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A place of power

A place of power is a location that is infused with a high level of magical energy, appearing as a pillar of light; a character can earn a hero point after communing with the power the first time. Found throughout Tyria and in World versus World, they also serve as the only places to convert Quartz into Charged Quartz.

Mastery insights are visually similar, but provide mastery points instead of hero points.


A place of power has two functions:

  • As a hero challenge, each character can earn a hero point by communing for six seconds with the location.
  • After the hero point has been earned, that same location can be used to convert 25 Quartz Crystals (carried in your inventory) into an account bound Charged Quartz Crystal. One charged crystal can be created per day per account regardless of which place of power is used.

Places of power by region[edit]

Home instance[edit]

You can obtain a place of power for your home instance by consuming the Krait Obelisk Shard, which could be obtained by completing the meta achievement during Tower of Nightmares or by offering 400 Festival Tokens to the Festival Rewards Vendor during Festival of the Four Winds. The Shard is also available for 25 Laurels and 15 gold from Laurel Merchants.


Place of power Area Zone
Birthplace of the Vigil Lowland Burns Blazeridge Steppes
Searing Crystal Pockmark Roughs Blazeridge Steppes
Serenity Temple Deserter Flats Blazeridge Steppes
Ascalonian Aqueduct The Blasted Moors Diessa Plateau
Remains of the Northern Wall The Breached Wall Diessa Plateau
Pile of Stones Secluded Glen Fields of Ruin
Burning Forest Simurgh Timberland Fireheart Rise
Flame Castrum Sloven Pitch Fireheart Rise
Searing Cauldron Ironhead Lake Iron Marches
Branded Waterfall Lake Desolann Iron Marches
Ruins of Ascalon City Ascalon City Ruins Plains of Ashford
Ascalonian Ruins Ascalon City Ruins Plains of Ashford


Place of power Area Zone
Village Overlook Eastern Wilds Seitung Province
Bloom of Seitung Seitung Harbor Seitung Province
Village Overlook Shing Jea Monastery Seitung Province
Haiju Hatchery Shinota Shore Seitung Province
Dog Statue Shinota Shore Seitung Province
Source of the Springs Shinota Shore Seitung Province
Cliffside Memorial Bell Zen Daijun Seitung Province
Garden Scaffolding Bori Ward New Kaineng City
Lab District Terrace North Lab New Kaineng City
Old Kaineng Ruins Old Kaineng New Kaineng City
New Kaineng City Limits Petrified Woods New Kaineng City
Jade Monument Power Plant New Kaineng City
Ministry of Archives Soojung Heights New Kaineng City
Sotdae Landing Lookout Sotdae Landing New Kaineng City
Submerged Cathedral Lake Lutgardis The Echovald Wilds
Village Overlook Mori Village The Echovald Wilds
Xunlai Jade Junkyard Overlook Xunlai Jade Junkyard The Echovald Wilds
Gravestone of Lord Archek Brauer Zu Heltzer Historical Site The Echovald Wilds
House zu Heltzer Zu Heltzer Historical Site The Echovald Wilds
Speaker Headquarters Warden's Folly The Echovald Wilds
Roaring Waterfall Archipelagos Rim Dragon's End
Quarry Platform Flooded Basin Dragon's End
Harvest Temple Main Entrance Harvest Complex Dragon's End
Harvest Complex Pavilion Harvest Complex Dragon's End
Hatchery Play Pond Seafarer's Enclave Dragon's End
Quarry Overlook Xunlai Jade Quarry Dragon's End

Crystal Desert[edit]

Place of power Area Zone
Branded Pyramid Maculate Fringe Crystal Oasis
Unearthed Ruins Hatari Tablelands Crystal Oasis
Glowing Campfire Lifeblood Ravine Desert Highlands
Glint's Lair Prophet's Fall Desert Highlands
Eternal Fire Tomb of the Primeval Kings Desert Highlands
Fallen Giant Elon Flow Elon Riverlands
Throne of Pellentia Shallows of Despair Elon Riverlands
Forgotten Shrine Skyward Reach Elon Riverlands
The Mouth of Torment The Ruptured Heart The Desolation
The Bone Palace Joko's Domain The Desolation


Place of power Area Zone
Beckoning Force Laughing Gull Island Bloodtide Coast
Krait Place of Power Flooded Castavall Bloodtide Coast
Softly Glowing Light Icegate Gorge Gendarran Fields
Ancient Cave Spring Stonebore Vaults Gendarran Fields
Centaur Gathering Site Meremoot Hill Kessex Hills
Temple of the Ages Godslost Swamp Queensdale
Earthen Magic Scaver Plateau Queensdale
Tamini Place of Power Taminn Foothills Queensdale

Heart of Maguuma[edit]

