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The Guild Vault is an inventory storage space available to a guild that has researched the Guild Vault: Stash upgrade with the Guild Initiative Notary. It can be increased to include as many as 250 slots. Guild members can open the vault by speaking to a Guild Banker or Guild Registrar in any city, or by activating a Vault Transport upgrade. In addition, the ability to deposit or withdraw from each section of the vault can be limited by adjusting the permissions of the relevant member ranks. It also appears inside a building in Gilded Hollow and Lost Precipice guild halls.[verification requested]


Guild vault section Permission Deposit limit Unlock requirements
Slots Coin Upgrade Guild Level Gold cost Favor cost Aetherium cost
Guild Stash Stash 50 1000 Gold coin Guild Vault: Stash 0 50 Gold coin 1000 0
Treasure Trove Trove 100 1000 Gold coin Guild Treasure Trove 20 Copper coin 1500 3000
Deep Cave Trove 100 1000 Gold coin Deep Cave 32 100 Gold coin 2000 3000
Total   250 3000 Gold coin   150 Gold coin 4500 6000

NPC Locations[edit]

Guild Banker[edit]

Guild Registrar[edit]


  • Vault transport.png Vault Transport — Summons the Guild Vault to your location for easy access. Must have vault permissions.



Right-clicking an item stored in the vault always displays the preview option, regardless of item type. Although, selecting the preview option will bring up the preview panel, only armor and weapons may be previewed.
When trying to access a guild bank on a new account it will say (among other things) that two-factor authentication is required. Two-factor authentication is not required to access a guild bank.
Items will not stack inside the bank if dragged on top. To stack, one must remove the items, combine in inventory/bank, and then place inside.
  • Each section of the vault allows you to write a custom note of up to 74-characters.
  • Before the changes to upgrades with the 23-Oct-2015 release of Heart of Thorns expansion, many players created a personal guild in order to use its vault as additional storage. Previously created personal guild vaults operate as before, but any expansion must use the new methodology.
  • Players cannot open a guild vault until 72 hours after they have joined, in part to prevent it from being used by gold sellers.
  • Players may only withdraw up to 500g a week from a guild bank. This is a combined total from all sections of a guild bank and not a limit per each.
  • Account Bound items and Soulbound items may not be placed into the Guild Vault.
  • New Accounts are limited by a maximum value of items deposited and withdrawn.
  • A log is automatically maintained of all deposits and withdrawals.
  • The drop down on the left side defaults to a player's inventory but this can be swapped for your bank's inventory.
  • At release, Guild Vaults were tied to a specific world:
    • Cross-server guilds had to build vaults separately on each world using influence generated by members whose accounts belong to that world.
  • As of the September 2014 Feature Pack, guilds are global and shared regardless of the world you are on. All merits, influence, and vaults were merged and are now shared across worlds.
  • ArenaNet cannot replace items or wealth lost from a guild bank.
  • All accounts created after August 28, 2015 (when free accounts were introduced) must meet the following criteria for access:
    • Own an expansion, Heroic edition, or have purchased the core game (i.e. not free to play)
    • Wait 5 days for validation