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Vehjin Palace

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Vehjin Palace

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Vehjin Palace map.jpg
Map of Vehjin Palace

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Domain of Vabbi
(Crystal Desert)
Connects to
Jennur's Run
Cragged Vale (N)
Vehjin Mines (S)

Vehjin Palace.jpg

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Vehjin Palace is an area in the Domain of Vabbi. The palace has suffered numerous Forged raids, and the nobility have been forced to fend for themselves in lieu of Awakened servants.

Locations and objectives[edit]

Renown Hearts
Complete heart (map icon).png Help the royals of Vehjin Palace (80)
Waypoint (map icon).png Vehjin Palace Waypoint —
Points of Interest
Point of interest (map icon).png Vehjin Royal Rotunda
Vista (map icon).png Vehjin Palace Vista —
Adventure (map icon).png Vehjin Noble Necessities Run





Reinforce Armor (map icon).png Anvil
Merchant (vendor icon).png Derya
Renown Heart (map icon).png Prince Bakkal
Bounty Board (map icon).png Disguised Order of Shadows Agent
Adventure (map icon).png Overwhelmed Volunteer Steward


Ambient creatures
Cave Beast
Vampire Beasts

Ambient dialogue[edit]

Upon approaching Prince Bakkal's retinue
Prince Bakkal: Greetings! Do you bring word from our venerated ruler Palawa Joko?
<Character name>: No.
Consort Nalci: No one has heard from our esteemed lord in months. Are you concerned, Your Highness?
Prince Bakkal: Concerned? About the immortal, all-powerful master strategist of Vabbi? What concerns could I possibly have?
Advisor Yolac: You did lose your entire contingent of Awakened to the Forged.
Consort Nalci: And you lost control of the foundry and the mines.
Advisor Yolac: And the Forged have stripped the palace bare.
Consort Nalci: And you're currently receiving supplicants from behind iron bars.
Prince Bakkal: All part of the grand design, I assure you. No need to be concerned. King Joko loves us, one and all.
Prince Bakkal: Hello, and welcome. I am Prince Bakkal.
Prince Bakkal: I have the distinction of being the sixteenth ruler of Vehjin.
Advisor Yolac: This year.
Prince Bakkal: You may be wondering why I'm behind these bars.
Prince Bakkal: Rest assured, I'm here of my own volition. It is imperative that a proper chain of command persists in these trying times.
Consort Nalci: Trying, indeed.
Consort Nalci: Wake up, Your Highness. You have a visitor.
Prince Bakkal: What? Yes? Is it Palawa Joko? Has he returned?
If asura:
Advisor Yolac: Not unless he's become a diminutive know-it-all with disproportionate facial features.
If charr:
Advisor Yolac: Not unless he's grown fur and a tail.
If human:
Advisor Yolac: Not unless he's become a fleshy young man again.
If norn:
Advisor Yolac: Not unless he's doubled in height and bathed in ale.
If sylvari:
Advisor Yolac: Not unless he's traded places with a houseplant.
Prince Bakkal: Has he...? Wait, oh, no, yes...I see.
Prince Bakkal: Another supplicant come to stare at me through these bars?
Prince Bakkal: I feel less like a prince and more like a beast in the Garden's menagerie.
Consort Nalci: It could be the odor, Highness. The chamber pots won't fit through the bars.
Prince Bakkal: Can't we open the bars? Just a small amount?
Advisor Yolac: You threw away the key, Highness. As a safety measure.
Prince Bakkal: And the Forged have yet to reach us.
Prince Bakkal: Welcome to Vehjin. Please consider my palace, your palace.
Prince Bakkal: And if there is anything I can do for you, you need only ask with a bit of bowing and scraping.
Consort Nalci: What exactly can you do from in here?
Advisor Yolac: I might reduce that further. What can you do?
Prince Bakkal: Pay them no heed. Insubordination is a well-known side effect of claustrophobia.
Prince Bakkal: Oh, greetings, loyal subject! Are you a locksmith by any chance?
Consort Nalci: Our only locksmiths were Awakened, and they've all been destroyed.
Prince Bakkal: Of course they have. Well, no matter, I'm quite comfortable here in this well-appointed, secure royal meeting room.
Consort Nalci: Another approaches, my prince.
Prince Bakkal: A messenger of our resplendent leader, King Joko, come to rescue us?
Consort Nalci: I'm not entirely sure that it would be a positive development should His Lordship's messenger find you in here.
Prince Bakkal: What do you mean?
Advisor Yolac: You're not supposed to be in this room. It was meant only for King Joko himself.
Prince Bakkal: Oh, dear... I ran in here in a moment of panic. Very uncharacteristic, to be sure.
