have to take French class. And I was like, well I don't know how many,how many languages...what games do you like? And she rattles off a couple and I was like well how many languages do they support? And watching them watching and they get that realization of oh that's...I'm suddenly a hundred times more valuable if I'm bilingual, oh this English class that is a pain in my butt where I'm learning the rules of grammar, suddenly I won't sound like an idiot when I'm at work and trying to write this stuff. Watching them understand that there's more than just, okay I have to be a programmer, has been so cool when I'm talking to these kids. So yeah, it's the same thing.

Peter: Nobody has to be a programmer.


Bobby: Actually, we need quite a few, Peter.

Rubi: You look so haunted when you say that.

Bobby: The game would not exist without programmers, so stay in school.

Rubi: You know, as I think of that I realized that they were probably like 14, 13 14 15, in that age range and the attention span was a little longer than the eight year olds, but they were like, "Yeah, I have to take French!" Okay, remember what I just (said).... No, I don't, I don't want to knock the kids too much, but it was, it's, it's a lot of fun talking to them and talking to people who want to go into the industry, and helping them figure out, "oh there's there's a ton of stuff I can do, there's not just this one pathway."

Bobby: Yeah, actually, Tom and I haven't been doing outreach to people who are interested in narrative. I mean, occasionally we'll have a, an intern, but we don't get interns all that often for a narrative, but whenever we're at you know, GDC or any of these conventions and we talk to people usually we're we're totally available to kind of coach them on things and give them advice and stuff. I mean, you know, at the PAX party Friday I'm sure you know if anyone wants to talk about this stuff I'm more than happy to give them advice and talk about,

Rubi: Yes, please.

Peter: If you have any lore questions, like really, really obscure lore make sure to ask Bob. That's his favorite thing to talk about.

Bobby: Direct them at Peter and he'll make up the answer on the spot and make everyone else's job harder.

Peter: Especially if they're egg related.

Bobby: Do not wanna hear more about eggs.

Rubi: So pretty much the two of you are gonna just bounce players back and forth. No, it's like, go ask your mother, go ask your father

Bobby: Yeah actually I have nothing to show for it, except for Peter's laughter.

Peter: An evening wasted.

Matthew: This is the dynamic of working with these two.

Rubi: And now you look a little haunted.

Bobby: Just take Peter's phone and keyboard away from him.

Rubi: And Matthew sits in middle and cries.

Peter: Yes, that's pretty much our working relationship.

Rubi: So, but you do manage to get some content actually made here and there-

Peter: We work on it, yeah.

Matthew: Sometimes.

Bobby: Coming out soon!

Rubi: Oh my gosh, how many days? Oh jeez. I don't wanna think about how many days.

Peter: It's still in the oven!

Rubi: I'm gonna start hyperventilating, just stop doing the math, I don't wanna think about it.

Bobby: It's not too far off.

Rubi: It's exciting. Path of Fire's almost here you guys!

Matthew: Yes.

Bobby: Yeah.

Rubi: But we've had a whole bunch of stuff over the past five years. What's your, what's some of your favorite content that you've put out. I'm not gonna make you pick a favorite, but what's some of the favorite stuff that you've worked on over the past five years?

Peter: I'm actually pretty excited about Path of Fire.

Rubi: I am too!

Peter: And I really worked hard on the, you know, open world stuff and Amnoon especially you know that the Oasis map and the one to the north of it especially, but, pretty excited about that.

Rubi: Amnoon is gorgeous. I love how excited everybody's been about it.

Bobby: It's a beautiful map.

Rubi: Because you're excited about nothing else.

Matthew: No, my- mine is... I always tell this, there's a bit of a caveat there. It's both the best and the worst experience of my career here, which is Lost Shores weekend.

Rubi: I know what you're gonna say, yep.

Matthew: Because-

Rubi: We talked about this.

Peter: I remember that.

Matthew: It was such a great idea and we, you know, we were, we were so flushed from the launch and we were like "let's do this cool thing," and we had a bunch of great ideas. But then, you know, we we were still pretty new to the whole, "hey how do we make a big game like this into a live service and have that function" and so, anyone who experienced that weekend knows, it was a little bit buggy. It was a little bit unstable, um, but it brought the team together in a way that I haven't not felt since. You know, we were all just there that whole weekend with the fans, playing, checking in fixes, doing all that we could to, you know, make that content more stable than it was.

Rubi: It really was, it was an experience that I don't know that we've had since. It was just wild. In every way.

Matthew: Yeah. Yeah. It had definitely, you know- I mean. It introduced some cool characters that are still around, you know Canach.

Rubi: I love Canach.

Matthew: Um, who was uh, one of our favorites at the time-

Peter: Kiel, Kiel was in that too.

Matthew: Yeah, Kiel, um, so it was-

Peter: Everybody loves karkas.

Matthew: Everybody does love karkas. (Peter laughs) I'm actually amazed that [crosstalk] we got the karkas in there.

Bobby: Job-o-Tron.

Peter: That's right, Job-o-Tron.

Rubi: Oh yeah!

Bobby: Job-o-Tron made his debut.

Peter: Everybody loves Job-o-Tron.

Matthew: Although, he was- he wasn't Job-o-Tron?

Bobby: He was Job-o-Tron then, then he became... a million other things.

Matthew: That's right.

Rubi: Who was he? What did he start as?

All three guests: He was Job-o-Tron.

Rubi: He was Job-o-Tron first?

Bobby: Yeah. He was trying to strong-arm them into an unfair employment deal.

Peter: Then he was Ho-Ho-Tron.

Matthew: Yeah.

Peter: And then he was Hero-Tron?

Bobby: No. He was Hobo-Tron when he was out of work.

Rubi: Mm-hmm.

Bobby: Anyway.

Rubi: And then there was Hero-Tron. There was Ho-Ho-Tron in there somewhere.

Bobby: Yeah. Mm-hmm.

Peter: Ho-Ho-Tron was for Wintersday.

Rubi: I love him, he's great. I remember-

Bobby: So, I have two-

Rubi: Yeah!

Bobby: Sorry, if I was-

Rubi: No, no. I was just thinking back-

Peter: Oh no! We're out of time! (everyone chuckles)

Rubi: (jokingly) Time to go!

Bobby: (jokingly in a stern voice) Remove your mic!

Rubi: No. When you speak about Hobo-Tron, the thing about him, that I remember: somebody's mini-pet showed up in the cutscene, where Caithe um: "I will bear your pain, sister", and she stabs... and in the back is a Ho-Ho-Tron. (everybody laughs) Some player uploaded that video, I can't remember who you are, but I loved that, and that's all I can think of any time I see the Ho-Ho-Trons.

Peter: Every version of that, where things wander through, is hilarious.

Bobby: Just flamingo-walking into frame or something.

Peter: Just like that- when the- when the player goes into The All and has that vision in that one cinematic... [crosstalk] and they take a Quaggan Tonic or something. That's hilarious.

Rubi: The Krait Tonics were the best. The Krait Tonics were the best, because the tail bugged into complete- he looked like a pencil. (everyone laughs) It was great. I'm sorry, what were you- please-

Bobby: Nah, it's okay. It's just two- real quick.

Rubi: It can be three and stop. You don't have to be quick. It's okay. I promise.

Bobby: Gotta keep this moving, man. We've got a schedule. So the first is the- personal story restoration.

Rubi: Yeah.

Bobby: Being able to go back in old content and improve it- was an interesting challenge and I very much enjoyed working on that project because I think what we ended up doing- made the game better. So that was a really cool project to be a part of. And the other thing is just the- Bastion of the Penitent. That raid.

Rubi: Yeah!

Bobby: Yeah, just working with the team on that and coming up with a story to- you know, kind of connect to lore, to humanize a character, and to just tell a very different kind of story in the game. That was, like, the- it was told through every single discipline, like, design, art, audio, you know obviously writing and dialogue and stuff but it all kind of came together in a way that I was very, uh, happy to be a part of that process.

Rubi: That was a fascinating- Yeah, that- The whole way that was done was done so well and I feel like [crosstalk] the work that was put in, yeah, really showed through

Bobby: It was a great team. I mean, you know, the building is full of great teams right, but that was my experience with a small group of people and actually honestly to, uh-helping with the, uh, story stuff for the- about the past year has been a really great experience in getting to work with Matthew and the rest of the folks you know and Scott and Connie and Connor and yeah everybody, um- Path of Fire, it's been really great... thing. They had a really great kind of team dynamic before I even showed up but, uh, it's been an honor and a pleasure to be working with that group.

Rubi: Um, for Bastion of the Penitent, do you want to- I know not everybody is necessarily familiar with that, do you want to just give a short summary of what that is?

Bobby: Uh, it's- it's a self-contained raid and it...

Rubi: You don't have to do the whole thing.

Bobby: [crosstalk] I don't wanna spoil it, but basically it tells a very different kind of- like a darker themed story but it also humanizes a character who, if you know anything about him, you might assume the worst and, uh, it's just kind of like a tragic story so it was, uh, it was a- it was a different kind of, um, narrative to tell in our game.

Rubi: I know working through it I had started out with a very one-dimensional perspective and just- "Oh yeah, this guy sucks, this guy's a jerk", and working through that I came out with a lot more sympathy.

Bobby: Yeah, I mean, if that- if that's how you feel then that- that's great because that's what we were shooting for.

Rubi: Yeah.

Peter: It worked on Rubi, so it's good!

Bobby: (laughing) The coldest of hearts!

Rubi: Yeah, and I'm usually so hard-hearted, yeah.


Peter: Warmed your cold heart!

Rubi: Alright look I'm a giant sucker, ok? (laughter slowly dies) This is... this is a thing that I do, but it did work, and it was a well-told story from all angles.

Bobby: Thank you.

Rubi: So, I did like it. Um, that, well, now you can't- you can't use that one because you've ruined it, but I want you guys to talk about some things that are only in the game because you put them there. It can be just an Easter Egg or a piece of content but I want you to tell secrets.

Peter: (laughing) Secrets.

Rubi: Terrible secrets!

Matthew: Yes. Mine is just goofy. Anybody who follows me on Twitter knows I'm all about going barefoot.

Rubi: What?

Matthew: What. I know. So, I have to put barefoot characters everywhere I go. So, Hoelbrak has a bunch, there is definitely a couple in Wetlands Grotto, ... sorry, that's the internal name - I always do that - Brisban Wildlands.

Rubi: I always go: I don't know, I don't remember what that is.

Matthew: Yes, I know. Brisban Wildlands. It's just my thing. It's my signature. It's ... Josh has his little tokens and coins that he leaves everywhere.

Rubi: Yeah, yeah.

Bobby: We are looking at you, Peter!

Peter: I'm trying to think about something I-

Bobby: Oh.

Peter: haven't talked about before. I've got the Drooburt thing.

Matthew: Drooburt. That is your infamous.

Peter: The Chauncey thing ended up like a weird almost out-of-game almost experience because it never ended up in content.

