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This time of war does make for strange bedfellows. Kormir knows I've had worse.


Zalambur is the proprietor of the Grand Sahil Casino and the owner of the Lily of the Elon, a luxury riverboat, in the Free City of Amnoon. A wealthy businessman and a well-known socialite with many connections, he is rumored to have deep ties to the Hamaseen criminal organization, but no solid proof has been presented to the authorities about it yet as many would-be witnesses would rather stay quiet than implicate him out of fear. There are also rumors that he may be a djinn.[1]


Early years[edit]

Zalambur's early history is unknown, but he eventually became a wealthy and well-known businessman who operated the Grand Sahil Casino in the Free City of Amnoon. Thanks to his deep connections to the Hamaseen criminal organization, he received smuggled goods and information which increased his wealth and made him a prominent figure in the city and its politics. He built a luxurious riverboat known as the Lily of the Elon where he met with clientele and other persons of interest from nobility to people with connections to the criminal underground.

He was not afraid to use the Hamaseen's network to advance his cause, using bribes, threats and even violence to make his point.[2] This earned Zalambur a controversial, legendary reputation among the citizens of Amnoon, some of whom admired him as a steadfast man while others were reluctant to implicate him to investigating authorities out of fear of reprisal from the Hamaseen. Many rumors spread about his influence and how he may have amassed his wealth, and these rumors eventually grew into legends about how he may be a djinn in human disguise.[1]

While the city council led by Chief Councilor Imann debated how to deal with Palawa Joko's emissaries, Zalambur worked to undermine the emissaries' efforts to annex Amnoon into the lich lord's kingdom. During these visits he got acquainted with one of the emissaries, Archon Iberu, but did not hold the archon in high regard. He also spread bad word about the Amnoon council's handling of the matter, earning supporters among some of the citizens.[1]

Path of Fire[edit]

In 1330 AE, the rogue god Balthazar's army invaded the desert and had an effect on trading with their blockades and raiding parties while also driving many inhabitants of the desert to flee to Tyria as refugees. Thanks to the Hamaseen, Zalambur was able to continue the smuggling business, however, and he seized an opportunity to strike deals with both the Consortium and the Black Lion Trading Company for the access of Tyrian goods in exchange for providing the trading companies with a network of customers.

Zalambur eventually learned of the Pact Commander's arrival to Amnoon and that the Commander was after Balthazar. His attempts to win the Commander to his side were not as successful as he had hoped, however. Archon Iberu's arrival complicated matters further as Iberu was displeased by Zalambur not doing enough to ensure Amnoon's annexation into Joko's kingdom.

Thanks to the Commander's intervention, Iberu's raiding party was stopped before they could destroy the casino. The grateful Zalambur used his contacts to find information that was of interest to the Commander: Balthazar's Forged army was hunting for Vlast, one of the slain dragon prophet Glint's scions who was viewed as a hero by the people of the desert. The information also revealed that Balthazar had been seen stopping at some of his raiding camps from time to time, so those would be good places to start looking for clues about the god's current whereabouts and plans.

The Commander, who used Zalambur's intel to continue the hunt for Balthazar throughout various locations in the desert, later had a choice to return to Zalambur for information about areas of interest with connections to Vlast. The Commander was reluctant to let Zalambur know everything, however, but managed to tell enough for the casino's proprietor to reveal the location of Scholar Glokk who had also been asking similar vague questions in the Elon Riverlands.

Following Balthazar's demise in the Battle of Kodash Bazaar, Zalambur was among the crowd welcoming the Commander back to Amnoon to celebrate the victory. While waiting for the Commander to give a speech, he conversed with Captain Ellen Kiel, the head of a trade delegation who had just arrived from Lion's Arch, and found out that Ellen was a woman after his own heart. Zalambur suggested that he and Ellen should discuss business in private, leading to a beginning of what could be a mutually beneficial friendship or more. However, the celebration came to a sudden halt when a Brandstorm conjured by the Elder Dragon Kralkatorrik hit Amnoon.

