Phoenix Dawn

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Phoenix Dawn


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The Phoenix Dawn is a Lionguard airship docked at the Sanctum Harbor. It is owned by Captain Ellen Kiel, who had commandeered the vessel from the Aetherblades during the raid on the Rogue's Landing. It was initially given over to the Captain's Council, but Captain Magnus the Bloody-Handed had given it to Ellen Kiel (then merely a Deputy of the Lionguard) so that she may become a captain of a ship and run for position on the council herself. The following year, Ellen Kiel used this airship to assist the evacuation of Lion's Arch when Scarlet Briar had attacked, using it to extract Commodore Lawson Marriner and Captain Magnus from the city when the miasma had become too thick to remain in the city.

In 1330 AE, Kiel had sent her first mate, Fidus Foecrush, to assist the Pact Commander in reaching the Crystal Desert. The following year, when Kralkatorrik had assaulted Amnoon with a Brandstorm from afar, Kiel had evacuated as many citizens as she could on this airship.