Rubi and Bobby: (together) Yeah.

Bobby: Yeah the VO's in the game but it's just nothing connected to it.

Peter: There is a reference to it in the game, but it actually happened.

Rubi: Yeah we ended up just kind of running with that though.

Bobby: Yeah.

Peter: Matthew and I tried to bring it back-

Matthew: Yeah.

Peter: As like a sort of disconnected episode story thing. But we ran out of time to do that in between. It was, in between...

Rubi: Oh no! Oh really?

Matthew: It's still on the back burner. We'll get to it one day.

Bobby: Pile of unfinished ideas, pile of broken toys...

Peter: It's going to start with Lord Faren going "I remember that time with the cat show and then..."


Bobby: We have the episode, well never mind.

Rubi: Nope too late.

Bobby: Probably a little too dirty to talk about. So, I got one: BRGL-5000.

Peter: Oh yeah.

Bobby: He's a...

Peter: Bargle bot.

Bobby: Bargle bot in Divinity's Re-, no, Lion's Arch. That's just hiding in one of those little houses near Kiel's Office. At any rate, I kinda took a hint from, uh, what's his name? Drooburt? You'd kinda give him money but Drooburt didn't do anything. This guy just lavishes you with compliments but basically you just pay him...

Peter: He's a sycophant.

Bobby: The more you pay him, the more of, like, a butt kissy comment that he gives you so (shrug) that (Rubi laughs) I just had a lot of fun with it. I really, like, I wanted to actually make a little follower thing that, you know, depending on, you know kinda like how Copper-Fed Salvage-o-

Rubi: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Bobby: ...Matic thing. It would be cool if you do things in the game where, you know, you kill something or you do something heroic or you just jump. You know how, like, the backpack-

Rubi: Yeah, "you jumped".

Bobby: It's just like, master of the obvious, but this thing goes and just gives you compliments and kisses your butt the whole time.

Rubi: (gasp) That would be hilarious!

Bobby: Yeah, I think that'd be worth it.

Rubi: Did you ever make him, like, a backpack?

Bobby: It could be. You never know! Or a hat. It's just an idea right now, but I'm thinking big.

Peter: It's still on a marker board!

Rubi: Oh my gosh! I didn't know, I didn't know that was a thing you were thinking about.

Bobby: Oh, nah, I mean the bargle thing was just basically a joke-

Peter: What does bargling mean?

Bobby: Um, nothing I can talk about... (laughs) but-

Peter: I was just wondering where that term came from.

Bobby: We'll have a private conversation about that, Peter! No, um, we, uh, geez. (everyone laughs) And with that... and with that, cut to commercial! You ever watch Showtime at the Apollo? There's always, like, the clown who comes out with the big hook? Like, we need that for this show.

Bobby: And Peter since you're on the end you're gonna get just like...

Rubi: Like put the chairs on wheels and like roll someone out... (everyone laughs) Well that was just an unfortunate coincidence that we actually are doing. (laughs) You absolutely ruined everything. (Bobby nods) But happy 5 years you guys, because the three of you in particular have been around for ages (Bobby laughs) so much of its complements of it. So I lined a few walkers over there. (points)

Bobby: Thank you, thank you...

Rubi: Thank you guys very much! Congratulations and here's to many, many more years.

Matthew: Yes.

Rubi: So Path of Fire... Very, very soon... Thank you guys and we will be back in just a couple of minutes.

Guild Wars 2 - "A Million Adventures Await You" trailer [39:19][edit]

Narrator: Rated T for Teen.

Narrator: A million adventures await you in Guild Wars 2.

Guild Wars 2 - Super Adventure Box trailer [39:50][edit]

Child: C'mon…almost…

Child: Finally! Yeah!

[Screaming riff as Rytlock Brimstone bursts into the room]

Rytlock Brimstone: Victory is ours!

Child: Whoa! Rytlock Brimstone?!

Rytlock Brimstone: Now the journey continues with the Super Adventure Box!

Rytlock Brimstone: Travel through a strange world of great danger and mesmerizing beauty.

Child: Awesome graphics!

Rytlock Brimstone: You'll need lightning reflexes, nerves of steel…

Child: Stop the graphics!

Rytlock Brimstone: …and the heart of a warrior!

Rytlock Brimstone: Farewell; the fate of Tyria is in YOUR hands!

Narrator: Live the saga of Guild Wars 2 on your Super Adventure Box from ArenaNet. Your parents'll help you look it up.

[Evil laughter from Lord Vanquish]
[Angry cat growl]

ArenaPets [41:07][edit]

Kirk Williford's cat, Haru.
Emmanuel Bisson's cats, Nero and Pumpkin.
Crystal Reid's dog, Major.
Kelsey Pickinpaugh's dog, Roscoe.
Carlyn Lim's cat, Cello.
Erik Kangas's cat, Oscar.
Anatoli Ingram's cat, Penny.
Anatoli Ingram's cat, Hilfy.
Tami Foote's snake, Linus van Pelt.
Tami Foote's cat, Roger.
Tami Foote's cat, Bob.

Christy Clemens's partner: Get it! Yeah! (claps)

Christy Clemens: Heh heh.

Guild Chat studio [43:28][edit]

Rubi Bayer: Wow. Crystal, that was a cool dog picture.

Crystal Reid: Yes.

Rubi: That was an awesome dog. So.

Crystal: I like my dog a lot.

Rubi: So welcome back. Since we're talking about a lot of ArenaNet life and all that, we thought we would include some of our furry and scaled and, in one case later, feathered friends, so we are bringing you ArenaPets because everybody likes cute animals. So, thank you Crystal for...

Crystal: It was just a clever excuse for you guys to get us to send cute pictures of animals all day long.

Rubi: My inbox was the best thing for weeks, you guys! (laughs) And I'm trying to think of an excuse to do this again, because really, with all of my work emails, just having them peppered with adorable pictures and videos all day long kind of makes me happy.

Crystal: You should just, like—"reply ArenaNet all"—make everyone's day better.

Rubi: I'm on board.

Crystal: Alright.

Rubi: So. Alright, well, welcome to the Fifth Anniversary livestream, and congratulations on five years, you guys.

Crystal: Thank you.

Steven Hwang: Hi.

Rubi: Aside from cute animals, we are taking about some of your favorite work memories and stories from it in the office. So, it doesn't necessarily have to be you. I'll let you guys introduce yourselves first if you want to. Although, we've already kind of done that for you.

Steven: Alright, I'm Steve Hwang, game designer.

Crystal: I'm Crystal Reid, lead designer.

Anthony Ordon: I'm Anthony Ordon. It says game designer, but it really means useless designer.


Rubi: Alright, we'll change it up but I feel kind of bad about it.

Anthony: That is what I put on the paper.

Rubi: Jeez! (laughing)

Anthony: I just want everyone to know.

Rubi: So, we are a little more casual today since we're just kind of celebrating and enjoying the past five years so I'll let you guys kind of-

Steven: Stories?

Rubi: Yep. Hit it.

Steven: About work?

Anthony: Stories. Did they do X-men yet?

Steven: Oh god...

Rubi: Oh no it was a lot of people's desks falling apart and breaking and Josh Foreman falling down stairs. It was terrifying.

Crystal: Take us there.

Anthony: I was- Back when were in the old building-

Rubi: All the best memories come from the old building.

Anthony: They really do, yeah. And I was pulling up the parking lot, I was late for some reason, I don't remember why. And I pull into the parking lot and this squad car pulls in behind me right. So like so I kind of pull into this spot and they pull into this spot opposite right. And I get out of my car and then these two police officers pop out off their car with like mp5 like submachine guns. And they're like, "We need you to go back to your car, sir." And I was like, "No problem." I get back into the car.


Rubi: And they went home and never came back.

Anthony: And I called up like "What's going on?" right? Turns out that there was a debt collection agency somewhere nearby in the office complex.

Steven: There was filming next door.

Anthony: They have been attacked with a man wielding an axe. (Laughing)

Steven: Yeah, on the 2nd floor, there was some debt collection.

Anthony: And they called the cops.

Steven: And the guy used the axe on the door and then he went to work afterwards.

Anthony: Yes, he left! He just- So they didn't find anybody. He just peaced out. And then he was just like, he just went to work like a normal day.

Steven: Yeah the whole park was under lockdown. And like I was getting all of these texts in the morning. I wasn't there. And I was like, "I can't get in, you know. Tell somebody." Everyone ended up going to like you know the cafe for breakfast.

Anthony: That is enough to go after the guy. I am sure he had a really good reason but like-

Crystal: I feel like this segment is going to be full of crazy stories I think.

Rubi: That's great. I'm just in awe that I've never heard this story.

Anthony: You didn't know that one?

Rubi: How have I never heard this story?!

Anthony: It's the best one.

Rubi: Like, I heard the story of- Oh gosh. Now I'm scared to say it cause I'm afraid I'll embarrass somebody cause I feel like he probably wasn't happy about it. The barbecue in the back of someone's pickup the got out of control?

Anthony: (laughs) Oh yeah.

Steven: Oh yeah, that was a good one.

Rubi: Who was...?

Anthony: That was here, right?

Steven: No, that was the old office.

Rubi: That was at the old office!

Anthony: Okay.

Steven: Yeah, the old office is different now.

Rubi: Was anybody- I wasn't there for that, but now I feel like I've accidentally brought it up and someone has to tell it. Was somebody there for that?

Crystal: I don't know about the barbecue story so...

Rubi: Maybe don't say who because I feel like they weren't happy about it.

Steven: It was just a barbecue on someone's pickup that got a little-

Crystal: You're tailgating!

Steven: That got a little out of control, that's all. (laugh)

Anthony: A little out of control. Just half the force. Just... gone. Deleted.

Rubi: Yeah, there was- Apparently there was just black smoke like billowing everywhere. Oh, man.

Steven: Do you remember the- One of the things I remember was when Jon Peters jumped Eve.

Anthony: Yep.

Steven: And so we had that-

Rubi: Oh yeah!

Steven: We had that Eve standee. It was like, I don't know, maybe like 4, 5 foot or 6 tall?

Rubi: Yeah! Those cardboard standees!

Steven: And Jon Peters, like, he was like, "I can jump that." You know, like because you know he's kind of a track guy and runner and he's like and then- So we all put on bets and like Albert, you know he was back with us, one of the designers, like, "I can jump that! That's not a problem!" There's this little trash can that's like a foot and a half tall and he's like, "Yeah! See? I'll just jump this!" And he jumps it and he trips, puts his foot in the trash can and just tumbles!

Rubi: What?

Anthony: Yeah. There's a lot of workplace accidents.

Rubi: But then Peters totally jumped the Eve standee, right?

Steven: Yeah! He did.

Rubi: Like he cleared it!

Steven: He cleared it. There was a little bit of wind when he was running so it kind of tilted, but... Yeah.

Rubi: I had forgotten about that. I- Was I here for it?

Steven: We have video of it.

Rubi: There's video?!

