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An example of a vendor window

Vendors are a broad category of NPCs and Gizmos that provide a variety of services where the player can buy, sell or buyback previously sold items with the NPC. Services includes guild services, karma merchants, and so on. A vendor's trade often appears in brackets after their name (e.g. "Boudin [Baker]"). A floating icon may appear above their head to represent their vendor type that in most cases, is the same icon on the map.

Some vendors are event-related, offering their services only at certain stages of events or meta events.

Types of vendors[edit]

  • The most common and widespread type of vendor is a merchant and the one players are most aware of. Merchants accept coin and other currencies in exchange for items.
  • Master Craftsmen can act as merchants.
  • Renown Hearts are converted into vendors that accept karma after their associated task is completed.
  • There are certain unique vendors that accept special currency or tokens.
Type Sells Notes
Armorsmith (map icon).png Armorsmith Armor Basic rarity.
Bandit Crest Collector (map icon).png Bandit Crest Collector Various Accepts Bandit Crests only.
Belcher's Bluff (map icon).png Bartender Alcohol Accepts coin only.
Black Lion Collections.png Cryptobotanist Bandit Crests Accepts Mordrem Parts only.
Cultural Armorsmith (map icon).png Cultural armorsmith Armor Accepts coin only.
Weaponsmith (map icon).png Cultural weaponsmith Weapons Accepts karma only.
Dungeon Merchant (map icon).png Dungeon Merchant Various Accepts dungeon currencies only.
Ectoplasm vendor.png Ectoplasm merchant Various Accepts Globs of Ectoplasm only.
Festival Vendor (map icon).png Festival Merchant Various Accepts Festive material and Festival Tokens only.
Armorsmith (map icon).png Guild Armorer Armor skins
Guild Backpacks
Must represent guild.
Guild Commendation Trainer (map icon).png Guild commendation trader Various Accepts Guild commendation only.
Guild Commendation Trader.png Guild Promoter Influence Historical. Had to represent guild.
Weaponsmith (map icon).png Guild Weaponsmith Weapon skins Must represent guild.
Karma Merchant (map icon).png Karma merchant Various Accepts karma only.
Laurel Merchant (map icon).png Laurel Merchant Various Accepts laurels only.
Merchant (vendor icon).png Merchant Various Accepts coin only.
Reinforce Armor (map icon).png Repairs Repairs Repairs damaged armor.
Weaponsmith (map icon).png Weaponsmith Weapons Basic rarity.
Tier 01 Zephyrite Merchant (map icon).png Zephyrite merchant Various Accepts Geodes only.


Speaking to a vendor displays the interface window. Vendors will have some or all of the following tabs:

  • Bank Nav.png Buy: The default merchant tab allows item purchase. Multiple merchant tabs may be displayed, each with a different selections of items. Hover over items to see statistics. Stats listed in green are better than those for the currently-equipped equivalent item; red stats are worse. Select the item then hit the Buy button on the bottom right.
  • Vendor sell nav.png Sell: Displays all items available for sale sorted by containing bags. All vendors use the same price for items. Items sold by vendors can be sold back for 1/8th of their original value. Select the item then hit the Sell button on the bottom right. All junk items in your inventory may be sold at once by selecting the Sell Junk button. Items without an original value cannot be sold, but some may be listed on the Trading Post.
  • Vendor buyback nav.png Buyback: Displays all items available for buyback. Items sold to a vendor may be bought back from any other vendor at the sell price, provided you have not left the zone or logged off since selling the items.


  • Vendors do not actually sell their items themselves, but trigger access to an hidden shop entity which is the one actually managing the sales. As a result, under certain situations is possible to keep a shop open indefinitely. Sometimes even if the NPC leaves, or both the NPC and the player are defeated.


Vendor window during beta