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Dungeon Merchants are vendors that require tokens acquired from a dungeon in exchange for goods. Like merchants, these NPCs have a "[Merchant]" suffix after their name and a normal merchant icon.

List of dungeon merchants[edit]


NPC Dungeon Minimum level Token
Historian Symon Ascalonian Catacombs 35 Ascalonian Tears Ascalonian Tear
Seraph Outfitter Eva Caudecus's Manor 45 Seals of Beetletun Seal of Beetletun
Valiant Saeraquel Twilight Arbor 55 Deadly Blooms Deadly Bloom
Morro Sorrow's Embrace 65 Manifestos of the Moletariate Manifesto of the Moletariate
Officer Veros Citadel of Flame 75 Flame Legion Charr Carvings Flame Legion Charr Carving
Ulof Sindersson Honor of the Waves 80 Symbols of Koda Symbol of Koda
Peacemaker Skrimm Crucible of Eternity 80 Knowledge Crystals Knowledge Crystal
Officer Hetja Arah 80 Shards of Zhaitan Shard of Zhaitan


Maguuma Wastes
The Mists

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