Steven: Yeah!

Rubi: How-?!

Crystal: It's on the network somewhere I'm sure.

Rubi: Mark and I are both like how did nobody send us this video?!

Steven: You guys have to check our common directory sometimes. I'll point you to it.

Rubi: Yes, but it's a little late, like we want to show it right now. I'm so sad.

Steven: I'll point you to it after this.

Rubi: Okay.

Crystal: Next anniversary.

Anthony: The tenth year anniversary.

Rubi: Man... Okay, ten year anniversary. Okay, five years is enough time to get it. I don't know. So do you have anything from the old office? That was before my time, so... I don't have any good swamp stories.

Crystal: It wasn't a swamp. It was sinking. I mean there's- The parking lot was closed off for a while because it was like sinking so it like had like- The pavement was like shooting out.

Steven: Yeah, there was one time there was like a foot and a half of water and like, you know, it was next to the flue and the flue was overflowing and people just couldn't get to work.

Crystal: Yeah. It was always like- The thing was like cause Dave, he comes in at you know before the light is even awake, crack of dawn. So he comes in super early-

Anthony: Because he's up the night.

Crystal: Yeah, he's up. That's right. And because he drives a big truck he can just go anywhere. So if it poured rain overnight, you'd be like, "Hey. Check our email. Did Dave make it into work today?"

Steven: That's true!

Crystal: And then if Dave made it into work, he would assess the damage and be like- And then he would send out an email and tell everyone whether they should come in or not.

Steven: Well, same on snow days, right? Like there was that, what? 2007 wind out where like everybody lost electricity for like a week?

Anthony: I wasn't here for that.

Crystal: I wasn't here for that either.

Steven: And people were at the office because, you know, their homes just didn't have, you know, heat and...

Crystal: Oh, wow.

Anthony: That was where they got the idea for Nightfall, right?


Rubi: Wow. Really? I didn't know people were camping out at the office, that's insane. Jeez.

Steven: That's the old office. There's a lot of old stories - that's pre Guild Wars 2, though.

Rubi: That's okay, that's totally allowed.

Steven: Okay. The great one was when Brett tackled Jeff Strain into the swimming pool.

Crystal: What? This was way before our time.

Steven: Yeah, yeah, so at one of the pre-launch parties for Guild Wars 1, you know, we were all going to go see, I think it was - what was the last - Episode 3. And everyone was like, "Brett, Brett"

Rubi: We all knew what he meant.

Steven: We were at this pool party, right, somewhere in LA after one of the E3s and we were talking about how, "Oh, Brett, you should tackle Jeff, get him wet." like "No, no, no, no" but then, so, we finally encourage him, make sure he doesn't have his phone on him and things like that, and Brett gets him into the water, he's wet. And what we didn't know is he had all our tickets to the movies. So later, when he's passing out tickets, you know, for the movies

Rubi: They're all like, stuck together.

Steven: He's like "You don't deserve this, you don't deserve this, you certainly don't deserve this."


Rubi: Please tell me he didn't give Brett a ticket.

Steven: No no no everyone

Rubi: Oh did he? He's a nice person. Ok

Steven: one, yeah.

Anthony: All in good fun.

Steven: All good fun.

Rubi: Oh my gosh

Steven: Those were the ones where we had the drinks named after the professions.

Rubi: I've heard about it.

Steven: Yeah

Rubi: Way before my time also

Steven: yeah

Rubi: but, oh my gosh. He had the tickets on him?

Steven: Yeah, they were just wet.

Rubi: Make sure he doesn't have his phone, but you know, the movie tickets whatever. I'm sure, it's fine.

Steven: Those were fun days.

Rubi: Oh my gosh. Alright. So that's terrible stuff that we did to each other.

Steven: My embarrassing one was I almost I almost promised alliances to a handicapped lady in the line of Disneyland. Like I mean I'm Disneyland I got the shirt on and when you get the shirt on-

Rubi: yeah

Steven: people who sure come up to you and it's like oh yeah we have this skill and she was in like a wheelchair she's going on California Screamin' and she's like 'if only we could get more people into our guild we could get them all onto the same one' I think we have alliances coming for factions.

Rubi: Oops!

Steven: and I was like wait did we announce that? Apparently we had announced it a week before that and I was like 'Oh phew'

Rubi: Yeah, sometimes it's hard remembering...

Anthony: Yeah there's always that "Can we talk about this yet?"

Steven: Ben Miller used to always tease me about this like "Did you promise alliances to a..." (laughter) Sorry.

Rubi: Sometimes it's hard to remember if we said that or...

Anthony: They were here first, at a line in Disneyland

Steven: Yeah, I know.

Rubi: Yeah.

Anthony: She's gonna show up at the company two years later "You Promised, we've got this written on the back of this Disney map"

Rubi: Jeez, we announce things in weird places

Steven: I was at Panera once and a server's like "That's a nice sweater, you know hoodie. I'll buy it off you." It's like no, I just (laughing)

Rubi: Oh my gosh.

Crystal: It's my hoodie.

Steven: Yeah.

Rubi: You may notice I'm using it right now.


Rubi: What about you guys, what about some player encounters.

Anthony: Oh, player encounters?

Rubi: Please tell me you didn't announce things in line at Disneyland.

Crystal: No

Anthony: No, we didn't announce anything in line at Disneyland. Erm, you know...

Rubi: Oh, you have one about the dogs that I wanted you to make sure to tell.

Anthony: Oh yeah I can tell the dog story. I was actually going to say I liked-

Rubi: Sorry.

Anthony: -Being there when where the mesmers invented "accidentally" throwing people people off cliffs with the way portal used to work.

Rubi: I remember this

Anthony: So it was Beta weekend one and I was running around with the dev tag and everyone was following me, and we were having a great time, and then some clever mesmers threw up the portal, and the way it was set up was portal here and edge of the cliff here so this train of people just went into the portal, and you didn't used to have to press F, it just grabbed you, and then they just walked off a cliff.

Rubi: Yeah, it was just: you fell in the hole. Yeah.

Anthony: Yeah, it was great. That was when we changed portal to not be like that.

Rubi: (laughter)

Anthony: That was good, and then the story that Rubi's talking about is I have this friend of mine who I met at PAX and we were just there showing the game off for the first time, and I was talking to everybody, and there was a guy standing in line, and he was like "I can't wait to take video of all these skills" and he was super into it and we got talking and then somehow he brought up his dog, or he had to go home and take care of his dog and I was like "Oh, what kind of dog do you have?" so it turned out he had a husky that was about six months old, I also had a six month old dog, and so we were like "yeah, we should meet up some time and talk about Guild wars 1 and let the dogs hang out or whatever, and so I didn't think, that's what everybody in Seattle says, like "yeah, maybe we'll do it", and he was serious, he was like "yeah, let's get your number"-

Rubi: (laughter) This is a Seattle thing

Anthony: "Sure, yeah yeah" because he's not from Seattle, he's from Oregon and so- (laughter)

Rubi: Oh wow.

Anthony: Yeah, we showed up and he lived over by Marymoor Park and so we met up one day and let the dogs play.

Rubi: Oh yeah.

Anthony: And then we just kept doing it. For now it's been about five years later, right, and here we are. So we still, like I just watched his dog this month twice, cause he was going and doing some stuff, and so we, you know, we...he's our only dog-sitter, cause our dog hates everybody except his dog.

Steven: Guild Wars 2, bringing people together. Dogs together.

Anthony: Yeah she's terrible. That dog, she likes to run away and so, shortly before the game had launched, we went up to this local trail. It was called lost beagle trail, it's up on, you might know it. It's up on-

Crystal: Lost beetle trail?

Anthony Lost beagle trail.

Crystal: Oh, beagle? Is that where all the beagles go? (laughter)

Anthony:' No. Yeah yeah yeah, well I don't know how the trail got its name, well basically we were up there, and the dogs were off the leash, and we should never ever have done that with her.

Crystal: Well that was your first mistake.

Anthony: And she decided to take off and the trail almost got renamed to Lost husky trail. Anyway after this, it was such an ordeal that I put a character in the game. He's in Wayfarer Foothills and his name is Crag Wilcrucks and he's got a dog named Shastar as his dog's name is Shasta, and it's not an event or anything, it's just this little vignette where he chases the dog around, and the dog will never, ever ever get caught. It's scripted to go on like that forever. It's kind of my joke to him.

Rubi: Oh my gosh. That's adorable. I love it.

Anthony: So that was my favourite player interaction I suppose.

Rubi: Aww, that's so cool. What about you?

Crystal: Um, I'm trying to think cuz I've only been to one kind of convention with the fans. It was when we were at Twitchcon and I didn't have a ton of player interaction because we mostly were hanging out on set all day.

Rubi: It can also be in-game if that helps.

Crystal: It can be in-game, so in-game I have a good one. After raids came out we kind of formed this dev team and you know, we weren't amazing but we killed all the bosses and that was the most important thing to us, and I think there's one night where two or three people just couldn't show up and we only had like seven players and we're like well we didn't really want to bring a bunch of people in, and so we had like exited the raid instance so we're all in Verdant Brink and we're like well what do we do now. I'm like obviously we all just tag up and we go do a hero point train farm.

Rubi: Sure!

Crystal: So like we just all tagged up and then people were like "oh my god there's devs" and they just followed us and we're like look at all these followers and we had a great time like we just carried everyone through a whole hero point train farm through Verdant Brink.

Rubi: Oh fun!

Crystal: It was a ton of fun. People were just like so surprised like they were super surprised like "there's devs" like yeah we play the game all the time.

Rubi: We do play our game you just don't see us a lot of times.

Crystal: Fair.

Rubi: Yeah. So did you get to, we were yeah we were backstage a lot at twitchcon, did you get to hang out with players at all?

Crystal: Um, yeah we did a little interaction on the... While players are waiting in line to go play the demo for heart of thorns, so I got to interact with a bunch of people because we had just recently announced for raids and so people are kind of curious, like what are you doing?

Rubi: Yeah.

Crystal: I was like we're doing raids. They had a lot of questions and that was fun.

Rubi: Aw, yeah that's... It's really neat getting to go out there and just talk to them face to face and okay yeah you know you care about this and you're excited and you want to discuss this face-to-face.

Crystal: Yeah.

Rubi: I... One of the things that I've noticed that I've heard from a lot of people on all of our teams is that it's easy to kind of feel isolated you know you're in here working and there's not a lot of face-to-face interaction with the community, and then so when you get out there talking to them it just really changes your perspective, having that interaction and feeling like everybody's as excited as you are.

Crystal: Mhm.

Rubi: It makes a huge difference and it feels so good.

Stephen: Funnest things to do I mean like it's very gratifying.

Rubi: It is!

Stephen: To see your end results being enjoyed by lots of players and you know that's the... The one that I remember the most what it was the GW2 like beta and we had the art books and everyone was signing art books and getting in line and one lady wanted me to sign her pants. I was like okay sure (laugh). And she had a bunch of devs sign her pants.

