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The Bone Palace

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the Point of Interest. For the Hero Challenge, see The Bone Palace (hero challenge).

The Bone Palace

Point of Interest
Joko's Domain
(The Desolation)
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The Bone Palace is a point of interest in Joko's Domain and serves as Palawa Joko's seat of power. The palace was originally constructed in 757 AE, and it was said that the souls of those whose bodies were used in its making could be heard screaming for release.[1] After Palawa Joko conquered Elona, he expanded the palace utilizing the bones of the Elonian centaurs he brought to extinction.[2]

Getting there[edit]

The Bone Palace is southwest from Waypoint (map icon).png Joko's Domain Waypoint. If the event to defeat the Canid Throneguard is active or failed recently, the palace is surrounded by a wall of green light and the door is closed.

  • While this event is active, the staircases on the sides of the palace have to be used to enter the throne chamber on a higher level.
  • If the event recently failed, the interior of the palace cannot be accessed and players get kicked out with the message "The Bone Palace expels the living."

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