Prince Bakkal: Be sure not to touch anything—we'll put it all back the way we found it. Our omniscient leader shall be none the wiser...
Consort Nalci: And what of the supplicant? He's/She's seen you inside.
Prince Bakkal: Can we dispose of him/her?
Advisor Yolac: That could prove difficult given our current, ah, situation.
Prince Bakkal: Right, yes. Well, then let the Awakened handle it!
Consort Nalci: The Awakened are all gone, Highness. Still.
Prince Bakkal: Still? Hm, then I suppose we grant the supplicant whatever favor we can.
Prince Bakkal: With the understanding that we granted said favor from a location well outside this room, of course.
Prince Bakkal: Isn't someone going to announce me?
Consort Nalci: What do you mean?
Prince Bakkal: Whenever someone would approach, our Awakened would say something.
Advisor Yolac: What would they say? I kind of tuned them out.
Prince Bakkal: You know. Titles and whatnot. Lofty things. Also, I think you're supposed to call me "Your Highness."
Advisor Yolac: More strangers approach, Your Highness—sauntering about as if they own the place.
Consort Nalci: Do you have a plan for regaining control of the palace, my prince?
Prince Bakkal: Most assuredly. Let the Awakened handle it!
Advisor Yolac: The Awakened are gone, Highness. Wiped out.
Advisor Yolac: And none of those imbued with the almighty King Joko's authority have come to do the raising.
Prince Bakkal: Still? It's unlike them to be dead so long.
Consort Nalci: To be fair, reports indicate there was very little left to raise after the battle.
Prince Bakkal: Very troubling. Thankfully, we have a guest here to distract us with...something less bleak, I hope.
Prince Bakkal: My, my. More visitors than one would anticipate considering the world is ending.
Consort Nalci: Is the world truly ending, Highness?
Prince Bakkal: Only if it is the will of Palawa Joko.
Advisor Yolac: Praise Joko.
Prince Bakkal: Praise Joko.
Consort Nalci: Praise Joko.
Prince Bakkal: Though I'm certainly important enough to be told if he decided to bring about the end of times.
Prince Bakkal: Until that time, we must maintain a sense of normalcy.
Consort Nalci: Indeed. Please, dispense your wisdom from your princely prison cell without further interruption, Highness.
Concluding variants:
Prince Bakkal: What is it you require?
Prince Bakkal: Now, how may the crown serve?
Prince Bakkal: Now, to what do we owe this pleasure?
Prince Bakkal: So, you have your audience. What do you ask of me?
Prince Bakkal: So, with what matter can I assist?
Outside the palace
Elonian Royal (1): Do you know how long it takes for fruit to spoil?
Elonian Royal (2): A few months, I believe. However long they're normally on the trees.
Elonian Royal (1): Oh, good. Then I have some dates I can share with you.
Elonian Royal: It feels like it's been ages since I've gotten a good night's sleep.
Noble: I'm too worried to sleep.
Elonian Royal: I think I just saw your brother trying to cobble his own shoes.
Noble: Fantastic. We needed a new cobbler.
Elonian Royal: We still do.
Noble/Elonian Royal (1): I can't wait for our illustrious leader to finish off those intruders once and for all.
Noble/Elonian Royal (2): Yes, and then we'll celebrate! Praise Joko!
Noble/Elonian Royal (1): Have you seen my golden pocket watch?
Noble/Elonian Royal (2): No. Perhaps the Forged made off with it during their latest raid.
Noble/Elonian Royal (1): How will I ever manage my time without it?
Noble/Elonian Royal (2): My lady, you spend your day reading poetry and sipping wine.
Noble/Elonian Royal (1): Yes, and I have an exacting schedule to keep.
Noble (1): Do you think a work song would help our efforts?
Noble (2): Who's singing it? You?
Noble (1): Yes, I remember a few tunes from my days managing the Awakened.
Noble (2): No.
Noble (1): I've misplaced my favorite bowl. Have you seen it?
Noble (2): Yes...
Noble (1): That sounds ominous.
Noble (2): Well, you see, my chamber pot was full...
Noble (1): You're disgusting. Savage.
Noble (1): Have you seen Miss Buttons around here?
Noble (2): Who?
Noble (1): She’s my cat. Completely hairless and an absolute beauty.
Noble (2): Fortunately, no.
Noble (1): Why do you think King Joko has let this nonsense persist for so long?
Noble (2): His Majesty’s omnipotence means his victory is inevitable–what's the hurry?
Noble (1): I saw a vulture swoop down and pick up a cat today.
Noble (2): What? Really? Do vultures swoop?
Noble (1): Well, I think it was a vulture. And a cat. They'll be coming after us next!
