Reveler (Bodmodr Svartkelson)

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Disambig icon.png This article is about a particular Reveler in Hoelbrak. For other uses, see Reveler (disambiguation).


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(This NPC's appearance may change randomly.)

Hall of Legends

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Alternative look

Bodmodr Svartkelson (appearing as a Reveler) is the skaald who wrote Knut Whitebear's holographic welcome speech for Dragon Bash.


Shiverpeak Mountains

Ambient dialogue[edit]

Reveler (Bodmodr Svartkelson): He just went ahead and changed the whole thing!
Reveler (Bodmodr Svartkelson): He didn't even thank me in the speech. Or give me credit!
Reveler (Bodmodr Svartkelson): And the biggest insult? He paid me in Zhaitaffy. Zhaitaffy!
Reveler (Bodmodr Svartkelson): What am I supposed to do with this...sticky, sugary sloop?
Reveler (Bodmodr Svartkelson): I know he's Knut Whitebear, "norn legend" and all...
Reveler (Bodmodr Svartkelson): But I'm Bodmodr Svartkelson!
Reveler (Human) : Uh, who?
Reveler (Bodmodr Svartkelson): Bodmodr skaald...
Reveler (Human) : Wow. Huh. Really rolls off the tongue, doesn't it.
Reveler (Bodmodr Svartkelson): Alright maybe not "world renowned" but...the best skaald in Hoelbrak?
Reveler (Bodmodr Svartkelson): Top 23?