Great Hunt

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the norn tradition. For the personal story mission, see The Great Hunt.

It's one of our oldest traditions, dating back even before our ancestors came south. We see it as a rite of passage, where the young show their prowess by challenging a mighty beast.


The Great Hunt is an annual norn tradition, now hosted by Knut Whitebear in and around Hoelbrak, where every year young aspiring hunters ready to start their legend. Young hunters who have mighty trophies are invited to join the Great Hunt. Upon being selected, the hunters are tasked with facing an even harder challenge to test their mettle. Occasionally, more experienced hunters such as Eir Stegalkin join in to help to take part of the hunt or to prevent things from going badly.

In 1325 AE, the Great Hunt's final challenge was the mighty Ice Wurm Issormir, slain by a hero, who earned the title of "Slayer of Issormir" as a result. Beigarth, a norn smith, has also been mentioned to have won the Great Hunt at some point.