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Best gatherer in the scratch! I bring back the most shinies, the most specials, the most everything. Good to be best. I mean to stay best.


Ftokchak is a skritt from the scratch known as the Feral Dens. After losing his home in a destroyer assault, he and his ilk join the Pact and participate in the campaign to defeat the Elder Dragon Zhaitan in Orr.


Personal story[edit]

Ftokchak lived in a skritt scratch known as the Feral Dens in the Harathi Hinterlands, helping to turn the scratch into met with an order representative and their mentor in 1325 AE to sell off what the skritt believed to be rare dwarven artifacts. However, the artifacts turned out to be destroyer containers which assaulted the scratch.

After evacuating the scratch and defeating the Destroyer Queen, Ftokchak decided to join the fight against the Elder Dragons. To that end, Ftokchak and his ilk later assisted the Pact in Orr during the campaign against Zhaitan.

The Icebrood Saga[edit]

Sometime after Aurene's ascension to take over Kralkatorrik's position as an Elder Dragon, Ftokchak became aware of the event. During the war between the allied forces led by the Pact Commander, Primordus's destroyers, and Jormag's icebrood led by Ryland Steelcatcher in 1333 AE, Aurene asked the skritt to assist the Commander.[1] In response, Ftokchak sent Chittukk as an envoy to coordinate the defense of Tyria with other races' envoys.

Ftokchak also sent reinforcements for the allied forces to the Eye of the North along with a letter to the Commander in which he pointed out that despite the risks of fighting against the Elder Dragons, the skritt would join the battle as long as the Commander helped the skritt in return against the dragons' minions.

Story involvement[edit]

Personal story[edit]