Crystal: Was she wearing her pants?

Stephen: Yes!

All: (laugh)

Rubi: I think that... Relatively speaking there's a lot to work with, that's fine, so.

Anthony You're right, you're right. You're totally right, that's mean. It's all just [crosstalk 59:09].

Rubi: It's just... But yeah the initial thing is, uh hold on a second. But yeah.

Anthony: I don't know I mean you know if I was gonna have shwings(?) on my pants [crosstalk 59:18]

All: (laugh)

Rubi: You know what, that's for later. That's guild chat after work. I did at our launch party... Just we were talking about signing things at our launch party, I had a player run up to me and he had like, I don't even remember what it was, something to sign in one hand, and a sharpie in the other hand and this was like the happiest looking person, he had this huge smile and like he was just lit up, and I was like okay yeah I can totally sign whatever this thing is. And he was like are you - and he like named another person who was not me. And I was like no. I thought this dude was gonna cry.

Crystal: Because you were not the person he thought you were?

Rubi: I was not the person he was asking about.

Anthony: What if you should've doubled down, like yes I am that person.

Rubi: I was...Well she was also there, but I didn't even have time to be like she's over there and send him that way, because dude shrunk like five inches and just went :( and walked away.

Anthony: He didn't even get her signature?

Rubi: He didn't want it.

Stephen: Aw

Anthony: Aw, what.

Rubi: I was... And I couldn't even be mad, just like... That was amazing. If you want to come back I can take you to her, but he was gone. It was like, I like, ruined that guys day. [crosstalk 1:00:19]

Stephen: Some of the best ones are like, you see the same fans at multiple conventions

Rubi: Yes!

Stephen: especially at local ones

Rubi: yeah

Stephen: local meet and greets and you recognize them. You're like, "You're still playing? Awesome, that's great!"

Rubi: yeah. and it's great seeing them come to event after event and getting to check in with them and talk to them. And a lot of times, and I've seen this over and over, they bring new fans along.

