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Player in front of a Huntsman's Station

A Crafting station is a place where characters can craft items by combining various crafting materials and discover new recipes. They also provide banker services.



When you approach a crafting station a yellow prompt will appear. Click the prompt or hit the interact key (default: F) to open the crafting panel. The crafting panel has 5 tabs on the navigation bar on the left edge.

These are:

  • Discovery
  • Production
  • Bank
  • Material Storage
  • Wardrobe Storage

The "Production" panel is open by default. On the left is a list of all known recipes. You may search for a particular recipe using the search box on top. You may display a sub-set of recipes by using the filters available on a drop down menu, displayed when you click the down arrow to the right of the search box. You can also fully collapse or expand all menus using the filters.

When you select a particular recipe, the ingredients are displayed in the main area with the number of each available for crafting. Any ingredients with insufficient quantity are shown in red. If you have sufficient ingredients then both the "Craft" and "Craft All" buttons light. Enter the number you wish to craft to the left of the "Craft" button on the bottom then click it. Alternatively, click the "Craft All" button. You may also click the magnifying glass icon to the right of any ingredient to display its recipe.

The "Discovery" panel may be opened by clicking the top anvil icon on the navigation bar. It is used to "discover" and learn new recipes. Eligible ingredients appear on the left. 2 to 4 ingredients must be combined to discover a new recipe. To select an ingredient, double-click or drag and drop into an open box on the right. The "Craft" button will light when there are a sufficient number of the correct ingredients, click it.

The lower three icons on the navigation bar are identical to and have the same functions as the icons in the Account vault.



  • Historically, there was a crafting station in Heart of the Mists for PvP items only.
  • Crafting stations were removed from WvW with the June 28, 2016 update to reduce the "...players taking up space in the maps who are only crafting and not participating...".[1]


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