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Scout icon

A scout is an NPC who points a player towards nearby goals and landmarks. Speaking to a scout initiates a cinematic that displays the map, which the scout marks with locations of interest, including heart tasks, towns, points of interest, and areas of conflict.

Scout locations[edit]

Scout (map icon).png List of scouts in Ascalon
Scout (map icon).png List of scouts in Kryta
Scout (map icon).png List of scouts in the Shiverpeak Mountains
Scout (map icon).png List of scouts in the Maguuma Jungle
Scout (map icon).png List of scouts in the Ruins of Orr
Scout (map icon).png List of scouts in the Heart of Maguuma
Scout (map icon).png List of scouts in the Crystal Desert
Scout (map icon).png List of scouts in the Mists


  • You can bypass the Scout's cutscene by pressing Esc or M.
  • A scout's icon will appear on the map until the player has either talked to the scout or found all the renown hearts the scout would point out.
  • Speaking to a scout in an unexplored zone will mark all of the other scouts associated with incomplete renown hearts on the map.
  • The first scout in Queensdale, Wayfarer Foothills, Plains of Ashford, Caledon Forest and Metrica Province will also point out a waypoint and a hero challenge.
  • In the Heart of Maguuma maps, scout's icon are usually seen as some variation of Outpost.png, changing from grey to fully orange as the level of completion of the meta they are scouting increases. The exceptions are Explorer Mattis, Scholar Jinora, and Sella which use the standard Scout icon as they give an overview of the zone and do not scout any of the outpost.


  • The scout system was introduced to help players more used to a traditional MMO questing system find recognizable goals, give a checklist of things to do, and to point them to locations where they may run into dynamic events.[1]
  • Dragon's Stand and Bloodstone Fen are the only PvE map without any scouts.
  • During Living World Season 1, there were special scouts called Living World Scouts that provided information on important locations for the Living World story. During the Scarlet Briar finale, this service was replaced with normal scouts.