Knut Whitebear's Loft

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Knut Whitebear's Loft

Point of Interest
The Great Lodge
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Legendary warrior Knut Whitebear looks out over Hoelbrak from his quarters at the apex of the Great Lodge. From there, he keeps an eye on those who shelter beneath his roof.

— In-game description

Knut Whitebear's Loft resides on the highest level of the Great Lodge of Hoelbrak. It contains a giant chair and is blocked off from the Hunter's Hearth by two giant doors.

The entrance to Knut Whitebear's Loft is on the lowest level of the Great Lodge, at the end opposite the entrance. There are two Wolfborn on either side of the door. The entrance is not marked by the usual green star used for story and home instances, but it marked on the map as Stairs Up.