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Gathering tool is a type of equipment that characters use to gather certain types of crafting materials from resource nodes. There are three types of gathering tools: harvesting sickles, logging axes and mining picks. All professions and races are able to equip one of each type at the same time, which grants the ability to gather each type of resource without changing any weapon or skill. Each character on the account must have their own set of tools in order to gather resources from nodes.

Higher tier resources require better quality of tools in order to gather. Attempting to gather a resource with a poorer quality tool may result in gathering Ruined Plant Fiber, Ruined Log, or Ruined Ore Chunk instead of the intended crafting materials. Higher-level gathering tools can also gather lower-level materials of the same type. For example, Steel Mining Pick can gather Gold Ore in addition to all the materials that the lower level Iron Mining Pick can gather.


Slot Gathering tool Material
Harvesting Sickle Foraging Harvesting sickle Ingredients
Logging Axe Logging Logging axe Logs
Mining Pick Mining Mining pick Ore


Gathering tools are equipped in gathering tool equipment slots, only one type of each gathering tool can be equipped at a time. Gathering tools do not stack and have a set amount of charges. Each successful action with a resource node consumes one charge. Once all the charges are consumed, the gathering tool is consumed and leaves the slot empty. As equipment, gathering tools have a required level to be equipped and cannot be equipped during combat. The required level of the gathering tool corresponds to a tier. The tier of the gathering tool corresponds to what types of nodes the tool can be used to successfully gather from.

Each type of gathering tool has unlimited use versions as well that do not run out of charges and do not have a level requirement. They can be purchased from the Gem Store for gems when available. They are usually themed for current content; such as the Molten Alliance Mining Pick coinciding with Flame and Frost. Most have unique skins and some come with glyphs included.

There are three categories of gathering tools types: Basic, Material and Enhanced. Basic gathering tools have an upgrade slot for glyphs. Glyphs provide a bonus when using the gathering tools which represent the permanent version of the material and enhanced gathering tool versions. They can be swapped out as preferred with the existing glyph returning to your inventory. Material gathering tools gather additional resources. Enhanced gathering tools provide character bonuses while gathering. There are glyphs for each material and enhanced variant.

Gathering tools, like weapons and armor, have skins that can be changed in the hero panel using transmutation charges. If you apply a skin to a gathering tool with limited uses, the skin will need to be reapplied on the purchase of your next limited gathering tools.

Types of Gathering Tools[edit]

Basic Gathering Tools[edit]

  • Copper — First-tier tools. No level requirement.
  • Iron — Second-tier tools. Required Level: 10.
  • Steel — Third-tier tools. Required level: 20.
  • Darksteel — Fourth-tier tools. Required level: 30.
  • Mithril — Fifth-tier tools. Required level: 45.
  • Orichalcum — Sixth-tier tools. Required level: 60.

Material Gathering Tools[edit]

Required level: 60

  • Leatherworker's — Chance to receive bonus leather scraps in addition to your gathering results.
  • Tailor's — Chance to receive bonus cloth scraps in addition to your gathering results.
  • Prospector's — Chance to receive bonus Ores in addition to your gathering results.
  • Scavenger's — Chance to receive bonus Fine crafting material in addition to your gathering results.
  • Watchknight's — Chance to receive bonus Watchwork Sprockets in addition to your gathering results.

Enhanced Gathering Tools[edit]

Required level: 60

  • Bountiful (of Bounty) — Grants a 33% chance to gain an extra strike while gathering.
  • Flying — Increases movement speed by 100% for 5 seconds after gathering.
  • Frostbitten — Rewards a Snowflake while gathering. Has a level requirement of 15.
  • Industrious — Gather 50% faster.
  • Reapers — Gathers all similar nodes in a certain radius.
  • Unbound — Rewards Unbound Magic while gathering.
  • Volatile — Rewards Volatile Magic while gathering.

Unlimited Gathering Tools[edit]

No level requirement.

  • See Unlimited gathering tools table at the bottom of the page for the full list.
  • Tools do not have any charges and can be used infinitely.
  • Can only be purchased from the Gem Store.
  • Certain tools come with a glyph that provides the same effects as the Material or Enhanced gathering tools.
    • These glyphs may be removed and reapplied to a different tool if desired.
  • Certain unlimited harvesting tools gather significantly faster than regular harvesting tools.
  • It's not possible to use them on multiple characters at the same time, unless they are moved for example via bank or Shared Inventory Slot.
  • Most unlimited gathering tools have unique skins, except for the Unbreakable Gathering Tools.


Refer to the overview table at the top of the page for more detailed acquisition information on each tool type.

Basic Gathering Tools[edit]

Material Gathering Tools[edit]

Enhanced Gathering Tools[edit]

Unlimited Gathering Tools[edit]

Ruined material[edit]

Using an inappropriate gathering tool for the resource node results in a ruined material on each action. Players will receive ruined materials if they use a gathering tool with a lower tier than required to gather from the resource node. The ruined material has no use besides being junk sold to a merchant. There is also a chance on some of the materials to receive a ruined material if you gather while fighting.

Ruined materials still count for the Daily Gatherer Achievement.

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