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Hero's Canton

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Black Citadel

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Hero's Canton

The Hero's Canton is the home instance for charr characters within the Black Citadel. It houses the barracks for warbands of all three High Legions, as well as the Citadel's fahrar.

Getting there[edit]

  • From Black Citadel: The entrance is to the west from Mustering Ground Waypoint - head towards the merchant tag on the main map. At the big gate an instance dialog will show.


Points of Interest
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20th Blood Cohort
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12th Iron Maniple
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Ash Checkpoint 13
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Fahrar of Young Heroes
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Hero's Forum



Feline (after feeding the cats of the Hungry cat scavenger hunt)


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Graster Beakerbane
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Ambient dialogue[edit]

Soldier: On my last skirmish, I picked up an ancient dwarven hammer. It's not battle-worthy, but it sure looks mighty!
Soldier: I'm going to make my grandsire as proud as Pyre Fierceshot was of Kalla Scorchrazor.
Citizen: Nothing like hunting deer in the morning sun.
Citizen (1): Kalla Scorchrazor was a grandcub of Pyre Fierceshot.
Citizen (2): Yeah, he said we had no gods, and she forced the shamans from power.
Citizen (1): I'd give anything to fight like she did.
Soldier: You can find some good weapon parts at Junker's Scrapyard, if you've got a patience to dig trough the piles.
Blood Legion Soldier (1): Hey, we going out drinking later. You in?
Blood Legion Soldier (2): Every time I drink with you guys, I do something I regret.
Blood Legion Soldier (1): That's why we keep inviting you.
Old Soldier: Never get emotional in a fight. It keeps you smarter than any wild animal you face.
Citizen: Looks like rain. Smells like it too.
Citizen: It's okay.
Citizen: When I'm get some time off, I gonna come back here.
Adamant Guard: This weapon is getting too worn. I'll need to replace it.
Soldier: Scald it.
Soldier (1): A centurion doesn't know what he's doing.
Soldier (2): And you do? Don't flatter yourself.
Soldier (3): He's in charge for a reason. Pipe down and you might learn something from him.
Citizen: Hoelbrak's a fun place to visit. Last time, I got so drunk, I let a norn shave his name into my fur.
Soldier: Sylvari are mystery to me. They seem so innocent, but in battle, they handle themselves quite completely.
Citizen: Don't feed the wild animals. Unless it's a killing end of a weapon.
Soldier: Keep your claws sharp. They're the weapons you'll always have.
Old Soldier: That was the campaign where I got my favorite scar. Ah, I was a loose cannon in those days.
Soldier: Do you think that was overkill? Nah.
Adamant Guard: It's not worth the stress.
Soldier: A fine place for a vacation from my idiot underlings.
Blood Legion Soldier (1): Have you seen my brother's sword? It's best around.
Blood Legion Soldier (2): Rytlock's sword is better.
Blood Legion Soldier (1): That's nothing. I heard Rytlock's sword was forged by humans.
Old Soldier: It's been a long time since I had my muzzle down in blood and mud. I miss those days.
Soldier (1): What are you doing after your shift?
Soldier (2): Watching the fights. You get to see some great tactical maneuvers in the arena.
Adamant Guard: The Black Citadel is both a strategic victory and a technological marvel. The Iron Legion should be proud.
Cub: I want to see the Claw of the Khan-Ur up close. I heard it's wickedly sharp!
Cub: Smell that air. Look at the sky. This is the best land in all of Tyria.
Soldier: Hey, I didn't see you come in.
Ash Legion Captain: That's the idea.
Soldier: As if you could understand my duties. Don't strain yourself.
Soldier: My warband has seen more action than anyone else from my fahrar. Them more we fight, the less we want to come home.
Citizen: Look at that. You can find beauty here, and dozens of ways to die. I like that challenge.
Citizen: Magic can be a powerful tool, but no way I'd trust my life to it.
Blood Legion Soldier: Oh, sick. I hate skale vomit. Stays in your fur forever.
Citizen: I hate wild animals. Except the ones I can pick up and eat.