Living World Season 4[edit]

Although the initial Brandstorm was over quickly, another storm hit Amnoon soon after and brought with it a horde of Branded. Imann, Zalambur, and the Pact Commander's allies from Kryta evacuated a number of civilians via airship while the Commander, local defenders and the dragon Aurene fought off the invaders.[3] Following the attack on Amnoon, Ellen Kiel and Zalambur's relationship blossomed into an affair. Ellen tried to keep it a secret, however, until Evon Gnashblade let her know that he was aware of the affair during the Festival of the Four Winds.[4]

Taimi reached out to Zalambur after Palawa Joko's death in 1331 AE and asked him for a gift to give to the Commander's dragon ally Aurene who had been agitated lately. Zalambur had not been able to consider the matter, however, because he had learned that some of his Hamaseen associates were planning to raid the Amnoon Water Authority and he wanted to stop it in order for Amnoon to have clean drinking water. He suggested that the Commander stop the Hamaseen in exchange for his help with Aurene.

Following the Commander's successful mission, Zalambur revealed his reasons for acting against the Hamaseen: sometimes they became too enthusiastic and did not listen to reason, so he felt that they needed to be taught a lesson to plan for contingencies. As thanks, Zalambur sent the Luxurious Lily from the Lily of the Elon to decorate Aurene's nest which Taimi was building in Sun's Refuge.

When the Commander asked Zalambur about the mysterious deadeye Zafirah whose rifle had the Hamaseen mark on it, the casino proprietor feigned ignorance at first. However, he did let it slip that the rifle may have been a gift to loyal Hamaseen and that Zafirah may have once been a notable Hamaseen officer who had later left the organization for the Church of Balthazar.


Crystal Desert

Story involvement[edit]

Path of Fire story[edit]


Something you need from me, Commander?
Talk more option tango.png Taimi should have reached out to you. (If Good, Better, Nest is active)
About Aurene? Yes. Sadly, I haven't been able to consider the matter. Another situation has become more pressing. (Before completing Defend the Water Authority plant from Hamaseen saboteurs)
Talk more option tango.png What situation?
There have been concerning developments surrounding the Water Authority. I believe they'll come to a head today, with Chief Hazim. Perhaps if you help put a stop to it all...?
Talk end option tango.png Very cryptic. We'll see.
Talk more option tango.png Remind me where I have to go. (Before completing Defend the Water Authority plant from Hamaseen saboteurs)
To the Water Authority. Look after Chief Hazim, will you?
Talk end option tango.png Got it.
Talk more option tango.png Stopped some Hamaseen trouble at the Water Authority. So. Explain. (After completing Defend the Water Authority plant from Hamaseen saboteurs)
Some of my people can get...enthusiastic. I'm not overly fond of Chief Hazim, but Amnoon needs clean drinking water.
Talk more option tango.png Why not stop them yourself? They listen to you.
What, and discourage initiative? Not to mention you reminded them to plan for contingencies. As thanks, I'm sending the finest of flowers from the Lily of the Elon. Dragons need treasure, after all.
Talk end option tango.png Thanks... I think.
Talk more option tango.png I met a Balthazar priestess called Zafirah. Sound familiar? (If From the Ashes is completed)
A priestess? Not that I remember. Seems like anyone with common sense would send their prayers elsewhere, given recent events.
Talk more option tango.png You really don't know her? There's a Hamaseen brand on her rifle's hilt.
Is that so? Must be quite the weapon. I hear the Hamaseen spare no expense for their most loyal officers. You'd think such perks would KEEP them loyal, but...
Talk end option tango.png Sometimes they break free.
Talk end option tango.png Don't cause trouble.


  • In Islamic demonology, Zalambur is a demon who presides over dishonest and fraudulent business transactions.
  • Zalambur is voiced by Ike Amadi.[5]

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