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Guild Hall Explorer icon

Guild Hall Explorers are NPCs located in the Guild Initiative Headquarters, inside, and outside guild halls.

  • Those outside unclaimed guild halls give warnings on the dangers within.
  • Each inside Guild Initiative Headquarters offers a different expedition into the Heart of Maguuma to claim a guild hall and a preview of that guild hall. All members of the expedition must have the Heart of Thorns expansion, although any player may interact with a Guild hall explorer.
  • After a particular guild hall is claimed by a guild:
    • Any guild member may access it using the guild panel.
    • The associated Guild hall explorer relocates from Guild Initiative Headquarters to inside the guild hall.



  • 100 Gold coin is required to claim a guild hall.
  • Upon claiming a new guild hall, your current upgrades are transferred to the new guild hall and the old one becomes inaccessible.