Blood Legion Centurion: The most important lesson I learned is that you never want to be the weakest link.
Blood Legion Soldier (1): You see that head shot? Right through the eye!
Blood Legion Soldier (2): That's nothing. I was gouging eyes back when I was a cub.
Blood Legion Soldier (1): That's why no one in your warband could shoot straight.
Blood Legion Soldier (2): Look me in the eye and say that.
Blood Legion Soldier: There we were, huddled in the dark, when suddenly we hear drums echoing through the caverns. I can't talk about it yet.
Old Soldier: There are bold charr, and old charr, but very few bold, old charr.
Citizen: I say don't waste your time on her. Once a scrapper, always a scrapper.
Adamant Guard: The Vigil is an honorable organization. I'm seriously considering joining up.
Citizen (1): Take my advice. I had more cubs than you. In time, you'll learn.
Citizen (2): Experience is a great teacher, but in the meantime I'll stick with common sense.
Citizen (1): Sylvari don't look like much. Bunch of skinny, mewling kittens.
Citizen (2): Our cubs have to fight somebody. Let's see if those twigs can fight back.
Soldier: It's never a good day until I kill someone.
Citizen: The asura who operates that gate has nerves of steel. He stands out there every day, even knowing what's under his feet.
Soldier: I met one of Ash Legion tribunes. She looked like she could gut me just by looking at me.
Citizen: The Blood Legion is always quick to join in when Ash and Iron go at it.
Soldier: Stay way from the wild animals and they'll stay away from you.
Iron Legion Soldier (1): After practice, let's go straight to the mess tent.
Iron Legion Soldier (2): I'm always starving after a good workout.
Iron Legion Soldier (1): Training and eating - two of life's sweetest activities.
Soldier: Hunt them down and slit their throats.
Citizen: Where's my knapsack? Oh, yeah. That devourer...
Citizen: I've yet to meet a bottle of whiskey I didn't like. Or drink dry.
Cub: You mark my words, Rytlock Brimstone will be Imperator of Blood Legion one day.
Citizen: Keep you eyes open. It might be the difference between predator and pray.
Ash Legion Soldier (1): You waiting for the rest of your warband?
Blood Legion Soldier (1): We came down early. What about you?
Ash Legion Soldier (1): I was hoping to get some sparring in before my warband showed up.
Blood Legion Soldier (2): I get some of my best practice when I come down early.
Blood Legion Soldier (1): It's good to spar with someone outside of your warband.
Ash Legion Soldier (1): A stranger will have moves you're not expecting.
Ash Legion Soldier (1): You come up for some close-combat practice?
Blood Legion Soldier (2): Any day. Let's go.
Blood Legion Soldier (1): Oo-rah!
After the sparring
Blood Legion Soldier: Keep your elbows down! Don't drop your weapon too low behind your back!
Iron Legion Soldier: Is she in your warband? She's got skills.
Blood Legion Soldier: We're proud of her.
Iron Legion Soldier: I wouldn't mind getting out there. You up for a round or two?
Blood Legion Soldier: I need to shake some of the dust off myself anyway. I'm ready when you are.
Citizen: Ash Legion? I can't say I approve of their methods, but they're handy to have around sometimes.
Citizen: After that last defeat, he lost two ranks. They're moving him out of Praetor's Canton and back to barracks.
Citizen: Never turn your back on an enemy, a stranger, or an animal.
Citizen: Forget it! It's too big for you to understand.
Bevin Acidspit: That one was too easy, Ari! I mean "Legionnaire." Ask me another.
Ari Plaguespit: Okay. So who is my favorite tribune and what legion is he?
Bevin Acidspit: I know! Rytlock Brimstone! He's Blood Legion, and he's from Destiny's Edge, and he's got the mightiest sword!
Ari Plaguespit: (laugh) Good answer. Let's go see what's happening at the Ash checkpoint.
Citizen: There's whiskey and then there's charr whiskey. I once saw a human try to drink charr whiskey, Ha! He never got his voice back!
Old Soldier: I may have lost a step or two, I'll admit. But I still have enough in me to take down a nest of grawl.
Old Soldier: My old fahrar, nearly all gone now. I'll drink to them tonight.
Old Soldier: I'll never forget the first time one of those war wagons rolled into camp. Right then and there, I knew I wanted to be Iron.
Blood Legion Soldier: Some of my old fahrar are buried near here. Lousy fighters, all of them.