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She was like one of those knives made out of Canthan porcelain—flawless, and sharp enough to cut you to pieces.

Rytlock Brimstone

Crecia, nicknamed Cre, is a member of the Stone Warband in the Blood Legion. She excels at covert ops and is dedicated to her duty, using her cunning to her advantage.


In the past, Crecia and Rytlock Brimstone infiltrated the Flame Legion to sabotage it from the inside on Imperator Bangar Ruinbringer's orders. Using her sex to her advantage, she successfully poisoned food, stole plans and swapped orders under the noses of the Flame Legion who did not expect a female beneath their notice to be a spy for the Blood Legion.

While on the mission, Crecia and Rytlock discovered that the garrison they were in had received Prince Rurik's lost sword Sohothin which Flame Legion agents had discovered on the Ring of Fire islands and were intending to deliver to Imperator Gaheron Baelfire. Crecia objected to Rytlock's plan to steal the sword as it would compromise their mission and put them both in danger; despite her warnings, however, Rytlock killed the guards protecting the sword and begged her to leave with him. Intent on keeping up her cover, Crecia stabbed Rytlock in the leg and sounded an alarm to make herself look less suspicious to the Flame Legion who chased after Rytlock.

Crecia successfully stayed undercover with the Flame Legion for years after Rytlock's departure. At some point she told Imperator Ruinbringer that she had only stabbed Rytlock in the leg to make it "look good" in order to ensure the continuation of her mission. Many years later, Rytlock still thinks about her fondly.

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