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Karma Merchant (map icon).png Karma merchants are vendors that only accept karma in exchange for goods or services. Items sold to a vendor disappear and cannot be purchased by another player. These NPCs have a "[Karma]" suffix after their name. Some of them are event-related, offering their services only at certain stages of events or meta events.

Renown Heart NPCs also begin offering goods as karma merchants once players have completed their task.

Lion's Arch karma merchants[edit]

Merchant Location
First Mate Shane Sharkmaw Caverns
Elebor Western Ward

Orr karma merchants[edit]

These are strictly karma vendors; there are no renown heart vendors in Orr.

Merchant Location
Straits of Devastation
Agent Crandle Fort Trinity
Agent Siobhan Lone Post
Arcanist Repth Pact Rally Point between Hunter's Table and Triumph Plaza
Ballistician Heavyhammer Stentor Cannonade in Signal Peak
Crusader Vilborg Thunderhead in Squall Cusps
Grretergrret Brassburn Torch in Crippled Bridges
Marksman Kamekeck Hunter's Table
Recruit Tochacatl Izz-al-Din Sarayi in Shark's Teeth Archipelago
Recruit Wongoo Terzetto Bay
Tactician Deathstrider Temple of Balthazar
Malchor's Leap
EVAC-U-ATOR 9000 South of Jinx Isle after the meta event
Historian Vermoth Cathedral of Zephyrs
Keeper Lyrda Doric's Waypoint in Karst Plains
Lightbringer Brutefur Cathedral of Eternal Radiance
Lightbringer Zykk Wren Waypoint at Garden of Ilya
Magister Pagga Pagga's Waypoint at Pagga's Post
Nessa Under Cathedral of Eternal Radiance
Slayer Feldera Murmur Waypoint at Whisper Bay
Supply Sergeant Mattimer Colonnade Waypoint in Theater of Delight
Cursed Shore
Crusader Benson The Narthex
Explorer Gavbeorn Serpentslayer Gavbeorn's Landing
Keeper Jonez Deadrun Cathedral of Silence
Lightbringer Ives Caer Shadowfain
Lightbringer Surefoot Cathedral of Verdance
Maakel the Immortal Compass Plaza
Scholar Merla R&D Waypoint at Winterknell Shore
Warmaster Jofast Jofast's Waypoint at Craven Blight
Warmaster Chan Shank Anchorage
Tactician Almonia Penitent Camp
Scholar Blix Shelter's Gate

WvW karma merchants[edit]

Merchant Location
Karma Trader Borderlands

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