Place of power Area Zone
Abyssal Depths Thistlevine Ravine Verdant Brink
Ancient Fighting Pit Shrouded Ruins Verdant Brink
Ancient Power Core Decayed Hive Tangled Depths
Ancient Tree Coztic Grounds Verdant Brink
Axemaster Hareth's Pod Southern Blighting Tower Dragon's Stand
Blademaster Diarmid's Pod Central Blighting Tower Dragon's Stand
Burnisher Quarry Burnisher Quarry Auric Basin
Balthazar's Statue Balthazar's Rest Auric Basin
Chak Hatchery Chak Stronghold Tangled Depths
Cliffside Ruins Broken Bluffs Verdant Brink
Dragon Overlook Dragon's Domain Dragon's Stand
Exalted Overlook Tarir, the Forgotten City Auric Basin
Exalted Pylon Rooted Copse Dragon's Stand
Gilded River Tangled Descent Tangled Depths
Jellyfish Grotto Deeproot Sink Tangled Depths
Mushroom Grotto Central Barbed Gate Dragon's Stand
Mushroom Spore Cloud Rata Novus Lane Tangled Depths
Nuhoch Alchemical Energy Stonetwist Paths Verdant Brink
Pact Airship Wreckage Canopy over Noble Crash Site Verdant Brink
Spider Nest Wyvern Scar Dragon's Stand
Stavemaster Adryn's Pod Northern Blighting Tower Dragon's Stand
Wyvern Nesting Grounds Wyvern Cliffs Verdant Brink

Maguuma Jungle[edit]

Place of power Area Zone
Thaumacore Energy Source Duskstruck Moors Brisban Wildlands
Henge of Denravi The Shattered Henge Brisban Wildlands
Waterfall Ogham Wilds Caledon Forest
Krait Altar Quetzal Bay Caledon Forest
Luminates Plant Luminates Plant Metrica Province
Droknah's Relic Sunken Droknah Mount Maelstrom
Heart of the Volcano Maelstrom's Bile Mount Maelstrom
Orrian Tomb Leeshore Gauntlet Sparkfly Fen
Ancient Energy Source Saltflood Mire Sparkfly Fen

Ruins of Orr[edit]

Place of power Area Zone
Book Shark's Teeth Archipelago Straits of Devastation
Lost Conservatory Strait of Sacrilege Straits of Devastation
Sunken Ship Strait of Sacrilege Straits of Devastation
Grenth's Graveyard The Bloodtrough Straits of Devastation
Altar of Lyssa Cathedral of Eternal Radiance Malchor's Leap
Altar of Dwayna Cathedral of Zephyrs Malchor's Leap
Memory of Dhuum's Last Stand Blighted Arch Malchor's Leap
Inscribed Casket Azabe Qabar, the Royal Tombs Cursed Shore
Strange Ring Structures Winterknell Shore Cursed Shore
Mysterious Egg Mausollus Sea Cursed Shore
Harbinger Torch Graven Cay Cursed Shore
Plaque of Ewan Craven Blight Cursed Shore


Place of power Area Zone
Statue of Lyssa Elysium Beach Straits of Devastation
Statue of Melandru Strait of Sacrilege Straits of Devastation
Statue of Balthazar Cathedral of Glorious Victory Straits of Devastation
Statue of Dwayna Triumph Plaza Straits of Devastation
Statue of Lyssa Blighted Arch Malchor's Leap
Statue of Grenth Drowned Brine Malchor's Leap
Statue of Melandru Whisper Bay Malchor's Leap
Statue of Balthazar Valley of Lyss Malchor's Leap
Statue of Dwayna Karst Plains Malchor's Leap
Statue of Grenth Cathedral of Silence Cursed Shore
Statue of Melandru Cathedral of Verdance Cursed Shore
Statue of Melandru Graven Cay Cursed Shore
Statue of Balthazar Fields of Gold Cursed Shore

Shiverpeak Mountains[edit]

Place of power Area Zone
Dwarven Relic Dociu Excavation Dredgehaunt Cliffs
Shiniest Skritt Treasure Ratatosk Dredgehaunt Cliffs
Jotun Holy Site Theign Spiritwalk Dredgehaunt Cliffs
Glacial Trench Watchful Fjord Frostgorge Sound
Heart of the Priory Durmand Priory (location) Lornar's Pass
Steam Portal Lake of Lamentation Lornar's Pass
Grenth's Door Reaper's Gate Lornar's Pass
Dwarven Relic Underburg Lornar's Pass
Raven Shaman's Power Source Darkhoof Heights Snowden Drifts
Grawl Totem Glisterice Caves Snowden Drifts
Ural's Delve Ural's Delve Timberline Falls
Strange Energy Source Guilty Tears Timberline Falls
Issormir's Body Hangrammr Climb Wayfarer Foothills

World vs World[edit]

Place of power Area Zone
Skritt Shiny The Titanpaw Green Alpine Borderlands
Mysterious Energy Darra's Maze Red Desert Borderlands
Centaur Totem The Spiritholme Blue Alpine Borderlands
Krait Reliquary Darkrait Inlet Eternal Battlegrounds
Dredge Furnace Molevekian Delve Eternal Battlegrounds
Harpy Nesting Grounds Orgath Uplands Eternal Battlegrounds
Heart of Stone Stonemist Castle Eternal Battlegrounds