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Disambig icon.png This article is about the centaur tribe. For the region in the continent of Tyria, see Maguuma Jungle. For other uses, see Maguuma (disambiguation).
Banner used by the Maguuma centaurs.

Act, but always with wisdom.

Maguuma Peacekeeper

The Maguuma are a tribe of peaceful centaurs living out in the Maguuma Wastes. They make their home in a village in the uplands of Dry Top, and at its heart stands a great tree which is sustained by the waters of the nearby Oasis. They once had a secondary village in the Far Silverwastes, but it was destroyed by Caithe, Faolain, and the Nightmare Court in their pursuit of Wynne.

The ancestors of what constitute the modern Maguuma tribe were Harathi centaurs, but there was a schism and the Maguuma headed west to reclaim the peaceful ways of their forebears. Compassion towards others is one of their oldest tenets.


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"I'll fight if I have to!"
"I will end this swiftly!"
"Do not fear challenge.."
"Live well and waste nothing.."
"Act, but always with wisdom.."
"Seize this moment.."
"Seek harmony and unity.."
"You will only find true peace within yourself.."
"We came to this place to live anew.."
"I wish you well."
"I am not afraid..."
"I am unafraid..."


"I will end this swiftly."
"I need more by my side."
"You will only find true peace within yourself.."
"We came here to begin again.."
"Seek harmony and unity.."
"Act, but always with wisdom.."
"Be well.."
"Meet adversity head on.."
"Act, as long as you act wisely.."
"Live well, but waste nothing.."
"ake this moment your own."
"Not this day."
"Another day."
"I go... at peace."


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  • The symbol on the Maguuma banners is the same as the map icon used for the Grove during alpha testing.