like hey I brought
some friends and they've started playing
the game and converts yes I've brought
new ones one of us so it is it's it's
like you said very very gratifying to
get to hang out with players humble yes
very much that well thank
for stuff that we've all been working on
yeah I don't know I mean I I always get
him like I play the game and they're
like oh I'm so glad that you uh you know
made this game like one guy was like I
I'm gonna like just just huge debt to
redo that forever and I was like well
you did give us money which you're
welcome yeah glad you're having fun it's
always great to hear like you know
friendships being made or people you
know making friends in-game but then
meeting up in real life later yeah yeah
I love seeing like guilt groups yeah
coming to events together let's talk
about content that you guys have worked
on speaking of people giving us money
for we're all here because we love it
that is true content that I made what
some of your favorite over the past five
years I know what my favorite of yours
is okay go for it
the bunnies yeah before the game shipped
I did a lot of weird stuff weird stuff
and that map so there's the snowball
fight oh yeah is what that one is these
kids parents thank you yeah if you go up
the hill from the snowball fight there's
like a rabbit mine phew yeah and
something something you don't like go
get the food that's buried in the snow
and the rabbits just come out after you
right yeah yeah they drop cake because
we have that animation for sorry yeah it
was alright I mean it was supposed to be
easy if you had two people doing it I
know I remember doing it after we
shipped with Iran and we were like we
were by early to pick up a piece of food
and I would escorted back and then we
trade off every now and then one of them
would dropkick you also I'm responsible
for the terrible hearten in that zone
the one where you have two abducted the
Doleac children
get that one
yes turn out quite like we thought it
was gonna and then we were also trying
to like sort of transition you to the
shower seems like a very sharp thing to
you but like I didn't realize that they
were gonna be like animated in like make
horrible baby Julia crying noises Peter
freezes summer in the building on I got
a double Batman need to step up my game
oh my gosh okay so now we know your
favorite content of Anthony's yeah what
about actually yours Mike you can't just
say like favorite content that I've made
no so I want to say raids like I've
thoroughly enjoyed like all the
encounters they've worked on there I
should really name my favorite encounter
that you done what's my favorite what's
your favorite encounter that I did
probably to quarrel I mean it's pretty
good catching the kitchen the wave James
show occur did the the effect on it like
like Ian came up with the idea and he
was like what if we have him come down
with these big wings he does this tidal
wave in my honor we're gonna do that
really biggest effect we've ever done
the game and he was like sure it's just
why not
so it was also how we throw you into the
deep end right yeah but like like it
the only kind of crappy thing is you
don't really see it now anymore because
they just they dunk him down like you
never fail the battery events like I saw
a lot the first week oh yeah he's so
good to see the wave anymore I just it
was something great about it like just
showing up that thing and there's a
hundred people here and like this is
what I love about doors to know whether
game does this no other game is a
hundred people fighting a dragon like
that you just don't see it right like
what the
only game I think that you know it's out
there like you know just you could just
do this use login right now go fight the
dragon with a hundred people yeah and
then watching that dragon five o'clock
yeah I'm like check in the Pacific log
in and guilt for me just to do that
yeah was great too is like watching the
community sort of like coalesce around a
strategy for that and then it just
became known figure it out yeah you
could show up to that participate I'm
sorry and then we kicked it up for two
quad only beat him on the first day or
like oh man they got him on the first
day really well we're gonna we're gonna
up this for a triple trouble when we
worked on the jungle worm and that was
it took longer to beat than we thought
it would but like we'd come in every day
and we'd watch like the live streams and
back then wooden potatoes is kind of an
up and rising star lore so he was
actually commanding one of the groups on
one of the servers and he'd been up for
something like 30 straight hours or
something cuz like they hadn't beat him
and then every time you failed you like
you had to wait two hours again for the
next encounter yeah and so we were
watching it and like he was commanding
and he would like lose Steve K we didn't
get it guy is like I'm gonna I'm gonna
stick around for one more and he finally
hit a point where he's just like I have
to and so we were watching the stream it
was like getting pretty close to another
the escort events to kick off and
because they were streaming all the the
teamspeak stuff this all of a sudden is
one player starts screaming is that oh
god I fell asleep
players were falling asleep at their
desk just staying awake trying to kill
it so that was that was pretty cool yeah
I was glad that you guys continue the
tradition of making Coast the map full
of things that eat you what do you what
eats you before so in Coast there is a
giant Drake that eats you there's a
giant shark that eats you there's a
giant slime that eats you and now China
giant jungle remember she's like oh
we're thinking about doing this room
we're good yeah
thank you for proving all of that stuff
when she runs it by you yeah the tidal
wave and the vomit watch this watch this
perfect so do you guys remember the
first group that succeeded a triple
trouble with like the I think it was the
same group that did like never watch
Charlie close a speech on teamspeak
there's like the stirring motivational
speech came out it started the whole
like to coddle terror squad or the TTS
yeah that's like ten guilds at one point
there's so many and their whole goal was
to just take out these world bosses they
got really really really close I don't
remember the group that did it first I
remember the first night I do remember
that they had they want to try to do it
it was completely different than we
thought they were gonna try to do it
because they was you have to sing kill
the worms right well they you have to do
that spike we weren't expecting them to
Zerg them that was the interesting we
expected them to try well we try we
didn't expect them to almost succeed
like they're gonna try and this isn't
gonna work out and then they were doing
it like they'd leave like ten players at
each worm in this huge surge of a
hundred players and like they'd like
length away point and they'd all go to
the waypoint and legs are all the way
down and like dunk one worm down to 10%
yeah and then back to the Waypoint and
back to the next one I was like that's
like oh my god and then they'd like one
group got really good at it but they
were kind of they started making
mistakes and stepping back and then so
when other groups start making more
progress and like we can do this in a
horse they stopped the Zerg for the
record the reason why we didn't want
them to spike the the worms like that
was because it's bad for the server's
yeah when there's 200 people standing in
one spot executing all the skills right
yeah so you know I was like Kristen you
can't do another to coddle we're like
they're they're pretty far away like so
they're they're out of like
port range so yeah they're not really
like conscious of what other players are
doing but players are like I'm glad you
clarify we didn't expect them to almost
succeed because I don't know if you saw
the face I made when you said we didn't
expect them to Zerg it that's like
really well no we knew we knew they were
gonna try there we go yeah that's yeah
that was that was one of the most fun
things I have ever seen because I'd
remember I just wanted to jump out of my
chair and be like yes when they finally
succeeded and all of the screaming on
their teamspeak server that's so good to
I missed the actual kill it happened
like on a Saturday morning yeah yeah and
then I woke up and I it's enough to do
and then I went and checked reddit after
it's like I got it alright well do you
guys want to you had mentioned the the
what was it lost beagle trail candy
trail yes yeah escaping husky do you
guys want to talk about some things that
are in the game because you put them
there little Easter eggs that you've
stuck in there yeah get mine I thought
yeah you already did but if you have
more that's fine too content I guess you
know happy I sort of Protestant put in
this destroying Lions Archana I was just
happy about that well it's a huge
endeavor and you've heard the man
I know a lot of people have you know
it's nostalgia for it but you know it
just was a great you know endeavor to
you know get the players off together a
few like you know we have to take it
back you know they felt something you
know for the city that they wanted to
take it back just to create that feeling
of purpose and unifying the player base
and some sort of goal I thought that was
yeah the whole battle for lionsearch
thing really was it was it was touching
yeah yeah we don't just blow it up for
no we don't
it was good content thankfully my
favorite thing yeah so Teddy and I have
both been in the same guild three beers
like playing video games and we've put
almost every one of our guild members
into the game at some point that's right
so Teddy worked on the original the
upper yeah the upper level of the
Queen's pavilion the Queen's gauntlet
and so most the bosses they're named
after players or people from our guild
so there's like like Elvia Leo drey's
cereal those are all people we actually
know and then a bunch of the the raid
bosses like I kind of continue that I
want to work in raids so Knuckles those
character name is like Nicola and we do
not chose but neither Nicola or nachos
we're gonna sit with her not just gonna
be a little weird yes we call them
knuckles Kernan the commander and the
Takada Levent
I think names Naru and she walks around
with a - char and gnar was a name for
like our raid leader and she's quite
short so of course she's gonna Sarah I
depict the smallest one and yells at us
all the time
for doing things so I was like yes
there's little commander Naru and she
yells at players I'm like Zil D in the
chalk gerrant
encounter like that's another character
of mine what I was working on that
encounter and there's a few in like the
char camp as well
yeah just like all my most of my guilt
is in there at some point I even managed
to Garrett a character his character
name is fridge or refrigerator one of
the two and we managed to get a
character in after him just because his
real name was kind of here just kind of
like a normal real name and then we
ended up naming the fire ski role after
him because is that his actual real name
was like Matthew Gabriel I was like wow
that's a kind of like a priest he shaman
name what if we just modify this to work
for ya so we managed to get him in the
game - oh I love it
so did they look for themselves or do
they know what's coming now usually I
tell was like a fat show game somewhere
I'm not I'm not gonna say where but oh
yeah that's awesome yeah that's cool
that you can do that mhm and you make it
work it's not like yeah here's this guy
random Joe just sitting here being very
very obvious that he doesn't actually
belong in the game yeah there's a
another one his name is Terrell he's
actually a real name is Terrell it's
it's like T erri ll or something that's
his real name okay and but like people
have also mispronounces liked Earl so
he's actually got two characters byron
put Turrell in he's in Lyons Archie does
like the little Karka hunt and it gives
you the gun for them oh yeah
Turell it's also Terrell it's the same
one twice yeah awesome well I will let
you guys go unless there's anything else
for the fifth anniversary that you want
to add you're more than welcome to put
salona you've said too much amalgamation
of Celestin on loan on dirt
yeah yeah jewelers reporter yeah the
Guild Wars reporter podcast yeah well
you can't no yes
it stopped yeah Ilona does host of
Ascalon yes
you're both going I will link you
afterwards it's very good yeah check it
all right all right thank you guys very
much congratulations on five years and
we will be back in a little bit
to you
- shadow from emeriti between
I expect
but just one course of actions when we
take up
I love that lesson I don't know how I'm
supposed to top that like and then my
bird landed on my head no big deal
I know right I know my kids done that a
few times but it's a lot more dramatic
yeah it's probably more painful and less
charming right yeah well welcome back
and happy Guild Wars 2 anniversary you
guys I'll let you guys go down and
introduce yourselves okay I'm Trisha
I'm producer on living world teams also
helped out a little bit with the new Mac
release that we had recently thank you
I'm Avastin Barker I'm the voiceover
lead I'm Clayton Kisco and game designer
awesome thank you guys for coming and
helping us celebrate so we've been
starting with some of your favorite
everyday Network stories from the time
you've been here a lot of them seem to
involve injuries or people's things
falling apart
no nothing permanent so it hasn't been
very bad so I'll let you guys jump in
and see what we come up with I've only
been here years so I don't really have
or seen to the horror as Peter pointed
out that's like five years indef years
yeah yeah that is true that's definitely
true it nothing do you guys have
anything most of my stories involve time
Burbank in the morning studios Burbank
is fine but I also sit near you guys and
I hear what goes on over there oh yes
drama and fun things occasionally nerf
guns always chocolate too yeah every
time you travel you come back I always
get this email like hey I brought like
this amazing stuff from Japan and yeah
please come over and eat some of it
I brought this time I want to went to
Japan for my summer vacation and came
back with like I seriously bought way
too many sweets I I still have like a
container of cookies and crackers on my
desk at all seriously yeah so I always
like bring back piles of sweets and I
email everybody and I please come eat
all of the good things I've brought
you're overdoing it yes you can also
tell Burbank stories those are the good
ones yeah those are those are always fun
I had to Burbank for recording sessions
roughly once every two to three months
or so it's not like a set schedule it
shifts so you know the time in the
studio is is a lot of a lot of fun a lot
of entertaining times you just got back
right yes I just got back can you say
down they're recording without I'm
spoiling anything I cannot I do mention
where characters are there cuz our
player characters are always there okay
yeah you can't have a release with that
player character so it's always fun to
record with Nolan North and Brandon
gosh yes Matthew Mercer we have three of
the critical role critical roles of D&D
web show you the members of that are on
our voice cast oh really
liam o'brien sam riegel who is Bram Liam
O'Brien does a bunch of characters for
us and Matthew Mercer is our PC normal
so if you play normal you hear Matthew
Mercer um you're talking about Nolan
North being down there and I remember
when we were down there for a heart of
thorns and he was doing the mordremoth
he was doing the mordremoth repeat vo it
was like you know surrender to me and
then he just like busted out what
sounded like king candy from wreck-it
Ralph to me yeah and he's doing more
yeah he's doing more droughts lines King
Candy's voice and somewhere I have video
of this I can't find it I can't remember
where it is
but the outtakes is yeah we've got a ton
of outtakes but every time we talk about
nolan north doing recording i think of
that because it's freakin glorious yeah
i love it some swaps voices all the time
and he is one of my out take heavy
actors he's so fun yeah a lot of fun in
the booth John DiMaggio is a lot of fun
in the booth oh yeah but more we don't
have a lot of videos that we could show
a lot of it is PG rated but occasionally
it's local
yeah a lot of I'm just trying to
remember some of John DiMaggio's
outtakes that RPG and I'm realizing the
list is sort of short but they're also
good they're so fun one of my favorite
ones was
there was a line for heart of thorns and
this was John John DiMaggio outtake he
