Hall of Legends

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Hall of Legends

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Hall of Legends map.jpg
Map of Hall of Legends

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Location within Hoelbrak

Hall of Legends.jpg
Hall of Legends

The Hall of Legends is an area in Hoelbrak.


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Points of Interest
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Repairs (vendor icon).png Byrholt
Merchant (vendor icon).png Darna
Karma Merchant (map icon).png Estal
Commander Trainer (map icon).png Master Strategist Valde

Ambient dialogue[edit]

Kid: I dare you to tickle a Wolfborn.
Local: Ale! Ale! It's better than...wine.
Sculptor: Spirits of the Wild!
Local: What?
Sculptor: I know how to finish my sculpture.
Seirian: Pardon me. I'd like to talk to you.
Local: It was an accident and I'm sorry. I didn't mean to light your mother on fire.
Local (1): I'm still bitter that Whitebear exiled my brother.
Local (2): He probably deserved it.
Local (1): My brother kept saying our defenses are too weak, so Whitebear kicked him out, right into a blizzard.
Ernst Vollijn: If only we could be alone. But she's always with those friends.
Ernst Vollijn: I wonder if she... no, of course she wouldn't.
Nora Cedarhelm: Best armor ever carved, right here! The finest wood armor in all of Tyriaas!
Nora Cedarhelm: Handcrafted, quality workmanship. Unique offerings you won't find anywhere else!
Kid: Tell me a joke.
Bard: I don't do that, kid.
Kid: Puppets?
Bard: No!
Bard: Haven't seen you in awhile.
Hunter: My father died.
Bard: Tell me more, old friend.
Hunter: He died fighting, his axe buried in a drake's skull. Come, we'll drink to his memory.
Butcher: Ever hunted centaur?
Baker: Nope.
Butcher: Me neither. I'd like to, though.
At Vheratha's Tavern
Explorer: I'm telling you, the asura have a floating city.
Hunter: Bah. Just give me the ground beneath my feet. That's enough for me.
Elder: My son ran off with a pack of Sons of Svanir.
Barkeep: That's bad news. I've never heard of anyone coming back from the Svanir.
Elder: He's a grown man. He's old enough to make his own decisions.
Barkeep: Yup. Even the bad ones.
Local: The sons of Svanir follow in the footsteps of Dragon, is that true?
Barkeep: So my patrons tell me. It is a path of destruction.
Barkeep: Over the years, I've known several hunters whose hunger for power has driven them to follow Dragon.
Elder: Makes sense. Who doesn't want to be the best, strongest hunter?
Local: Yeah. Trouble is, the longer they follow Dragon, the more it corrupts them.
Bard: If you had my perfect voice, what would you sing about? I'm sure what you've seen could make some epic songs.
Elder: Oh, I don't know. Nowadays when I feel like singing, I want to sing about simple pleasures.
Elder: Tracking a deer, just to watch it. Biting into a haunch of meat so fresh from the fire it burns your mouth. That kind of thing.
Bard: These are great! Tell me more.
Elder: Later. I need rest.
Local (1): My son is baking bread again. He wants to trade for some venison.
Local (2): My daughter's out hunting. We should have some more soon.