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ArenaNet employee

Joshua Davis

Former Associate Global Brand Manager, Competitive Events Manager
Joshua "Josh" Davis, also known by his handle Grouch, was an Associate Global Brand Manager and Competitive Events Manager at ArenaNet. Josh was primarily involved in the Structured PvP side of Guild Wars 2. He administrated official Guild Wars 2 sPvP tournaments, often co-casted the livestreams of the tournaments on the official Guild Wars 2 Twitch channel, and hosted the PvP-oriented biweekly livestream show Ready Up.

Even before joining ArenaNet, Josh was a major part of the Guild Wars 2 sPvP community. He hosted Guild Wars 2 Guru's monthly PvP podcast State of the Game. He was also one of the inaugural shoutcasters in the Authorized Shoutcaster Program.

Grouch quit ArenaNet on December 2 2016.


  • PvP programmer Justin O'Dell revealed that Josh's matchmaking rating (MMR) was in the top 2 percentile as of February 6, 2015.[1]


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