had as Kanak John DiMaggio knock as
cannot he was saying you know we have to
go and find mordremoth and he busts out
into he owes me $52 that son of a oh you
you need to email me that I keep the
collection yeah I've gotten some I've
gotten some good emails from you can we
can we like release that to the fan like
I feel like everyone I would definitely
outtakes for my favorite part of any
movie early summer so we can we could
probably put in there yeah we're just
bleep out John's awful language you
can't we've done that on Gill chat
before we've run some outdated vo
recording oh okay yeah cool I remember
John DiMaggio his first session we tried
to edit down into just a run of his
outtakes and I think we took like four
passes at it before deciding that no
it's it doesn't work there's also an
outtake reel there's like five minutes
maybe being a complete idiot I can't
even get through a prepared script bring
it up over and over it was glorious so
what have you guys been working on you
say and you I keep going back to this
you say only a year but there is a lot
to be done in that amount of time yeah I
mean I've worked on the ex back and
worked on like just events open-world
stuff specifically which has been a lot
of fun
I was working also with the concept of
what a mount heart would be like our
hearts traditionally are like just
combat heavy and Shalini is kind of like
help out a village right but what does
it mean to be on a on a mount and do
that content yeah so that was really fun
and that was exciting cuz that was new
stuff to do yeah we were talking about
just some of your work stories and stuff
and you'd mentioned making waffles on
release days so everybody loves you so
waffles are kind of a cool tradition
that we have here at Arena
I think one of our other producers Marc
Davis started it a long time ago on
living world yeah so here's a picture of
that this is one of our most recent
releases that we did I think this is a
four Episode six so back like like I
said early on living world days Marc
just wanted to give back to the teams
for all the hard work that they did and
we could have ordered catering or you
know whatever but he wanted to really
give back so he brought in a couple of
waffle irons and just started making
waffles for the team and it kind of
evolved from there and so it's a fun
thing that the production team does now
for the teams every release we have of
course in classic producer fashion
turned it into big organized production
we have a Kanban board that we make now
to have everyone's tickets for waffle
orders come in and we expedite
everything we have a producer that like
writes names on plates and then we have
a line of producers that make waffles
and then we email people automatically
as they get done and then they they all
come in so it's like a really well-oiled
machine now so everybody really looks
forward to waffle day it's in the same
system as our bugs right yeah it's like
kind of a sneaky way of getting everyone
in the studio to learn how to use our
bug workflow system so if you can learn
how to like put in a waffle order you
can learn how to burn down a bug so it's
kind of like a practice session I think
that started in season two yeah into a
living world I could be wrong it has
been it has been super awesome to see
how it evolved because I remember way
back when it was like two different
kinds of waffle batter I think in a
picture and you just took a post-it note
and you wrote your name on the poster
note and you stuck it to the plate and
put it on the bottom of the stack and
came back later to see if it was done
and now it's like yeah you just you
order it from your desk and you get like
a status update on your waffle and
the whole but you guys have turned it in
this incredible thing and evidently a
teaching tool which I have no idea about
the end of it yeah we go through a lot
of iteration we even have like
retrospective meetings after talk about
ways we can improve the waffle process
more chocolate chips like very like
we're serious about the waffle process
but you know what it has applications in
other things doesn't feel like a waste
of time learning experience too for like
when I started as a producer that was
one of the very first things I learned
at ArenaNet was my second day at the
studio was a release day and a part of
my training they were like it's a waffle
day here you go
this is your introduction to production
you're like where am I
yeah they're like this is how you're
gonna learn how to use JIRA this is how
you're gonna meet everyone in the studio
this is how you're gonna learn how to be
a producer here and I'm like okay and
they're going to be incredibly happy
when you see that yeah everywhere I go
now I'm gonna take that with me
that's hilarious Len how to make waffles
then we can make games
I need to work on this I think I told
you everyone my secret I need to
everyone make it better and hope it
still works something you know the thing
is our producer a lot of times he orders
them for us he's just like in our pod
yelling who wants what so I'm sorry we
also accidentally circumvented your
sister well you know pretty sure I think
it's more efficient because we're always
really busy on release days that's you
know that's how it works
yeah sorry about that well-oiled machine
so we were talking about player
encounters too I feel like I should take
us out of the studio because we've been
rhapsodizing for about waffles for like
what five minutes now as much as we love
them have you guys had good player
encounters like in in or out of game
either one but that's the part that is
the most fun for me is getting to talk
to players and hear how much they love
the game especially when they find out
that we're in game and start whispering
us or if we run into them in public
players have been just amazing
they're always like hey what would you
thank you
cheers you know I mean and I loved the
game thanks and then they're like very
quickly on their way and like they just
go back to their thing like yeah it's
been a great experience they car
community's arguably like the best
community that a game could have it's
it's really cool we've been talking but
several of us just got back from
Gamescom we were walking around the show
floor and we were talking about this in
the office over the past couple of hours
just in various meetings Mike Z and I
were having lunch with a couple of
players at Gamescom and we there was
just like two or three guys that we were
arranging to meet up with and once we
got settled down and we were eating Mike
was like hey why don't you just tweet
real quick here's where we are in case
there are any other players that are
around here that might want to come by
and say hi I was like okay and it was
just my it was just my personal account
which is you know not a huge thing like
the guild wars to account but I felt
weird doing that officially you know
it's like hey we're sitting on the floor
eating crepes come talk to us
I was like you know we're eating and if
anybody wants to come by and we thought
you know maybe if there's two or three
people around they might we were there
for five hours and like somebody
estimated from pictures flying around on
Twitter later that like 200 players came
by oh wow and it wasn't even like oh
talking you know oh we're going to talk
to Mike see which I think everybody did
because he's amazing and manages to talk
to every single person but they were
just talking to each other they were
coming by in big groups and bonding over
our game oh that's so cool and it's not
- and huge thanks also to the gamescom
crew for not throwing us out because we
have taken over like a significant chunk
of floor and we were just sitting there
all afternoon that's so cool yeah a huge
surprise because that's like I said we
expected maybe five six other people to
happen by and it was probably a couple
hundred all afternoon but that is that's
the great thing about our players they
were just bonding with each other over
our game and how much they loved it yeah
it's it's a neat thing to get to talk to
him it's really refreshing because we're
you know we're all in here minimum 40
hours a week and you can get that tunnel
vision about just you know get the job
done and get the job done and talking to
them helps us remember oh yeah if we're
this because we love it ridiculously and
so did these people that we're doing
this for yeah I'm sure you must have
felt like so motivated and like I don't
know like because like you said you can
get tunnel vision right and you and your
focus and you're passionate about your
work but like there's nothing like a
bunch of fans maybe coming up - you're
talking you mean like thank you you know
I love what you do you've I've done this
or like it the game is MIT this to me or
whatever like that that's inspiring
that's motivating that's really cool and
even just sitting back for a while I was
just sitting back and not even really
chatting with anybody mostly because I
was losing my voice at that point but
listening to them talk to each other and
just share different experiences in game
and make plans to do stuff is extremely
extremely cool awesome yeah it was it
was really really fun so do you guys
want to talk about different content
that you've worked on or participated in
that is especially you over well your
time at Guild Wars - what some of your
favorite toward me and it's like I I it
doesn't I started here about a month
month and a half after launch and I have
been involved in every release that has
gone out that had vo in it so every
living world every expansion that's me
you know I've been on all of them so
there's I'm just kind of off on the side
waiting for everything to be ready
enough for me to take it down to Burbank
and and you know have the actors do
their their things with the amount of vo
we have that's a lot yeah I I did the
math recently and and I've been involved
in recordings for almost a hundred
thousand lines of EO yeah thank you so
much because existing especially running
down there so regularly but it really it
really really makes a difference
yeah it's we're trying really hard to
you know keep that personal touch on the
vo not just hand it off to a company and
be like here you deal with the mass you
know we're I'm I'm in the meetings table
reads everything with the designers the
and trying to get a sense of what the
content is so that when we get in the
studio we can have you know convey that
to the actor and the actor can bring the
characters a lot of yeah and you guys do
you want to talk a little bit about the
table reads that we do here because I
mean that's that's cool that's a cool
element that makes sure we all know the
content yeah I know what's going on
before we go down for every recording
once we've had the vo deadline we we sit
down in a table in a room with the
designers and the writers just reading
the content out loud making sure that we
understand okay is this in combat or is
this you know like a one-on-one
conversation what's going on in this
scene and reading it out loud just to
see like is it even possible to say this
because holy cow is the word mists hard
to say in the middle of conversation we
have to run to the mists that ts sound
it's it's frustrating but yeah that one
that one we can't change the name stuck
but trying to say okay well I've tripped
over this word too many times let's
rewrite the sentence so that it it's it
sounds better and it's not so hard to
say yeah and now I'm thinking of ok now
the word mists now shout it in combat
are you being punched in the gut
good luck those know how that works out
I didn't combat your being punched in
the gut we're gonna do this yeah yeah
yeah give him all that all that
background context that we can and I'm
sure the actors appreciate okay I
figured this out before we brought it
down to you yeah and that you're there
and can help with it that's like you
said that personal touch yeah giving
them the the notes okay this is what's
going on in the scene this is the
subtext this is you know how you know
can you read it a little bit more angry
can you can you make it sound a little
happier can you hit this word a little
harder to to give it the right emphasis
yeah so it's I mean it's I
I'm honestly looking at you a little bit
surprised because I feel like you've
been around forever way before lunch and
you said that about oh yeah Monday after
lunch of
what that's it yeah how did we survive
I'm almost in my five years and I
honestly don't know it makes me sad a
little to egotistic no you deserve it I
have been the one woman vo team here for
quite some time
you have worked super super hard yeah
and our vo deadlines are constantly
being moved constantly getting
iterations like that's no joke yeah
you're wrangling cats I am yeah I don't
think they're via living world episode
that we would have been able to ship
without talking to Eve so props to you
for all you've done well what about you
guys what is some of the what are some
of your favorite content that you've
been involved in I mean I really enjoyed
working on season three I came in about
around Episode three and I just think
it's been a really great experience
driving towards this path of fire
announced it's been really exciting it's
really awesome that we've had this
momentum going into this expansion oh
man yeah so it's been a really crazy
experience just to be hitting all these
releases very strong and then on the
release of episode six to turn around
and be like surprise again
yeah so that feels really good and it
feels really good to see that just a
response that the fans have given us for
everything it just feels really good to
like just be doing the one-two-three
punch with all the content we've been
putting out so well I'm not a content
creator myself it feels really good as a
producer to be able to help the teams
get their cadence on time and and and I
know that we set these milestones and
they feel challenging while we're in
development but to get this payoff at
the end and see the rewards at the end
it feels really good yeah so it makes it
feel all worth in then so it's been a
really amazing experience yeah alright
you Clayton without telling too many
secrets yeah so one of the secret
I've already gotten thrown out on a
reddit which I was proud of it because
as a player I always loved when
developers would do this we managed to
put a specific warthog meerkat and lion
you know there's me and a couple
designers one they were just like this
would be such a great idea
we love finding little like nuggets of
that like throughout the world and so we
definitely put it in a couple more that
people haven't found yet so I'm excited
to see if you'll see it but that like is
as small as it is is really rewarding to
see the fans reaction it being like you
know thanks for thanks that little like
like little nugget of fun that we found
I forgot that that was you to put that
in there and that weekend so many
players right we're grabbing screenshots
of that and like tweeting them at us and
posting it on our Facebook page and
showing I found this I found this and oh
my gosh they stopped at the bugs guys
yeah so nice work on that thank you you
guys this is who you think for good
putting the lion in the warthog and
meerkat in there Sarah Sparrow was also
part of that like she was G with I
wasn't gonna do it she's apt to do it I
was like hey Koko Sarah yeah probably
her too but yeah well that kind of that
kind of fits my next question about what
some content that's in the game because
of you that wouldn't otherwise be there
and you told me you didn't have an
answer but I thought of something that I
don't know if you know or not oh man
sous chef SEMA rocks born Sivir Seymour
Knox born man he is an npc in the game
and he has a lot of voice lines and one
of the things he talks about is how much
he loves Tuesdays because that's wall
day oh yeah Tuesdays are great because
those are the days we get waffles that's
amazing yeah I love that
yeah we're gonna give you credit like
tied in yeah there you go yeah and that
was I love we have a lot of little like
ArenaNet in jokes here they're hiding in
there and I remember seeing that one in
thinking okay that's that's kind of
Awesome there's another one about I
think he talks about how mondays are
hard because there's so many meetings
are like everybody in one room talk
about everything yeah
that would be fantastic could we just
like have a huge company meeting every
Monday where if that's an airing of the
grievances just be shouting for two they
are they are productive meetings but
mondays are yes that's their jam-packed
yes there's and this morning was super
fun because the whole time I'm like
