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I will bear your pain, Sister.


Wynne (1302 to ≈1304/1305 AE) was a sylvari Firstborn and first of the Cycle of Night.[1] She was kind and fair, and was alone in opposing the stratification of her newly-awoken siblings as Secondborn. She firmly believed in Ventari's teachings.


Despite her good nature, Wynne carried with her a dark secret. While in the Dream of Dreams, she dreamt about the origins of the sylvari, learning that her people were originally meant to serve the Elder Dragon Mordremoth. The Pale Tree urged her to keep this knowledge a secret from the rest of the sylvari out of worry what might happen if they learned the truth, and Wynne took protecting the secret to be her Wyld Hunt.[1]

A few months after the awakening of the Secondborn in 1304 AE, Wynne attended a meeting with other Firstborn about what to do with their new sylvari brethren. While most of her brothers and sisters referred to the new sprouts as Secondborn, she objected to the stratification and suggested they call them "Newly Awakened" instead.

After the meeting had concluded, Wynne traveled to the Silverwastes, befriending the Maguuma centaurs there and trying to learn more about Ventari's ways. Faolain, who had overheard Wynne discussing something secretive with the Pale Tree but had been unable to learn more about it due to Wynne's hasty departure, pursued her into the Maguuma Wastes with Caithe, determined to learn what the Pale Tree insisted on keeping a secret from her children.

While staying among the centaurs in the Silverwastes, Wynne welcomed her sisters and showed excitement over everything she had learned from the centaurs so far. However, centaur scouts soon realized that more, shadowy sylvari had been silently following the pair and grew suspicious of the motives of Wynne's fellow sylvari. Faolain provoked one of the already tense centaurs who retaliated in response. A brawl began during which the shadowy sylvari came to the assistance of Caithe and Faolain and helped them slaughter the now aggressive centaurs. Horrified by her fellow sylvari's actions, Wynne fled to a remote cave while grieving the loss of her centaur friends.

Caithe and Faolain followed Wynne into the cave and cornered her there. When Faolain left the pair to find the means to extract information out of Wynne by any means necessary, Wynne revealed her secret to Caithe and begged Caithe to kill her in order to prevent her secret from becoming known. Shocked by the revelation, Caithe reluctantly obliged and ended Wynne's life with one of her daggers, thus denying Faolain from learning the truth about the sylvari. Caithe would honor Wynne's sacrifice and adopted her hairstyle out of respect, and it would act as a constant reminder of her sister's burden.

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  • Wynne is voiced by Janell Cox.
  • Wynne comes from the Welsh word 'gwyn' meaning white, or perhaps 'wen' meaning fair, both reflecting Wynne's good nature and white attire.

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    <Character name>: Why was Wynne the only one who knew the truth?
    Caithe: She was the first of the night blooms. Her Dream revealed it to her. I know now that she viewed protecting us from the truth as her Wyld Hunt.