Noble (2): You still have a healthy supply of wine, don't you?
Noble (1): What in the name of Joko could Balthazar need with my mustache comb?
Noble (2): Well, I think he has a beard. Wait, what was it made of?
Noble (1): Silver inlaid with gold. Why?
Noble (2): The Forged seem to be taking metals of all kinds.
Noble (2): They stole my early Palawan coin collection as well.
Noble (1): The scoundrels!
Elonian Royal: I miss my servant Aziz. He greeted me every morning with a big, tar-toothed grin.
Elonian Royal: To think I’ll never see that smile again.
Noble: Don’t be sad. Aziz died with honor, serving Palawa Joko.
Elonian Royal: You’re right. I’m being selfish. I should be happy for Aziz.
Elonian Royal: I’m afraid I may be coming down with something.
Noble: I could make you a salve. I’ve been practicing.
Elonian Royal: Is that what gave Diri those hives?
Noble: Maybe. But once she started itching, she stopped complaining of her headache.
Elonian Royal: Watching the judges decide the rulings is so exciting.
Noble: Yes, it’s quite an unpredictable spectacle. I love the legal process.
Elonian Royal: How can a man live without assistance from the dead?
Elonian Royal: Palawa Joko preserve us! Let your eternal wisdom guide us!
Elonian Royal: I've worn the same pants for nine days straight! Oh. I'm...not sure why I'm saying that out loud.
Elonian Royal: By Joko, did I just see a flying cat?
Elonian Royal: Praise Palawa Joko. It is not for us to question why he gives or takes
Elonian Royal: If King Joko is testing us, it's a very thorough test.
Elonian Royal: Surely more Awakened will be sent to us shortly. We can't be expected to live like this.
Elonian Royal: I'd trade Grandfather's suit of armor for a fresh pot of coffee right now. Can't drink pauldrons.
Elonian Royal: I thought soap was made from fat, but now my clothes are greasier than ever.
Elonian Royal: I've formed a plan to defeat the Forged. I just need acorns. Lots and lots of acorns.
Noble: I'm ashamed to admit what I ate last night.
Noble: Preserve us, Palawa Joko. We know not what to do!
Noble: I don’t know. The servants handled that, too!
Noble: I think something's biting me in my sleep.
Noble: I don’t like the look of the eastern skies.
Noble: A seven course meal would really hit the spot right about now..
Noble: These houseflies seem to be executing a coordinated attack on me.
Noble: I'm not sure what I just stepped in, and I'm afraid to look.
Noble: The floor feels... quite crunchy.
Noble: If our Awakened ever return, I'll hug them until I'm covered in tar.
Noble: Does anyone remember how to tie a tie? No? How about a shoe?
Noble: If the Forged return, I may faint.
Noble: Oh, dear. Another loose thread. Do I pull it?
Noble: Dressing myself is so exhausting. If only there were another way...
Noble: This morning I resorted to rubbing my own feet.
Noble: How rude of Balthazar to leave us with so little.
Noble: Has anyone seen my butterfly cuff links? Anyone?
Noble: If we adopt the pests as pets, they will cease to be pests. Pest problem solved.
Noble: Oh my, we're almost out of wine. Blessed Joko, what will become of us?
Noble: I wish I knew how to mix a cocktail. This is all too real.
Helping noble and royals around the palace
Elonian Royal/Noble: Thank you.
Elonian Royal/Noble: May Palawa Joko bless you.
Elonian Royal/Noble: Many thanks.
Elonian Royal/Noble: Thank you, and praise Joko.
Near the Bounty Board
Disguised Order of Shadows Agent: Reports of creatures driven insane by ley energy are coming from all over. Are you going to help?
Disguised Order of Shadows Agent: Test your might against the Megalith!
Disguised Order of Shadows Agent: New bounty up! Ley magic has made a Forged lurker extra dangerous.
Disguised Order of Shadows Agent: The Forged warmonger has defeated every hunter who challenged it. If you go after him, be careful.
Disguised Order of Shadows Agent: Self-absorbed, whining aristrocrat Lord Hanif has gone insane with ley magic.
Disguised Order of Shadows Agent: New contract posted! Take it. It doesn't bite. The sand shark Kharkaris, on the other hand...
Disguised Order of Shadows Agent: If you've got a grudge against Forged, you're welcome to our latest contract
Near the adventure
Overwhelmed Volunteer Steward: If you could assist us, we'd appreciate it.


Crafting resources[edit]

Resource nodes
Mine resource (map icon).png Mithril Ore (lower level)
Plant resource (map icon).png Cluster of Desert Herbs
Plant resource (map icon).png Desert Vegetables
Plant resource (map icon).png Lentils

Related achievements[edit]