looking at my watch going oh you guys I
got I gotta get ready for this thing we
gotta go so well there's a whole like
Kanban process scritch the storm was
yeah I remember them that was that was
Rachel Robinson and Troy Baker really
yeah doing that those the story Wizards
are trying and trying to build a ship in
a cave
yeah are they good at scrum or no no
there are all kinds of scrum in jokes
just like you know what it's been a long
no the ship they're building is upside
yeah upside down and a cave and yet okay
I mean how are you gonna flow to ship
upside down a cave out of the cave while
they're trying to resource water but the
waters but backlog they have a stand out
but nobody comes
I don't like one dude comes and they're
he's like where's the others the others
are busy yeah yeah it's it's pretty
fantastic we'll have to show it to you
later yeah you guys hope to showing so
all right well thank you guys very very
much for helping us celebrate five years
yeah and it sounds like lunch is
happening so I will let you go I have to
go grab the last of the food will show
you the waffle guy and the upside down
ship later I know I love seeing stuff
like that alright thank you guys and
happy fifth anniversary yes guys we'll
be back shortly
hey everyone my name is McLean Timur and
I'm the composer here at ArenaNet
and today I wanted to take you behind
the scenes to look at the recording
session we did for the music for living
world season 2
everyone at the studio has been working
really hard to make sure the game is
improved for living world Season 2 and
one of the things I've wanted to do for
a long time is record the music with a
live orchestra so this past May we went
to Germany and recorded at the Carl
Philippe Emanuel Bach concert house just
outside of Berlin and it sounded amazing
for living world season two we wanted to
do something distinct and cool that
would match the new content
we recorded a lot of new music that
relates to the new creatures locations
in the situations you find yourself in
as a player and for people who've been
listening you might recognize some
themes that we introduced in past living
world releases
each of the zones in Guild Wars 2 has a
very clear musical palette and I wanted
to do the same for what's coming up in
season 2 I think what we recorded
matches the aesthetic already set in
Guild Wars 2 and I also think that it
stands on its own is something unique
and fresh
this was my first time working with a
live orchestra for the game and I was
really nervous about writing music that
would do it justice but the orchestra
was incredible and they did an amazing
job bringing it to life and it's been a
dream come true hearing my music played
by a live orchestra
I think it really succeeds in elevating
Guild Wars 2 when you hear live music as
you're playing you feel it on a much
more visceral level
thanks a lot for taking a look at the
music you'll hear in season two and
thanks for listening I'll see you in the
something like that that was take one
Oh terrible I'm just warming up okay
i above the coniferous tree tops some
ten miles east of Seattle Washington
rest a modest video game developer doing
big things ArenaNet made their mark with
the release of Guild Wars and now with
the announcement of Guild Wars 2 MMO
fans are more excited than ever so in an
effort to extend their gratitude
ArenaNet invited their biggest fans on
our exclusive in-depth tour of their
brand-new studio it's amazing this
beautiful beautiful studio the structure
of how they've got it set up is is kind
of akin to how they're trying to
structure their MMOs as well ArenaNet
founder mike o'brien gave fans an
intimate look into the various
departments that make up the studio
including the design department
cinematics animation and the audio
you can't fake a crowd you know the only
way to do it is to record a crowd so you
guys are actually gonna be helping us
out quite a bit fans were surprised when
the audio team requested their help to
record sound effects for upcoming Guild
Wars 2 levels alright let's try it ready
and the audio team was surprised that
their award-winning performance
so you're acting or you're just getting
caught up in the moment it's perfect
yeah after a successful recording
session everyone migrated to the
usability lab to play the latest build
of Guild Wars 2 while the players tried
out dungeons and underwater combat the
developers were by their side giving
them tips and answering questions the
tour ended with fans and ArenaNet
employees hanging out in the kitchen
common area over good food and cool
drinks of course it was a blast and you
got to see so much of how this game is
done and they're bringing the community
closer together they've bringing the
employees closer together I think it
really will reflect in how good was to
wielded played and how it will look like
ArenaNet is providing a fresh new look
to the entire structure of MMOs and I'm
blown away with what they've got to
all right now that we've all died from
that's a really good way to make sure
that your segments start with everyone
smiling I know well except that we were
all literally sitting here going so I
actually like the video before it I
thought there were really cool people
yes and we hired so many I'm sure really
glad that we have that scream forever
you know I I feel like Ramon did not
care at that point he was really into it
so thank you guys all for joining for
the last segment of our fifth
anniversary livestream and
congratulations on five years I will
have you guys introduce yourselves real
quick and your closest so you captured
I'm Connor I'm a Content designer on
path of fire
so I will be dodging around the things
that I'm working on today you the dodge
dodge has not been disabled I'm on the
brand and marketing team I'm Aaron and
I'm on the living world team designer
awesome so we've been starting with some
of your favorite work stories sure I
mean I know that mostly other stories
were about people getting physically
injured unfortunately not to have I do
not have one okay so anyone who's
looking for more bloodshed is going to
be disappointed my story is about one of
another co-worker who's he's come come
by frequently but he's he's he really
ramped up a lot of paths fire-type King
he's a writer yeah ty and in my story
specifically about ty Kings desk which
it's worth the story obscures yeah so ty
he starts and you know his desk is
normal for a little while and I don't
know but what well at some point he
changed it so his monitors were tilted
like this so he has these two monitors
that shelf like this and he just works
normally like all the work programs are
at an angle and he's like just does his
head slightly tilted aside and like you
know you just walk by it you feel
slightly disoriented
every time and finally like uh finally
like rook seal or like tie like what's
up with your monitors and he's like well
you know I just I just like it like that
and then I think because he knew that
people were definitely paying to his
debt paying attention to his desk he
started to escalate dramatically so
hands came later spoilers I mean it
began with like is his background
changed to a Windows 98 like startup
screen yeah so behind it looks like he's
using ancient software he and then later
his screensaver was like something that
his son made he said was like it's a
bunch of people going down an escalator
it was actually a screensaver designed
for his slanted monitor so he was
committed and then one day you know he
stayed like that for a little bit and
then one day I come in and his desk is
covered in like those modelling hands
like yeah yeah and they're not only like
not only others like hanging on lamps
and they're like on the ground and
there's one hanging from the ceiling on
a chain that's holding like his hat well
sure as you do yeah yeah and and III
Govan I asked him and I has this one of
the things about ty is he's he has this
very deadpan delivery and so he just
goes I just want one person in the room
to have been like oh my gosh we're like
and that's why the office is now covered
in hands and I'm also a little sad that
when you asked like why what's up with
your monitors he was like what yeah
acted like there was nothing
I mean he's yeah he's moved upstairs now
and I went up there recently and now he
has like a giant Lego like backboard to
his desk as well so it's continued it
hasn't stopped and I'm sure like by the
time in the next year is gonna consume
the entire office somehow like we will
all be assimilated into Ty's desk like
the Borg yeah that's some commitment but
all right somebody topped that I don't
know if I can top that probably my
favorite thing we've done around here
was this would've been last November we
had a Pokemon Sun and Moon tournament in
the office and I was super proud of
myself because I came in second to last
but yeah the best part of it was the
person who had organized it one of the
engineers here actually built a WWF belt
with a giant pokéball they I don't know
who has it now because I dropped but
it's been going around there's pictures
somewhere but yeah it's a full size like
WWF belt but it's got the building I
wish we could have gotten watching the
stream in the office
this is the one scenario where you are
free to kick down the no no oh my gosh
sorry you were saying was my favorite
work stories involve a lot of profanity
yeah in fact one of my first things that
I ever did at ArenaNet was I was
responsible for helping build out a word
filter for I don't remember if it was
Facebook or something but we need to
populate it and I thought like surely
surely I know a lot of swear words so I
I thought so too I was very surprised it
took a while and I put down you know all
the offensive terms I could think of and
pass it over to Dave Campbell who was
and he was like oh sit down honey
the list had like quintupled in length
Dave Dave is a good writer Dave knows
lots of work he knows many many words
but one of my favorite things about my
job is so I'm on the marketing team and
whenever there's titles
or something like episode titles don't
tend to get a ton of scrutiny you know
for the most part those come kind of
from the narrative team and we're like
yeah that doesn't sound weird it's you
know it does it have to do with a fiery
release great you called it a members or
whatever like awesome we love that but
expansions get a little more scrutiny
and heart of thorns we obviously lucked
out it was a great expansion name and
hot is a great acronym pacifier went
through a lot of name iteration like so
much name iteration just meetings with
narrative and us and story and then you
know different groups of people maybe if
we only have these three people in the
room they'll have different ideas and
we'll put these other people in a
different room and they'll have their
own ideas and so once we had a bunch of
candidates we would sit down as kind of
a marketing team and go okay like which
ones have really really offensive
acronyms there was one where the acronym
was BS right maybe we don't want our
expansion to stand for being like maybe
that's not what we want so we had a
shortlist of probably 50 names and we're
going through them and going okay like
these ones have pros and cons for story
stuff and then they have pros and cons
for how they shorten and I don't
remember what the actual proposed name
was but the initials on it were DTF
meeting with like the you know CFO of
the company and my boss and my boss's
boss and like 15 other people going we
can't use that and my boss is like well
why not what does DTF mean and
everyone's just consider going no no no
like well it's my time to shine means he
was like oh I admire your bravery so
much because like we're all just like
well I was like look how elaborate of a
metaphor and we none of us even had like
an entire word I think it was just a lot
of noises and she was yeah it was
exactly it was my time to shine and yeah
it was once that bomb was dropped
all right let's let's not do that
because gosh I don't I don't remember
what the name was I just remember the
horror something to ask what does that
mean and having to explain oh gosh this
is this is an awkward gathering of
people you know what you were the brave
one there's the leadership you're on
livestream to all our viewers and
there's like some kind of statute of
limitations there when now we could talk
sure it's been a Wilder I think that's
probably fine so how about player
encounter we didn't swear I almost every
player encounter I've had in the wild I
guess ya know I read the bus and I have
an ArenaNet backpack and so yeah I get
fairly frequently on the bus and it's
always you know nice great yeah it's
it's super fun but it's definitely there
there are times where you know like I'm
not super prepared to meet people and
you know it's unfortunately I wish I had
one where somebody like went crazy and
you know what just talking to people in
random situations like that is I think
so much fun for also the players oh yes
oh my gosh I just on the bus and yeah
I've seen especially the last bus before
it comes to the park and right across
Larry it's like ArenaNet backpacks ahoy
yeah yeah we're all like getting on
there and it's just yeah and I'm sure
any players you've told them all they're
like the bus so I am undercover I'm
the actual game because I'm not good
enough at the game yet that I want
people to know that like actually work
on it which means that I get a lot of
like I get a lot of things where I'm
running around and someone is like
talking about like things that they
probably have just directly asked me
about if I was there that's fine it is
kind of fun I remember I remember the
specific weddin was like I just gotten
hired and I'm like I need to like
familiarize myself with all the content
so I created like a safari and I was
playing through the starting area
killing fireflies or whatever um and
these players are having this talk that
was like oh I'm like this is really nice
I'm talking about like you know how good
or Rena net is listening to feedback and
they're going on and on about that and
then the conversation takes a sharp
right turn where they start like
complaining about how ArenaNet is you
know yeah they're generally on the bus
but for some reason they just don't get
that people want mounts and this was
like way like either one of the first
things I learned pumping when I was like
you're on path of fire here's the big
feature its mouth so I'm like I'm just
I'm like I'm just gonna keep killing
fire in my sleep
yeah I don't think just ignore this
thing but this is this has occurred to
me multiple times playing this game like
with my friends as well they were like
yeah like enjoy moving around but I just
wish them out so I'm like yeah you know
it's development time all things takes
priority there is there is a thing word
that I don't know it's it's difficult
when I was talking to some players about
this last weekend that is so hard when
there's so much stuff that we can't say
yes and setting aside a thing where we
were talking about earlier where it's
you're trying to remember is this a
thing that we've said you've always got
that split second of hesitation have we
announced that yet yeah have we said
that publicly yet but things that you
know we haven't announced publicly and
they're like gosh I wish we had mounts
and you're going meanwhile I'm running
around like pressing the X key like and
you're so glad you're not tagged up
right yeah it is it is a super it can be
a super frustrating situation and I
think you and I have talked about this
when we announced heart of thorns at
pack South I was talking to a group of
players right
the announcement was over and we were
all just chatting and I was saying we've
known about this for so long and it is
such you I can't explain to you guys
what a relief it is to be able to talk
to you about this it just it feels so
good to be able to say this expansion is
coming and it's just it's it's been so
hard and one of them immediately goes so
what's the elementalist elite
specialization and I looked at it when I
went ten seconds ten seconds is how long
you let me have that there's I mean
there was a very simple thing to Choya
like everyone on that everyone on the
path of fire dev team loves the Troy and
we love them forever and they there's
kind of this thing where there's oleate
they went from just being like a regular
mob to like something we featured in
more and more stuff and so when that
when pacifier shows up and they're just
in a single shot of the trailer and
people seized upon them and was like
these things are amazing looking like it
was extremely gratifying that like we
didn't even need to point them out like
they immediately love the same thing
that we had like yeah attached ourselves
to one little random mob that
inadvertently turns into the mascot I
don't know I mean there are a lot of
really cool things that we've put into
path of fire the sand sharks are yes
hysterically funny to me for some reason
I don't know how many people got tossed
into the air in the in the preview
weekend but they kind of delight me just
for that reason just like sit back in
the corner and just watch people find
out the hard way that they do so do you
guys want to talk a little bit about
some content that you've worked on in
the past few years or that you've been
involved in the geologic I so one of the
first things I made here was the scrit
area in ember Bay and I've got actually
I've been looking a lot of the stuff
I've worked on has been really fun
because it marks also and tobey's and
whatnot but yeah the the script one and
the the stone dwarf head that that whole
thing in there like I have a soft spot
for all of that
I think that yeah the scrit are a lot of
fun anyway and they brought their and
doing the the sort of I did I worked on
both of the instances with fake Lazarus
yeah and talking about like like giving
stuff away and whatnot I remember doing
the guild chat for Episode two at that
point I knew Lazarus was and the entire
time I'm like that's definitely a
mistake I had made in real life but yeah
really fun and I loved the the dwarf
head and the little random thumb was
yeah it's it's a good touch in the game
though I mean we've always talked about
how you can tell when the devs are
having fun with their content yeah and
it carries over to those yeah that's
it's good that you're having fun with it
yeah so I have shipped about eleven
words to the live game and I'm very
proud of those eleven words they win the
special event UI like a year and a half
ago so I made an official game but most
of what I've done obviously has lived
kind of outside of the game it totally
counts yeah and and it's really hard to
point to specific things because we tend
to be a little more of a team effort for
the stuff that I worked on but I
remember I joined the first thing that I
wrote release highlight content for was
dragon bash and that was when we were in
just this like runaway rail cart of of a
content release cadence yeah so the
cadence of time was a week before a
release we would put out the release
highlights then the release would come
out then the next week we're putting out
the next releases highlights and a
couple releases after dragon bash was
the Queen's Jubilee and then clockwork
chaos and I'm like getting ready to
write the clockwork chaos release
highlights and I was like hang on we're
gonna put out a week before scarlet
shows up that scarlet showing out like
this see
I like it's gonna be a bit of a weird
thing for players like supposed to be
the surprise attack how is it gonna be
surprised and for literally being like
so screwed let's turn up and so that was
when we came up with the kind of idea of
the kind of bait and switch released
highlights page where we set up the
Queen speech and sounded like a release
but not you know as good as the actual
release and then slowly de faced it over
time because I basically went when I was
like I can't write release highlights
for this like yeah how do you be like
hey there's a surprise attack on lion's
arch coming next week get ready and so
that was one of the first times that we
started kind of as a marketing team to
go like Oh like how can we kind of play
with player perception of this and
started to be fully cognizant of what
kind of the story meant in terms of
making sure that we were prioritizing
player experience yeah ruining it for
them yeah yeah I obviously can't talk
about much we stud the demo stops just
short of content I worked on I work on
that chap I've one of the chat my
chapters is the one immediately after
the demo content but I will say there's
a lot of attention to detail and fun
little stuff and pacifier because I mean
we we gave ourselves the time to put in
a lot of things so and I think a lot of
them people won't find for a while
there's one thing I will say that people
might not be on the alert for is there
are some instances of subtle things
changing in the open world as a result
of what you've done in story in
so and well we'll just see how much of
that people find it you have like what
three and a half weeks I'm sure they'll
find it like the rest don't throw up all
right now I'm super super curious it's
mainly it did I have to backtrack this
now so it it's mainly really minor like
Easter Egg II like flavor you know
what's a little Easter Egg Easter Egg
flavored things are the fun ones those
are the fun things yeah so that makes it
hard for me to ask about like little
things that are in the game because you
put them there
I mean you're fun you'll find there's a
bunch there's a bunch and throughout the
entire thing I mean Connie and and Matt
and myself and and Jason and everybody
of theirs there's just a ton of Jeff
Jeff worked on this long sequence that I
think people are going to really I
really enjoy it but I mean I could say
that about anybody's content so I should
just stop well and that's exactly like
she said it's a team effort pretty much
across that board I mean everybody's put
in so many cool things yes I am kind of
curious about your eleven words though
right yeah oh it was just it was
remember that it was when we had the
special event UI for the heart of thorns
announcement and we had to like make
sure that it didn't break the fourth
wall so it was like tune in for it we
couldn't even say tune in because that
was too modern it was like join us for
an announcement oh yeah we're serious
futures that's right the whole heart of
thorns announcement experience was oh my
god it was magical it was an experience
that I will never forget I was we were
talking about that over the weekend with
some players I was like ugly crying at
the side of the auditorium the whole
time and I noticed there was like a
camera guy panning around I was like
don't do it don't do it I am this is not
a color I like and there's a lot of eye
makeup running right now and it's it's
not okay and like my shoulders are
shaking but I would not have changed
anything it was it was pretty great the
path fire announcement was amazing in
the same way I was talking to a couple
of players from Spain this weekend they
were live streaming there they were live
streaming their reactions when we
announced about the wire and they were
saying that they were they just started
screaming when we announced the lunch
date and it was you know it was exactly
what I hoped for
yeah that was a really fun moment here
because I was in this room actually
helping kind of push the buttons to make
sure that we were streaming in all four
languages simultaneous thank you so
we're kind of closed away it was like
marking myself and a couple other people
pushing buttons and I was really focused
on the mechanics of it cuz obviously you
don't want to like push the wrong button
and like so I'm like really focused on
like watching the countdown that was
going on
three two one okay push this button and
it didn't really click for me that like
our announcement was now live until I'm
hear this roar from the fifth floor
because we had everybody up there
watching and everyone up there is just
losing their minds because the
announcement started in it like it's
sunken for me that and that like oh this
is happening this isn't just me pushing
a button this is us sharing this with
everybody now I had that at my desk too
because we were getting the videos out
on our social media channels every time
I was like hey and mounts and you know
the crystal desert and Ramon and
Stephanie and I we're all we're like
back and forth you know okay
German videos out French videos out
Spanish video and my hands were shaking
so hard that I was scared I was going to
push the wrong button - and hey we just
tweeted the English video on the Spanish
Channel and it was the same thing I know
that roar that you're talking about
everybody was screaming and I just froze
and yeah it was it was pretty much great
so besides webby what's the thing that's
in the game because of you Oh both of my
dogs that we saw pictures of earlier are
in Fire Island cute there's a researcher
and there's it's like because all the
script pirates have weird they're like
second-to-the-last to the third mate
boughs is short for Bowser probably the
only two likely
personal things yeah webbie's there and
I saw your dog's name and I still didn't
put it together oh yeah oh just now that
is awesome yes so cool that you get to
do that yeah
so that's they've yeah I think you ever
run into somebody who's like oh you
named your dog after this one thing for
this name like no it's the other way
no I know that that big of characters I
actually technically my dog is a
canonical part of the Star Wars universe
now because I worked on the Star Wars
game that is well thank you guys so much
for being part of our fifth anniversary
celebration thank you thank and we have
I was just looking at the clock and
gone on for a while but it deserves it
can I turn one question on around on
yield let's find out I want to know what
your favorite employee story is okay
yeah cause like you run these live
streams I was curious if there's been
like what is your favorite like thing
mark is laughing because of how
unprepared I am or are you laughing
because you're thinking of something
mark you want to come out oh no no we're
not telling about that no but you know
what he did if we're not gonna tell that
story but he did remind me of on the
heart of thorns launch livestream when
Hugh made me play the jelly bean game
the jelly bean game bean is it called
bean boozled I think so there's this
game where you there's a hair in my face
there's this jelly bean game where you
take a spinner and you pick a jelly bean
color and there's this big box of jelly
beans and like it might be pear or it
might be boogers it was horrible and so
Hugh brings it to the launch livestream
and he sits down and you know I mean
we're well into the night I've been
doing this for like what three hours now
and and just like I don't want to play
this and he's now come on try it and I
was like all right let's see what
happens I did not get pear so we're live
and I just like mate I made this the
worst face I have ever made and I just
spat it into my hand like I've stopped
myself like this massive awful and I
have like doubled over and just it
looked like I was about to be sick and
Hugh is dying it's the funniest thing
that's ever happened to him in his
entire life and I'm pretty sure gifts
were made that day and so not sorry was
the thing yeah that was I mean that's
probably exactly what he was hoping for
yeah I think it was pretty much what
flavors anything in that box tasted good
but then we went to packs the next year
and we saw that like that game at the
top of an escalator had a huge booth at
PAX and I just almost turned around went
right back down no no no and they had
they were like yeah you can totally have
it play if you want to but I wait I do
not want to lost so yeah it was it was
funny that's the best thing I can say in
the yard stare it was I don't play the
game so yeah there's mine I'm sure
there's others but mark was laughing so
hard that that's the one that I
immediately thought of you know what I
do have a player encounter story that I
want to tell that was pretty much
awesome and it was the essence of what I
absolutely loved better player base at
our packs party a year or two ago at the
bars I forget the name of even though
were there every year thank you at Green
Bears it was like getting to the end of
the night and you know how tired we are
at that point and I was like okay we're
almost done I have a drink ticket and
I'm just gonna get a cocktail and I ran
into a player and she was like I didn't
get any drink tickets okay here's my
drink ticket and then I was like okay
you know what I'm just gonna pay for a
drink at this point I don't you know
we're closing up in like 15 minutes
I don't have to drive so I'm gonna have
a cocktail I almost make it to the bar
and my hand touches the edge of the bar
and somebody taps me on the shoulder and
it was just like and I turned around and
it was a player and I you know so I'm
like hey what can I do for you and I'm
thinking and she's just I don't know she
looked very serious and I was like uh-oh
something's gone wrong
it's okay I will fix it but I'm so tired
I went to cry and she said I just saw
your staff shirt and I wanted to tell
you I just wanted to see an ArenaNet
staff person and tell them thank you
because I had surgery less I had major
surgery last year and I was bedridden
for six months and Guild Wars 2 was my
connection to the outside world and it
was the thing that kept me sane while I
was stuck in bed and
and it was I you know playing with my
guild and talking to my friends and now
I'm like didn't want to drink some
crying and she was like and I just
wanted to know if I can hug you and that
was that right there was like okay this
is exactly why I do this yeah so it was
it was absolutely perfect so thank you
and she was she was much better and she
was in really good health and good
enough to come out and party so that was
the perfect ending to the evening for me
did you get your drink I didn't want one
no I was I just sat there chatting with
her for a while and then it was time for
cleanup and it's like you know I feel
about a million times better right now
yeah so yeah that was that was awesome
and I love every single encounter like
that so thank you guys very very much
thank you let you guys get back to work
and thank you guys for spending a couple
of hours with us to help us celebrate
five years we will see you next time on
they all powerful Elder Dragons and
woken from their slumber corrupting the
land of Tyria now heroes from the five
great races of Tyria must set aside
ancient rivalries to face the Elder
Dragons together or die apart enter the
world of Guild Wars to a vast realm of
great beauty and terrible danger from
the frozen Shiverpeaks to the steaming
megumi jungle to the wonders of rata
soon Terry earth cries out for Heroes
will you answer the call your Guild Wars
character from the five playable races
the humans on noble crowd race
surrounded by enemies which are masters
of warfare and conquest the Norn heroic
shapeshifters from the frozen north
the Asura beings of small size and great
intellect the sylvari a mysterious new
race of plant people after selecting
your race you'll choose from eight
professions each with their own special
abilities warriors experts with long
range and close quarters weapon range
elementalists spellcasters who harness
the elements to defend and destroy
rangers versatile adventurers who rely
on deadly aim and loyal animal
necromancer's practitioners of the
forbidden arts of death engineers
ingenious inventors who create hopeful
gadgets and lethal devices Mesmer's
magical duelists who wield illusion and
deception like weapons guardians
defenders that protect their allies and
smite their enemies thieves agile
masters of stealth who strike from the
shadows when you're ready you will enter
Tyria a massive ever-changing world
filled with stunning vistas fantastic
creatures and dynamic event
because these dynamic events evolve and
change depending on the actions and
players like you each time you log in
you can find something new your heroic
journey continues in the chapters of
your own personal story
this unique customizable adventure
changes and branches with every choice
you make no two players will have the
same experience take up arms and engage
in intense hard-hitting combat against a
vast range of fits and adversaries dodge
out of the way of incoming attacks
combine forces with other players to
deliver devastating combo attacks take
advantage of environmental weapons and
commandeer siege weapons you can even
challenge your fellow players in
competitive player vs. player matches or
wage war against hundreds of other
players in epic world vs. world that
Guild Wars 2 it's a living breathing
fantasy world a deeply customizable
role-playing experience innovative gamer
and intense combat
all with no subscription fee
Guild Wars 2
oh yeah
it is time
or we'll send the jungle dragon we serve
commander there's something I have to
tell you I went into the mists after my
sword but I found something else
refugees are pouring in from Alona if he
kills an elder dragon tyria will have
I cannot stand above this horse right
I just can't
can you believe one of the guards gave
up on us

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